METS CHAT ROOM: Game #87; first half ends.



The Mets close their three-game series today against the Reds, and mercifully, the first half of what has been a disappointing season.

There have been several storylines to the season, most notably the run of injuries that claimed Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, John Maine and JJ Putz for long stretches. Also hurt have been Alex Cora, Gary Sheffield, Oliver Perez and Brian Schneider.

Frankly, the Mets are lucky to be as close as they are, and that’s because the Phillies haven’t caught fire.

Still, even with the injuries, the Mets have not played well overall. Their starting pitching has been erratic, often leaving early and causing the bullpen to be overused. And, the hitting with runners in scoring position has been poor and there’s little power.

Maybe Beltran and Reyes are back by the end of the month, but the longer they and Maine are out, the more pressure there is on GM Omar Minaya to make a trade, but there are little chips to deal.

This is a team that is slowly seeing its season fade away.

Here’s the line-up behind Mike Pelfrey today:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Brian Schneider, C
Alex Cora, SS
Mike Pelfrey, RP

278 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #87; first half ends.

  1. Did anybody read Adam Rubin’s shredding of the Mets front office today? Bob Murphy wouldn’t have called it a happy recap!

  2. I read it. Excellent article. Madden had an article on Omar too and theres one in Newsday as well. I havent checked the post yet. It looks like the Omar watch is officially on. Cant be soon enough for me.

  3. #1 Yes. Who exactly is Ramon Pena and what are the details of his less then stellar reputation in the Dominican Republic? Plus the callous ignoring of medical advice for Beltran, Pootz and Maine is absolutely sickening.

  4. The article has credibility. When I heard that they gave Reyes a cortisone shot recently it didn’t sound like a medical call, since he has an injury and cortisone shot would only mask an injury by killing the pain for a while

  5. Harry (1) I just read it and the most distressing part of it is the fact that the Mets Doctors, training staff etc. tell the player/s what is wrong and what should be done, but somehow the team management seems to always prefer cortisone shots over what was recommened to the player by the med staff. Why?

  6. 6 Annie, think about it: The Mets brass just wants the players on the field now, without regard to their longterm individual health.
    Sports frnachises are notorious for treating their players like chess pieces, rather than human beings with real physical pain.
    Remember when NBA center Alonzo Mourning of the Miami Heat had to have a kidney donated because his was failing? There’s a lot of conjecture among NBA players that he and others sustained such health problems because their respective teams were prescribing too much anti-inflammatory medication, which was later discovered to be causing organ damage.
    Former Lakers star Rick Fox even undertook the cause and filed a grievance on behalf of the players with the NBA.

  7. 9 Ray, you’re 100% right. And besides filling those seats, SNY’s ratings have to stay high to attract advertising dollars. Without the star players performing on a nightly basis, that doesn’t happen.

  8. Wright gets a pass from Cohen and Darling. Trots around and loafs a triple into a double and not a word. His butt should have been right behind Castillo’s.

  9. Want a classic example of a professional sports franchise’s callous treatment of an injured player?
    Think back to the 1990 World Series, during which Eric Davis hurt himself trying to catch a fly ball in Oakland. Then-owner Marge Schott refused to have Davis flown on the team’s private jet back to Cincinnati to be examined by medical personnel.
    Instead, she made Davis fly on his own dime — coach, at that — while he was suffering.
    Turned out Davis had a lacerated kidney.
    Real classy way to treat an employee who helped that organization win a World Series.

  10. OK guys – here’s another comment. Why is it that we never, ever see or hear Fred Wilpon speak about his team – he’s as reclusive as a Howard Hughes – as he simply sends his kid out there to mouth the ‘company line’.
    Makes one think of George Steinbrenner who spoke his mind often……

  11. The best part of Sunday baseball is all American teams play God Bless America!

  12. Even myself the big Omar supporter would tend to believe most of what was written is true.

    But Ray hit it right on the head.
    “Gotta fill those seats.”

    If the Mets had put Beltran on the DL a month earlier. How many more games do you think they would be out now.

    One thing that was mentioned in the NY Times
    recently was that David Altchek the Mets Chief surgeon performed surgery on Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada. If the Yankees trust him then the whole medical staff is not the problem.

  13. 15. If they would have sat Beltran when injured he’d be back and they’d be warming up instead of fading into obscurity.

  14. Harry – That Other Team plays it during the 7th inning stretch for every home game – and, people bring flags and sing, too along with the Kate Smith classic recording. Kids love it.

  15. 13 Why would Fred Wilpon comment? That’s why teams have public relations departments.
    Seriously, from their perspective, why would either Jeff or Fred Wilpon even want to handle tough questions from media and fans?
    They’re raking in millions from ticket sales, merchandise and television revenue. They’re in it for the money. Making the playoffs would just be icing on the cake for them — additional home games, increased merchandise sales, prestige for the franchise…

  16. 17. So do the Dodgers. Hate to give the Yankees credit but when I was in Massa chusetts a Red Sox buddy told me @ his trip to the new Yankee Stadium. Said there was nothing that wasn’t first class. This from a Red Sox fan!!!! Then look at the Mets. They forgot about bullpens in their place and build it black and boring and ignore their own franchise. So why would the Mets do something the fans love?

  17. 16 Harry
    could be but will never know

    One thing I did find interesting in Rubin’s story was that when Reyes had his leg problems years ago it was because he had a stress fracture in his leg.
    This is the first time I ever heard that story.
    Did anyone else ever hear about this before.

