METS CHAT ROOM: Game #84; Martinez to Phils?



Word is the Phillies are close to signing free-agent Pedro Martinez to a one-year contract at $4 million which automatically brings another nightmare to the Mets’ world.

The Phillies have not commented, but the report is on several media outlets. The Phillies could be also in the market for Roy Halladay.

Meanwhile, the Mets, behind Livan Hernandez, will be trying to win this series with the Dodgers.

Here’s the line-up that will face Randy Wolf:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Nick Evans, LF
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Ryan Church, CF
Omir Santos, C
Alex Cora, SS
Livan Hernandez, RP

124 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #84; Martinez to Phils?

  1. Nightmare? so u mean once he joins the Phillies he’ll magically no longer be injured and rock the world of pitching once again.
    If that happens what does that tell you about the Met’s organization????

  2. its a righty lefty things why murphy aint in. AARGGHH.. i would love to see the pitch count go away and this whole righty lefty thing go away.
    was Keith ever taken out of the lineup for that? hmm

  3. Uggh!!, 3 straight hits to start. Livan is trying to make Darling look stupid by showing him that throwing strikes doesn’t always work so well either.

  4. SteveC., Murphy isn’t as good as Keith was. He doesn’t do it with everybody. He doesn’t platoon David Wright. (Actually everyone else that isn’t a switch hitter gets platooned don’t they?)

  5. this team doesnt have focus. there’s something going on in the clubhouse.

  6. Steve C (1): The nightmare is Martinez beats the Mets a couple of times down the stretch and miss the playoffs by a couple of games. Of course, that would entail the Mets putting it together and making a run.-JD

  7. listen we won yesterday because castillo didnt bat 1st. ans we had murphy and evans.

  8. Uggh 4-0 hole right away. Livan allowed 5 baserunners (Hudson was tagged out to end it).

  9. why is castillo batting 1st! Cora is the better leadoff man
    AARRRGGH Manuel dont you learn anything from each game?

  10. 8. Don’t follow your logic at all. We won because the Dodgers made a key error that helped the hapless offense get a decent inning, and the Mets didn’t make any horrible mistakes in the OP wild innings.
    Evans is worse in left field than Murphy was. He can’t judge a ball hit well and shouldn’t be out there plain and simple.

  11. 7. The nightmare scenario you develop shouldn’t be a problem this year. 4th place, and falling. Think this game is over?? Yup go all the heads.

  12. Dodgers are picking up bad habits by watching the Mets (ending the inning on a base running mistake).

    Should there be a Little League “mercy rule” when the Mets get 4 runs behind, the game is
    declared over?

  13. 12. Cora is a medicrity. He’s a bench player. Can’t steal. Has no range on defense and is on;y playing due to injuries. Don’t make him out to be more than he is.

  14. 16. arent u a nay sayer. we dont have any core players right now so you make due with what you have. and from what i have seen we have done well when cora bats first.
    if this is going to be one of those sessions when u discount everything i say there will be an issue.

  15. 15. Not necessarily. If he thought there was a play at the plate than it was worth it to mkae the last out to get another run

  16. ok start the merry go round. single them to death dont even bother to hit for the fences. because no one has been able to yet.

  17. see these guys cant and shouldnt bother swinging for the fence its way too far. a bloop in center would have brought in wright.

  18. Hi Everyone – I’ve been away – what have I missed besides the Pedro news?

  19. Livan gave up 4 runs.
    and our boys are trying to be HR heros when they could have had a singles/double merry go round going. *sigh*
    4-1 Dodgers,.

  20. Mets with Manuel are going to have a hard time trying to out think Joe Torre.

  21. 17. I think having the core player excuse is bull. Every strong team knows they need more than a 25 man team and need mlb ready players who can at least tread water. We have dung to come up. Omar Minaya builds a 25 man roster if that, and every year he falls short because he doen’t know how to get the extra pieces. He thinks picking up crap like Redding and and Argenis Reyes and Sheffield to be his clean up hitter is all it takes. Omar got lucky in 06 it ain’t happening again. This team ewas barely treading water before the injuries. When you are looking forward to Nieve starting you are a bad very bad organization. The players are doing the best they can. They just suck. And the guy who allowed David Wright to be a singles hitter should be the first to go, and the guy who made Church a left field singles hitter should be the first to go. That’s you Jerry Manuel.

