METS CHAT ROOM: Game #77; avoiding the sweep.

Going into Philly – with a layover in Pittsburgh – on the heels of consecutive sweeps



is a very real possibility after being thumped by the Yankees and losing the first two games at Milwaukee.

Enter Mike Pelfrey, stopper.

Pelfrey (5–3, 4.67 ERA) will start for the Mets. For the most part, Pelfrey has kept the ball in the park, giving up 25 in 60 starts since 2006, the fewest in the major leagues in the span.

When Pelfrey is on his game, he’s getting ahead in the count. Opponents are batting .201 against him when he gets ahead 0-and-1. When he doesn’t get that strike, hitters are batting .361.

Yesterday, manager Jerry Manuel said he’d rest David Wright and Gary Sheffield, but today changed his mind.

Here’s today’s line-up against Yovani Gallardo and the Brewers:

Alex Cora, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Church, RF
Nick Evans, LF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Fernando Martinez, CF
Brian Schneider, C
Mike Pelfrey, RP

184 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #77; avoiding the sweep.

  1. I have a relative I visit often in the Upper Midwest and for years, I’ve toyed with the idea of heading to Milwaukee to see the Mets play.
    Right now, I wouldn’t travel across the street to see the Mets play — especially not if I had to pay for it.
    At this point, the Mets barely deserve to be called a professional baseball team, let alone a Major League one. Bob Raissman had it right the other day in his Daily News column, when he wrote that the Mets have become unwatchable — except on the days when Johan Santana pitches. And even then, who wants to tune in to watch him walk opposing pitchers and give up tape measure home runs?
    The rest of this season has 2002 and 2004 written all over it — has beens, castoffs and never-will-bes filling in for injured, legitimate Major Leaguers.
    It is a tired act that has been foisted upon Mets fans for too many other seasons by imcompetent owners and general managers.
    Why should any of us devote three hours a day to see if Daniel Murphy will ever become competent at fielding in any position; Tim Redding can ever put together three good starts in a row; Luis Castillo ever hit a baseball with any authority; Bobby Parnell ever pitch a clean inning; Ryan Church ever hit another home run; Fernando Martinez catch a baseball without doing a face plant; or David Wright go a couple of games without striking out?
    Sorry, but Wright, Santana, Omir Santos and Francisco Rodriguez are not enough reasons to keep watching this sorry bunch day in and day out.

  2. I have to run out to see the eye doctor for my triannual examination. I am going to get Omar Minaya glasses. The ones where you see a consistently good Oliver Perez, a Daniel Murphy is Don Mattingly pre back injury
    (maybe the Mattingly talk this spring was for the 1990s version), a J J Pootz that blows hitters away one-two-three, a team that consistently hustles, solid fundamental play with clutch base hits. A Jerry Manuel who makes sound decisions like not batting Argenis Reyes in the lead off spot. The Johann Santana we saw in May and April. A Fred Mart who can hit and catch the ball as he was advertised. Fix me up with a pair of specs like that, Doc! See you in a couple of hours.

  3. Gil, Dan – Excellent opening paragraphs from both of you – let’s hope the Mets can live up to your expectations, and not just continue the recent past history of this team. It’s time for a change in attitude and action..

  4. Gil Go to IRAN instead. Its your type of place. total intolerance. And just like you, their gov’t hates America too.

  5. Let’s see what brand new way the Mets give up a game today.

  6. Gil: If the team didn’t have the amount of injuries they have had you’d never write what you just wrote because the Mets would have been in first place.

  7. 1. Gil thinks that every kid coming out of the miors is ready to hit 350 and 40 HRS and every sub is going to be perfect. Intolerant loser. GOD BLESS AMERICA and every Met backup who does something GIL can’t comprehend. THEY TRY THEIR BEST. IT AUINT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU GIL go root for someone else. SCREW YOU AND ALL YOUR ANTI AMERICA BUDDIES.

  8. And by the way, the lineup they have in there today should be their lineup until the rest of the injuried parties return. Use Evans or Reed in LF to give Sheffield a day off.