  18. Scott (15) Both NY teams underestimated the ‘real world’ when building their new malls/parks. Even now, they are reluctant to admit how much they are depending on the ‘fans’ to pay a big chunk of the freight in running these places.

  19. 21 Annie, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Citi Field as a “mall.” I went to a couple of games there in May and it truly is a wonderful place to watch a ballgame.
    Are tickets there overpriced? Absolutely.
    When I lived in San Diego, I went to many games in beautiful Petco and also at the refurbished Angel Stadium, where tickets are very affordable for many different budgets.
    Most I ever paid to sit about 10 rows behind the Mets dugout in SD was $50.

  20. 21 Annie
    Unlike in PA where the taxpayers built the Phillies, Eagles, Steelers, and Pirates parks.
    The Mets, Yankees and Giants-Jets have had to spend their own money.
    How much you want to bet ticket prices have been cheaper. Not Pirates cheap but closer to Shea Stadium 2008 prices.

  21. Harry (19) Interestingly, the one thing that I – admittedly a life long New Englander – really like about the Red Sox is the fact that they haven’t changed their ball park into something else.

  22. hello all…solid start so far..david hit that ball well and it sure would have been nice to see him get a dinger b4 the break. pagan seems to have made a difference. i like seeing him in CF. phils already got the bases juiced in 1st. looks like it will 6.5 back at best going into the break. makes me sad to think about how bad the 2nd half could get, but part of still me believes and ill focus on that

  23. Howie and Wayne are talking about “egg creams” – now that’s NY history.

  24. This season is so screwed up here is one stat that I have no explanation for.

    Luis Castillo is hitting .336 with obp .428 at home and on the road .217 with obp .326

  25. It’s hard to think that a team that has played as poorly as the Mets have could have a first half MVP, but you’d have to consider Sheffield. Also, Santana, Wright, K-Rod and Cora have been important.-JD

  26. jimmy baltimore. I never told you about my Camden Yards game. It was first time down there since 99 or 00 and they’ve kept it great and the fans are still really good despite the down years. They have some nice kids. It will be interesting to see if they can come back or not.

  27. JD 37
    wright’s lack of power will hurt his case of first half mvp, might not be fair but is true
    santana hasnt been himself until last night and hopefully he has his usual dominant 2nd half
    Krod- has been good
    Cora- killed them when he got injured with reyes out
    Sheff- agreed, team lineup its only power so far, without him the lineup would be hurting even more

    great job by cora, go boys go…tack it on..give yourselves some positive feelings b4 the break

  28. So tomorrows story in the papers will be.
    Was Ryan Church addition by subtraction.

    Total BS but someone will write it.

  29. hey Harry, long time no talk (or argument), busy working nights recently

    yes camden yards is still one of the best parks in the bigs, great place to see a game. i was there for the mets only win of their series there.

    and btw i think the birds will be around .500 next yr and explode in 2011 and shock people
    reimold, jones, markakis is a young stud OF and they got young arms in arrieta, tillman,matucsz, etc. they finally did it the right way after a decade

    i wish the mets had those young arms

  30. jim (41): You are correct about Wright’s lack of power, but his average has been high and he’s been able to sustain it with everybody else gone.-JD

  31. 42. Could be the best, but I’d like to sit on top of the Green Monster. Its gotta be awesome up there.

  32. scott- timely hitting covers a lot of holes and the mets finally got some there. i want this team to succeed so bad. i hope they make a run coming out of the gate after the break but i know it will be tough without a full complement of players but…..

    fundamentals and solid baseball can help u win games u shouldnt so hopefully the mets can FINALLY play solid, pro baseball…stop the stupid mistakes (that includes you manuel)

  33. 45. Gotta agree with jim about Wright. He’s playing like a leadoff guy and his fielding for the most part has been atrocious.

  34. JD- stat geeks point to wrights ridiculously high BABIP. but it has been high his whole career..when he isnt chasing garbage, david flat out rakes

    harry 46- have been to fenway but not the monster seats, but thats gotta be great…camden yards is a true baseball park. love having a beer and eating boogs at the yard

  35. Dusty ‘s been sleeping today. Should’ve walked Shgeffield and should have protected Votto before the heave ho.

  36. JD, harrym all- i think the mets will lower the fences in LF following this yr. maybe some actual met histroy, like championship banners can be put there instead of flowers like in philly, but i think at least in Left center the fence will come down some and maybe that weird cut out in RF (mo zone) will be removed

  37. Harry (46): I’ve seen that view from the Monster. Incredible. I didn’t like it at first, but once I saw it I changed my mind quickly.-JD

  38. Harry (46)

    You’ve just mentioned one of my wishes – to sit in the Monster Seats under the Citgo sign for a game.

  39. 51. They’ll probably have to bring the fences in to find a place for the visitors bullpen, and to attract a power bat.

  40. ive only sat in Right center in fenway. loved it
    ist baseline in wrigley. loved it

  41. So how many bets Pelfrey will be taken out of the 7th instead of completing the great game he is pitching..

  42. Well Delcos is one up on all of us since he’s been to the top of the monster!!!!!

  43. 57. I think that 415 in right center is too much. Put it there and I agree lower that wall. There’ll never be an Endy play in this place

  44. #24 Annie. In the Mid 60s Red Sox ownership was talking about how antiquated Fenway Park was and how they needed to get a new stadium. Then came the Impossible Year in 1967 and fan interest exploded.

    Mets playing smart and alert, team hustling. What happened? Probably a random walk. Let’s hope we don’t hear the same stuff about how Francoeur woke up the team like we did 20 years ago when Juan Samuel came in, hit a home run off Rob Dibble and got into a fight. But I’d trust Samuel with my money more than I would Dykstra. Did anyone ever really serious think Nails was an investing genius?

