David Wright, Johan Santana and Francisco Rodriguez will represent the Mets for the National League All-Star Team tonight in St. Louis. When I was growing up the National League dominated, now they can’t win to save themselves.

Must be the Cub factor.

If you want to talk about the game or anything else tonight, please feel free.

21 thoughts on “TALKIN’ ALL-STARS

  1. The AL is not so much better than the NL that you’d expect them to win 12 out of 12. There has been some seriously bad luck in this string. Hate to say it but that bad throw in the 1st by Wright really ended up hurting the NL.

  2. Ok…i’m puzzled. The Phills signed Pedro after passing his physical and then proceed to place him on the 15 day DL with a mild shoulder strain. Does this make sense to anyone? Talk about very Met like

  3. All Star games can be the streakiest things imaginable. The NL had a streak where they won 24 out of 26 games from 1959 to 1982. Now the AL has won 12 straight. How do you figure that? Can anyone muster the enthusiasm to try to explain it.
    For what it was, it was a good game. Of course this stupid “Home field advantage” has got to go. And I wouldn’t mind if all allstar games in every sport went the way of the dodo bird.

  4. Ken Davidoff in his Baseball Insider has a link to a story on Larry King where he says the Wilpon’s lost 700 million with Madoff.

    Could be the Mets really are unable to spend any more money this year.

  5. Here is my idea for a trade to change the look of the Mets and shake it up a bit: A three way trade between the Mets, Braves, and Red Sox: Mets get Yunel Escobar, Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Bucholtz….Braves get Niese, Jed Lowrie, and Michael Bowden…Red Sox get Jose Reyes and a prospect. I’m not sure if any of the teams would go for it, but it would certainly shake up the Mets “core” that’s for sure.

  6. Glad to see someone agrees with me on Wright this year…Adam Rubin in the Daily News gave him a grade of “C” for the 1st half of the season.

  7. its tough for me to critcize wright too much with the support he has in the lineup but i would like to see more consistency. but as we have seen david is streaky

  8. From the NY POST -July 16, 2009 —

    NO wonder the injury-plagued Mets can’t hire some hitters, it turns out team owner Fred Wilpon lost $700 million in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. Estimates put his loss at below $500 million, but Wilpon’s pal Larry King told GQ it was $700 million. “Freddie says he’s not angry, he’s betrayed,” said King, who lost $2.8 million. The Mets said in a statement: “The numbers speculated continue to be inaccurate, and we refute what’s been reported. As we have said on numerous occasions, this does not and will not affect the day-to-day operations and long-term plans of the Mets organization.”

  9. 11.) – Annie thats old news. when the case first broke. WIlpon’s name was one of the first 😉

    5.) Everyone has been defending Pedro. I said that he and Delgado ought to retire. they are permanently injured and there’s no fixing it. there bodies are shutting down.
    Yet everytime i mentioned it i got railed. interesting huh ..

  10. JD: yeah i remember NL used to pummel the other teams. I cant remember the last time NL has won an Allstar..
    :-( i also havent bothered watching them anymore..

  11. (10) Jim, if he had 5 or 6 more homers we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I think he’s harder to criticize because in many ways he is a nice guy…charitable, not standoffish, and signs every autograph. Plus he is the poster boy for the team too. But put that all aside, he has not had a good half of the year. Like I said in another post, he’s on pace for 9 homers 82 RBI and 163 K’s. Is that what any of us fans has a right to be satisfied with?

  12. (12) Steve C: I’m not defending him. I thought the Mets should cut the cord with him and i’m glad that he did. I wonder if things would have been so much different if he never slipped in the bathroom in Florida in 2006. As far as Delgado goes, I doubt very much that he is going to be a Met beyond this year…but they had to take a chance with him this year given his monster last 2/3 of the season. If they weren’t going to throw $$$ at Texiera, then there was no point in not bringing him back. You got railed by the way with Delgado because as he was carrying the team on his back last year, you continued to say he was finished.

  13. Headline: Angel Berroa will be activated for tonight’s game.

    Bad News: Berroa was hitting on the interstate this year with the Yanks and hasn’t been a productive offensive player in years.

    Good News: He is one typo away from being a Berra.

  14. (17) There is more good news. Angel Berroa ISN’T Argenis Reyes.

  15. 18 steve
    That’s great news and Reyes should never see the ML ever again.