METS CHAT ROOM: Game #75; it’s not getting any easier.



After being swept by the Yankees the Mets are in Milwaukee tonight to begin a series against the Brewers. It won’t get any easier.

And, it is going to stay rough for a long time because Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado aren’t back any time soon, and Carlos Beltran could be out a little longer. They simply don’t have any chips to deal.

It’s up to the people here now, and they aren’t getting it done.

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  1. They have chips, it’s just a question of whether it makes sense to trade them when a.) the aforementioned players are due back this year and b.) the Phils aren’t exactly running away with the division.

    To use an analogy, the Mets have several suits at the cleaners; should they buy more in the interim or wait for the others to come back?

  2. Just for the record: Brewers LF Braun caught Wright’s drive one-handed. You know, contrary to the way he’s supposed to. Must be a lack of fundamentals…

  3. Annie, if you ever come on board tonight, note that I just discovered this game is being shown on ESPN (which seems kind of odd, because I thought games were blacked out in the local market, but I’m able to watch it on both SNY and ESPN).

  4. Hi Jeff (2) Surprise for me – ESPN is actually televising this game tonight for my cable station. re: Wright – I heard one of the announcers comment about his high batting average, but not mentioning his low HR production.

  5. Jeff (4) Thanks for mentioning ESPN – I note also that they have a real baseball player as an announcer – Orel Hershieser – who could be better than that?

  6. Jeff M (9) Of course Ron is better, but without SNY I only see him on PIX. However, I have read his book,”The Complete Game” and a friend has said he will give me his copy to keep. Have you read it? It’s great.

  7. edfever, that’s two uses of the word “brutal” in the last three posts… could be a record.

    But the point is, if work has been brutal… maybe this isn’t the best way for you to relax? Unless you’re a masochist like the rest of us.

  8. well the mets have been setting all kinds of brutal records so its fitting for the bloggers

  9. Murphy is killing this team – only reason he is still in the majors is because Omar is having a hard time eating crow after the snow job we got all winter

  10. Annie (12) Haven’t read it yet.

    Oh good, another ex-Met, Mike Cameron, being described as someone who can “still fly around the bases” and as “an absolute joy when he was in the Mets clubhouse.” Just what I like to hear.

  11. Thank goodness Looper struck out. If he had gotten a hit I would have had to throw a shoe.

  12. Mike Lamb was hitting .220 in AAA – he just finished an 11 games streak hitting .415 – time to call the vet up

  13. Orel is a bit tough on Jerry’s management – or lack of – for this team. Says their fundamentals are missing. And, I think Orel is right about that.

  14. looks like 1-2 one out second inning with schnieder up will be our scoring chance tonight

  15. Annie (22): That’s not anything he learned by watching the team, but by reading the papers. That’s what these national TV guys do.-JD

  16. Annie – i wonder how much is jerry poor mgt. compared to players trying to do to much and getting ahead of themselves mind – passes body – in addition to inexperienced players and players out of position – so of these guys have no business in the majors and not only are they key players but their out of position and the regulars who are left are pressing

  17. Anyone know who Dan Shulman is? He’s in the ESPN booth with Orel tonight.

  18. John (24) Yes, I know, but what I really want to do/see here is WFAN’s coverage and ESPN’s coverage at the same time – however TV operates with a delay that is very annoying when radio gives you the game in real time.

  19. hojo – should lose his job for dismantling Wright’s swing along – 4 HRs

  20. one more bat and were ok – problem is everytime we have a chance one of the holes is up – schneider in the 2nd – fmart in the 4th – they need a bat so bad it ridiculous

  21. I think opposing teams should open the inning by walking the bases full and going from there. Mets hopeless with bases loaded.-JD

  22. I don’t care what Wright’s average is…I’ll take his previous MO where he hit .300-310 but had more HR’s and, more importantly struck out much less. He flat is a crap hitter right now and his .340 average is the most hollow stat I’ve ever seen.

  23. JD (35): Further confirming the fact that this stupid stat about this team leading the league with avg in RISP is a hollow one. They are the most offensively incompetent team

  24. we’ve lost 10 games this month by 3 or less runs – thats one more bat and we win half those – this is on Omar for his failure to make a deal for the third year in a row – I’m tired of hearing there are no good delas out there while every other team bolsters themselves

  25. I hope these losers were paying attention. That’s what can happen when you actually run out of the box

  26. John (37) Without any honest remarks/dates ensuing from the Mets Brass, that could be some time in 2010.

  27. (37) they’ll be too far behind by then – this will be over – the time was to make a deal when the braves did when about 10 teams thought they were out of it – the slump the Phillies were in we’d be up by five and could coast when they got hot while we waited for injuries – now there back on track and we have nothing – mark my words I was right that Murphy in left was a mistake and waiting for injuries will be a mistake

  28. Edfever (41): The key thing he should be hammered for is the fact that he didn’t try to improve this offense in the offseason. They had all their “core” healthy and still couldn’t win anything. Take with that the fact that they are going into the most poorly designed playing field and it’s a bad combo. That’s been Omar’s MO since ’06. He tries to fix the previous season’s issue but fails to see the obvious underlying one that was there all along.