  45. 51 The championship banners in Citi now are actually flags on a flagpole near the Pepsi porch. Would be nice to see them on the — hopefully brought in right field or lowered left field — fences next year…

  46. gil- i think a lowerd fence with the banners prominently displayed would look great in lf

    wright chasing garbage agian.

  47. Dan (61) A novelist friend of mine (Mary-Ann Tirone Smith) sent me the galleys to her Red Sox Mystery novel “Dirty Water” it’s not great literature, but does give you some interesting inside information.

  48. 61 Dan: Yes, Francouer isn’t the reason the Mets are playing better today, but players around the league have all said he plays very hard and has a lot of energy (I’m sure all of us here have noticed that when the Mets played the Braves over the last few years).
    That was one reason I immediately liked the deal. Also, much as I hate to admit it, Francouer comes from a winning organization, where the culture was about playing the game hard and right, from the minors up. The Mets, sadly, can’t say the same thing about their organization, considering the awful fundamentals the big league team has shown this year and the mediocre play of all the minor league affiliates.

  49. great to see murphy turn on high and in fastball and pull it to right..he is adjusting

  50. 63 I agree, jim. And lower the fences to a reasonable height of about nine or 10 feet — give outfielders a chance to steal a homer away with a great catch, a la Endy in ’06 or Beltran in every year since he signed with us in ’05.

  51. Gil – You could see what kind of player Francouer was when he took the field last night. Must have loved playing behind Santana.

  52. I don’t think we’d be hearing so much about Citi Field being a terrible place to hit for power if Delgado and Beltran were healthy and Wright was having a typical year.-JD

  53. I once heard this story about Fenway.
    Don’t know if it is fact or fiction.

    The original plans did not have a Green Monster.

    The city would not let them remove Lansdowne St
    So to fit the ball park onto the property they had to build the Green Monster.

    Is this myth or the truth.

  54. JD- you may be right but there has been a lot of wright shots that seem to one hop or hit the wall..i think lowering the fences in left and getting rid of that stupid cut out in rf is a good idea..pelf, its 7-0 throw strikes and wh ocares about a guy on 1st

  55. ok no shutout. pelf will be taken out in the 7th .. no doubt in my mind.
    Because manuel is predictable..

  56. Steve…. You don’t think Manuel is unique in taking out starters do you?

  57. yeah. what they need to do is leave teh guy in to face and work through the demons. we have a 5 run lead. let him right himself.

  58. Harry, in this day and age of the pitch count. not as much. But yeah it appeard to me Manuel itches to take the starter out.

  59. Pelfrey always has an inning like this where he can’t do a damn thing right. It has cost him at least two or three wins this year.-JD

  60. JD: yep. but if u leave him in he may learn to deal.
    Its a dual edged sword, but at this stage I rather see the pitchers left in..
    i want starters that can do 9 innings again!

  61. Pelf got through it. now get him a run or 2 back. and leave the boy in to pitch.

  62. Steve; I guess you weren’t a big fan of Sparky Anderson then.

    Delcos: Phillips looked like he was imitating a guy who pulled his hammy!

  63. gil

    tanks for the link.

    very interesting article.

    in the end the minaya management style reminds me of some corporations where managers do things that sane ppl would never do.

    they need to clean house this year.

  64. Been thinking about JD’s question of who the Mets’ first-half MVP is.
    Gotta assign co-MVPs on this to Gary Sheffield and Francisco Rodriguez.
    Frankie has saved 50% of the team’s victories and has blown only two chances (including the dropped pop-up game), while Sheffield was thought by many of us before he signed, to be an aging prima donna who’d also be a defensive liability.
    But Sheffield so far has done what we knew he could — hit well — and done what he said he would do, in being a model citizen in the clubhouse.
    I shudder to think where we’d be now without either, let alone both of these guys.
    Who are other people’s choices for Mets first-half MVP?

  65. gil i agree with u on sheff. he has been far better than expected
    krod has blown three but overall has been good

    id give the nod to sheff

  66. 86 No worries on the link, Dave.
    I agree with you that regardless of how this year ends up (despite whatever warm fuzzies we’re currently feeling in this short, three-game series against a sub-.500 team and our most optimistic hopes that the injured layers will soon return and play up to their form), Omar must go.
    And despite managing essentially shorthanded, Jerry must go too, because he was Omar’s choice.
    Ray Ramirez and the training staff must also go, too.

  67. u know its frustrating..mets score 7 early…then pack it in…GRIND fellas, look to tack on

  68. I dont believe a Pitcher should be an MVP. I was against it when they gave it to Hampton. I am still against it now. And everyday player should be chosen for MVP.

  69. you can make the case for the closer.

    i cannot make sheff the mvp.

    yes he has had way more impact than i would think. but i dont like him and he is a defensive liability.

    i would put cora ahead of him.

    he has solidified the infield and made our defense respectable

  70. Dave: I have said that alot about cleaning house and starting over..

  71. dave without sheff right now. jeff frenchy is your cleanup hitter. thats unreal. i give sheff credit. good ABs, good presence

  72. i really like pagan and his attitude. he can be a very valuable 4th or 5th OF. i like the way he plays

  73. steve.

    there was at least one season where doc was the mvp of the team if not the league.

  74. jim

    I know. sheff has hit well. but how do you make a piece of wood in lf who plays 3 days a week the mvp?