  22. Yeah that lucky bloop single sure was better than Hudson’s bases cclearing double. You Jerry’s bro?

  23. Hey Annie I’m in Lenox Mass, right north of you. Pretty cool here. I guess its cool in Ct also.

  24. 25. its also the ball park dude. its way too large. singles and doubles wins in citi field thats how it feels to me..

  25. Hi Harry (27) Believe it or not, I’ve had the heat on here next to ESPN — Cold damp day and the temp outside now is 58 degrees.

  26. I foresee livan being taken out in the 3rd or the Mets concede defeat now and leave him in..

  27. they all sound the same – Omar gave them the script it could be any of them saying what Hojo just said – company mantra

  28. you can talk about old school small ball all you want but once you have an offense like thisn you really miss HRs

  29. John –

    “Word is the Phillies are close to signing free-agent Pedro Martinez to a one-year contract at $4 million which automatically brings another nightmare to the Mets’ world.The Phillies have not commented, but the report is on several media outlets.”

    How true is this?? Yes it will be a nightmare.

  30. How about that, a double for Tatis. He’s not a bad bench player. Now as a starting corner outfielder, or first baseman, not quite as good.

  31. Pedro – is done I watched him allow eight runs in the first in Philly – it looked like he was going to cry and all he did was look up at the sky

  32. i can’t decide which is Omar’s biggest folly – no help in the pen last year or no left fielder this year

  33. Who else besides David Wright and Johan Santana is going to the All Star Game from the Mets? I know Delgado was also chosen, but is still on the DL.

  34. i know i know.. why he’s there.. but he’s slumping as well. we need better defense with the pitching etc we have..

  35. Steve C (49): Pitching and defense and fundamental hitting will win. Currently, the Mets aren’t doing any of those things consistently.-JD

  36. When the Mets went to SF and Delgado went down and they knew Church, Reyes, Beltran were hurting was when a Deal needed to be made – which is when the Braves acting desisively in the Mclouth deal

  37. Looks like I picked a bad time to make my return. This team stinks. No pitching, no power, no defense. For 4 mil I would rather take a chance on Pedro than watch bums like Livan and company pitching. Where would this team be without Sheffield? Omar really lucked out on that one.

  38. Too many players out of position, too many players in over their head and too few regulars who are now pressing… Omars plan entering the season was flawed and his handling in-season has always been atrocious

  39. The only Starting pitcher on the Mets with a better era than Wolf is Santana, and thats not by much

  40. finally a good call by the ump and of course Torre will argue. even if it was a bad call. they had to give us one for that really really bad call.

  41. i said this during the collapses of the last two years, it was like the umps enjoyed seeing us go down like sharks in the water, they really enjoy ringing us up

  42. like i said knee pads. and great timing to get the right number for the response πŸ˜‰

  43. Ray (55) So did I… and I was having a good time, too. However, if Pedro goes to the Phillies…

  44. 2 key plays by cora. yeah mediocre.
    Listen he isnt an all star yet. but at least he’s hustling.

  45. Livan’s first ten games last year were above average after taht awful same cn be said this year

  46. on my second beer wondering. why?! and knowing the answer is / oh yeah its the mets.

  47. Just as recent as 2008 Misch was seen as the Giants #3 – sort of a lefty John Maine

  48. 80-:-) if it was any other year i would say it was doable even up to the 9th Inning. But i havent seen 9nth Inning comebacks in a long time from the Mets :-(
    i would settle for 3 an inning now.. but i doubt that will happen. as we all have said no consistency.

  49. I wont miss an inning of a game but I have tickets to three games in August and I’m dropping about 120 per game between the trtain, food, beer etc… now to watch a good team three games is a stretch but thats the way the package was put together – why would I go to this team and not watch on TV – my tickets were the cheap part – Omar/Wilpons need to look at it from our point of veiw

  50. Annie music and bike riding. But its too cold tonite and was too wet last nite. Tomorrow regardless!

  51. Pretty soon, we will be talking about who the Mets can trade to bring back some quality talent. Lets hope Shef keeps hitting and doesnt get hurt.

