METS CHAT ROOM: Game #72; the Yanks are coming.



The Mets follow up their first series win in weeks with a three-game series against the Yankees at Citi Field, with Mike Pelfrey going against CC Sabathia.

Pelfrey (5–2, 4.74 ERA) pitched five innings against the Yankees last season and allowed eight hits and four runs. The key with Pelfrey is to get ahead in the count. With a first-pitch strike opponents are batting just .193 against him; they are .387 when he falls behind.

Another thing with Pelfrey is to avoid the big inning. He has a tendency to give up runs in bunches and unravel. He has been unable to minimize the damage.

Sabathia (6–4, 3.71 ERA) left his last start in the second inning with a sore left bicep. He has gone 5-1 over his last nine starts.

An interesting line-up change has Ryan Church in center and Fernando Tatis in right. Gary Sheffield is back and in left.

Here’s the batting order:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Alex Cora, SS
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Fernando Tatis, RF
Ryan Church, CF
Nick Evans, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Mike Pelfrey, RP

115 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #72; the Yanks are coming.

  1. Church is actually very good in CF. He played the position well in DC with the Nats.

  2. I’m watching the rain delay broadcast on SNY of the Yankees-Mets game from July 10, 1999. Bizarre hearing Tim McCarver and Joe Buck carrying on about how the Yankees might actually consider letting Andy Pettite go for financial reasons.

  3. Jeff M (2) I’m listening to the ABBA recording of Fernando on YouTube.

  4. Annie (3) Forget ABBA! Don’t even listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain?” The game is about to start.

  5. I can’t stand that. Getting 0-2 on a hitter then giving up a cheap hit like that!

  6. See that shot of the Yankee fan standing and cheering for A-Roid? Who the hell tucks a baseball jersey into a pair of pants?!

  7. Jeff M (4) I have the Yankee feed on Ch 9, but have muted it because it is about a minute behind Howie and Wayne who work in real time on the radio. Not used to seeing the Mets pitcher licking his hand – ugh!!
    Incidentally CT has just had a major storm – 30,000 without power and many trees down etc. Lucky here to have not lost our power.

  8. Annie (9) We had a huge thunderstorm pass through here, but luckily we didn’t lose power either. Didn’t know it was that bad in CT.

    Hey Gil (5), I think there’s been more than enough MJ coverage elsewhere. But if this game turns into a Thriller — or Sheffield hits one Off The Wall — I’ll be happy to make a reference!

  9. One thing for sure, We know the Mets will never be AMERICA’s TEAM with America last fans like Gil cursing them out in his drunken stupor every night.

  10. Hey Jeff! The Mets wanna be startin’ somethin’ and I hope the offense’s motto tonight is “don’t stop ’til ya get enough”!

  11. Jeff M (10) Of course now I have a beautiful sunset right over the hill from the sliding doors to the back yard outside my office.
    Lots of empty seats at Citi Field – is it always like that?

    Farrah Fawcett gets a couple of hours on TV and Michael Jackson gets a couple of days?? What’s wrong with this picture??

  12. Annie are you OK? Annie are you OK? Annie are you OK? Are you OK, Annie?
    Sorry, couldn’t resist another Michael song reference.

  13. Gil (15) Yes I am a musician – a pianist and a singer, but I am no fan of Michael Jackson – he was a cute little kid who could sing and dance, but after that he was just another druggie.

  14. Annie (14) Not sure what you’re basing your indignation on, but you really can’t compare the two. It’s unfortunate that Farrah passed away the same day as Michael so she was sort of pushed aside, but the truth is that she actually got MORE coverage than I think she would have otherwise simply because the media got into a Remembering People Who Died mode.

    Michael Jackson, bizarre as he became, was someone who truly changed popular culture and revolutionized the music industry. The guy sold more records than anybody in history. You can’t reduce that to “a cute kid who could sing and dance but was just another druggie.”

  15. THIS IS %$#^&*()* RIDICULOUS!!!
    Why is it when we play the Yankees, we bring our F game?
    This is embarrassing.

  16. ANOTHER $#$%*&^ error???!!!
    The Bad News Bears have returned.
    It’s no wonder the Yankees and their fans look down their noses at us.
    The Mets have had far too many 1962-like games this season.

  17. Instead of getting mad at A-Roid for taking home run cuts, Pelfrey, how about getting him out?

  18. 20 Speaking of druggies, Annie, SNY just had a shot of Doc Gooden. Do you feel the same way about athletes who are druggies as you do pop music sensations?

  19. 26 Don’t forget, Jeff, they’ve got Sabathia on the mound with at least a four-run lead…

  20. Yankees have batted around — and not hit the ball hard! If Pelf walks in a run here, we’re doomed.

  21. Okay, he didn’t walk in another run, but we could still be doomed. Though you never know; there have been a lot of surprises lately. Three errors in one inning was one!

  22. Jeff M (20) Can we agree to disagree on Michael Jackson? You’re right about Farrah though.

    I’d rather talk about the Governor who didn’t realize that his emails and any posts to Facebook, My Space and Twitter etc. are all in the public domain.

