Mets deal Church ….

Ryan Church has escaped Jerry Manuel’s doghouse, having been traded to the Atlanta Braves for outfielder Jeff Francoeur.

Francoeur is eligible for arbitration after the season. He is batting .250 with 5 HR and 35 RBI this season.

I like the trade because I believe there’s a greater upside with Francoeur than Church. I think Church is as good as he’s going to yet. Francoeur I believe can get back to form.

As far as shaking up the roster, this might help. Nothing is working now. What are your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Mets deal Church ….

  1. I like this deal — as far as looking toward the future. I’m surprised the Mets got as much for Church as they did. Francouer has a phenomenal arm from right field and has a gold glove to his credit, so at the very least it’s a defensive upgrade. Francouer is also fiesty, so it adds some much-needed spirit in the clubhouse.

  2. This isn’t as bad as a garbage-in/garbage-out deal, but I do believe that neither player, if performing at his current level, would be tendered a contract this off-season. As such, both organizations are taking miniscule gambles, attempting to catch that proverbial lightning in a bottle. And, to that end, I like the chances of Bobby Cox curing Church’s psychological ills much more than the Mets teaching Frenchy strike zone judgment.

  3. Francoeur is durable and he could get back to where he was. But when he was 21 he looked like a real good player and has regressed almost every year since. But the Mets weren’t going to get Albert Pujols for Church so Minaya did as well as he could have. Small plus for Mets.

  4. i am surprised at this deal and them I am not.

    In the spring the coach said that murphy who cant field his position and played about a month in the pros was a better player than church.

    then he benched both players.

    church has not played much this season and overall has not been the same since having that last concussion and then being flown around the country because flying at several thousand feet in a pressurised cabin is good for head injuries.

    the other side of the trade involves a younger right handed hitter with power who hasnt hit well in 2 years.

    i will miss ryan’s defense. i wish him well and hope our newest brave can find the stroke he hasnt had in a while.

  5. I don’t like this deal. Francoeur is a very overrated player. He doesn’t get on base, which Church did reasonably well.

    Church ’09 : Age30 .280 .332 .375
    Francouer ’09 : Age25 .250 .282 .352

    Look at that .50 diff in OBP. Francouer makes lots and lots of outs. Its remarkable the Francouer is only 25. This move makes a lot more sense if you are planning more for the future.

    Regarding Gil’s comment about defense, Church is a pretty darn good RF’er so I don’t think Francouer is that much of an upgrade.

    I don’t know about this. Francouer is young enough to still improve quite a bit but it seems he’s been going backwards the last couple of years.

  6. i didnt catch gils comment about d

    church has a good arm and played a very nice lf.

    dont know franceur too well. but he must be pretty good if he is an upgrade defensively.

  7. Francouer is a strikeout machine. He is going to leave a lot of runners on base. I guess Omar had to do something to keep us interested.