  9. 3 Thank you, Annie.
    The change in attitude and action must start at the top. Unfortunately, we can’t fire the owners or force them to sell the club.
    But Omar Minaya must go.
    He did not adequately assemble a roster that could withstand injuries to key players.
    *Top first base prospect Mike Carp went in a deal to Seattle for two relievers that the Mets staff didn’t do its due diligence on — one is damaged goods and the other is habitually ineffective.
    *Oliver Perez should not have been re-signed.
    *Luis Castillo never merited the contractual length (four years) Minaya awarded him, which has sandbagged any efforts the Mets could make to upgrade at that position.
    *No quality pitcher was acquired who could replace or be an insurance policy for John Maine, only months removed from shoulder surgery. I defy anyone to name one starting pithcer who ever was effective the season after coming off any surgical procedure to his pitching arm.
    *Minaya failed to acquire a legitimate left-fielder in the off-season, instead anointing Daniel Murphy to the position, based on a solid, seven-week stint and hoping that his platoon partner, Fernando Tatis would repeat his performance of last year.
    *Minaya gambled that Ryan Church, less than a year removed from head trauma, would repeat his first-half of 2008 and didn’t acquire another outfielder who could challenge him for that position.
    *Minaya has never acquired insurance policy layers that could adequately fill in at the leadoff position or at third base.
    *Minaya has made most of his player moves based on optimism, not realism and has failed to create a deep active roster or adequately stock the farm system with more than a handful of prospects.
    Next, the entire medical staff needs to be fired, starting with head trainer, Ray Ramirez and strength trainer Mike Herbst. No team should be suffering this many injuries and for years, no team has been more confused with diagnoses and rehabilitation programs.
    Jerry Manuel must also go, if Minaya goes. Time for a new GM to hire a new manager, director of scouting, director of advance scouting, special assistants, etc.
    The following players must also go: Luis Castillo, Brian Schneider, Jeremy Reed, J.J. Putz, Oliver Perez (though Minaya has made it impossible to get rid of him), Fernando Tatis, Ryan Church, Sean Green, Tim Redding and Brian Stokes.
    Keep the core of Jose Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana and Francisco Rodriguez.
    The answer is beyond rebuilding.
    It’s complete restructuring, with an emphasis on building a team that will be competitive in the long-term, for many years, not built to win now.
    As for Citi Field, the ridiculously large dimensions need to be made reasonable and a new team must be built to be competitive in them.

  10. Steve the Original: Guess where the Mets finished the last two seasons without all the injuries?
    In second place and out of the playoffs.
    Omar Minaya and his staff had a golden opportunity to build on the success of 2006 and they’ve blown it. Each year after has been a step backward because of their inability to judge talent, build the team’s strengths and sufficiently address its weaknesses.

  11. (10) Gil: What does that have to do with anything? The fact is that if they had all the players who were injured back playing and healthy, they wouldn’t be in this mess. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Minaya has totally screwed things up and I think Manuel is an awful manager. Given that, this team before the season began was still capable of winning the division.

  12. The more I think of it, maybe blowing up this team is a good idea. There are no signs of them snapping out of it. … They have played well in the past in Philly, but they aren’t heading there in a good way, either physically or mentally.-JD

  13. 11 Steve, for the last two seasons everyone has thought the Mets were capable of winning the division.
    Has that happened? No.
    Have the Mets even won the wild card in the last two seasons? No.
    And assuming that if everyone were healthy that the Mets would be leading the division is a pretty big assumption.
    The last game the Mets played, with a full-strength lineup, was May 10 and at the end of play that day the Mets were in first place with a whopping one-game lead over the Marlins and a one-and-a-half game lead over the Phillies.

  14. 13 Amen. Blowing up the team is the right thing to do. Jerry Manuel’s silly edict about all the players riding together on the team bus isn’t what will get them to win.
    It’s a high school move, perfect for disciplining a high school team. Riding the bus together won’t get this team to correctly run the bases, hit cutoff men, not walk opposing pitchers, skillfully field their positions or correctly judge and catch infield popups or outfield flies.

  15. How could anybody realistically expect a back-to-back second-place finisher that didn’t upgrade its pitching staff expect to win? I can’t believe SI picked them in the Series.-JD

  16. Did you read the proposal that a boston newspaper had for Reyes?

    It was: Clay Buchholz, Jed Lowrie, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Michael Bowden, a pitching prospect.

    WOW, I would certainly do that.