  23. Are you seeing that shot of the sky? Incredible! But is it a bad omen for this game?

  24. 31 I never said anything about Farah, Annie. She was a definite sex symbol of the ’70s. But she doesn’t come close to being the worldwide pop culture icon Michael Jackson was for 40 years, hence the media coverage of Jackson’s death.
    But if you’re gonna blow off pop stars and their music because of associations with drugs, then you’d have to toss out most of the rock ‘n roll encyclopedia.
    And at least the news media hasn’t shied away from discussing the child molestation accusations against Jackson and his bizarre behavior that were as much a part of his persona as his music.

  25. Annie (31) We’re going to disagree on Michael Jackson, but I would like you to at least acknowledge his musical influence. Heck, despite all the media crap about how his death was “shocking” I wasn’t in the least surprised… and my 12-year-old son just says, “I’m glad that scary-looking guy is gone!” But from the late 70s through the late 80s, nobody was as dominant in pop music. (Besides, I don’t think you can just call him a “druggie.” The guy had MAJOR emotional problems, and apparently a coterie of doctors who were more than willing to supply him with prescription drugs — which probably killed him. But you could say the same things about Elvis, and far too many others. That doesn’t take away what they accomplished to begin with.)

  26. 36 Right you are, Jeff. And don’t forget greats like Johnny Cash and Ray Charles who also turned to drugs to deal with all their emotional baggage. can’t take away that those two guys were musical giants whose music remains timeless.

  27. Ramiro Pena.
    You can’t stop him – you can only hope to contain him.

  28. Gil (25) “And at least the news media hasn’t shied away from discussing the child molestation accusations against Jackson and his bizarre behavior that were as much a part of his persona as his music.”
    You’re absolutely correct there – I think it may be this whole ‘icon’ status they’ve given him that gets me.

  29. 39 But Annie, the media didn’t give Jackson the “icon” status. Fans did. He’s the No. 17 best selling musical act of all time. He has sold hundreds of millions of copies of his albums. He was a member of the first-ever “boy band.” He redefined the way video is used to market music. He was a trendsetter as far as dancing and pop music stage performances go.
    All this despite his bizarre — and possibly criminal — behavior. Love him or hate him, his “icon” status is indisputable.

  30. Jeff M (36) OK I acknowledge his music – always have and the others as well, but drugs scare the hell out of me and have since my college room-mate’s Father hung himself while under the influence. That kind of experience is unforgettable.
    Music is a wonderful thing, and has been a great part of my life. One of my sons even has a garage band dedicated to Led Zepplin – imagine that:)

  31. 41 Uh, Annie, hate to break it to you, but as much as I love Led Zeppelin, they were some of the biggest “druggies” in rock ‘n roll history.

  32. Gil (38) If Derek Jeter hadn’t gotten sick with the flu on his 35th Birthday you would not have to cope with Ramiro Pena.

  33. 44 Annie: Sabathia has been perfect through the first three innings. Precisely why we can’t throw and kick the ball around as we did in the second inning and give the Yankees an extra three outs.

  34. I just heard Howie say what a great pitcher Sabathia is – for $161 Million Dollars!!! Reminds me of David Wells on the mound..

  35. 46 With what the Mets are paying Johan Santana, why does Sabathia’s contract strike you as outrageous? Sabathia also has a Cy Young to his credit.

  36. I wandered away for a little while and the Mets get three hits off Sabathia. I come back and Santos strikes out. It must be me!

  37. 50 Says Wright’s been hit with Kryptonite and that we’ve been decimated by injuries.

  38. According to the SNY moment with Kevin Burkhardt, Howard Johnson told him that he’s had Wright DELIBERATELY avoid trying to hit homers and concentrate on being a better hitter instead. He didn’t mention whether he’s also had Wright try to avoid ever getting a hit with RISP.

  39. 55 Jeff, I’m with you. In this power drought, why would HoJo be trying to get David to abandon a key part of his game?

  40. John (50) You’ve said that Sheffield is only here to get a contract for next year. Do you really think that will happen? I don’t – I think he’ll retire.

  41. Here we go again. Throwing to the wrong bases. Fundamentals at their worst.

  42. Darling is openly speculating — and Gary is agreeing — whether there’s something wrong with Tatis’s throwing arm, noting that every time he’s needed to make a strong throw the last few weeks, he did not do it.

  43. What’s the deal with Keith not even having a place to sit down in the booth? They used to have three chairs…

  44. Jeff (10) Just checked the CL&P stats – still have 37173 customers in CT without power. It’s a mess.

  45. 64 I disagree, JD.
    Reyes, before it’s all said and done, could have similar impact. He’s still very young and his absence, arguably, been the one that has most hurt the Mets.

  46. Gil (71) I’d like to agree with you, but it seems like an awfully long time that I’ve been hearing Reyes is still “very young.” Isn’t there some statute of limitations on that?

  47. Could we get the Yankees to swap stadiums? They clearly don’t need the Bandbox in the Bronx to hit HRs, and the Mets can’t hit one at home to save their lives.