  29. Okay, that does it. Looper didn’t get the hit the first time up, but now he does, AND drives in a run. I like my TV too much to throw a shoe at it, but if I could afford to do it, I would.

  30. He’s going to make a double switch?!?!? What the hell???? What does he want this team to hit more groundballs?!?!???

  31. rmkmets (46) Every time the Mets are on the road, I check out the ball park – this one looks like Citi Field should look – it has a ROOF and no clever little alcoves to hide the ball in the outfield.

  32. Annie (52): I have no problems with how Citi Field is designed. It is the players playing in it that is the problem. Before it is over the power numbers will even out. Don’t forget, much of the Met power numbers are because of Delgado and Beltran being out, and Wright’s swing being hijacked.-JD

  33. (46) I agree Lowe, Hudson, Dunn, Ohman cost him 15-20MM more which is what five home games factoring everything in…those players and were fine despite the injuries.. but he’s enven worse in season – he never makes a trade – he’s living off his expos rep.

  34. He better be at least take KMart out and move Church to CF.

    I don’t understand why this idiot continues to be a classic example of a hypocrit. Tatis can’t hit his way out of a paperbag yet he keeps getting trotted out there.

    Maybe he wants more to laugh about with the media after the game. I can’t say enough how much I loathe this manager.

  35. It’s a good thing Looper was out. If he had scored, I would have had NO CHOICE but to throw the shoe.

  36. John (54) OK, I’m talking about a retractible roof for both Citi Field and the New Yankee Stadium. Remember that 5 hour rain delay at the stadium? and the delays at Citi Field all during the rainy month of June? It just makes sense.

    When do you really think Delgado will be back if ever?

  37. Jeff M (58) I hope you have an old Black/White TV for the shoe throwing.

  38. Will you look at that! A ball popping out of a glove that is NOT on a Mets player’s hand… and Mr. Clutch, Brian Schneider, does it again!

  39. Ok well if Evans can deliver here then I guess it was a good idea to take Castillo out

  40. The Mets actually taking advantage of a gift and Schneider actually getting a big hit are two things that make you wonder if the apocalypse is upon us.

  41. Two runs… that’s probably it for the night. It’s almost time for me to watch The Closer. No, not K-Rod; the one on TNT. But I’ll be checking in to see how many more runs the Mets give up to put it out of reach.

  42. Now that the Mets are back in the game the pen needs to lock it down.

  43. “Jeff M. June 29, 2009 8:56 pm

    Two runs… that’s probably it for the night. It’s almost time for me to watch The Closer. No, not K-Rod; the one on TNT. But I’ll be checking in to see how many more runs the Mets give up to put it out of reach.”

    Wow, that didn’t take long.

  44. (71) No, if I throw the shoe, I’ll miss the rest of The Closer. Enjoy the debacle.

  45. Why a grand slam – how about a two run single – why does it always have to be the worst case senerio

  46. Wow a choke job in a clutch spot. Now that is “Met-like.” At least Church and DRod continue the gagging tradition

  47. Seriously if there was something else to watch I would so be done with this team. This season is over.

    The only silver lining is the slight chance that the idiot owners will fire the GM and this manager.

  48. this is all on Omar – he’s going to get a passs because of the injury excuse – but this is more then injuries – major league team depth, upper levels of the farm and ability to make inseason adjustments

  49. without a trade the mets will be 10gms back by AS and 15 by the deadline – those returning players wont matter by then

  50. Of course it is more than injuries.
    Omar was not allowed to spend any more money in the off season but he just can’t admit that.

  51. Dunn has a two year deal – I’d give up Parnell for him in a minute- especially with Holt and Mejia behind him as prospects and Putz and Wagner coming back

  52. The problem with making a trade is you keep perpetuating the cycle of keeping your farm system weak.

    What if I told you Reyes and Beltran would not be back till August 1st.
    Would you still want to make a trade.

    Right now one bat will not make a difference.

  53. (89) then shouldnt have been up to Omar – to think out of the box by making trades to bolster the team

  54. this system isnt weak because of trades its because of the wilpons not going out of slot- thats why we have no one in AAA but tons of talent at 18 y/o in single A

  55. Ed
    Why would you trade Parnell.

    How would you feel if Parnell turned into a player of Heath Bell’s or Matt Lindstrom’s ability in 2 years.

    Also the Nationals want more than Parnell.

  56. Ed
    Not going out of slot is only part of the reason. When the Mets signed Wagner, Alou and K-Rod they gave up 1st round picks.
    Plus in 2005 they had no 2nd or 3rd pick for signing Pedro and Beltran.

    Free agency is great but it is a double edge sword.

  57. It might be time to admit the season is over.

    I know I keep saying this but in 86 the Cardinals admitted they were not catching the Mets.

    In 87 they were back in the World Series.