  17. 18 j_k: was that an actual proposal the Red Sox made, or was it a Boston newspaper writer’s?

  18. (17) JD: Oh really? You mean getting K-Rod and Putz didn’t upgrade the staff? Stop acting like a fan and more like a journalist. Blowing up the team? Sheesh. How do you propose they do that? By trading their disabled list players?

  19. (19) Gil: I’d have to consider it. But I think the Red Sox would be crazy to do it.

  20. 20 Steve: The Mets got the medical report
    on Putz but chose to ignore the red flags. There were other available quality setup men the Mets could’ve tried to trade for without that baggage: Chad Qualls, Matt Capps, Joakim Soria and George Sherrill.
    And if John meant the Mets did nothing to upgrade the staring rotation, he’s right…unless you consider Tim Redding and Oliver Perez upgrades.

  21. 21 You’re right, Steve. The Red Sox would be nuts to do that deal. Look at it this way: The Red Sox already won a ring in ’07 with Ellsbury, Buchholz and Lowrie and without Reyes. So why would they ever give up that much to get him?
    I love Reyes and hope he stays a Met for life, but the Mets may eventually be forced to trade him for a group of other players if they must rebuild. I hope there’s some way to keep Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Johan and K-Rod while rebuilding.
    Speaking of rebuilding: Who the hell’s gonna play first base for the Mets next year? If Minaya hadn’t dealt Carp away, we’d have a chance to see if he might be a longterm solution. Neither Murphy nor Evans is the answer.

  22. (22) Gil: I’m not going to back on what I said about Ollie last year. I wanted to resign him. And since he has pitched injured at the beginning of the year, and is still not back, you can’t judge if he’s going to be a bad signing or not. If Omar really did ignore the medical reports, than shame on him…but none of the guys you mentioned have even been traded so far, so you have no clue if they were available. And I was on board with the Redding deal for #5 starter and obviously the signing of Livan has been a life saver for the team. I blame Omar specifically for trying to sell us another year of Daniel Murphy( who I always described as Ty Wigginton with a little better eye,) and counting on Tatis to redo his lightening in a bottle year from last year. That hurt more.

  23. Adding: Putz is who I was referring to with the medical reports.

  24. Gil: I’m not going to cry about Mike Carp. For all we know he’ll have the same success ratio as Murphy or Evans. There was no telling if he would have been the answer this year. I guess if Omar is here next year, he’ll take a look at what free agents are available to fill the hole.

  25. Gil and Steve,
    It’s nice that you are so concerned about the Mets team and throwing around all these names etc. and what you would do if you were in charge.

    In the meantime these teams are tied O-O in the middle of a real ball game.

    Doesn’t that matter??

  26. 25 I agree with you Steve on the Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis moves for this year. But I would’ve much preferred Derek Lowe (and maybe even Randy Wolf) over Oliver Perez.
    Anyone who can read a pitcher’s career statistical history (let alone watching him actually pitch) could’ve seen signing Tim Redding was a bad move.
    As for Putz, why didn’t Omar and his staff ever stop to ask themselves why the Mariners were asking for so little Major League talent to get him and Sean Green?
    And as far as other relievers’ availability, ANY and EVERY player is available for the right price.
    As far as judging Minor League talent, the Mets staff doesn’t pass muster.
    Lastings Milledge is a prime example.
    I mean three years after his Mets much-hyped debut he’s been demoted three times and now that he’s a Pirate, playing for his third organization?

  27. (24) JD: You want to make the argument that they should have signed Derek Lowe? Would you have been the first one on line saying that you should never guarantee a 4 year deal to a 36 year old pitcher? I’m sure there would have been alot of people who would have. And by the way, Lowe’s stellar 4.44 ERA and 1.40 WHIP don’t exactly make him a difference maker. What Omar should have done was shoot for the stars and go after C.C..but you know Omar and the Wilpons..they got their one top starter last year in Santana, so why bother to try to sign the best starter this year.

  28. hello all…pelf seeems to be losing the strike zone right now..not good..NEVERMIND..nice dp..come on anemic O

  29. 31- bc spending a combined 300 mil on w players is not a smart business plan in terms of making profit or in winning ballgames bc it would hurt the already HORRID depth omar has put together

  30. Gil: Putz is making alot of money and they got what I think for them was their centerfielder of the future in Franklin Guitierez.

