METS CHAT ROOM: Game #86; Francoeur arrives.



It is thought a change of scenery will snap Jeff Francoeur out of his funk, and he’s also a believer, saying the energy of the city might be the trigger he needs.

“I’m excited to be in New York, I’ve always enjoyed playing here,’’ Francoeur said. “I’ve always loved the city, so to finally get this chance, I’m excited.’’

One of the first calls he received came from Tom Glavine, who, despite the venom he took from Mets fans, endorsed them and the city to Francoeur.

From Glavine: “Make the most of it, if you play hard, hustle, and do things right, the fans will love you.’’

FRANCOEUR: Mets need his spark.

FRANCOEUR: Mets need his spark.

Francoeur said that’s him.

“I like to think I’m that kind of player, who gets dirty and plays the game the right way,’’ Francoeur said. “I’m 25 years old, and I feel like my best years are ahead of me… and I look forward to driving in runs, and throwing people out.’’

Francoeur starts in right tonight.

Here’s the line-up behind Johan Santana:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Alex Cora, SS
Johan Santana, LP

Santana is 9-7, but the Mets are 2-5 in his last seven starts.

48 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #86; Francoeur arrives.

  1. Hi John –
    Looking forward to being able to actually see Santana on Ch 11 tonight – exciting for me. Hope the bad weather holds off until after the game…

  2. Looks like we went from too many lefties to too many righties in the lineup.

  3. Francoeur does have a lifetime 122 OPS+ against the Mets which is one of his better records (a 122 against the Yankees). At Shea he was 111. Maybe he can do well in this town and it was a matter of performing poorly in his hometown.

  4. Howie Rose reminds us of the trade of Brandon Phillips, Cliff Lee and Grady Sizemore for Bartolo Colon made by our friend Omar. He had a good reason though, They may have been contracted anyways, so lets go for it. Compared to this deal, Kazmir was nothing.

  5. Ray (2), Dan (3) –
    It’s rare for me to get TV coverage, but to see Santana and Francoeur is a treat. Let’s hope that this game turns the Mets around…

  6. #4 If Minaya thought that Don Fehr and the MLBPA would allow the Expos and at least other team to be contracted, then he is really stupid. Kazmir for Zambrano was well thought out by comparison.

  7. 5. I hear you, Annie but I am sure glad I didnt pay close to $200 for the mlb pkg this year.

  8. 6. Dan, I hoped at least Minaya would bring some of those excellent scouts from the Expos. Looking at our minor league system, I guess he didnt.

  9. Chiti, now that its Milledge for Frenchie and Schnieder do you like the deal any better now?

  10. its morgan for francoer and scneider. yes, better, at least francoer has produced. If you bat him 6 or 7 then walks don’t matter much because you want the guy to swing. If you let him swing wildly at everything again he might produce again. Cox wanted him to have 6 pitch ABs won’t happen.

  11. 15. Yes. Morgan is ok but he’s a 28 year old rookie form the Pirate org. Something has to be wrong with that!

  12. Ray (7) I didn’t pay anything extra for the TV coverage – about twice a month, WPIX which is already on my cable covers a Mets game on a weekend. I’m just glad they do – it’s usually a Darling/Santana game, too.

  13. Delcos: Would you send Annie my email address….. Annie send me a note. please!

  14. Darling’s gonna make me not like the trade. He’s going on and on but Francoer. Just shut up Darling. We’re smart wnough to make a judgement without the Minaya/Wilpon/Horwitz bull. Plus, everything he saying he probably said about Church last Spring.

  15. #16 I thought trading Lastings Milledge was a mistake which shows why I shouldn’t be a GM. I fell for hype and potential ignoring the fact he didn’t hustle. Looking up he’s on the Pirates AAA team in Indianapolis with a 592 OPS and 0 HR in 24 games.

  16. Harry (25): I like the deal on a lot of levels, not the least of which is Francoeur is simply a better player who is five years younger. I liked Church, but he’s hit his ceiling.-JD

  17. 27. I agree. church was all Met PR. When you can’t play everyday for a really bad team, there usually is a reason. Milledge was all Met PR as well as Gurney says. The thing that is amazing is the Pirate PR machine branding Milledge as their next big power guy.

  18. Harry (29): When you’re as bad as the Pirates, you have to come up with something. The Steelers open camp soon and we won’t hear of the Pirates until spring training.-JD

  19. #28 John. Yeah, that’s true I suppose some guys straighten out but very few do. When the Gnats don’t want you, then you should look at the mirror. Anyone else remember Minaya a few years agogiving a lot of spin telling Mike and the Mad Dog how Milledge really wasn’t guilty of having sex with an underage girl, she was just a few days away from being legal as Milledge thought she was?

  20. Roenicke pitching! Gary Roenicke’s kid? Gary Roenicke one of Earl Weaver’s guys?

  21. Dan (31): I remember them glossing over the sex thing. A boys will be boys mentality. Milledge is just another wasted talent.-JD

  22. 28/31 Looks like the new Nat GM doesn’t want troublemakers. First Milledge is moved and then dukes goes to the minors. Maybe they have hope down the line, along way down the line.

  23. 35. Wow! I really liked Earl Weaver. Reading about him and Palmer fighting all the time! Playing for the three run HR. If the O’s moved him to this new park he’d have to quit!

  24. So Pagan gets all those hits and steals bases and then he remembers he’s on the Mets and so he forgets to tag?

  25. Sheryl Crow is giving a concert in St Louis being broadcast on mlb website. I met her at a Tower Records store in Carle Place in 1993 when her first album came out. Hope she took my advice and hired a good lawyer so she wouldn’t get ripped off (she smiled and said she had a good lawyer). I’ll forgive her for saying she wants to hang out with the Cardinals since she is from Missouri or thereabouts.

  26. I’m always surprised about some of the Milledge stuff – his Dad is a Florida State Police Officer.

  27. Looks like Church is o for 3 with 4 LOB in his debut game for Atlanta. They are winning 3-0 though.

    Kind of a shame Bud Selig never did anything like try to get good GM or an owner who will spend money (Mark Cuban) for the Pirates. But one shouldn’t expect him to do that. Selig was horrible in running his Brewers the last 20 years (although in the late 1970s they were pretty good).

  28. Harveys wallbangers. Lets see if we can win 2 in a row going into the break.

  29. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ under S for Santana – who was simply terrific tonight.

    Tomorrow’s game is at 1PM

    See you then.

  30. Pirates decided to blow a 4 run lead letting the Phillies come back and win so we didn’t gain any ground tonight. Darn. Best to worry about if the Mets can get over .500 before worrying about other teams.

  31. excited for a day game tomorrow so i can catch it before work..way to johan and nice bloop and welcome frenchy. another win tomorrow would give a small good feeling going into the break. come on BIG PELF.

  32. 42. Cuban was indeed interested in buying the Pirates but the owners were making a profit and winning wasn’t part of the agenda so he was shunted aside.