METS CHAT ROOM: Game #67; avoiding another series loss.



When you keep losing series, you’ll never get on track and that’s where the Mets find themselves today against Tampa Bay. The Mets began the month trying to avoid a June Swoon. It has turned out that way, but lucky for them nobody else in the division has been able to run away.

It’s still winnable, but not if this continues.

The schedule doesn’t get any easier in the coming weeks with St. Louis, the Yankees and Phillies again, and Atlanta.

Especially discouraging is how the Mets have lost this year. There have been a lot of tough losses: the Murphy dropped fly in Florida that beat Santana; the Castillo dropped pop against the Yankees; the blown five-run lead against the Pirates; the Church game in LA where he failed to touch third base; yesterday’s loss to the Rays; and several others, including a couple of games in which they blew a three-run lead.

Championship caliber teams find a way to win these games and that’s something the Mets haven’t done with any consistency.

It has to change.

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  1. i like keith

    calls it like he sees it. he was a consumate hitter. hard to argue with him

  2. hello all, and happy fathers day to any of the dads out there. back from my first trip to citi, saw frankie close it out friday

    i loved the place..add some more mets histroy and its a great home…glad to see the mets only 2 back..with all the injuries we have hung around

  3. haah apparently dave, Jlo all done such thing as a relaxed outting for those 2

  4. awful result from schneider, leavinf runs out there…awful

    team doesnt have the depth to do that

  5. way to go big pelf!…followed by another bonehead baserunning blunder from valdez.. unreal..PLAY SMART

    but BIG rbi Mike

  6. Hey Jbmore,
    I would agree with your rebuttal to my comment last night. I can’t say that Beltran and Wright lack “heart” but to me, they lack fire and lack leadership. Heart IMHO means that they leave it all on the field. Fire and leadership are the intangible qualities that bring intensity to the team and the “do what it takes” mentality that this team has been missing for awhile. I don’t see that in any player and in fact see the opposite in someone like Reyes, who is too happy go lucky. I dont live in NY anymore and dont get to see these guys everyday or read the papers, but those are my observations from afar.

  7. i can agree on beltran in terms of vocal leadership…he tries to lead by example and very rarely shows emotion..i think wright has the ability to be the full package leader…i hope

  8. I agree that Wright has the potential, but he’s been around long enough to show it. We’ve given him a break that he’s a little timid around some of the vets like DElgado et al, but that kind of timidity or deference makes me wonder if he has the “fire in the belly”. I’ve said it on this board before, but I long for someone like Nails or Backman to fire this team up.

  9. pelf imploding now…mets keep giving runs away and let teams hang around. easy lead now for the rays if they have producive outs, unlike hte mets

  10. frustrating…very

    i dont know how this team is only 2 back

    sloppy baseball, ton of injuries…hopeuflly the fight back today

  11. What the heck! Happy Father’s Day indeed! I had the game on before and they were ahead 2-0… went out and did some planting, came back and they’re behind 4-2! At least they’re not being no-hit by Jim Bunning.

    D Wright with another league-leading hit when it doesn’t drive in anybody…

  12. big hit brian!

    off to eat with the pops…hope the mets win this one! we need it!…come on bullpen!

  13. What the heck! I was watching and they were ahead 5-4. I left the room and now they’re behind 7-5. Do I have to sit here and baby sit them continuously?

  14. If the Mets lose this game it will be all Manuel’s fault.
    Stokes should have pitched the 7th.
    Instead he brought in an overworked Parnell and now the Mets are behind.
    Also now Parnell most likely will not be able to pitch tomorrow and maybe even Tuesday.

    A big boo for Manuel and the way he handled the pen today.

  15. (24) I just logged in to say the same. I would prefer to see them avoid Green and Feliciano today now and just give up. Taking out Stokes was near criminal. Pen is exhausted. Parnell, Feliciano and Green pitch daily. A team cannot win that way. They will all break down, as Parnell did.