  48. John (73) Unfortunately, it’s starting to look like the only way Reyes is going to win a couple of rings is if he’s traded to the Red Sox.

  49. Disgraceful.
    When will any Mets ownership decide that enough is enough when it comes to the Yankees embarrassing us?
    The Yankees needed starting pitchers, they went out and spent the money to get the best, while Omar Minaya signs Tim Freaking Redding.
    The Yankees need a first baseman, they sign the best, in Mark Teixeira, then our first baseman goes down and who do we replace him with? An unproductive Fernando Tatis/Daniel Murphy platoon.
    I’m SO exasperated with the Mets being perennial second class citizens to the Yankees.
    We are a FREAKING JOKE, as Parnell is currently exemplifying with his balk, wild pitch and inbability to throw a strike.

  50. Wait a minute — Parnell dropped the ball and balked before they even came back from the break???

  51. 70 71 You can also argue that there was a helluva lot more talent surrounding Jeter for him to be able to win those rings than there has been with Reyes, who arrived in the Art Howe dark ages.

  52. Every other team in the NL East has already lost! Annie, you may have been right on the money the other night with “You gotta believe!” ’73 is the last time I remember the NL East being this pathetic, which is the only reason the Mets were able to win it while finishing barely above .500.

  53. (81) I’m not disagreeing. Fact is, if Jeter hadn’t come up until 2001, he wouldn’t have ANY rings!

  54. Jeff M (70) No, it’s from yesterday afternoon when they won one for Santana. I was so nervous about that game that I cleaned up my file cabinet here in my office to keep busy…
    We’re still closer to 1st place in our division than the Yankees are in theirs, aren’t we?

  55. Lets go back. I see nothing on this board questioning the move, but in the bottom 5 with 2 on and 2 out, why send in A Reyes to hit for Pelfrey? Early to take Pelfrey out after he settled down, but perhaps you go for it. Given our offense, it was the time to go for it. Why send in A Reyes? I dont care if he hits RH. If you need RH pinch hitters, bring somebody up who hits. A Reyes is an out, probably not as good a hitter as Pelfrey. Murphy is rotting on the bench tonight. That was their spot.

  56. Gil (81): Jeter will finish with 3,000 hits and go into the Hall of Fame. Sure Jeter had a better supporting cast, but he’s a better player. Reyes is just faster.-JD

  57. 86 I’ll give you that Jeter is the more cerebral player and the more effective leader, but give Reyes more time. The true measure of comparison between the two players will have to wait until the end of their careers. Reyes will likely win a few gold gloves before it’s all said and done and perhaps an MVP or two.

  58. Another misplay by Wright at third. Has he forgotten to charge ground balls?

  59. 91 Reyes has had five years, but in three of them — ’03, ’04 and ’05 — the Mets didn’t have the supporting cast to be serious contenders. Only in the last three seasons has Reyes had the talented supporting cast. This year, with his and other injuries, you may eventually have to not count this year as one where the Mets were legitimate contenders.

  60. Brett Gardner has five hits tonight and looks like a world-beater. Shows you can’t get too excited about one game; I found this scouting report about him:

    Scouting Report

    * Is one of the fastest players in baseball, and has the ability to set the table from the top of the batting order.


    * Has absolutely no power to speak of. Needs to prove he can hit left-handed pitching and his arm reduces him to left field.

    Career Potential

    * A decent leadoff man.

  61. 94 The most annoying thing about the Mets is their ability to tease us for a few games into thinking they may really be a good ballclub and overcome the injuries and then they revert to playing like the 1962 edition and sucking like vacuum cleaners.
    We’re watching a mediocre ballclub here.
    Only way we’re going to the playoffs this year would be everyone who’s hurt right now coming back and miraculously lighting it up.
    I’m not crazy about the odds on that happening.

  62. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. Not sure why – who would want to go through these nine innings again?

    See you tomorrow.

  63. “We’re watching a mediocre ballclub here.”
    Gil, I believe John’s been saying that right from the beginning. But the Mets have a chance if the whole division is also mediocre.

  64. Well, David just had to fill his nightly two-strikeout quota didn’t he?


  66. Gil (109) Will it count if they wait until after they’ve filled their plate before they kick over the spread?

  67. 112 LOL! Yes, Jeff it will. Speaking of meltdowns, classic case of the pot calling the kettle black happened today in Chicago: Lou Piniella of all people, sent Milton Bradley home after he smashed a water cooler and destroyed a helmet after a bad at-bat.
    Are any of the Mets passionate enough to be angry when they play like crap, like tonight and to be outplayed and thoroughly embarrassed by the team they share the city with?

  68. John (107):

    “When you make as many errors as you get hits you’re going to lose.-JD”

    I think they’re engraving that on a plaque for the Mets clubhouse as we speak!

  69. I just got home, Saturday night, 9th inning, Mets again losing to the Yankees 5-0…
    What’s going on? Where is everybody? Where’s John? Why is there no blog for game #73?
    H E L L O O O O …….