METS CHAT ROOM: Game #76; Santana to the rescue.



Johan Santana (9–5, 3.08 ERA) starts for the Mets. Santana, who threw seven shutout innings against Milwaukee in April, has a 4.79 ERA on the road this season. Santana, however, hasn’t pitched consistently well since the San Francisco game.

Mike Burns (0–1, 3.72 ERA) goes for the Brewers.

Another twist in tonight’s line-up has Fernando Tatis at second base.

The line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Fernando Tatis, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Ryan Church, RF
Nick Evans, 1B
Fernando Martinez, CF
Omir Santos, C
Johan Santana, LP

57 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #76; Santana to the rescue.

  1. Hi John, Dave – Who sent the thunderstorms up here again? Last week there was a tornado in Wethersfield only a few miles from here. What happened to June anyway? As I noted yesterday, the Brewers have a roof – smart.

  2. we were going to have a roof, but the taxpayers wouldnt go for it?

    isnt it a shame? wilpon wont spend his money but has no problem burning 100’s of millions with his buddy the 150 year man.

  3. y was looking up david’s numbers and he hits better 4/5 than 3. yet they dont put him 4. why is that?

  4. Glad that Santana has a two run lead – he always pitches better when he’s ahead. Let’s hope the rest of the Mets follow this pattern and keep on hitting.

  5. Too bad rmkmets isn’t here tonight. I noticed on the telecast that Miller Park has a plaque up for Bob Uecker, because he played for the Braves for a year or two. Isn’t that interesting? Using rmk’s logic, they should ignore him and leave it up to the Atlanta Braves to put up a plaque, because today’s Brewers fans don’t have any connection to the Braves.

  6. I’m here Jeff M and again you completely miss the point. Uecker has been a long time commentator for the Brewers since the 70s! His playing career has little to do with why they would have a plaque for him and his connection this team actually exists as opposed to Robinson and the Mets.

  7. And a plaque is a far cry from naming a big section of your ballpark after someone

  8. What is it with the pitchers on this team always crapping their pants against the opposing pitcher?? That’s 100% inexcusable and again shows a lack of focus. Another sign of a loser team and a bad manager.

  9. What a play by Martinez. This is the Mets jewl in there farm system. The guy is hitting a one something with no homeruns and looks like a joke in the field. It’s really brutal being a met fan.

  10. ok, this will be the last time you hear from me. That play sums up this horrible franchise. This franchise blows so bad it’s laughable.

  11. I’m struggling financially and the Mets are clearly struggling as well.. so I decided to cancel my baseball MLB package– for whatever reason tonight I uncanceled it just in time to watch FMARTs tumble and all that followed… tell me? am i bad luck?

  12. It really, really feels like the season is over. It sucks being a season ticket holder.

  13. I am so tired of the product that the Willons put on the field. Where’s Nelson Doubleday?

  14. That one went through… I guess my repeatedly saying “no” was not acceptable.

  15. I can’t believe this, sorry to repost. But Santana against this joker of a pitcher? With Gallardo going tomorrow and Jerry resting Wright and Sheff and basically giving the game away. This isn’t just our injuries, injuries are an excuse. It just feels like they believe they are going to lose and they are playing like it.

    But seriously, Santana getting so mad in the dugout? Maybe he shouldn’t have walked the pitcher, given up the double to Braun, or thrown the ball away from the plate. It’s not like he’s dominating them at all.

    Maybe this isn’t as silly as the Castillo drop loss, but if we lose this, it will be the biggest loss of the season.

  16. does it hurt because a majority of me still believes? why the hell do i like this team???

  17. j_k: Jerry is driving me nuts. But everyone is driving me nuts. I am okay with folks getting angry, I think they all should be angry. We’re embarrassing ourselves…we may as well start a brawl with the opposing team- or within the clubhouse for all i care.

  18. I really don’t know why I like this team either, I guess it’s just part of being a fan. But UGH, it’s really hard to like this particular version of the Mets. I particularly find it hard to like Jerry Manuel and his laughy “yeah this team sucks” attitude. You think that doesn’t rub off on his players?

  19. J_K – to be fair to jerry… everytime i talk about this team I laugh too. It’s a sad laugh but a laugh no less.

  20. Jerry should really be fired. We can all laugh, but we’re not the manager. If I openly laughed at my class if they didn’t learn anything all year and said “they’re stupid, nothing I can do,” I’d be fired.

  21. What is insane is that it’s often the same guys — Wright, Santana — who we know are capable of being great — making a brilliant play one inning and then making an incredibly bonehead mistake (or vice versa). The inconsistency is maddening.

  22. Jeff M. I totally agree. – JK i think the problem is the shuffling the lineup and not allowing our no-name lineup to get hot at all that bugs me the most. Without Santana and Wright though, we’d be the effing Nationals.

  23. abbey(28)

    yeah they should start a fight.

    they need to do something to get them going.

  24. i think john is wishing he blogged games for a different team. my roommate just asked me if i was a masochist when i mentioned i renewed my MLB.TV subscription.

  25. well, it is no fun watching and covering a bad team.

    how many interesting ways can you spell

    T H E Y S U C K

  26. part of me loves that johan has caught the PATHETIC bug too.. instead of feeling bad that he pitches for this team.