    I cannot believe he hot Tatis for Stokes. Never mind that there were two outs and none on. Never mind that Tatis has been awful at the plate. Not getting more innings out of Stokes was nonsensical.

  16. Just to add to that point, in last week (since Sunday), Green and PArnell have each pitched all but one game, and Felliciano has pitched all games. Parnell has been awful since HR to Phillies in 10th. And awful is really awful – basically cannot get outs anymore (none today, none Friday, none one other day this week). Parnell should probably sit for a few days, and if necessary, go to AAA just so he can get his act back together. He cannot throw strikes now, so he is a disaster.

  17. Happy Father’s Day guys. Sorry for the late entry. Wireless has been down. I remember the days of dial-up. Some thoughts: 1) Mike Pelfrey remains confusing by his inability to escape the big inning, and 2) Bobby Parnell might be overworked, but whatever the problem, it needs to be corrected.-JD

  18. Welcome to another late-inning Rain Delay, John. Or, as Mets fans call it, Postponing the Inevitable.

  19. Assuming the Rays don’t score any more runs — a big assumption, I know — the Mets need to score 4 more runs to win this game. Where are those runs going to come from?

  20. Well, that’s a start. Now they just need two more baserunners and a grand slam.

  21. Two straight full counts by Choate. At least the Mets are working the count.

  22. If Beltran can get on, we’ll have league-leading David Wright coming up with two on. Why am I not excited?

  23. Coaching visit to mound: “Wright’s coming up. He can tie the game with one swing. Don’t worry, not gonna happen.”

  24. Jeff (40): Since we were both thinking the same thing, watch him do deep. That’s what happened when I talked about Schneider the other day.-JD

  25. Apparently the Rays are more worried about Wright than we are.
    What kind of name is that for a pitcher — Ball four?

  26. Well, at least he didn’t kill the rally. Now it’s up to Sheffield. Perfect scenario, but can he still deliver?

  27. It’s all up to Church, unless anybody thinks Schneider has ANOTHER HR in him.

  28. Another thrilling come-from-behind inning. Now they just have to keep the Rays from getting that one run back.

  29. Oh, you meant “Church strikes out.” I thought you meant there were Church fans out in force — which seemed much less likely.

  30. Bases loaded, no out? I can’t take anymore. Going to go eat. Enough Father’s Day torture. Let me know how it turns out…

  31. bases loaded, 0 outs and Feliciano gets out of it by allowing only two runs. That feels like a victory. Mets will make a run, get a couple runs and fall short. Yet right now the Phillies are playing worse than us.

  32. 57. You can take heart that the team in front of you is slumping with you, but you can’t catch up when they go on a streak. The Mets are making a slow tortured climb, I mean drop to below .500. Should be there in a few days. No offense, that won’t change with the lineup there is, the bullpen is shot. And they panned Willie for burning it out by August. This is June!!! Great job Jerry and Danny. Glad to see you brought Feliciano in with the game out of reach. don’;t dare rest him. Want him burned out also! We may be 2 out but we are also closing in slowly on third and fourth place. With no pen, no offense and very few starters there’s no sense for Omar to make a move. Cant’ make enough to make this a good team.

  33. Mets may be catching up on the Futile Phillies but now there are three teams in front for the Wild Card. Another miserable loss. Just what I need to make me go to work in a good mood. “it’s onle a game. It’s only a game”

    Somehow Pelfrey and other Mets pitchers have to learn how to avoid a blow up inning where you surrender the lead in one huge chunk. That’s what I ake out of this loss.

  34. I see I didn’t miss anything.

    Annie, wherever you are, I’m sure Howie must have put this one in the books, and then took the books to the landfill and buried them.

  35. Jeff M (64) Thanks for closing this game for me – nicely done, I might add.

    I’ve been spending most of the last four days watching the US Open at Bethpage Black. As a tournament golfer and still a USGA member, I’m drawn to the TV coverage of these tournaments – I’ve never played Bethpage Black, but it reminds me of my former home course, Yale.

