16 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #80; July 4th Edition.

  1. Hey, JD, everyone. Happy holiday to all of you, as well.
    A few interesting developmentswith the Mets and MLB…
    1. With Fernando Martinez now saying he’s experiencing pain behind HIS knee, that brings the total this year to three Mets reporting problems with areas behind their knees that’s causing them to miss playing time. What’s up with that? What are the odds that three different players, all of varying ages and roles are complaining of the same pain in the same parts of their bodies?
    2. Thank goodness Tim Redding has been removed from the starting rotation. Question is, will Oliver Perez fare any better when he returns Wednesday in his start against the Dodgers?
    3. Speaking of the Dodgers, MLB Network’s Joe Magrane and Mitch Williams last night rightfully criticized both the press and Dodger fans for welcoming back Manny Ramirez from his 50-game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs as if he were a returning hero.

  2. Whose stupid idea is it to have teams wear red ball caps this weekend? Wait, I know, it’s our used car salesman commissioner. And what exactly is the significance of red caps on 4th of July?

  3. (2) Dan, as far as I know, “red caps” is what we used to call airport luggage handlers.

    Anyway, not only are the Mets wearing red caps, but the Phils are wearing blue batting helmets. Too bad they haven’t confused the scorer into assigning the 3 runs scored so far to the Mets.

  4. I guess it’s only right that the Mets, whose ace has walked the opposing pitcher six times this year, get their first run driven in by the pitcher…

  5. Hey Gil (1) As if the Dodgers welcoming Manny back like a returning hero weren’t bad enough, Fox cut away from the Mets game just to show Manny’s at-bat!! (And seeing the Dodgers wearing red caps was as disturbing as seeing the Mets with them!)

  6. 5 Hey, Jeff! Hope you’re having a good day. Yeah, MLB Network did the same stuff last night — every at-bat. Why is baseball’s official network glorifying Manny?

  7. Answer to Manny question:
    Answer to red caps question:

    That does not explain why we keep dropping pop-ups. It is clearly contagious.

  8. I wandered away and when I came back, Phillies had another run and McCarver was asking “THIS is the big leagues??” so I had to go back in the DVR and watch the half inning. Dropping the pop-up with a one-handed catch by Santos was bad enough, but a decent on-line throw from center would have nailed the runner at the plate. So sad that these guys cannot have these fundamentals driven into their heads.

  9. Typical of the Mets to go into a bandbox park and get only three runs in 16 innings against the staff with the second-worse ERA in the NL.

  10. That was truly pathetic. Did the Mets even show up?

    Annie, I’m sure Howie has put this one in the toilet… I mean, the books.

    John, you have your headline for tomorrow: Phillies Go For the Sweep.

  11. I went out to a holiday barbecue with the neighbors and just now came back.
    We dropped MORE popups?
    And our pitcher drove in our only run?

  12. Manny

    I guess this shows how baseball treats cheaters and drug induced supermen.

    THEY are the image the league is trying to project. They can talk about their drug policy all they want. This is what they are about.

  13. From what I see here I am glad I missed the game.

    We welcome Ollie as a replacement or Redding because we have nothing in the minors who are ready to come up and Ollie dominated ( yes this is sarcasm ) the A ball hitters in his rehab.

    Our pitching is pathetic. We have 3 useful starters. Our GM got us a pen, and ignored the rotation.

    Thank you Omar.

  14. Jeff (10)

    I had a friend over and we mainly watched the Golf.

    I tried to get into the Mets game but it was almost impossible even with Tim McCarver trying to explain it all. I agree with Dave (12) and pgershon (7) that all that is wrong with MLB now is their own fault for placing their players and The Game beneath their love of the $$$$$.

    I almost get physically sick when I hear the praise Alex Rodriguez gets — all for a game he has enhanced with illegal substances since high school.

    As for Manny and all the others, I’ve often said that instead of letting MLB ‘supercede’ the laws of the country with illegal substances, someone should have called the NYPD – I do believe that their jurisdiction includes MLB clubhouses, too

    Sad how greed has taken over the game of our childhood….

  15. Shcked at the Manny fest???? Why. Doany of youthink an sport is any different. Sprewell treated as a hero when joining the Knicks. NFL tweaking the suspension ofa drug abuser to meet the schedule of his tam better. Its A-OK as long as they don’t kill anybody, oh wait the courts don’t care either. Pretty sad whe the/nFL commish gives a bigger snetence than the courts do. But hey, we gotta give Bloomberg some good tough guy pub so get theguyn who shoots himself but…. No reasnon to get tough on Many. Shirts still being sold. Thy’ll make his legend bigger and sell more. Does anyone think it’d be any different in Queens in DW or JS were in the Manny boat?

  16. In this case I think everybody’s off the mark. Baseball DID give Manny a huge suspension. The problem is with the way TV coverage of his return was handled. Fox treated it like a newsworthy event, as if everybody was dying to see every one of his at-bats — but that’s typical Fox sensationalism. I don’t get MLB TV so I can’t speak to what they did, but I wonder if the management of their TV division runs their own show. (John Delcos, can you answer this?) Remember, Manny was so unpopular because of his behavior, he basically got himself run out of Boston. Nobody besides the Dodgers wanted to touch him. So I don’t think it’s fair to use him as an example of how baseball is promoting the image of drug users.

    Remember this as well: testosterone and growth hormone are actually substances the body naturally produces, so to categorize them as “drugs” is iffy at best. It is undeniable that using them in unnaturally high doses strictly for purposes of performance enhancement can have dangerous and long-term side effects, so the fact that teenagers can get hold of them so easily is what is truly a crime. But look at all the “legal” drugs athletes are constantly given to allow them to play — cortisone shots, pain killers, etc. — does anybody wonder what effect THOSE are having in the long run? Let’s face it: we’re living in a drug culture. Just watch all the pharmaceutical ads on the evening news.