METS CHAT ROOM: Game #70; Church clean-up edition.



Here’s how bad things are for the Mets’ offense: Ryan Church is the clean-up hitter. Yup, you read correctly. Gary Sheffield is out again after taking a cortisone injection in his knee. He believes he’ll be available this weekend against the Yankees. We shall see.

Fernando Nieve (2–0, 1.84) starts for the Mets after back-to-back quality starts. Can he keep riding the wave?

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Church, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Fernando Martinez, CF
Nick Evans, 1B
Brian Schneider, C
Fernando Nieve, RP

111 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #70; Church clean-up edition.

  1. Monday night Murphy hits HR. Weds night he sits but Tatis stays in game (Evans could have played left). Typical, but perfect example of why Jerry has us where we are. Injuries are not his fault, but misuse of personnel is his direct responsibility. Why can’t Murphy be used everyday? And why sit him over Tatis? Is the goal to see how many DPs Tatis can ground into in a 7 or 10 day stretch? He leads team for season with 10.

  2. Also note from Jon Heyman on Beltran:
    “beltran may get second opinion from outside doc on knee. on 15-day d.l. but could be out “awhile,” says a friend. “

  3. Pretty imperative that Jerry send Church from first, with all the DPs Tatis hits into…

  4. So I ask: Why the hell didn’t Jerry have Church straight steal or play hit-and-run?

  5. 14 Damn. I’m down to my last one — a Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier. I’m gonna move it from the wine rack to the frezzer now.

  6. Look at me — I’m already under the influence. I meant “freezer,” not “frezzer.”

  7. Wow, the revolving door continues…Argenis Reyes is back. Always liked that kid.

  8. Watch…that’ll be the only Cardinals’ hit tonight and that’s the way we’ll lose a no-hit bid…

  9. (20) Gil, I’d be thrilled. I was sure that Nieve would come back to earth and be lit up early tonight. It’s starting to look like he’s the real thing.

  10. I love Keith: “Why don’t we just do away with the WBC?” They should. Perez, Beltran, Delgado, Reyes and Putz all played in the WBC. It is more than a coincidence.-JD

  11. 21 Well, JD, as much of a champion of multiculturalism and diversity as I am, I’m OK with those spots. I mean, the South Asian-American actors aren’t portrayed as buffoons and aren’t exemplifying the “bumbling foreigner” stereotypes.
    They’re portrayed as entrepreneurial shopkeepers with a sense of humor.
    They kinda represent the diversity of New Yorkers.
    Although if South Asians are offended, I could understand, given the small numbers of South Asian actors on mainstream TV.

  12. 27 JD, I was gonna bring that up, but I’m sticking to your “no politics” rule!
    But yeah, what a complete jackass!
    And the dude has the tryst on Father’s Day weekend, no less.
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  15. “You be the fascist”?
    I’m impressed, Harry. I didn’t know you be fluent in Ebonics! :)

  16. Gil (34) That was no folk jam, that was a Stephen Stills song. And in fact, it says the OPPOSITE of what I think you’re trying to say. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

  17. 40 D’oh! Jeff, thanks for that. Great catch. And Tiffany, are you talking about Argenis, ’cause Jose’s not anywhere close to being back.

  18. WOW! Nick almost fell down hitting that one out of the park! Great job, kid!

  19. Clearly, Evans hasn’t received the memo about not hitting homers at Citifield. Someone will have to pull him aside between innings.

  20. Jeff M. (40) You’re right, it is a Stephen Sills piece – you know your music.

    4-0 Mets, hope there’s no sign of rain.

  21. (51) “Hope there’s no sign of rain.” I can’t remember the last time that was a possibility.

  22. John (53) I think that’s what the Governor tried to tell his wife before she threw him out.

  23. Mets are getting pitching and hitting. Just when you think they’ve played a breakout game that will finally get them on a long losing streak, they go back to their winning ways. You just can’t count on these guys for any consistency.

  24. Annie: First Sanford fought against stimulus money, then he went to Argentina to show his mistress his own stimulus package.

  25. Gil (62) Great – good to talk with you. How do you like living in Orlando?

  26. It’s very nice here. I love hot, humid weather and Central Florida definitely fits the bill. Lot more to this city and surrounding area than the Disney Corp.

  27. Gil (66) I’ve spent some time in Southern Florida, but I still like the four seasons we get in New England..

  28. 68 Remember, Annie, I’m a SoCal guy, too, so I can do without the seasons. But here? Every day, it’s blistering hot, then in the afternoon or evening, we’re treated to a nice, intense thunderstorm.
    When the air cools down afterward, we get the great smell of rain on hot asphalt and the sight of a rainbow overhead.

  29. Everytime Tatis gets a bat on the ball the last 2 weeks, it is hit to the shortstop…can he try hitting in the air or to the opposite field?

  30. Gil (70) Actually that’s what June, July and August are like here in CT, except for this year – we’ve had rain almost every day in June.

    Are you still writing?

  31. While Fernando Nieve has been impressive, let’s not forget that Jorge Sosa also was after eight starts back in 2007, then reverted back to his historical mediocrity…

  32. Gil (73) Thanks for the reality check. I knew there had to be a reason not to feel good.

  33. Gil (74) Great, keep it up. I’m listening to this game on the radio and hope that the Mets can keep their heads above water before the Cardinals get in gear.

  34. John (75) You’ve got the line wrong – Tug said “You Gotta Believe”

  35. Ridicule it all you want, the ABBA lineup (three Fernandos) paid dividends tonight.

  36. Sure is nice to finally see the Mets blow a team out. I can’t remember the last time this happened…

  37. Couldn’t we have saved some of these runs for Johan tomorrow night?

  38. Schneider hit that tailor-made DP ball because he wanted to get this game over with and get back home to that wife of his.

  39. Gil (90) Tomorrow is a ONE PM game – you don’t want to miss Santana.

  40. Now does a win like this make the org. feel less urgency to make a deal or do they try harder to reward their guys for beating the odds

  41. I knew I had made this comment, but had to go back a few days to find it:

    “Jeff M. June 20, 2009 7:54 pm

    Well, they’re due for an offensive explosion. You know, when they suddenly score 10 runs in a game and everybody wonders if that means they’re finally “breaking out” of it — while asking “why couldn’t they have scored a few of those runs the last couple of days?” And then they promptly go back in the tank anyway.

    I’ve been watching this team too long.”

    Not that I’m trying to call myself a prophet or anything…

  42. At least Parnell got that “non-pressure situation” they were waiting for to bring him in.

  43. Howie has put this wonderful game “in the books” and it will be a Best Seller.

    A memorable night.

    Santana tomorrow at 1PM.

  44. Nice work. Gotta win tomorrow with Johan and take three of four. Night-night!

  45. 16 hits, and whadda you get?
    A chance to score no runs for Santana, I’ll bet.

    (apologies to Tennessee Ernie Ford)

  46. Jeff M (80) FYI – Steve Somers opened his WFAN program with the ABBA/Fernando song last night.