METS CHAT ROOM: Game #79; Phillies – nuf said.



With the way the Mets have played lately, they are very fortunate to go into Philadelphia within a whisper of the Phillies. Had the World Champs played like it, they could have a seven-game lead by now.

Livan Hernandez (5-3, 4.04 ERA), who has lost his last two outings, will start for the Mets. Hernandez has gone at least seven innings in six of his last eight starts, and he needs to do more of the same because the bullpen is now a shaky issue. Hernandez is 10-8 with a 3.36 ERA in 24 career starts against the Phillies.

Rodrigo Lopez (0-0, 0.00 ERA) starts for the Phillies. He is making his first Major League appearance since 2007 when he was with the Rockies.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Daniel Murphy, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, RF
Ryan Church, CF
Fernando Tatis, 2B
Nick Evans, LF
Brian Schneider, C
Livan Hernandez, RP

54 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #79; Phillies – nuf said.

  1. 1 They couldn’t. That’s why they’re the defending World Champs and we’re not.

  2. I’m trying to have a late dinner, and Livan is giving me indigestion.

    Plus the Mets are wearing those stupid red caps. Be glad you’re watching on the radio, Annie!

  3. He finally gets an out! Maybe they won’t have to bring in the bullpen in the first inning…

  4. What was that you were saying, Jeff, about not having to get the bullpen going?

  5. Jeff (3) I’ve already seen one game today with those hats -I watched some of the Yankee game. They are ridiculous.

  6. This will really be a disgrace if the Mets allow a castoff like Rodrigo Lopez, who hasn’t pitched in the Major Leagues in two years, to shut them down tonight.

  7. I could see that ball was trapped immediately! Why didn’t Jerry go out and argue??

  8. Is it just me, or does Nick Evans look like he ciuld be Kevin Burkhardt’s little brother?

  9. Anyone know the name of the ‘singer’ who sang the Anthem tonight?

  10. 7. The only disgrace is you. you are not only the worst American yoyu are an obnoxious and ignorant fan.
    10. Its just you. Everybody else doesn’t have to make ignorant and insulting remarks about wverybody on his so called team.

    Tomorrow July4 must be thwe worst day of they ear for people like you. Everybody in red white and blue, patriotice songs and festivities. Do you spend the day hiding under your blanket with your Chavez bobblehead doll.

  11. Annie I was at the Met buc game yesterday. Horrible weather, cold wet, game went on for hours. But you know what. Everyone rooting for both teams was having a good time watching baseball and a bunch of guys doing bad and good but all obciously busting their butts trying to win,. And there weren’t any a holes like Gil, who can’t do anything but bitch about anything and everything in the world. Glad you weren’t there Gil. You wouldn;t have been appreciated.

  12. Well, I’ve enjoyed watching the Phillies take batting practice. What time does the game start?

  13. Wow. The hits just keep on coming…I’m afraid we’re in for a looooong weekend. Fortunately, tonight anyway, the marlins are also getting beaten.

  14. How in the world is Jimmy Rollins hitting just .213 this season against the rest of the league, but tearing us apart?

  15. Well, yesterday we came back from 5-0 in an intermittent monsoon. Surely, we can recover from this.

  16. Harry (19): You don’t like Gil, we all get that. But, why the venom tonight? He hasn’t said anything to get you going. C’mon.-JD

  17. Where’s Ken Takahashi when you need a garbage time reliever? With the bullpent spent from yesterdday, Livan’s gotta take his lumps.

  18. Hmmmm…stealing when you’re up by seven? Bush league, or the Phillies not taking anything for granted, playing in a bandbox?

  19. 25 Well, in a minute or so, it won’t matter, as they’re about to put this one even further out of reach…

  20. Y’know, Pat Misch has been very impressive in his time with the Mets. Props to him for getting out of that situation. He’s been better than any other lefty not named Feliciano coming out the pen.

  21. 27. Once again the worst Met fan in the world got it oh so wrong. Well, you bat 1.000 in being wrong. Wrong about Mets, wrong about your country, wrong about the wrold.

  22. At least the game is moving along. You can see the end in sight. Then again, we knew it was the end for tonight several innings ago.-JD

  23. 34. So do you agree with the great anti American Gil that the singing of God Bless America at a ball park is an act of Fascism?

  24. ANOTHER fan reaches onto the field and touches a ball in play! What is WITH these fans? The same thing happened in Milwaukee. Doesn’t anybody know the rules?

  25. The only good thing that might come out of this game is that Pat Misch may become the second lefty in the bullpen the Mets have been looking for all season.

    This is important if the Mets stay in the race.
    Also if they become sellers they could trade Feliciano.

  26. 44 Scott: Glad someone else is thinking longterm about the Mets and not throwing caution to the wind to try and win at all costs this year. It’s hard to swallow pride and sell to other clubs, but it might have to be that way this year.

  27. Another development this weekend that could push the Mets further behind both the Phillies and Marlins: The Braves are playing a weekend series against the Nationals — they’re alreasy winning Game 1.

  28. Howie has put this game “in the books”, but I doubt anyone wants to revisit it. Too much yesterday, I guess.

    See you tomorrow at 4 – the Fox game.

  29. Another ugly loss.
    Another game that was over after the first inning.
    Losing to yet another second-tier pitcher, one who hadn’t so much appeared in a Major League game in two years.
    Well…at least we only made one error tonight.

  30. was at the game… ew hopefully nieve has it tomorrw. lineup looks tired and beat up..find a way to get it to the break fellas

  31. 49. Hey Gil… i thought you knew your stuff. You keep making ignorant comments about Lopez. Of course you are too arrogant to do any homework and find out he had TJ surgery and was just coming back this year. Did you make the same stupid comments when Nieve pitched good. IOf course not. Keep up the bad work, have a lousy 4th since you hate your country and your fellow citizens so much.

  32. 39. Delcos: There are somethings that cannot be let go. A guy comparing honoring fallen countrymen by singing a song between innings to a country that killed millions upon millions of innocent people is not something that should be let go.
    Did he even apologize for his words? I know they’d be meaningless because he should have apologized that not in LA but he believes it but if he did that it would be dropped. I’ll look for it this weekend. right!