  75. 89. Stop speaking for all of us. You represent nobody but your anti-American self. Whoa, Chiti you said youd be nice today…. That’s right Chiti but when this entity who despises his own country and worse, his own countrymen for singing a patriotic song,ries to speak as if he is the Spokesperson for Mets nation, screw it.
    Thanks dave for setting the example the other night.

  76. Murphy has really grown up at 1st. he’s making great plays. I say keep him there..

  77. Gil – I’m opposed to any honors/awards to known steroid users – my choices are Santana and Cora for 1st Half MVPs.

    Anyone else here interested in the Women’s Open Golf T’ment at Saucon Valley in Bethlehem, PA?

  78. murph is playing first like he did lf last year. lots of hustle.

    he cant be the everyday 1b cause he is hitting 240 and has no power

  79. Bah. I prefer to have a glove for infielders.
    The outfielders are supposed to be the BATS.

  80. annie- we share a love for golf as well as the metsies. i have been following some of the action in PA

  81. 101 Cora has been great, Annie. But his best function, really is as a bench player. 91 Steve: When did Mike Hampton win an MVP award? Do you mean his 2000 NLCS MVP? If that’s what you’re referring to, I think Timo Perez earned half of that MVP.
    96 Dave: You’re right. Doc Gooden was easily the MVP of all of MLB in ’85 with that ungodly season: 24 wins, 4 losses, a 1.53 ERA and 268 Ks.

  82. dave- sheff has played more than 3 days a week and its easy to make him mvp cause look at the roster! ha. but i agree his defense is not good but his bat has been key.
    santana to me hasnt be all that good, over at they are big into stats and th stats show johan as a solid #2 starter so far this yr..dont always agree with the stats but with what my eyes have saw he hasnt been great, i think he will be in the 2nd half though

  83. Jim (105) I have a friend who runs a pool for all the majors – no prizes, just bragging rights, so I really follow these. I’m a long-time member of the USGA, still a member at Yale.

  84. im a member down here in bmore as well. i follow the PGA much closer than the LPGA but keep an eye on the ladies during their majors. have you followed any of this mess with the LPGA commish?

  85. i cannot give it to sheff, because i dont believe he is a complete player and i dont think you can rely on him.

    we will just have to disagree on this.

    santana was great for a month and a half and pitched badly for the past month.

    actually, with a team this bad why award any player mvp? the team sucks. no one deserves it.

  86. Jim (113) Yes I have, it is my understanding that she will be recieving some sort of buy out and then be gone. They lost 7 sponsors under her leadership..

  87. dave, with all the injuries and the lack of hustle/fundamentals there hasnt really been a mvp

    cora is a true professional and i like the way he plays

  88. yea i read that annie and for michelle wie to not be involved with one of their big tournaments sure doesnt help in getting sponsors

  89. do i really have to go back to seeing delgado standing at first base? I watch Murphy actually playing the position and looking the part of getting a guy out.

  90. JD: just how many spectacular plays does murphy have to make before earning and keeping first base?

  91. steve

    i agree. pelf needs to pitch. you cant learn without struggling.

    we have spotted him a lead and he needs to learn to pitch.

    I disagree on 1b. keith was an exception because he hit 300 , hit doubles regularly and was a clutch hitter. oh yeah. he was the best defensive 1b in the game.

    almost all 1b are pounders. even the phil guy is learning how to play. as i write this dan made a nice play.

  92. Jim (117) I read that she wasn’t going to be there, but no reason given – what happened – didn’t she qualify?

  93. well guys, jerry will wait til murphy starts hitting, he looks good, then will sit him in favor of mr DP tatis…jerry lovesssss yanking murphy’s playing time around

    ill say this, if the mets are way out of it in end of /sept. they better play murphy over delgado to see what they got

  94. i agree. murph has been a surprise at 1b.

    but his bat is weak and he played a good lf for a while before the wheels came off.

    his reputation in the minors was a good bat and a butcher in the field ( mostly 3b)

  95. i prefer schneider over santos as catcher. and now here he goes and lets me see a HR :-)

  96. annie- i read although she is something like 17th on the money list, you need to be top 10 to qualify automatically or something ridiculous…the rule was changed bc other golfers were mad when they made exceptions for wie in the past…jealousy, but they dont realize that wie being successful would make them all sooo much more $$

    atta boy brian, nice to see a met HR
    tatis looks washed up

  97. There ya go. thank you mr manuel. so effing predictable. but a HR … but still. rather Pelf stay in.

  98. they need to fix the apple.

    45 seconds?

    i guess we need to space our power hitters better.

    one more idiot move by this organization..

  99. Jim (127) All that reaction from the other golfers goes back to when she was much younger and her parents maneuvered her into playing in men’s T-ments because they had bigger prize money – she never won. Finally she grew up, went to Stanford and learned about how the golf world really works.

  100. Dave: The home run apple hasn’t actually seen much action this year. Its operator probably was too shocked to push the button! :)

  101. jim. yes i think he did. i think all the pitchers do. the pitch count is bunk!

  102. we used to have pitchers who threw more than 100 times a game.

    seaver comes to mind.

    now we have relief pitchers that we give 36 million to and call them starters because they can pitch 1/2 a game before calling it a day.

  103. It looks liek our infield has gotten very solid with Cora Murphy and wright playing REAL hard. :-)

  104. i agree dave but with the amount of money pitchers are paid GMs wnat them protected. in a game like today im fine with saving pelf but in big spots i think SP should be stretched out longer.

    annie- wie still has won zippo and the tour needs her

  105. And do you know how manuel will reward these guys. Not playing them after the break… because of righty/lefty or some Nonsense./. maybe they will be traded ..

