METS CHAT ROOM: Game #66; all eyes on Santana.



It will be very interesting to watch Johan Santana this afternoon. He really hasn’t been himself since the San Francisco game. He’s won, but he’s been vulnerable. After getting shelled by the Yankees last weekend, Santana insisted nothing is wrong physically.

He and pitching coach Dan Warthen worked on mechanics this week, and everybody us saying he’s fine. He goes into today’s game against the Rays with an extra day of rest. If his velocity is off again today with the extra rest, there might be some cause for alarm.

The Mets are sure to watch him closely and give him a short leash.

Here’s today’s line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Church, RF
Jeremy Reed, LF
Omir Santos, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
Johan Santana, LP

59 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #66; all eyes on Santana.

  1. I hope it ain’t another NYMETS lie. Just a couple weeks ago the great Warthen had a bullpen and fixed Putz, two days later DL.

  2. So far, Johan seems to be Johan — not whoever that was who showed up the last couple of starts. Hope it continues past the 2nd.

  3. Glad to see the weather is OK to play – Santana and McCarver -two of the smartest athletes ever. Santos responsible for the first run. I like this beginning.

  4. I liked it until they brought out Greta van whatshername and started shilling for Fox News. Just broadcast the game!

  5. Jeff M. (6) I’ve just yelled at the screen to get her out of the place – Bret Favre?? Doesn’t she know where she is?

  6. Ugh — two doubles and the Rays are even.
    I’m going back outside to grill in the rain. I don’t care. I’ve had it with this weather, and I’m not going to let it stop me. The darn coals are going to catch if I have to shield them with my body! Be back later.

  7. John (11) I’ve never worried about Santana – this is one of the most impressive pitchers – and all round athlete – I’ve seen in a long time.

    OT – At Bethpage Black: After playing a full day of golf starting at 7AM this morning they’ve caught up to schedule and are now sending out the field for the third round Tee Times. No names and amateurs are doing well.

  8. I know this is coming strickly out of fustration, which is the offense not Johan but im tired of seeing him out pitched what happened to the guy in Boston who would have won 1-0…. David wright looks like he’ll never hit a homerun again and where is Omar – I really don’t care what you over pay how many close games can we afford to lose

  9. ed (14): I’ll have to check their record in close games, but they’ve lost a lot of tough games. I can think of four or five right away. The Murphy dropped fly in Florida; the blown five-run lead in Pittsburgh; the Ibanez game vs. Philly; the Castillo drop; the Church game in LA when he didn’t touch third. That’s five right there.-JD

  10. JD- I mean over all not just in Johan games – While Omar hopes the price will go down he keeps losing games by 3 or less because the offense can’t produce… we may get to the all-star break and get a great deal on a player the problem will be we may be 10 games out

  11. By the way while nobody on this team seems to be able to hit the warning track – Wily Mo Pena is putting them over the freaking signs and cant get called up

    “The offensive explosion really set in during the third inning when Wily Mo Pena sent a homer over the third tier of outfield signage.”

  12. ed (18): That they’ve hung this close while playing that poorly is testament to how weak the NL East is. … Wily Pena could be an option. I don’t know why they haven’t considered him.-JD

  13. One more hitter and they may have one at least four of those games putting them in first and comfortable in the wild card… Wily Mo is still all or nothing and is learning first where he looks slow but he’s better then nothing at this point

  14. Are they really about to play again? I’m watching Bruce Springsteen on Fuse. I don’t even know what channel it is, but I get it.

  15. just checking in. THought it was a night game. Heading out to dinner with wife here in hot and humid and dry Austin

  16. Is there any reason to hope they’re going to do anything in the 8th or 9th?

  17. John (21) I’m here – there is another monsoon out in Bethpage and they’ve got the place shut down.
    This game shouldn’t take too long – too bad that Santana had that rain delay.

