About Last Night ….

All those good feelings harnessed with Monday’s victory have been washed away by the rain. Getting two hits against Joel Pineiro will do that to a team. For a team not getting consistently good pitching, the Mets can’t afford to waste a strong performance such as the one Livan Hernandez gave them last night.

Three-fourths of the core is gone, and the last one standing – David Wright – is hitting, but without power. Consistent run production is lacking and there’s little help on the horizon. Gary Sheffield hasn’t played in three days, and that they are relying on his aching 40-year-old legs doesn’t do much on the optimism meter.

It was Pineiro last night. He was stifling and the Mets did little to work the count. Not that it would have mattered anyway because he was usually ahead.

The Mets must now play for one run whenever they get the chance, and they don’t get many. Bunt, hit-and-run, steal, hit behind the runner, take the extra base, work the count. Now, more than ever, the must play fundamental offense because they don’t have the eraser that can wipe it all clean with one swing.

As well as they played Monday, they still could have lost. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them lose tonight and even tomorrow with Johan Santana, who hasn’t been a sure thing since the San Francisco game a half-dozen or so starts ago.

The Mets have been extremely fortunate to be only 2.5 games behind the Phillies with how they have played this month. They could easily be seven or eight behind if the Phillies could win at home.

I get this gnawing feeling about the Mets, the same one I got the last two years, that they have this warped belief they can turn it on at will once they get all their parts back. It doesn’t work that way.

These are the Mets’ cards and they have to play them. They have to play as if there’s no help coming, because, after all, we don’t know if there is.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with “As well as they played Monday, they still could have lost”. That’s what you feel like when you are a bad team. You feel that you could have lost almost every win. They were lucky with the one win in Baltiore that Huff dropped a pop as well. Bad teams win games, even DC. This is a bad team as currently made up. Anyone thinking otherwise is in a fantasy I believe. They will be in 4th place by the end of the weekend. Take away the advantage of having DC in the divisiuon, thias team is well below .500. and falling….

  2. “These are the Mets’ cards and they have to play them. They have to play as if there’s no help coming, because, after all, we don’t know if there is.”

    Those who listened to Omar and Mike Francesa for almost an hour yesterday know that he has no plans to make any moves now.

  3. Did Omar really say that? Sheesh. I know Francesa has been saying consistently that the Mets need to go out and get a big bat now, not wait till the trading deadline. If Omar is thinking this team can wait and somehow tread water, then he’s essentially saying he’s given up on the season.

  4. (4) Jeff: I would guess Omar would have to say that publicly anyway. Who really knows what is going on behind the scenes. Anyway, I don’t want to mortgage the future to bring in a temporary solution. And right now I think it’s too early before the trade deadline for anything of substance to really happen.

  5. Jeff M. (4) I was quoting John there from his last paragraph in his “About Last Night” message above.

    You can hear Omar’s remarks if you check out WFAN’s home page.

  6. Trade? How do you trade? Is reyes done for the year, Delgado? Beltran? Do they comeback ok, mediocre, great? You can’t see the future with all these problems. Whatever… What hole do you fill. There are too many. Left Field, center field, SS, Firstbase, centerfield, starters, bullpen.

  7. What trade?

    We have the power of Evans!

    but seriously. good points all around. this is a decimated team. we have nieve who right now is way better than ollie or maine.