  106. 147: protect? i diagree a starter should finish and only be taken out for tactical reasons or because he really is out of gas.

  107. sean green given complments from gary and ron….promptly gives up 2 baserunners

  108. Next Mets game will be on Thursday Night in Atlanta, but you can see a former Mets pitcher in a new venue earlier in the week when David Cone appears before the Senate Judicial Committee as a witness for Judge Sonia Sotomayor in her nomination to the Supreme Court. Hearings start Monday at 10AM C-Span and all the nets.

  109. yeah jerry good call taking pelf out. it got us 1 HR that was just nullified.

  110. My first half MVP is Beltran. Out of sight out of mind but when he went down the spiralling began.

  111. What’s this? Sean Green comes in and gets himself into a mess? What a surprise.
    He’s gotta go.

  112. steveC- if you go by that logic a team like the mets would leave johan in no matter what and all of a sudden his arm would be at risk thrwoing 150 pitches in a game

    i agree with you guys that managers jerk their starters out too early but in some cases its necessary

    pedro felicano pitches everyday

  113. 151: it wouldnt be the firs time. just once i would like to see a winning starter keep his win by playing all 9.

  114. jim

    Ill give you today.

    pelf pitched well and all. this is the last game before the break.

    but if you want to stretch out your pitchers when do you do it?

    they dont do it in the minors. they dont do it in the majors. they dont do it when the pitcher is pitching ok and has a 5 run lead after 7.

  115. 156: and what? Doc gooden threw 14 innings. back in the day the starter was EXPECTED to go all 9. Now they know when 7 comes they are out.

  116. Jim (147) I think Wie is a bit like that tennis player who looked ravishing in her tennis outfits, but never, ever won –

  117. anna kournikova annie…. beautiful girl, not a very good tennis player

    id rather see guys be given more rope in a close game, get the big out but u r right up 5 runs is a pretty good time to see what mikes got

  118. I guess you guys don’t buy into Tom Verducci of SI on Pelfrey.
    Too many innings at a young age.

  119. the point i think steve and i are both making is that this is 2010. medicine has advanced since 10 million bc.

    but it doesnt make the decision making better.

  120. did they score that an error? or is the fact that he stumbled to the ball and then threw it away reason enough to score it a hit?

  121. Steve C (161) Seems to me I recall Ron Darling having some complete games, too – do you know his stats?

  122. i always believed its more the stress of the pitches rather than the # … a close game or tight jams means each pitch is stressful but if the SP only has one rough inning or so, the less stress should allow more pitches i think

  123. I wonder what would happened if they left pelf in. he must be disgusted by now.

  124. 168: had many a complete game even when his ERA was up there.. The only pitcher taken out regularly was El Sid. That i remember..

  125. i dont get why krod isnt up..mets need this win..3 day break..he can get 4 outs or so

  126. Way to go Manuel. Yeah That tatis HR was the most detrimental thing that could have happened.

  127. NO KRod always gives up a hit or 3 before settling down. at this point it wont matter so might as well bring him in..

  128. no he cant. closers are required by their contract to only get 3 outs.

    if they do more then they lose their closer title.

  129. no.

    dunn is one dimensional and cant play any position.

    parnell will be good one day and fmart is supposed to be good one day.

  130. if they wanted dunn they should have gotten him in the offseason. not now.

    he wont get the team to the series. so why give up your best young talent for him?

  131. 183


    he has a fastball. he needs to work on his secondary stuff. he doesnt believe in it.

  132. dave- what if he just doesnt have secondary stuff..major leaguers can time up a 99MPH fastball

  133. we should win this.

    our pen should be able to protect a 3 run lead for one inning.

  134. really stevec???
    i dont see that happening..jerry can lean on injuries and hope people ignore the sloppy play

  135. I am ready to start a petition against the pitch count and send it to major league baseball. telling them they can take their pitch count and shove it

  136. Matt Lindstrom was similar to Parnell.
    You know the rest of that story.

  137. 191: come on we have a 6 run lead. 6! and he takes the winning pitcher out of the game. and it did us absolutely no good.

  138. jim

    yes. i understand that. that is why he is in the pen. he is learning to pitch. hopefully he takes what he learns to the winter league.

    i have seen another pitch. forgot what it is. he throws it, but doesnt always believe.

    pelf got lit up his first full season because he didnt believe.

  139. i meant about the firing of jerry that u mentioned, thats why i said really?

  140. ok dave, i hope you are correct. i love his heat, like u said just needs a bendy ball

  141. with this economy. i bet we could get many fans to opt not to watch or go to a met game for a week.

  142. 203: yeah i know. but come on.. to change the game. they walked out on us one year. we could do it.. just to prove who they play the game for..

  143. Just want to say thanks to all you guys and gals for your support in the first half. I’ll try to make the blog better in the second half.-JD

  144. 178.Jim One thing the Mets would lead the league in if they add Dunn to this team- strikeouts.

  145. always love stopping by JD, thanks for a place for us mets fans to chat….and come on JD, i know you say u stay of rooting for a team, but i think we got u slightly looking for some mets wins

  146. oh good.

    we start the second half of the season by wearing out the pen.

    ollie is pitching.

    good for 4 innings.

    what were we saying about starting pitching?

    oh yeah. if you can last 3 innings with a lead you are the winning pitcher of record.

    what a disgrace.