  18. Sure, TexMets, rub it in there in “dry” Austin. We’re up here rotting from all the rain.

  19. That was two quick outs. Now Sheffield can hit a pinch 2-run homer with nobody on.

  20. This guy who just homered has twice as many homers as anybody on the Mets. Two runs is an awful lot of runs for the Mets these days.-JD

  21. I’ll assume that the flood of responses to my question (25) about whether there’s any reason to hope, says it all…

  22. Im back 3-1 looks insurrmountable with this offense – I hope they prove me wrong – last year the fatal error was on Omar for sticking with the Pen as is – this year it may be a bat and if he gets one it maybe too little to late – how many times can he say there wasnt a good deal before that answer isnt accepted

  23. Tatis pinch hitting for Murphy is sort of six of one, half a dozen of the other.

  24. Tatis is making Arod look clutch in clutch situation this year … He’s .059BA with two outs and RISP . no way he’s getting on in ninth it was a walk or nothing

  25. Here it is: man on, 2 out… time for Wright to show why he leads the league in hitting. Right?

  26. Was there anybody left in the park after the rain delay? Must have stayed for the food.

  27. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ – not worth revisiting, though except to see the early innings with Santana.

    See you tomorrow…

  28. If I weren’t a lifelong Mets fan, this team would be the definition of the kind of team I HATE. THey are overpaid, underperforming, wiht no guts or heart.

  29. Well, they’re due for an offensive explosion. You know, when they suddenly score 10 runs in a game and everybody wonders if that means they’re finally “breaking out” of it — while asking “why couldn’t they have scored a few of those runs the last couple of days?” And then they promptly go back in the tank anyway.

    I’ve been watching this team too long.

  30. Jeff M, yes you are right. I have a love hate relationship wiht this team and will til Im dead. But I had higher hopes for them this year and think that 2009 is a lost season. THey may need to break up the team. I dont know the answer, but raiding the youngsters to get Dunn or delarosa (?) is not the answer. Can they not develop some of this talent? Pelf, Maine, FMart, Parnell? Do we fans have to go through another start over?

  31. And a tip of the hat to Omar. Everybody knew their roles until Omar got the cheap deal of the Century and since that fateful day everything has revolved around one Gary Sheffield and Murphy stopped hitting Church stop hitting aggessively, Tatis became the guy who stinks again David Wright couldn’t figure out iof he’s a 3 or a 4 or a 5 and made himself into a pure punch and judy hitter and so on. The signing of Sheffield has destroyed the offensive chemistry of the NY Metsies.
    And a tip of the hat to Jerry for making these guys hit the other way, It sure is great to know you won’t see the big pop because Jerry apparently banned it. And he has worn out Parnell and the rest will soon follow in the pen. Couldn’t use the entire pen, buried Stokes right out of he gate to prove his genius in putting Parnell in the pen. Well, he wore him out faster than Willie wore out Joe Smith. Hail the 2 geniuses.

  32. Harry, when Omar came on the scene, I loved the fresh approach and aggressiveness. Now that we have an aging 40 man roster, a poor starting rotation and a gutted minor league, Im not so sure. Reyes has back tracked in the last couple of years. Wright and Beltran are solid stats guys but no heart. We are signing cant miss prospects from LatAm, but they’ve not had the benefit of organized ball and are missing the basic fundamentals of the game. And we seem to be unable to do the right kind of physical and mental training in the minors. Is Warthen the right pitching coach for this team? Hojo as hitting coach? I dont think that Manuel is that bad – there are certainly worse, but he could go too. Give us some players wiht guts and guile. How about some emotion? How about Wally Backman? Bobby V is rumored to be out of a job next year in Japan. What about him?

  33. i think its unfair to see beltran and wright lack heart. just bc beltran isnt a rah rah guy doesnt mean he lacks heart..he has played hurt all yr and is doing so now…wright lives and dies with this team and i dont think heart/effort is a problem with him

    a new manager with a more aggressive/edge i think could help add some intensity to the team but with all these injuries to only be 2 out is a surprise. team seems to be fighting back after tough losses and there has been less roll over ABs etc… need another bat in the lineup ASAP