METS CHAT ROOM: Game #64; Hernandez goes for No. 6



When the Mets signed Livan Hernandez this spring, there were those who thought he’d be lucky to win six games, lucky even to make six starts.

He goes after No. 6 tonight in Baltimore, prompting the question: Where would the Mets be without him?

Hernandez is looking to rebound from Friday’s game against the Yankees in which he gave up three homers over 5 1/3 innings.Hernandez is 3-1 with a 3.94 ERA in five career starts against the Orioles.

Tonight’s line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, DH
Ryan Church, RF
Omir Santos, C
Fernando Martinez, LF
Luis Castillo, 2B

111 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #64; Hernandez goes for No. 6

  1. wow.
    murphy slides into the 2 hole rather than the bench for his efforts last night.

    FMart slides down the lineup where he should be and Castillo is inexplicably batting last.

  2. to answer your question, looking to next year or perhaps signing Pedro for 6 million to pitch 4 innings a game.

  3. Great. Beltran’s wincing in pain. It’d be all we need for him to now be hurt.

  4. gotta go.

    looks like the mets could win this cause their pitcher cant get out of the 3rd, but he seems to pitch ok at home.

    i say we continue our slide and lose yet another series.

    isnt it great? its june and the season may be over. this from a team with one of the highest payrolls in the league and an offseason where they should have fixed their holes and did not.

    night guys

  5. Gil (13) Yankee game planned for 1PM had a rain delay that lasted until 6:30PM – the Stadium is almost empty.

  6. 14 No, JD was talking about Camden Yards, where conditions tonight look ideal.

  7. Melvin Mora, Ty Wigginton… it’s like a Mets reunion.

    But wait, the Mets are still together!

  8. Gil, my brother lives near Camden Yards and had already told me about the weather there. Here in the Northeast it has rained incessantly all day long – USGA cancelled the US Open for today – hoping to be able to play tomorrow. Golf greens were like lakes at Bethpage Black.

  9. Wonder if Wright may break the Mets’ single season strikeout record this year.

  10. John (26) That’s what I keep saying! How can you lead the league in hitting and keep leaving men on base??

  11. Looks like a slow night on the board. I will bring up the trade rumor out of Boston again. Reyes for Buckholz, Ellsbury and 2 hot minor leaguers. Ones a pitcher and ones a SS. Any takers?

  12. 32. John, I dont understand how he is no closer now than he was weeks ago. I have heard of slow healers but cmon.

  13. You all see that the Tigers have decided to indefinitely bench OF Magglio Ordonez because of lack of production?
    And that the D-Train is back on the DL because of his anxiety disorder?

  14. 37 I remember almost every baseball writer in the country was ready to hand the Tigers the ’07 series before the season even started because of the deal they made for Miguel Cabrera and D-Train.
    Tell ya another reason why Ordonez’s playing days are gonna take a hit from here on in: Detroit would have to pay him a total of $18M if he started 135 games next year.

  15. 38 The real killer for the O’s? This started with two outs and nobody on. Seems like it happens the other way around, to us, all the time…

  16. Wonder if the Mets should think about acquiring either Danys Baez or George Sherrill of the O’s or the ‘pen, considering Putz is a longshot to come back this year, as is Wagner and Parnell is bound to geta little weary in his first full season.

  17. 44 As much as we’ve criticized Omar Minaya for the Castillo, Redding and Perez signings, we have to give him his props for grabbing Frankie, Cora, Sheffield, Santos and Livan. Where would we be now without those guys?

  18. Props to the O’s sound folks…
    “Please Please Tell Me Now (Is There Something I Should Know),” by Duran Duran was an apropos choice for that meeting on the mound…

  19. 51 Ray: I dunno about Stokes. He always looks hittable. And he didn’t exactly make the steup role his own late last season

  20. IMO if they are going to get a bullpen guy it needs to be a loogy. I dont want to see takahashi again.

  21. This is so funny, with TV reporters now allowed to report from a team’s locker room with a player who’s been removed from a game.
    Can you imagine what would get caught on TV if this were the 1986 Mets locker room?
    All the illegal drugs, binge drinking, sex with groupies and other debauchery?

  22. 56 Just say no to Wiggy — unless of course you make him the Designated Catcher Flattener.

  23. 12. Dave do you feel better now. Nice outing by the amazing Hernandez. Some of you guys are really over the top. At least I wait till the end of a game to lose it.

  24. Anyone else enjoying those SNY “NY NY Sports Sports” spots with the two South Asian-American shopkeepers, Mandib and his business partner? Funny as hell. Especially the one where Keith Hernandez stars in one of them.

  25. 61 Wiggy has quite the knack for flattening catchers at the plate when he runs the bases and tries to score.

  26. 67 True. Though Let’s see if he can get on base and help get us a much-needed insurance run.

  27. Last year Wiggy had 23 homers a 350 obp and a 526 slugging pct. can play all over the field. Whats not to like? His numbers are down this year as he is not getting regular playing time.

  28. 70 Ray: So what about last year, though? If he were productive this year, he’d be playing everyday and not riding the pine. And if he’s riding the pine with a mediocre club like the O’s, could he really help the Mets? I mean, is he any more productive right now than Murphy or Tatis to justify further reducing their playing time?

  29. 71 Not so much shameful, JD, as a cost-cutting and don’t-piss-off-the-players’-union move.
    Nats weren’t coming back to the Bronx this year and then MLB would’ve had to have had a makeup game down the line, which would’ve angered the players. Better for all to have just played the game when it was dry enough.