  31. (34) If you want to believe that, then I guess I have a bridge to sell you.

  32. good return argument, just completely dismiss antoher POV.. well done

    spending 300 mil on two players is not something anyone other than yankees has done…and by the wya they havent won anything since going to that business model

    maybe you should sell urself the bridge

  33. (39) Jim, the Mets can afford it without crippling their other resources. Look at it as a year by year basis contract. You mean that if the Mets decided to sign CC for 20 mil per year and didn’t sign Perez, that the extra 8 mil per year would kill their ability to make other moves? And you do realize that CC can opt out after 3 years, right?

  34. i would just like one example where a team spending that amount of money on 2 players has ever won a WS or even a pennant..i know what u are saying and obviously having CC on this team would sure as hell be a big improvement but my main issue is lack of depth…omar fixes last yrs problems every yr and doesnt look with any forethought…fix the bp then forgets the depth, etc…i agree that cc would have been a HUGE signing for us but i was crying for another OF bat all offseason for depth and someone like adam dunn could have been a big pickup and helped this atrocious offense right now

  35. murphy with 2Ks? ugh…he is supposed to be OBP man and good Abs..come on murph

  36. pulling the lineup around, trying to get tatis hot..etc has really hurt murphy

  37. 28 Annie: Unless we all put on our fanciest pair of rose colored glasses, this season will soon prove to be yet another failed attempt to qualify for post-season play.
    The real issue at hand is the future of this ballclub.
    And as for what I would do if I were in charge of the Mets?
    Here’s a list:
    1. Fire Omar Minaya, his assistants and his scouting staff.
    2. Fire Jerry Manuel and his coaching staff.
    3. Fire the entire medical staff.
    3. Make an offer to former Braves’ GM John Schuerholz he couldn’t refuse and appoint him to the position of President of Baseball Operations.
    3. Grant President Schuerholz the authority and resources to conduct an extensive search to hire the general manager an scouting staff of his choice and also charge Schuerholz with the responsibility of directing the recruitment effort in hiring a new sports medicine staff.
    4. The general manager would hire the new manager and the manager would hire a new coaching staff.
    5. Inform MLB of the decision to lower the fences at Citi Field to nine feet from the current 15 and install the following dimensions: 325 feet down the left and right field lines, 365 feet in the power alleys and 400 feet to dead center field.
    6. Release Luis Castillo and eat the remainder of his contract.
    7. Release Tim Redding and Fernando Tatis.
    8. On medical grounds, seek to void Oliver Perez’s contract.
    9. On medical grounds, file a grievance against the Seattle Mariners for compensation in their trade of J.J. Putz to the Mets.
    10. Trade J.J. Putz, Ryan Church, Brian Schneider, Sean Green, Fernando Nieve, Daniel Murphy, Fernando Martinez, Brian Stokes, Elmer Dessens, Argenis Reyes, Nick Evans and Jeremy Reed to other clubs for young, athletic and fundamentally schooled players.

  38. (44) Jim: Yes, you hit Omar’s problem dead on. He had a problem with the rotation in 2007 so he signed a #1 guy and did nothing else. He needed bullpen help this year, signed K-Rod and traded for Putz but did nothing to help the offense. That is my biggest beef with Omar.

  39. agreed SteveO- he is one problem behind…good on big acquisitons (usually), good on scrap heap pick ups, struggles with depth i think

  40. 36 If Franklin Gutierrez is the Mariners’ future CF, then the Mariners must see a pretty pedestrian future: 7 HR, 28 RBI, a .274 avg and five steals.

  41. (49) Gil: Rather outlandish. But let’s just say I agree with 1, 2, 3, and 6. Regarding Putz, I believe the Mets have an option at the end of the year so he can become a free agent. I’m not entirely sure though.

  42. ahh! there’;s a game. iok ok..
    yay we are winning 1-0

  43. jim: You’re right. Omar is awful on depth. Think back to the end of ’06: Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford were highly successful out of the bullpen. So what does Omar do? Let both Oliver and Bradford walk and sign Scott Schoeneweis to a ridiculously long and lucrative deal.
    Omar banked on aging, oft-injured players like Jose Valentin and Moises Alou to occupy two key positions and last the entire year.
    He held on to over-hyped prospect lastings Milledge for too long. When the ’07 bullpen was showing signs of wear, tear and marginal talent as early as June of ’07 he did…nothing.

