METS CHAT ROOM: Game #65; AL Champs visit.



Fernando Nieve, who pitched brilliantly in his Mets debut against the Yankees last weekend, gets his second start tonight against the Tampa Bay Rays.

It’s hard to believe with how Nieve pitched that he couldn’t make Houston’s rotation. Then again, maybe last week was an aberration, but a good one. He was in the mid-90s and hitting the corners. Can’t ask for more other than to do it again.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Ryan Church, RF
Brian Schneider, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
Fernando Nieve, RP

The Rays are in town with third baseman Evan Longoria, which begs the obvious comparisons to David Wright. Well, you can pick one. Who is it?

50 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #65; AL Champs visit.

  1. Spent some time in Camden Yards. Place is still a nice place to watche a game. Fans are good. Lot better than the booers at Chiti Field. There tem stinks but they root them on. Funny, Met fans on the road root the Mets on as well. I guess they are embarrassed to boo everything on the road!

  2. Harry (3): I noticed that. And, Camden Yards is still a nice place for a game. I really enjoyed my time there covering the Orioles.-JD

  3. OT – there is still a full field of players on the course at Bethpage Black due to yesterday’s wash out. Trying to follow that and the Mets at the same time –

  4. John – how will the Mets/Omar/Wilpons take it if the Yankees move on Pedro? I understand they are looking at him today along with some other clubs..

  5. 11. Annie. If he signs with the Yankees and does well, Omar will go into deep hiding, but if he’s bad Omar will pound his chest in victory.
    Girardi in trouble after the humiliation from theNats?

  6. I have been trying to get my connection to work. It was so slow, by the time I got the page to load I was already five comments behind. Have restarted everything and it seems to be better.

    So, as I recall, predictions were that Nieve would get blown out tonight and Schneider would never get a big hit…

  7. Harry (12) The horns have blown and darkness has fallen at Bethpage Black where the players will have to finish their rounds tomorrow AM. Beautiful sunset shots over the water. So, now I can concentrate on the Mets/Yankees.
    Francesa took Girardi over the coals this afternoon – Mike was always exclusively a Yankee fan until he remarried about 5 years ago – wife (youngest of eleven) and Mother in Law avid Mets fans – in fact – one of the three children are as well. Now, Mike is watching both teams and I think Girardi was surprised that Mike would question him.

    Pedro belongs with the Mets – if Omar isn’t making a move toward him, to me, that is a sign that the Wilpons have got Omar on a tight budget.

  8. Jeff M (13) Sometimes I get really mad at my computer – I’m convinced that there are evil demons who infiltrate the machine just to get me crazy.

  9. John (16) Howie and Wayne are discussing all the empty seats at Citi Park – I thought they were doing OK.

  10. Another stellar effort from Nieve.
    For all of Omar’s faults he does seem to find
    guys in the bargain bin.

    The only problem with this is some teams might
    be wary of trading with the Mets.

  11. Annie I don’t see Pedro in Queens. He was team leader and if he came back he wouldn’t be and that would make for a complicated clubhouse scenario. Anywhere else, he’s the new guy and he can be whatever. In Pedro’s case I think it is a lot more than budget.

  12. I agree with Harry (20) about Pedro. There are a bunch of teams scouting him now and the Mets aren’t one of them. It is time to move on.-JD

  13. Harry (20) OK, I’ll accept that premise – I remember how different he was when he came to the Mets – He wasn’t the Red Sox Pedro anymore.

  14. Everybody is so agreeable tonite. Is it because its the weekend, the start of summer, or a 4-1 lead? I think all of them.

  15. Thank goodness it’s not last year, when relief pitching was the Mets’ problem.

  16. John (31): My comment (29) was meant to be ironic; it was made right after the Rays scored two runs. But my DSL connection is taking so long, it’s like I’m on a delay from the Moon.

  17. I take it back. Green got himself out of it. Mets have pulled themselves back from the brink a number of times tonight.

  18. Jeff M. (38) Don’t know if you saw the post last night, but Ray has a family emergency and will be away for a while..

  19. Murphy, now Church… I guess all Jerry’s “mismanaging” hasn’t been able to completely destroy them.

  20. Annie (42) I saw that a little while ago. He didn’t sound too upset, so I hope it’s nothing really bad.

  21. I do NOT want to have to hold my breath when K-Rod is pitching! Another shot like that and we’ll be wondering what’s going on…

  22. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. A much more pleasant evening than some others we’ve had recently.

    Santana tomorrow on Fox at 4PM.

  23. John (47) Last I heard Mitch ‘Wild Thing’ Williams was with a team in Atlantic City…he was a friend of my former boss at Yale.