    Anyway the weather has been most uncooperative for all sports in the North East so there are rain delays all over town and in fact the Open will have to play tomorrow and hope for the best – if there is a tie, their playoff is 18 holes.

    As for the Mets – they still seem to be beset by strange injuries and illnesses (Reyes) and I wonder why. They are due to play tomorrow night, and I should be back then.

  36. Annie- went to bethpage on thursday, rained out..saw tiger for 7 holes but missed my man Lefty..i hope he makes a run tomorrow and wins it..what a story that would be…saw him out in the pitch black signing autographs. ny has adopted him

    disappointing parnell..dead arm phase or lack of out pitch??
    green and feliciano overworked..yikes jerry, everyday???

    lucky the birds have helped us out in philly…need tim redding to pitch a good one tomorrow

  37. David Lennon reports- Beltran on tomorrow’s exam/MRI: “I’m a little bit worried to be honest because the way I felt today – it was painful.

    that could be disastrous

  38. 66/67. Was in your city last week. Camden Yards still a nice place to go to a game. They still have really good fans. They don’t deserve 11 years of bad teams. If the Mets had losing seasons for 11 years Chiti Field wuldn’t have 10,000 fans show up. Tip of the hat to Baltimore and Oriole fans.

  39. I guess we’ll never see a met pitcher come close to finishing a game ever again.
    The lack of faith and the pitch count regardless of how well or not the pitcher is doing has ruined the game. I have found myself actually calling when the change will be made. my love for this game is dwindling…

  40. What is wrong with these numbers:

    Brian Schneider: 2 home runs in 53 AB’s

    David Wright : 4 home runs is 252 AB’s

    David…where did all your power go? You can’t tell me it’s Citifield anymore, after all, Babe Schneider had two homers there this week alone!

    It’s about time for Wright to figure out what he’s doing wrong in the power dep’t so this team can get jolts of instant offense that doubles and singles just can’t provide.

  41. Steve O . he’s slumped. but now he’s hitting. yes not out of the park but he’s getting RBIs and extra base hits. I’ll take it.

    Brian is hitting better now too. but will he get Jerry’s love? nope.

    certain people are allowed to screw up and others always have to be on teh ball.

    Homeruns are rally killers. you need that single or double when men are on base.

    yes homeruns are nice and sometimes they themselves start a rally.

    But i rather get on base and move the runners everytime. If i had my choice.

  42. (71) SteveC: Homeruns as rally killers? Interesting. I can see it that way if you’re behind by more than a grand slam and you get two runners on base and sometimes a homer can kill the momentum. But in most cases, i’d rather have the homer. Think about it…you’d rather score a run by multiple hits instead of one swing of the bat? It makes no sense, at least not to me. The Mets aren’t paying Wright to be a singles and doubles hitter. He needs to find his lost power stroke and quick for a team having problems scoring runs. And I was just using Schneider as a point of comparison..I certainly don’t think much of him as a hitter.

  43. My dad taught me, Singles win the game. I have yet to see that wisdom fail.
    For want of a single or double how many times have the mets left men on base because people swung for the bleachers instead of driving 1 or 2 guys home.
    and yeah i rather multiple hits,. get the merrygo round going and keep moving…

    Just my 3 cents..

  44. Beltran on the DL…what lovely news. :-( Like Carton said this morning, when Jerry Manuel says he doesn’t think a player should miss time with an injury, he misses time with an injury. Who is this guy? Third man on the deal team, last to know? What a joke he is.

  45. 73. No offense to your Dad Steve C but singles don’t win games. You get three singles in an inning you get a run. You gotta bat .500 for one run. Steal a base you still need to singles and gotta bat .400 Hit a HR you baat .250 for a run. For 3 runs you need 5 singles in an inning. But with two singles one HR gives youy those 3 runs. Set up men need singles. David Wright batting 4th or 5th needs to give you power. If he wants to be a singles hitter bat him first or second, and cut his pay significantly.