  52. 55. Good to have you back Sadecki. To answer your question, without Sheffield this team would be in 4th place. Whoops, that’s where they are with him.

  53. Omar and the wilpons only care about the money. they need to make up the cos of the stadium. 10 bucks a beer i have heard thats just nuts..

  54. each game food and beer for two is at least 40-60 bucks, plus 50 in train fares, not cheaper to drive when the lot is 20 plus gas and tolls… At least small markets are doing dollar stands and stuff like that … we have a AAA with NY prices and they wont imporve the team

  55. 89. Sell off. Who on the active roster would you keep? Santana, KROD, Pelfrey, F Mart, (or is he back in the minors?) Wright. Thats’ it for me.

  56. 90 Thanks, Chiti. I wish I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Now they are saying Reyes may miss the whole year. I also wish the Mets would have signed Wolf instead of Perez for a lot less money. You have been right all along. Omar is an idiot.

  57. who the heck has any value – weve already had our youth movement and they all flopped – no one on this team has value – maybe church but we already failed to bring in a corner outfielder last year I dont trust him to bring in two next year

  58. I wish they would have signed anyone other then Perez they only had 10 to pick from

  59. 95. Who would bring anything back? On Fmart, they should just send him down and keep him there until callups when he gets off the DL.

  60. Saw Arlo Guthrie the other nite then the Boston Symphony and then back tomorrow to the same at Tanglewood.

  61. Harry (101): Saw Arlo Guthrie at Blossom Music Center in Ohio ages ago. Was a good show. Place went nuts with Alice’s Restaurant.-JD

  62. beginning of the season I asked them about parking plans for ticket holders since the lot is $20 a game – they said flatly no there only for season ticket holders

  63. 97. I said this earlier. That maybe the Mets this one time should do what the marlins do every other year and that is fire everyone and build a brand new team.
    I would like to see wroght and beltran stay but hey.. Maybe we need to do it.
    What i dont want is the revolving door Steve Phillips did during 90’s upto 200. my head spun with all the new players.

  64. Omar doesnt get a pass in my eyes due to the injuries – even with the loses this team could have been more competitve if he had done a better job in the off-season

  65. 103. so basically if you are going with a family of 5 you need to bring at least 3-500 dollars. I am staying home.

  66. Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Santana, Rodriguez would be untouchable everybody else is fair game and the entire org. would be replaced

  67. I said in LA last month without a trade we would be 10 games back by the AS break – I wont be far off

  68. 106 – My tickets are already paid for and I leave the house with 120 dollars and there are two of us- when I leave Im not drunk and Im not full but I am broke

  69. Ed (110) I remember the $9 upper deck tickets and $3 parking in the ’80’s…

  70. Let’s look on the bright side. We still have a 15 game lead over the Gnats for 4th place.

  71. 2004- .438 Omar took over in Aug. 4th place
    2005- .512 3rd place
    2006- .599 1st place
    2007- .543 2nd place
    2008- .549 2nd place
    2009- .482 4th place

    numbers say it all- full circle – it’s time in my book

  72. Thirty years ago Joe Torre was on the short end of many a game like tonight with Pete Falcone, Butch Metzger, Bruce Boisclair and Pepe Mangual.

  73. tickest aren’t bad $25-35 a game depending on who there playing and I’m as high as the stadium goes – but they nickle and dime you to depth with the prices of everything – I have tickets for Saturday I gave them to a friend who hadn’t been because after going tues it wasn’t worth it to go again to watch this – i’ll see it on TV – had they been winningh i’d find the money and thats the bottom line – I’ll wait to see what they do this off-season before I renew

  74. everybody loves to hate Steve Phillips for dismantling the team after 2000- his overall winning pct. .538 Omar’s .537 both had two bad partial seasons I diodn’t include with them added both are .520 – Phillips first five years .553 Omar’s .537

  75. Howie has put this dreadful game ‘in the books’ – why I don’t know – perhaps as an example of how NOT to play.

    Tomorrow night Cincinnati will be here.

    See you then.