  44. (52)Gil: He was a big piece of the puzzle when they made the trade. Whether he pans out or not is a crapshoot as we have seen close up with the Mets.

  45. dead on gil…the offense is embarassing right now..if a bat was added to start in LF to start the yr (or ODawg at 2nd), then murphy could have been made a super sub. playing some OF, 3B, 1B, 2B??…then tatis is sub as well. depth has been a real problem..the fact the Mets catchers lead all MLB teams in RBIs is shcoking and should be a huge bonuns, but the other positons havent gotten it done

  46. 53 What’s outlandish about hiring someone like John Schuerholz who rebuilt the Braves from a laughingstock into baseball’s winningest team for 15 seasons?
    Frank Cashen accomplished that with the Mets after he was hired by the new ownership following the ’79 season.
    What’s outlandish about replacing the existing medical staff?
    Other teams do it all the time.
    What’s outlandish about having a fire sale to try and restock the farm system with prospects? The Mets did that as recently as ’03.

  47. come on pelf..mets need this one, give us this 7th mike..leadoff man on..find a dp ball

  48. hey we used to have really good hitting catchers. what is so surprising..

  49. Hi all, I came in late but have been watching since the 6th — and reading all these posts. A couple of questions:

    (1) Did that idiot fan who climbed over the tarp and took a ball out of play get tossed from the park?

    (2) There were two stats noted separately on the telecast: the Mets have the fewest strikeouts of any team in the majors — and David Wright is 4th in the league in strikeouts. That is pathetic; what percentage of the Mets’ total strikeouts does it mean Wright has?

    (3) Steve the Original says that injuries are to blame for the mess the Mets are in. But I remember us pointing out all kinds of problems before the injuries started — especially an inability to drive in RISP. As I recall, Wright was in a horrible slump to start the season, and we were wondering what was wrong with him. Then Wright started to hit, and now has the best average in the league — yet he has no power, continues to strike out, and never seems to do anything in key spots. It is an empty average.

  50. ok let me guess 2 men on base 7th inning. manuel will now take the ball from pelf.

  51. 59 jim: Funny, the Mets were actually offered Juan Pierre straight up for Luis Castillo in the off-season.
    Sure would’ve been nice to have Pierre and his .324 average and 21 steals leading off, now that Jose Reyes is out action.
    And then, maybe management could’ve approached a few of the higher-priced stars and asked them if they could’ve deferred some of their money so we could’ve signed O-Dawg to play second.
    Signing Randy Wolf instead of Erratic Oliver and Terrible Tim Redding could’ve saved enough loot to have signed a quality, legitimate outfielder or traded Murphy, Nick Evans and Jon Niese for one.

  52. Pelf did NOT lost it today. Nice job — 7 shutout innings.

    Hate to say it, but the question now is: who’s going to blow it for him?

  53. JD – I love this blog, you’re the man, and this is the best discussion of any message board.

    However, why does it feel like so many are so down on the Mets? Did you see the stat they had up on the telecast? We were two under .500 last year July 1, when we had no serious injuries. All things considered, given all of the astonishing misplays and losses that we had, things aren’t so bad. The year is hardly over on the first day of July. I felt really down on them last night, and I was particularly disgusted with Santana (for his behavior, not his performance), but man, it’s not so bad.

  54. -med staff can def be changed
    -dont need to firesale…wright is here for good i hope, beltran i believe is safe, delgado probably gone..the only ? is they believe he is the answer to future success, could you get a big pakcage of upper level prospects/young major leaguers that could help right now for him..i love jose but his future here is a ? and the mets need to decide what they think he is and will become

    a big bat is a must to replace delgado, proably in LF, 1B (if murphy continues to struggle, which manuel has added to his struggles)

  55. jk- i agree. problem is with all these injuries and with none of them scheduled to come back in the near future its hard to see this lineup (struggling again today) producing everyday and giving this team a chance to hang in the race, buti agree…ya gotta believe

  56. if we can rid castillo after this yr…u gotta get hudson..have to

    supposdly wants to be here and is great in clubhouse, can field, hit, good pakcage

    mets need to tack on..NEED to

  57. John – I’m glad someone – you – is paying attention to the game, the pitcher etc. Those of us who have no TV access want to know about today’s game, not yesterday’s poor managerial moves about which fans can do nothing. What we can do is cheer for and encourage the team.
    Jeff – thanks to you too, for the pertinent posts.