  147. #163 Anna Kournikova was considered the best young tennis player when she was 16. She had talent. But things went wrong. Injuries, the ability to make a lot more money in photo shoots than practicing, a mother (former distance runner) who interfered with her training, jealousy for other players who wanted to beat her more than anyone else (that sounds like our Mets).

  148. dan- anna was hot, not much more. one wimbledon quartfinal and very little else, she may have won 1 tournament in a career that focused on being in US weekly and not Sports illustrated

  149. JD: as always thank you for the BLOG!!! far better than any other blog out there..

  150. anna is hot.

    but it takes hard work to win, she got paid and didnt have to win.

    plus the sport used her as their cover girl till the next hot russian girl came around. and she did win.

  151. Kournikova never won a singles tournament, just some doubles which no one cares about. On one of the ESPN “You can’t blame” there is a film clip of analyst Mary Jo Fernadez saying that Kournikova was ahead of one of the Williams sisters, can’t remember which. The pitfalls of potential. At one time she was highly regarded for her talent. She was not a moderately talented, beautiful woman like Laura Baugh was in golf 30 years ago.

  152. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ and the first half of the season comes to an end. Enjoy the Break, the Home Run Derby, The All Star Game or whatever.

    You guys have been great – I always learn something from this blog – and I appreciate you spending some time here.

    See you Thursday.

  153. good win for the metsies!… its been a tough 1st half, but ya gotta believe. 6.5 back but it could be worse. enjoy the break all.

    lets go mets

  154. i dont bother watching any of the all star or hr derby.
    it aint the mets. i used to watch but not anymore. there’s other things i need to do .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    By everyone!

  155. (193) Scott: You mean a mediocre reliever with a 6.52 ERA this year who has yet to strike out a batter an inning? Just because he is a closer, doesn’t mean he is any good. Lindstrom has just been o.k. in his major league career.

  156. Citifield home run totals:

    Brian Schneider : 3

    David Wright: 3

    Does that tell you something about this team? And like Harry said way up above, I don’t remember the last time I saw Wright hustle on the basepaths. He gets such a huge break from the fans and media in NY for his lack of hustle, it’s despicable.

  157. He gets less of a break than Delgado, Martinez and Castillo.
    Wright has had his issues, but his glove has been there and his spirit has been there. He always looks ready to play to me. Do I wish he hit more HR. yeah sure. but he is hitting and he is doing what he can.
    The whole team is having issues. Last night was the first time they almost looked like a team in a long while.

  158. 239. Steve C. All I can say to your post is either your are blind or you are deaf or you are illiterate. I know those are all false so why do you hold to this false premise that the Delgado who was the most productive Met in 07 was booed mecilessly for three months. Where does David wright come close to that. Castillo gets mocked every time he catches a pop up. where does David Wright ever get any of that. Martinez , if you are talking about F Mart than you have proven to know absolutely nothing about the game. A 20 year being called up and asked to replace an All Star way before he’s ready deserves no criticism. If you are talking another Martinez, he ain’t here any more and he got treated with the same kid gloves that this over rated, over hyped, under performing offensively and defensively David Wright is getting treated. David Wright CAN NOT THROW THE BALL ACROSS THE FIELD. Why isn’t he blasted for that. David Wright has forgotten that the 3,4,5 guys are so supposed to drive in runs. Why is he being given a free ride. David Wright missed a pop up because he claimed he thought someone not by him called for iut. Why was he given a free ride. David Wright never shuts up and therefore the press kisses his you know what just like Manuel. Be cute and you get a free ride. The guys you say get a free ride don’t come close to getting one.

  159. (240) Harry: He is the “golden boy” of the team. The teflon player in NY. He NEVER hustles out balls, he’s a loafer. And no one calls him out on it because in all other ways, he is a good kid. Signs every autograph, speaks to the media all the time, and is very charitable. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be criticized when he doesn’t hustle.

  160. Harry first off. you better ease up when defending your stance against one of my posts. I have never belittled your statements nor Steve-O’s. I have never talked down to either of you ever and even defended your rights to say certain statements.
    Wright is not a goldne boy, Should he be playing better absolutely. But he is still a gold glove player. Ronnie and Keith Both agree. has he been having issues absolutely. and yes he should be called on it.

    I have never and will never boo a Met. Nor do i think others should boo their team. Boo the other team not yours.

    I meant Pedro, to think i meant F-Mart is ludicrous and you just trying to sound pretentious in your attempt to dress me down.

    As for his missed pop-up I havent caught all the games, but if he did then he did.

    As for fans we are allowed to like and dislike who we choose.

    you 2 love to quote stats all the time. But honestly who has the best OBP and batting average on the team so far? I see Wright getting on base more so than not, Tatis has been clutch. Castillo is starting to show hustle but i rather not see him in 8th or 1st hole. he was perfect the other day in the 2 hole.

    Do we need to produce more homeruns, yes. but at what cost? I rather see a team getting on base and hustling then shooting for a fence they cant reach for whatever reason and popping/flying out.

    The last few games we won were from proper small ball play. you know I am right on this , you 2 just cant stand that the logic holds.. I already know your pat answers , so please dont bore me with your defense of the long ball. I have been around quite a number of years. thank you

  161. Steve C: Two swings of the bat gave the Mets the final cushion that they needed. They didnt need to piece together four hits to make two runs. Small ball as a rule for the entire season does not win a championship for you. The Mets NEED power from Wright while their other power hitters are out. They NEED a power source and Wright isn’t delivering.

