METS CHAT ROOM: Game #82; Dodgers in.

Mike Pelfrey will be pitching tonight to snap the Mets out of their latest losing streak. In the bigger picture, the Mets’ slide is eight losses in ten games.

And, help isn’t coming anytime soon.

Jose Reyes took a cortisone injection because he still feels pain in his right leg, and Carlos Beltran will need a rehabilitation assignment once the bone bruise below his right knee heals.

Neither will be back prior to the All-Star break.

Tonight’s line-up:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Alex Cora, SS
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Ryan Church, CF
Nick Evans, LF
Omir Santos, C
Mike Pelfrey, RH

42 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #82; Dodgers in.

  1. its disappointing…the lack of fundamentals, lack of clutch hitting, the injuries
    a lineup of
    sure looks nice and we can only dream..hopefully this team finds a way to keep it at less than 7 games at the all star break

    big start from pelf tonight, need a good one again

    prediction- good night for david wright as he goes 2 for 4 and hits a HR and the mets win 5-2 i hope im correct

  2. Great news: Tony La Russa has dropped his lawsuit against Twitter! I’m looking forward to my first good night of sleep in weeks.

  3. what a bush league of.

    i see nick earned is way in the lineup, but the defense must suck.

    i guess the coach must feel that the balls will stay in the dirt.

    good to see luis not batting 10th.

  4. in ST, manuel raved and raved about murphy…. then he yanked his PT around and murph struggled, then murph got hot and what did manuel do- yanked his PT more…now murph is in a funk..murphy seems to be the kind of guy who needs consistent ABs to get in a groove..? is can he play a position well enough to get those ABs

  5. what a fing joke..unfing real…awful baseball..way to go mike…walk furcal and hudson to give urself manny with the bases loaded and down a run…great IQ and execution

  6. didnt ronnie say he was aiming?

    why do they always wait for the score before the visit to the mound?

  7. Man, I really try to be optimistic, but it feels like this one is already over.

  8. there’s our gold glove 2b.

    why did we pay all that money over 4 years for him?

    I hope the owner cleans house at the end of the year.

    the coach needs to go, the gm needs to go.

    this team is not going anywhere.

    won’t next year either.

  9. I know this will not surprise anyone but according to the UZR. The Mets are the 3rd worst fielding team in baseball. Only the Indians and Nats are worse.

  10. one more reason to clean house.

    the coach said they were going to work on fundamentals and do the little things.

    well we do the little things. we drop balls, throw to the wrong base, ground into double plays with the bases loaded, walk runs in.

    you know, the things that win games for you.

  11. Message to Omar.
    It is time to sell.
    Consider trading Pelfrey if could get the right package.
    Also Feliciano,Livan, Schneider, will get you depth for the farm system and maybe you will get lucky and find one good player for the team in the future.

  12. the other players i am ok with trading if we can get some decent players in the minors or a young player who plays now.

  13. you’re insane. ollie is a never was, space cadet we should never have signed.

  14. The only reason I would think of trading Pelfrey is because of his agent Boras.
    No chance he will sign long term.

  15. dave

    you are too harsh. he is only 27 years old. his best years are still to come.

  16. we should have signed lowe when we had a chance. instead we have redding and ollie who are both washed up.

    then we would have had a rotation of johan, derek, pelf, maine and livan. not a bad rotation. we still could improve, but our top 3 would be pretty good.

  17. you dont know what you are talking about. we do not have the budget for lowe. plus he is old.

  18. lowe is 36. he has won 7 games.
    how many games have ollie and redding won this year?

    how many innings have they pitched?

    i didnt think so.

  19. Lowe is not having a great year 7-7 4.56 era
    Of course it’s better than Ollie.

  20. your an idiot. we should have signed 2 corner outfielders. we need offense not pitching.

    we need to have a power team like the team in the other borough.

  21. hey scott.

    butt out!

    i am trying to have an argument with myself.

    it is boring here and the game is not much better.

    i need to entertain myself somehow.

  22. anyway. i am out of here.

    our host seems to have left the door open, but has gone out and i have no one here to argue with.

  23. Scott: Don’t know what a UZR is but it must be accurate.
    I’m watching the Dodger announcer and they are bored and they are winning.