  58. good pt Annie..pelf has looked good, rattled at times but finds his way out of it..catillo another good AB but to no avail…maybe wright can give a slight cushion and find hr #6? tooooo many SO’s from him especially with the low power #s

  59. j_k (76): Did the Mets make the playoffs last year? So what does the fact they were two under .500 last July 1 prove? The only reason “things aren’t so bad” despite all the “astonishing misplays and losses” is because the rest of the NL East has proven to be mediocre. I would love to think that the Mets can manage to hang around all year and climb over the rest of the division at the end the way they did in ’73, but I don’t see a Seaver, Koosman and Matlack on this club, or a Tug McGraw. So I gotta believe it ain’t gonna happen.

  60. 76 j_k: The reason why some of us on this chat board — to say nothing of the countless others out there — are down on the Mets right now is this: Since the magical year of 2006, we’ve seen the team choke away two consecutive division titles and fail to even qualify for a wild card spot; have a general manager who hasn’t assembled a deep enough roster to compete when injuries hit; and now we have one of the most fundamentally unsound squads in the game.
    Want more?
    How about a ridiculously big new ballpark –which few of us can even afford to go with any regularity and we’re being asked to pay these big prices for a substandard product?
    This is not 1973, when the Mets had a ton of injuries and won a weak division with horses like Seaver, Koosman and Matlack in the starting rotation.
    This is 2009 when the Mets are playing defense and running the bases like it’s 1962.

  61. (88) Annie’s listening to Howie and Wayne paint the word picture.

    And Gary asked Keith what happened to that stupid fan, to which Keith replied he thought she’d been “86’d” from the game.

  62. Seriously though, why bother paying attention or watching the games if it is such a source of pain? It’s worth seeing some positives, keeping hope, and trying to enjoy the game.

  63. Pelf seems to be getting stronger as the game goes on. If he can get another out here — do you leave him in for a complete game, or bring in K-Rod for the 9th?

  64. j.k beause being a mets fan. means you watch teh good and the really really bad.

  65. jim- yeah he comes from this new fangled time of pitchers cant picth 9 innings and 200+ picthes..

  66. i dont think we will have to worry about pelf coming out for the ninth..i just wanna see him get thru 8

  67. 95 j_k: I — and a daresay many others — have been asking ourselves that same question ever since we’ve been Mets fans. :)

  68. Pelf is better when he’s a little more gassed anyway, his pitch sinks better. Listen to Darling, who threw a splitty, not a sinker, but needed the same dip on his pitches. He said he tried to gas himself the day before his starts so he didn’t have any more arm strength.

  69. come on mike, throw strikes…if he gets on..why cant krod get ONE 4out save UGH

  70. (95) I wouldn’t say it’s a source of “pain” — but it is a source of frustration. I always enjoy it when things go well in spite of everything, and I still hope that’s what will happen.

  71. great job by pelfrey, great outting, i think this is where u bring the big gun…instead here comes green

  72. i’m confident. the bulpen will blow it. 😉
    but i really hope i am proved wrong.

  73. Once again, the Mets make you sweat. This is why we watch, j_k — the adrenaline rush!

  74. Man – I AM NERVOUS. But no matter what happens, Pelf took a big step forward against a really tough team today.

  75. manuel shows no confidence in any of the pitchers or players. Pelf earned 9 innings..
    i say it, ronnioe and keith probably say it..

    but no one can get the complete game.

  76. The SNY text poll was 53% leave Pelfry in, 47% take him out. But they asked the wrong question! They should have asked: Would you bring in Green, or K-Rod?

    It’s moot now; Green actually got the job done. Guess Jerry deserves kudos for making the right decision!

  77. 129: Exactly. Wonder if the Brewers will have Trevor Hoffman pinch-hit in the bottom of the 9th so Frankie can walk him?