  162. Yesterday,Wright hit a double off the top of the wall that would have been way out of Shea. I saw a graphic previous to this game that Citifield has cost David 6 Hrs this year. Add one more from yesterday. Thats 7 plus the 5 he has recorded. He would have 12 HRs, which is his norm for midseason if they were in the old stadium. His power is to Right center which is now the hardest part of the park to get one out. I guarantee they will correct that problem next year. There was only one Charlie Hustle. Every other player cruises at times. Did that play cost a base? no. If it did, then bitch away. I will take Wright over any third baseman in baseball.

  163. Ray: How many homeruns did the away parks take away from him? Wright never hustles…he’s either watching his outs that used to be homers, or not running hard. Isn’t Wright the player who is supposed to be the anti-today’s ball player? Right now, he’s just another loafer who likes to watch instead of hustle all the way.

  164. 245. Steve, The away HRs could be a fluke. Maybe Jerrys hitting to the opposite field drills have something to do with it. We will see if things even out at the end of the year. As for his hustle? to say he never hustles is just wrong. He chases every pop fly in his area, sometimes crashing into the stands. He makes many great diving stops. that requires hustle. He Steals bases and gets his uniform dirty. I will watch more closely as he runs the bases, but nothing he has done seems worse than the way every modern player runs the bases. Like I said, There was only one charlie hustle and now he is hustling autographs instead of the bases.

  165. Ray: I’ll correct that…on the basepaths he doesn’t hustle and sorry Jim, he doesn’t run out the ball enough. Watch him hit the next fly ball and jog to 1b watching it instead of busting it down the line. Watch him jog down to 1b on grounders. He does not hustle on the basepaths anymore. As far as his fielding goes, he does throw his body around so I have to give him that. The routine grounders scare the crap out of me though I have to say. He gets way too lazy on them and often results in a poor throw to 1b.

  166. 248. Steve, As I said, I will watch him more closely when he runs the bases. Which 3rd baseman would you rather have?

  167. I heard ralph kiner the other day comment on the size of the ballparks.

    when asked if the new stadium is too big he responded it is if you compare it to the bandbox in philadelphia.

    we can always move all the fences in 200 feet so even alex cora can hit 40 hr.

    you play the stadium you need to.

    the person who commented on the size of stadiums is one of the all time great hr hitters.

    i am fine with the dimensions of the stadium. i dont need to see every other met hit a hr in an inning.

    i need to see them execute the plays offensively and defensively.

    a double with a runner on the base is fine with me.

    dwright aint hitting hr’s away from flushing so its not the stadium.

  168. Was it kiner who mentioned that there were only 4 other players besides Wright who have 4 100 RBI seasons under thier belts before thier 26th birthday? I am still waiting for steve to tell me which 3rd baseman he would rather have.

  169. wright hustless…and the only 3rd baseman in the majors in the convo is longoria

  170. (251) Ray: First off, I never said I wanted him out. And to answer your question…Longoria and if Wright finishes up with 10 homers this season, i’d take Zimmerman too.

  171. A-Rod isn’t bad. (sarcasm).

    To shed some light on just how difficult it is to hit HRs at Citi Field here are some numbers.

    Home Games : 45
    28 HR, 0.622222/gm |40 HR allowed 0.889/gm
    Road Games : 42
    24 HR, 0.57143/gm |39 HR allowed 0.928/gm

    It doesn’t really support the idea that Citi Field is a more difficult HR park than the average.

  172. 254. What your stats infdicate is that Jerry Manuel’s spring training drills have turned this team into a bunch of crappy hitters. Three singles to the opposite field ain’t gonna win many games. Note the guy who hits some HRs was fortunate enough to not be in Jerry Manuels’ stupid drills this spring. They couldn’t even pop any balls out of Citizens Bank Park. Gee wonder why they got swept.

  173. I am simply dumbfounded, that Harry/Steve-O would prefer every other player on teh mets than wright who even when slumped was consistently a better player all around. NOT the BEST but up there. even the legends say so.

    Ok then get rid of wright play castillo at third and move tatis to second. and we can say goodbye to the rest of the season.
    Ludicrous, amazing, but hey everyone is allowed to have their opinion. I still say good defense and small ball with consistent hitting will win everytime than a hopeful homerun. and those 2 HR did nothing for us. one took the winning pitcher out of the game which then cost us the one and almost cost us the game.
    I know this horse is far from dead, but the blood is splattered everywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

  174. I’m no fan of so-called ‘small ball’. (Where did that annoying term come from? I blame Tim McCarver) I don’t know why everyone speaks so highly of it. People seem to think that teams that play small ball don’t go into offensive slumps. That not really true. They have more games where they are shut out or score just 1 or 2 runs and they have many many fewer games where the score 4 or more runs.

    Did Jerry Manuel’s spring training drills create this lack of power? Maybe. Its as good an explanation as I’ve heard. Personally I don’t know why pulling the ball is supposed to be such a sin. That’s where the power is. On the inside half of the plate. Why should David Wright, who is built like Hank Aaron, hit like Derek Jeter? Why is he inside-outing the ball? Its crazy to me.

  175. TMS- why do i think you are a yankee fan? everytime you need to illustrate a player you mention a yankee. why is that?

  176. BTW – Keith and Kiner have all said. a hard hit line drive will carry out of the park hit by the right hitter. going for the HR is the issue. Go for the Hit and see how it carries thats the way to hit.

  177. TMS- then stop mentioning them. mention a met that was just as good or is as good. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    jeter? A-rod? any others i missed because honestly i dont know many yankees. i try not to they arent my team..

