METS CHAT ROOM: Game #85; big help isn’t coming.



The Mets limp into their final series prior to the All-Star break without any concrete idea as to when Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran will be activated from the disabled list.

Carlos Delgado, if he comes back from a hip injury, won’t return until mid to late August.

The Mets need both pitching and hitting help, and the primetime names are Roy Halladay, Matt Holliday and Adam Dunn. The Mets aren’t likely get any of them because of their preference to hold on to top prospects Brad Holt, Jennry Mejia, Fernando Martinez and Ike Davis.

HALLADAY: Not coming to Mets.

HALLADAY: Not coming to Mets.

The Phillies, meanwhile, according to reports, are willing to deal top pitching prospects Kyle Drabek and Jason Knapp.

Philadelphia appears the frontrunner because of its willingness to part with young talent and being in the National League. The Blue Jays don’t want to trade Halladay within the division to the Yankees or Red Sox.

The Nationals say they won’t deal Dunn for the two-part reason or needing some gate attraction and having a reasonable salary of $10 million for next year. Vernon Wells can be had for a song, but nobody wants him because he has close to a $100 million balance on his contract.

It will be interesting to see what kind of game the Mets get out of Fernando Nieve tonight. After three strong starts after being called up, Nieve has hit the skids.

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  1. Don’t know if Nieve has hit the skids so much as come back down to earth.
    Remember, this is a guy who the Astros cut in March. Jorge Sosa also started his Mets career with a flourish, going 6-2 in 2007 before reverting to his typically mediocre to poor pitching.
    Still, I’d take Nieve over Tim Redding — I’m just wondering when the Mets will finally release him.

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  3. JD
    Dunn is making 8 mil this season and will make 12 mil in 2010. This according to Cott’s Contracts

    As far as Chuch vs Francouer.
    In the NL this year only 2 RF have worse offensive production than Church.
    Brian Giles and Francouer.

    Nothing like trading drek for drek

    Reminds me of when the Mets traded for Ellis Valentine.

  4. what do you mean? we just completed a blockbuster trade for a star right handed bat outfielder and ollie just came back.

    we have all that we need.

  5. i would go get the pitcher assuming his contract is not up this year. the regular players do not impress me.

    one had good numbers as a mile high player and the other is not a fielder hits homers and strikes out a lot. not a longer term solution.

    except for fmart the players on the list are tradable. the other player we have who is at the top of our list is a ss in a or double a.

  6. Just 10 minutes until the CFL football game starts on MSG+. Calgary Stampeders visiting the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

    John, do you have a Hall of Fame vote? Just wondering if you ever say to yourself “How many games does Jamie Moyer have to get to become a serious candidate?” Armed with great run support he won again last night.
    Tied for 41st with Red Faber and Jack Morris. Surprisingly only 5 more career losses than Morris who was on good teams most of his career.

  7. FYI- The Mets traded Ryan Church for ( I can’t believe this trade, a wash at best) Jeff Francoeur.

  8. oops sorry, I see people on this blog know already. I just happen to go on newsday website for something else and saw the head lines.

  9. Jeff Francoeur swings at everything and anything and strikes out a ton. This is Omar making a trade just to make a trade. I keep hoping that I am dreaming and it’s all a nightmare and one day i will wake up and it was all a dream. This organization is going downhill fast like an earthquake.

  10. (10) agree, don’t like this trade. Atlanta has been trying to trade this bum for a few years now. Nobody wanted him. The braves turn to the Mets figuring the Mets are desperate to do anything and they bought it.

  11. tomg, I agree with you that this trade was made ‘just to make a trade’. Sometimes its better to do nothing. I don’t think Church was happy here though because they kept jerking him around. They should have made him the starting right fielder from opening day this year and put him in the lineup every day.

  12. i wish church well.

    he played well for us but as not been the same since the head injury.

    the newest ex brave was a star a few years ago and is younger.

    not much of a trade unless he finds his power again.

    this team needs a change and maybe this will help.

    but i agree with everyone here. not much help here.

  13. Gil: Hamilton is playing at British Columbia at 1030PM although there isn’t any TV here. I barely follow the NFL (had to struggle over what two teams played in the stupor bowl, a game so bad the next day the most popular topic is the commercials). For some reason I remember CFL games on New York television in the early 1960s. Anyone else remember that..Channel 9 maybe? They could do weird things back then. Like broadcast a James Cagney movie about Admiral Halsey “The Gallant Hours” about 5 times in a week

  14. (14) The Mets organization has become dysfunctional. Between these mysterious injuries, the farm system.

