5 thoughts on “Who do the Mets miss most?

  1. Delgado: Assuming that he would have provided the power that has been sorely lacking in this lineup and giving them another hitter to fear

    Reyes: Can provide much more offense than any of the other SS candidates and also plays good defense. All of course when his head is into the game

    Putz: A HEALTHY JJ Putz would obviously lessen the load on a bp that is already taxed by a manager that doesn’t know how to use it.

    The starting pitching for the most part has been o.k. and the players that Perez and Maine would be replacing have done well. And since Beltran just went on the DL there isn’t much to say. It will depend upon how long he is out for.

  2. Sorry for the sarcasm in advance.

    The easy question would have been who do the Mets miss the least.
    I am sure everyone would agree the answer is
    Ollie Perez.

    In answering your question.

    I would say Reyes but at this point it really does not matter.

    Unless Reyes and Beltran are back and healthy by the end of July the Mets will be lucky to win 80 games.

  3. No one misses Angel Pagan?

    I vote for Pootz. Minaya’s strategy over the winter was to shore up the bullpen. WShile K Rod has done splendid, Pootz has really sunk a few ships. But all the injuries hurt.

  4. Delgado.

    he makes the lineup more dangerous. I like jose when he is on, but he needs the danger of the hitters behind him to make him effective. as you said in a previous post, delgado erases mistakes with one swing.

    but the person they miss the most is anna benson.

  5. (3) Dan, I miss Pagan. I also miss endy.
    (4) I dont miss delgado. plays at first have been very good..

    I blame Manuel now. I do not like how the picthing and the players are being treated.
    between the crappy pitch count and his little pets..i have had it..