  178. But i will give you a pass on mentioning Hank Aaron because you are allowed to mention legends of the game even if they are american league ๐Ÿ˜›
    Not mentioning Mr. Henry would be bad form.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  179. All-Stars Prepare Questions for Obama
    By Alan Schwarz
    ST. LOUIS โ€” Talk about pressure. Sure, the All-Star Game determines which league gets home-field advantage in the World Series, but about an hour before the first pitch on Tuesday night, players in both clubhouses will find themselves face-to-face with a certain baseball nut named Barack Obama.

    Which presents the question of questions: If players could ask one thing to the Fanatic in Chief, what would it be?

    Not surprisingly, the playersโ€™ choices might say more about their own states of mind than any answer from the president.

    โ€” Miguel Tejada, Astros: โ€œHow does it feel to have all that power?
    โ€” Prince Fielder, Brewers: โ€œWhen do you get to just watch TV? When can you just sit and not talk to nobody?โ€
    โ€” Trevor Hoffman, Brewers: โ€œDid you think that things would slow down once you got into the White House?โ€
    โ€” Zach Duke, Pirates: โ€œWhatโ€™s the highest bowling score youโ€™ve gotten down there?โ€
    โ€” David Wright, Mets: โ€œSomething about A.C.C. basketball. I know he hooped it up with the Tar Heels.โ€
    โ€” Adrian Gonzalez, Padres: โ€œCan you get us a college football playoff?
    โ€” Brian McCann, Braves: โ€œWhenโ€™s the economy going to turn around?โ€
    โ€” Carlos Pena, Rays: โ€œAre you a see-it-to-believe-it person or a believe-it-to-see-it person?โ€
    โ€” Mark Teixeira, Yankees: โ€œWho was your favorite athlete growing up, when you were just a kid enjoying sports?โ€
    โ€” Curtis Granderson, Tigers: โ€œAre you tired? Do you get stressed?โ€
    โ€” Michael Young: โ€œHow can I help?โ€

  180. 264 Annie, Those are probably tougher questions than the ones he gets from the White house press corps.

  181. Now that Pedro to the Phillies looks like a done deal, anybody want to comment on that?

  182. (257) Steve C: Since he is the team’s best player who in my opinion is not playing up to his capabilities, of course he’s going to get more flack thrown at him. There is more expected of him. His projected stats are 9 homers 82 RBI and 163 K’s. Do you mean to tell me that we as Met fans should be jumping for joy?

    (266) Ray: Pedro is finished IMO. But i’m sure he’ll probably give them the same kinda boost that Livan Hernandez gave to the Mets for the first half of the season. If Pedro can do that, then the Phills made a great deal.

  183. I think if Pedro is injury free and pain free he’ll be excellent because he has gobs of talent. Those are 2 very big ifs though. I expect him to get hurt within 5 starts and it may be before he even finds a groove. Its a gamble by the Phils and I’m sure they realize that.

  184. Ray (265) Not tougher, but different (I watch the daily press briefings)

    What really got me about this was the last question from Michael Young – “How can I help?”

    The President will love that.

    Word is that he will throw out the first pitch and then go up to the Fox booth.

  185. Sounds like he’s (Michael Young) being a bit of a sycophant to me. I bet he gave his teachers apples in grade school.

    Wright is 19th in MLB with 56 runs scored, not bad considering who has been following him in the lineup most of the year.

    Also his RBI total would be higher if Reyes and Beltran had been healthy all year.

  186. The more I learn about Omar’s deals the angrier I get. How did we let Darren O’Day get away. Look at his #s for Texas. Also I just learned that not only did we get total scrub Lance Broadway in exchange for our only decent hitting catcher, but we are also paying Castro’s salary!! What the #@#$$#%?

  187. 271. There are very few Omar defenders left on this site. I was one for a long time. He is just horrible. On Pedro, Put me on record as saying Pedro is finally healthy and Omar will look even worse for not even giving him a looksee. Especially considering how bad the back of our starting staff looks right now.

  188. TMS(271)
    If you want to get mad at Omar do it over something bigger than a ROGY relief pitcher and a back up catcher who was bad defensively and admitted that he did not want to be the starting catcher.

    Here is O’day’s

    2009 splits avg obp slg ops
    against LHB 294 342 588 930
    against RHB 197 276 211 486

    and by the way the pitching strapped Angels had first dibs on him ( RULE 5 )
    and did not want him back.

  189. 272 Ray
    Since the Mets are going nowhere I would rather see Nieve and Niese get starts than bringing back Pedro.

    Rumor has it Pedro’s fastball is still in the Mid 80’s at best. Nieve throws around 92 and is 26 and a year removed from TJ surgery.
    His biggest problem is control.

  190. (270) TMS: Beltran was healthy most of the year and Castillo had an OBP of .386 and until recently Cora had a very good one too. Wright has had the runners to drive in. Last year by the ASB he had around 15 homers , this year he has 5. The power outage is outrageous. I’m also sure his 2 for 12 with the bases loaded hasn’t exactly helped his figures either.

  191. STO(275)

    I found these first half stats interesting

    HOME 216 297 278 567
    ROAD 313 344 424 768

    HOME 349 442 419 860
    ROAD 217 326 250 576

    I know too little info but Church for some reason could not hit at home.

    Castillo on the other hand needs to have fans boo him so much on the road that maybe he will think every road game is a home game.

  192. 274 Scott. The news report I read says he is getting it up to the low 90s. 6 1/2 out at the break is not out of it by a longshot. Especially with injured regulars coming back.

  193. 276. Maybe Church had his feelings hurt at home because he didn’t get booed enough!