  27. Perhaps Johan is mentally tired.

    How long can you give your all. Play almost perfect and lose because your team lets you down?

    I have a feeling that as much as he wants to win he has lost his edge because the team does not support his excellence.

  28. Jeff M (33) – that ‘inconsistency’ is enough for me tonight. I need sleep more than I need this. As for Howie, tell him it’s just the same old story, over and over again and I’m sick of it.

  29. I have notice the past few weeks that the big hitters are kinda skinny now.

    they look like normal people. They aren’t hulk hogan anymore.

    I wonder why?

  30. I hate to believe Johan grooved that pitch to Fielder, but it sure had the look of a “screw it, I can’t take this anymore” moment.

  31. Dave- when I use my brain, i agree with you. Johan and David cannot be feeling good they’re both playing superb ball but still look pathetic out there in blue in orange. Don’t get me wrong. I love this team no matter who they put out there, no matter the result- but it’s hard to watch… what did Willie Randolph say? Champagne is sweeter… geez.

  32. 39. This incessant love affair with Johan who has to be given a pass for all his failings. He’s the highest paid guy on the team. He’s supposed to excel. When you are up by one and you walk the g-d pitcher on 4 pitches you suck worse than the AAAA players trying their best behind you. He doesn’t need excuses. He needs to show he’s a leader and a star, but then again, he isn’t. Proof… The Twinkies didn’t miss him one bit last year.

  33. Chiti, Johan has been great comparatively speaking. If we wanna bone to pick, its not his.

  34. 44

    Umm. because he comes to play. because last year he pitched a great game when the season was on the line with one leg.

    because at the beginning of the year he tried to put the team on his shoulders and will the team to play good ball.

    unfortunately as everyone here knows this team does not want to win.

  35. the good thing about this team is their division sucks.

    they suck and yet they are 3 games out. they need to keep plugging along and they may yet win the division like the phils have the last few years because we sucked.

    if the phils ever could put it together we would be bringing up all the young players we have to give them big league experience. they may get their heads knocked, but they would learn.

  36. Two out? No problem! The Mets can still score 4 runs here to tie!

    Excuse me, these nice men in white coats say it’s time for me to go.

  37. F-Mart has learned well! Another meaningless too little, too late 9th inning home run! David Wright must be proud.

  38. And the Mets’ 5th straight loss is in the books, while the Brewers prepare to go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon. Shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

  39. Nice to see Ron Darling come down hard on Santana on the post game show, pointing out that if he’s going to get mad, he should be mad at himself, not the 20-year-old kid in center field; it’s Santana who has walked opposing pitchers SIX TIMES this season, which as Darling says is “unacceptable.”

  40. 52. Thanks for the Darling report. So right on, and about time. This guy has talent no one ewill deny but its all about him him him just like the offense is all about Sheffield Sheffield Sheffield. In the first case its the player’sfault. He obviously is another Wagner, poison who pouts and sulks instead of showing he’s the great pitcher. They gave him 2 runs. If he’s truly the great one that should have been enough but he walsk the pitcher then has an excuse when a rook falls down. Does he toughen up and get of the inning with no or one run. Nope he walsk the enxt guy to face the two toughest young guys back to back in the nL. And then he makes an error out of being pissed. thank you Darling for finally blaming the great one. How many pitchers did Seaver walk?

    Sheffield. This ain’t his fault. Omar got him and his old and out of shape and worn out body and Manuel was forced to stick him in the lineup to make Omar look like a genius and the result was Murphy started playing scared for his job and Church started playing scared for his job and Tatis etc and the wholegroup of regular players turned to crap. But Omar can say, look he has 10 HRs… Meanwhile the Tigers dumped him and have returned to first place. Boy, they miss him don’t they. Hate to tell you this Omar and Santana but baseball is a team game not a game of 2 guys.

  41. dave… wow… Santana gets a pass from you because he pitched one freakin great game!!! Well bud, if he pitched one last night I guess he should have asked for an ew contract. He didn’t try to put the team on his back., He stabbed Murphy in the guts in Florida, ignoring the fact that right afterwards he couldn’t get out the # 8 guy in the lineup., Yeah, you give the guy a pass. He’s the freakin ace and the god of pitchers, why didn’t he have the guts to pitch to the pitcher. Squeezed apologists like you say say! Well, it was the pitcher throw it down the middle. Yeah, let him live on one game. It obviously wasn’t big enough anyway was it. did it get them in the playofs.

  42. One more thing dave. If Santana is such a great leader and a great pitcher, why when the team started having injuries did he decide to pitch like a minor leaguer? His ERA was 0.78 befreo the SF game. Its now well over 3. He’s pitching at least as bad as Redding at the time his team needs him the most to pitch like an ace.

  43. I am tired of the players on our team in it for the money. They need to retire. 40 years old is way too old.
    And to me a pitcher cannot be that kind of leader. I didnt like it when Franco was made captain. You need an everyday player.
    right now our only everyday player is David Wright who is battling his own demons.

    What I think we have here is a failure to communicate.
    The injuries are a farce. the managing is a farce, the GM is a farce.
    Where is teh reqard for good play and the penalties for bad playing we were told about?

    All i see is lefty/righty platooning that make little sense.

    If a player is hot and a vet leave him in..

    But hey what do i know, I am just a fan…