METS CHAT ROOM: Game #81; Phillies go for sweep.

The Mets (39-41) close their three game series with the Phillies (41-37) today the way many of us though they would, by trying to avoid being swept. They have Johan Santana going for them, but that’s not the `get out of jail free card,’ it used to be.

Santana is 9-6 with a 3.34 ERA. He is coming off a bad start last Tuesday in Milwaukee in which he gave up five earned runs on nine hits in six innings. Since June 2, he is 2-3 with a 6.19 ERA. Very mortal numbers.

Today’s line-up vs. Phillies RP Joe Blanton (4-4, 5.08):

Alex Cora, SS

Daniel Murphy, 1B

David Wright, 3B

Ryan Church, RF

Nick Evans, LF

Jeremy Reed, CF

Brian Schneider, C

Luis Castillo, 2B

Johan Santana, LP

49 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #81; Phillies go for sweep.

  1. Since we’re all now expecting Santana to fail, I predict he’ll pitch a gem. I reserve the right to say I never said that if it goes the other way.

    (p.s. JD: what, no credit for giving you your headline, yesterday?)

  2. Is this the last day of these godawful red caps? Can’t Selig come up with a better gimmick to make money to bail out fools like Tom Hicks?

  3. Jeff, John
    This is a rare day – I can actually see Darling and Santana and Jeff, I’ll predict a gem along with you.

    Later Tiger takes on Kim and Congressional –

    A sports bonanza for me – yes, I watched the everlasting Federer and Roddick match, too.

    Jeff – that was an easy headline, what’s not so easy are the closing remarks for some of the games lately – you’ve done better there :)

  4. Do the Mets lead the NL in All-Star players? If so, a real tribute to Omar Minaya’s GM skills (some sarcasm intended). Looks like the voters did something decent in leaving the expecting Manny Ramirez off the roster.

  5. Time for a Captain Binghamton quote “I could just scream”. Wright can’t hit a fly ball or even strike out to keep the inning going?

  6. Mets have reverted to early season form. Santana gives up one run; they can’t score at all. Wright hits into another DP with bases loaded. How does this team lead the league in avg. with RISP? That stat is completely wrong.

  7. that will help his power i guess. wont help ending innings with his bat in a bad way.

  8. John (25) Yes they are. Santana really put all he had into the game today, but nobody else did.

  9. John (25): “Becoming”?

    Here we go — hit by pitch. The core of the Mets’ offense. Now can we count on the Phillies’ relievers to walk in two runs?

  10. great move.

    that’s how we do it. pinch hit into a dp.

    we need more help in refining that play.

  11. I was about to type that Chan Ho Park still being on a major league roster was the best argument for contraction but then he goes ahead to get a double play ball.

  12. Howie has put this game “in the books”. It’s a typical Santana game – he plays his heart out, but nobody else does.

    Day off tomorrow –

    Dodgers at Citi Field on Tuesday night.

    See you then.

  13. the mets have proved once again that it is not the ‘spacious’ dimensions of our new stadium that prevent us from scoring.

  14. Day off tomorrow? I must have my schedule wrong. I thought the All-Star Game was this Tuesday?

  15. this was fun.

    good night folks.

    cant wait till wed when our offseason acquisition saves the season.

  16. Jeff (37) No just a simple day off – Dodgers in on Tuesday for three days – (with Manny). All Star next week.

  17. Wow, they fooled me. I thought the All-Star Game was always the midpoint of the season. This is game 81, right? Halfway to 162? Guess that’s another tradition down the drain…

  18. The Red Hats remind me when they did the future uniforms of baseball or some such nonesense. Don’t like it and I think it should stop.
    On he other note, can we please start winning again… This losing things has gotten quite played out 😉

  19. This team is unwatchable right now. Wright can’t even strike out in opportune moments if you know what I mean. He is making me question whether or not he is the future of this team. I wouldn’t mind it if he was a 20 to 25 home run guy with the batting average the way it is now or close to it, but he is on a pace to hit like 9 homers this year. And it’s not the ballpark…he barely hits homers on the road now too.

  20. yeah there’s something going on with the team. maybe there’s no love in the locker room. It just maybe they rather not play together.. That could definitely affect a player..

  21. FYI if anybody cares… I’ll be away until the end of the week. So carry on with The Unwatchables without me!

  22. its not the win or loss so much as to how the game is being played. I do not like the way this team plays ball.
    And that is totally manuel’s fault.

  23. 47. Well you are right about the way they play. Fundamentally pathetic. However, the players, especially the ones who are not subs should be criticized as much as Manuel.

  24. (48) Harry, i’ll put my 11 yr old sons Little League team up against them any day of the week when it comes to fundamentals. Sad, but true