  78. gotta have faith, come on frankie, have that control today
    he knows how big it is

  79. thats the problem. Benitez suffered teh same issue the bigge he knew it was.. the harder he choked :-(

  80. 22 walks in 36 innings but a 1.32 era? Alright, K Rod has been cooking most of the time. Seems like a weird walk ratio though

  81. u have to love these defenseive moves of Manuel. Feels like football. ok time for the special teams to come out.

  82. 105. Don’t speak for other you traitor and America Hater GIL. YOU ARE A MORON and a ruthless person, so don’t speak for any other MET fan. The rest of us have one thing in common WE, UNLIKEYOU GIL don’t hate America and we don’t call our fellow countryoimen Fascists for singing a song. Since you didn’t go to your favorite land IRAN, try Venezuela. Just get away you speak for nobody.

  83. my first game at Citi, guys were selling shirts outsdie that said


    come on frankie, one more

  84. Thanks Howie for putting this one “in the book” in a special section for gutsy pitching – this time by Mike Pelfrey.

    You gotta believe, for sure.

    Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon.

    See you then…

  85. YES!….big game for pelf, well done sean, and KROD

    YES SIR, needed that one!

    put it in the books for us annie! (and howie!)


    I literally jumped out of my chair and screamed for like, a whole minute.

  87. i love this team and always will
    win, lose, frustration, joy… i love the mets. have a good night all…lets win tomorrow fellas

  88. Great outing by Pelfrey, to be sure.
    Good that the Mets won.
    But sorry to interrupt with reality here, but the Mets remain a game under .500 and scored just one run.
    We’ll see if this is indeed a “turnaround” game the most hopeful of us are hoping it is. Recent Mets history has taught me to be skeptical.

  89. Dude, are you serious? What’s your deal?

    Pelf freaking owned them, a totally dangerous hitting team, and they looked feeble. Also, we executed, we knocked in the run and, oh yeah, we won. We also beat one of the five best pitchers in the NL.

    Most importantly though, we won. All is well for today.

  90. hey J-K are you a new Mets fan?

    when doesnt a met fan jump out of his seat to yell and scream? 😉
    oh yeah when it falls on teh fall saying ugh. *L*

  91. 171 j_k: I’m quite serious.
    Yes we executed, knocked in a run, beat a tough pitcher and we won. We do that enough times over the course of a season and we finish with an above .500 record.
    The win puts us one UNDER .500.
    Also, we lost two of three in the series.
    A .500 winning percentage is the eptiome of medicority.
    Mediocrity is nothing to celebrate.
    Execution is routine for good ballclubs.
    The Mets, right now, are not a good ballclub, they are a below average club.
    And many times this year, the Mets have teased us and shown flashes of being a good ballclub. It may not seem like it to you, but of course I hope they’ll put it all together. But reality and recent history suggest otherwise.

  92. Only one thing I have to add before tomorrow’s game: When I heard that the Pirates had traded for Milledge, the first thing that popped into my head was, “oh, great — just in time for him to stick it to the Mets in that one game.” I hope that was just a crazy thought.

  93. with all the injuries and struggles to be only 2.5 back right now in the East is astounding…maybe we can get hot…maybe when guys start to come back we put it together….

  94. wow

    nice to get home and find pelf pitched a good game and went into a game like he should rather than the 4 or 5 he has for the past month.

    I agree with the poster on the top. This should be the standard lineup.


    Take note. This is your lineup. Not the crap you have been filling out the past few weeks.

  95. I noticed another post about how large this stadium is.

    I caught a comment that ralph kiner made a week or so ago where someone asked him to comment on the stadium.

    his response was the new shea is big if you compare it to the band box that is philadelphia.

    this from the 6 all time home run hitter.

    we could always move the fences in 200 feet so our all star 3rd baseman can get a few home runs this year.

    he aint hitting them here and he aint hitting them away. cant blame the home field for that.

  96. (28) Annie: There isn’t a thing that can be done right now or should be done. You can’t trade players on the DL and with team being short of top prospects to trade, I wouldn’t trade Parnell, Niese, FMart, Flores, Meija for any rent a player. That’s the problem with the farm system, their stocked at the upper levels with marginal prospects like Evans and Murphy. They don’t have much minor league depth.