  15. 10 Francouer isn’t as good as Church?
    Besides having more homers and RBIs than Church at this point, here are eight things Francouer has accomplished in his young career Church never has:
    1. Driven in 100 runs in a season (twice)
    2. Won a Gold Glove award
    4. Played all 162 games in a season (twice)
    5. Hit 20 or more homers in a season
    6. Hit as high as .293 in a season
    7. Finished in the top 10 in the NL in hits
    8. Played in the post-season
    He’s also only 25 years old.
    I’d have made this move, too. It’s not a season-changing move by a longshot, but it’s thinking for the future, not the present.

  16. I just don’t think Omar is the right guy for the job. I don’t totally blame him, injuries are bad luck and he did get 2 relievers in the offseason to shore up the biggest weakness from last year but he makes too many moves like this. Sabermetrically bad. Francouer is considered by statheads one of the most overrated players even when he hits 30hr. He never walks. His OBP is his batting average. Trading Castro for Lance Broadway? Dumb. Look at Santos minor league numbers. His regression is not a surprise.

  17. I think Church is better. RBI are heavily influenced by who surrounds you in the lineup. Francouer batted in much better lineups than Church. Church has had OBPs over .340 4 straight years, Francouer has not yet had a year with on .OBP over .340. His career mark is .308 to Church’s .345. I’d rather have Church this year.

  18. That was a tough throw for Wright there. I have to disagree most vehemently with Gary Cohen. I don’t think that’s an error. If anything Schneider threw too early.

  19. 3. Scott, The drek they traded for Valentine was a pitcher named Jeff Reardon who went on to have a pretty fair career after his dismissal from NYC.

  20. for this one play i cant blame david too much,

    but i dont think he is a gold glover

  21. Look at the movement on Arroyo’s slurve. Reminds me of Jeff Nelson or Heilman.

  22. I surprised this team has not been no hit this season. I doubt we make it to October without it happening and no hitters are the flukiest thing going.

  23. I think it flies the same way but the fences are just a lot farther away. Nix is huge. He mashed that ball.

  24. I would take Francoeur over Church based on age and the upside. I’ve always liked Francoeur. I don’t believe Church is going to get any better than he is now.-JD

  25. Talk about roster turnover: On the current active roster, only four players on the Mets 25-player roster remain from the 2006 team.

  26. Ray 22
    good to see you back
    I did not mean they traded drek for Valentine
    I am sure you remember that Valentine was an All Star for the Expos and for some reason they felt he would regain his form.
    Francouer was also a former All Star that is why it reminded me of the deal.

    Bobby Parnell could be another Reardon.
    I hope they don’t go anything stupid and trade him.

  27. Even with all these injuries this team’s offense is not as bad as its been playing lately. Even lousy offenses score 3-3.5 runs per game. This is an offensive slump on top of the injuries.

  28. TMS 34
    The offense has a long way to go to even be called lousy.
    Pathetic is the best word I could use right now.

  29. Phillies won. But the Colt 45s are beating the Gnats so our slender 15 game lead for fourth place will stay the same.
    I was going through retrosheet, a season where injuries wracked the Mets. Unlike the 2009 version, they started off 32-12. Looking at opening day, Jim Fregosi drove in the first run with a double his first time up. Year the strike canceled the first week so Seaver only pitched 6 innings in a 4-0 triumph over the Pirates. Game drew 15,000 at Shea and took a mere 2:00 even.

    Save our offense, Jeff Francoeur!

  30. 33. Thanks for the welcome back, Scott. I guess I should have stayed away. Theres gonna be a whole lot of Ks with Wright and Frenchie in the middle of the lineup. I liked Church and he was just getting hot.

  31. Sadecki You did like Church, but this is Jerry’s tam and if he don’t like you Omar gets you traded. The rule of ’09. Castro in the doghouse bye. Church in the dog house. Bye. Starting tomorrow players are going to strive to get in Jerry’s dog house to get the hell off of this team. Unfortunately for OP, he’d be traded if on ly Omar would eat 25-26 million. He’s stuck here.

  32. 43 Chiti, So now that its Milledge for Frenchy and Schnieder, do you like the trade any better? I wish I knew what Church did to get in the doghouse. Maybe he farted at Jerrys dinner table.

  33. tough months for the metsies…hope they can keep it 7 or closer going to the break but its hard to have hope for this yr..snake bit it feels