METS CHAT ROOM: Game #83; Perez to the rescue.



In the clamor for leadership among the Mets, it’s all David Wright. I’m willing to bet that with Carlos Delgado gone next year Wright will be named captain.

Wright spoke for all his teammates last night after the Mets were blown away by the Dodgers.

“I just think we stink right now, we’re just not very good,’’ Wright said. “When you don’t pitch, you don’t hit, you don’t play defense, you’re not going to win very many games. We’re not playing very good baseball… I don’t think anybody’s having very much fun right now.’’

That’s an understatement.

Trying to stop the slide is the original slide-starter himself, Oliver Perez.

He’ll have this forgettable line-up behind him:

Alex Cora, SS
Daniel Murphy, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Ryan Church, RF
Jeremy Reed, CF
Brian Schneider, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
Oliver Perez, LP

35 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #83; Perez to the rescue.

  1. So are all Met fans really onlt fair weather fans? I think not… We’ll see.

    If David Wright is captsin material maybe it would be good if he got maybe a key hit or even, oh my, a HR, maybe not in big mean Chiti Field but maybre in tiny Citiznes Bank or new yankee stadium. He has looked anything but a captain since Beltran went out.

  2. far from fair weather, but this team is brutal to watch or listen to.

    If they played good baseball but still lost i could deal with that. But the wonderful baseball we get to see them play is hard to deal with.

  3. You can count on Coin Flip to give up the big 2 out run scoring hit. (borrowed from Joe Beningo saying Richard Todd could always find the open outside linebacker).

  4. Any team losing looks terrible. If you are playing good baseball you are winning. Even the horrible Nats look good on the days they win.

  5. Listening to the noise it seems the true name of he park that is too big for David Wright should be city morgue.

  6. poor baserunning. poor fielding. that is inexcusable. That is what makes this team terrible.

    I can deal with our AAAA roster and Wright struggling. I cant tolerate bad baseball fundamentals. And thats what our wonderful team gives us almost every night.

  7. look at the bright side, if you live near the city morgue you’ll be able to get really cheap tix on stub hub, the offivcial rip off reseller of mlb.

    Whoa a double, bench the guy Jerry. You wouldn’t wantr to chance him getting hot.

  8. 12. So that’s Captain material!!! HaHa.

    Well the verdcts are in. Church and Schneider have proven they are uselss offensive players. So the big trade for them was a total nothing except we paid more money for uselss players then Nats paid for Miledge and now hey have an actual lead off hitter.
    Second, the Dodger roider in the OF in much better than the chepie roider Omar pickewd up off the garbage pile. By the way notice thow the Tigers don’t miss the greatr Sheffield one bit?

  9. Which former Mets manager should the Wilpons rehire?
    a) Valentine
    b) Johnson
    c) Torre
    d) Randolph
    e) Berra

  10. A run! A run!

    I was beginning to think the national debt will be paid off before the Mets scored a run.

  11. One thing I was wondering about last nights game. Pelfrey only threw 3 innings, you’re down 0-5 against the NL’s best team and you have Mr Erratic Oliver Perez pitching tomorrow, Why did Manuel use 5 pitchers? Why not just use Redding, who was a starter for 3 months, pitch the last 6 innings? Why burn out the bullpen?

  12. still a long way to go in this game… still plenty of time to choke this away…

  13. And as a reward for his two hits and stellar defensive play at 1b yesterday, how does Daniel Murphy get rewarded? Yes, ladies and gentlemen….he gets a seat on the pine. Unreal.

  14. Thats Manuel for ya!
    oh and by theway.. what helped win this games? it could not have been singles could it? one after the other pummelling the pitcher.. nah not at all 😉