  58. (95) Scott they had to sign Type A free agents because of how poor the team was and the minor league system was even worse. had the Mets slected out of slot they would have replenished that depth

  59. (97) Yes, DW came through with his first RBI since Beltran went on the DL. And Sheffield came through with a 2-run HR. And Church got a hit. And yet it’s still 10-6, because if the Brewers didn’t have 10 runs they never would have gotten those pitches to hit.

  60. Every good trade hurts both sides – thats just the fact of doing business – you make trades to fill needs and as long as the player you recieve fills that need then you cant complain about the other guy thriving

  61. 1 out, 2 on, need 4 runs to tie, Trevor Hoffman coming in. Does anybody REALLY think they have a ghost of a chance?

  62. If the worse trade Omar has done as a met is Bell and Lindstrom – Im fine with that – My issue is with his inability to make moves – rather to have risked ans lost then not risked at all for me

  63. 99
    But that is the farm system Omar inherited.
    It was horrible.
    While they do not go out of slot the spend a lot of money in Latin America. The problem with that is when you sign 16 year olds it takes 5 years before you might even see any results.
    Look at F-Mart I believe he was signed in 2005
    He is still only 20 and he really does not belong in the majors.

  64. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’, but it’s just the same old story.

    Santana pitches tomorrow night at 8PM

    See you then.

  65. those latin players were 16 when they started signing them most are only around 18-20 still years away – Pelfrey is the only college ready guy they had in a while and now Ike Davis

  66. There it goes. Mets now in 3rd behind the Marlins. They’ll be looking a long way up by the All Star break.

  67. most teams top five picks are coming out of college and are 1/2 a season away from the majors – ie the Orioles catcher – mets dont make those picks

  68. Wieters was the 5th pick in the 1st round.
    The last time the Mets drafted that high was when the got Pelfrey.

    I gotta go
    I wish I could continue this conversation at a Met game.

  69. so is it truly the team or the manager? I am at a loss… I saw some really great plays. some decent at bats (not the best of course but its the mets in a major slump)

  70. (113) Steve C: No team could withstand the amount of injuries that the Mets have had and still be expected to play winning baseball. Given that ,Manuel is still a lousy manager and nothing is going to change that. It is Omar’s fault too because he doesn’t have the farm system to bring up decent replacements. Instead he has to go with guys like Wilson Valdez, and Argenis Reyes because there isn’t any minor league depth.

  71. Back in april it was stated that Omar builds a team that can withstand ZERO injuries. What a great evaluation. Good orgs like the Sox have something at least average to come up and hold the fort down for a while. The Mets, outside of the so-called “core” is average at best at the rest of the positions and the farm is horrible at best to fill in holes for a while.
    And what a field manger, happy to turn all his regulars into opposite field singles hitters…. Result. Wright, 4 HRs and less and less RBIs as time goes by. Church 2 HRs all of 18 RBIs. WOW! Minor leaguer Argenis Reyes batting lead off while professional lead off hitter Castillo sits in 8 hole. Why watch when Manager raises white flag hours before game with his lineup.

  72. (115) Harry: I don’t know of any dumber move than batting Argenis Reyes leadoff. I was watching the movie Slap Shot last night and there was a line that Paul Newman said to the owner regarding the Hansen Brothers which reminded me so much of Omar. “Every piece of garbage that comes into the league you have to pick up.”

  73. I think it’s time to change the manager and at the end of the season the General Manager. Unfortuately, the Wilpons will use injuries as the excuse to keep both of them overlooking the fact that Omar IS a poor talent evaluator and Manuel is an awful tactical manager.

  74. We have dealt with injuries before. I dont want us to be like the Yankees falling back on injuries as a reason for losing.
    I have seen some really decent ball, until of course Manuel decides to change the formula. why? i dont know.. if you catcher is hot why take him out? if your fielders are actaully fielding why would you go back to a platoon. Where are the hit and runs?

    I tried to like Manuel, but he does nothing he says he will do, he has not rewarded consistently nor has he punished consistently.

    He has been consistent at being inconsistent. And Omar needs to take the blame. Poor choices all around and the injuries could have been fixed he he jumped on the players better. as soon as a player looks injured you have him checked out.

    You have to have a team with built in redundancies. But this is all 20-20 hindsight.

    Manuel has to keep the seasoned guys in the game. and call on some hustle. I wish Wright would turn the bat around but it doesnt appear to happen. :-\

    maybe we need keith and Ronnie to really come out of the booth and help save this team. :-\

  75. At least Beltran got some positive news today. The docs didn’t recommend surgery, just rest thru the AS break. You know, sometimes the year isn’t your year. This is one of those for the Mets. In 1972 the team started out 30 and 11 and then got ravished by injuries. Same in 1987 when the entire staff pretty much was out and they weren’t able to come fully back to win. Sometimes, it isn’t your year.

  76. Dont forget in 87 not only injuries but since they were winners, they were being sold off for money! because for some reason the franchize didnt want to win 2 years in a row. I think they had pressure from the Yankees not to win. Yankee attendance suffered that year they were all at shea.