  30. 72. Yes I know last year was a long time ago. I dont know why the Orioles are not starting him. They have Huff for first, Mora at 2nd and good young outfielders. Tatis and Murphy have provided very little offense and less power. Wiggy has power and is a grinder. Maybe he could teach the rest of them how to flatten a catcher. The Mets need a power bat at a corner. badly. Dunns not coming. Wiggy could be had cheap.

  31. 75 But Ray, how cheap? And let’s say you get him. What then, do you do with Murphy and Tatis? What i you get him and he’s just as unproductive and you have three under-producing first basemen?
    And I can’t beleive the Orioles didn’t leave Andino in to sacrifice Wieters to third.

  32. Wiggy can play all over the field. not just first. And now Frankie is trying to give it away.

  33. 85. Nope. Sorry, JD. Saw the replay. It was bang-bang. Tie goes to the runner.

  34. On a bright note, at least Jeremy Reed isn’t on first to throw away a grounder…

  35. If Frankie blows this, I can’t get all over him. He’s been damn near perfect all year. But Livan certainly deserves better.

  36. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. And, for the Mets, the Happy Ending disappeared. Perhaps life will be better back home at Citi Field.

    See you tomorrow.

  37. 92 I don’t think he’s been on the edge all year. Frankie couldn’t put together a 0.56 ERA if he wasn’t nearly lights out all the time. I’m with Ray. He was due a bad game.
    But then you wonder about fairness.
    How does Brad Lidge go a whole season in the last one without blowing a save and every other closer besides a steroid-aided Eric Gagne have a blown one or two?
    But hey, if someone said when the year started that Frankie wouldn’t get beaten by the opposition until now (his “loss” to the Yankees was hardly his fault), I’d have taken that.
    The reality is, we’re a mediocre team — injuries or not — that’s very lucky to be as close in the playoff race as we are right now. Unfortunately, we’re likley to be below .500 pretty soon…

  38. 2 of the lost series are to pirates and Orioles. 2 of the worst teams in baseball. Omar better find someone with some HR power. Cant count on Delgado coming back.

  39. Get two evenings off from work to watch the Mets. Get two disappointing losses. K Rod was due for a bad outing, that happens. But clutch hits are as rare as funny Gilbert Gottfried jokes with this team. David Wright must be the emptiest .360 hitter in history.

    But the Phils got swept, Ibanez is out and the Cards are losing in the 7th.

  40. The weather is depressing enough — now this? I’m crawling back into my hole.

  41. 98 It’s more than a lack of power killing the Mets.
    What about having three-fifths of the starting rotation right now be guys that no one else wanted in the off-season and in Spring Training?
    What about injuries forcing great bench guys like Cora into starting everyday?
    What about Ryan Church driving in a grand total of 14 runs up ’til now?
    What about all the mental and phsyical errors that have cost the Mets games?
    What about Fernando Tatis backsliding?
    What about Daniel Murphy not being nearly as good at the plate as many fans thought?
    What about J.J. Putz being damaged goods?

  42. No, they can’t count on Delgado coming back. And, Wright and Beltran just aren’t going deep. Adam Dunn can be had and I’d go get him.-JD

  43. well

    come back to see the mets lose yet another series.

    I take no joy in being right.

    the mets just are not playing well.

    livan seems to have pitched well and the mets are just not good enough.

    face it, without delgado and jose their lineup sucks.

    beltran is hurt but he has to play. wright cannot drive anyone in unless a man is on first with no outs.he will strike out 200 times and is hitting 350.

    that is our power. sheff can only play 2 games a week and is hitting 240 and cannot play the field. church and murph arent hitting and castillo is playing well on both sides of the plate but they have him hitting last so the rookie can hit 200 but be slotted 2.

    something is wrong with our ace and half the rotation is on the dl.

    did i miss anything?

    oh yeah. the gm is to blame because we get handed a once in a lifetime opportunity to fix the team because we are a big market team and we get cheap even though we have one of the biggest payrolls in the league.

    our two biggest priorities were to fix the pen and get a good rotation where we didnt blow the pen out by all star break.

    well we fixed the pen and did nothing for the rotation. guess what? the pen will blow september because they get worn out by august.

    this is the same script we have had since 2007. this is year 3 of the same script. i have lived this for 2 years and will live it again this year.

    i am not pessimistic. i am realistic.

    if ollie does not come back soon. really soon and be the pitcher he can be rather than the pitcher he is this season is over. you dont have to wait for the trade deadline because we will be sellers by then.

    we have no power. we dont work pitchers. we dont run the bases we dont play defense and we dont pitch. what do we do?

    we lose every series we play. that is what we are good at.

  44. 101. you make my point. the first base platoon has not worked out. Power outages at first, third LF and Rf cannot be sustained. Pitching has held out very well despite the Injuries. How can you win with no power from 4 power spots?

  45. 105 Yes, Ray, I agree about the lack of power. But Ty Wigginton isn’t the answer. And what about the Mets’ own hitters not supplying power?
    Ryan Church with two homers?
    D-Wright with four?
    Only Beltran and Sheffield are supplying any power.
    What is still a glaring loss is the team without Jose Reyes. Speed never slumps and he’d have been instrumental at manufacturing more runs with his speed or his abilities to hit doubles and triples.
    He makes the offense go.
    And let’s not forget to put Jeff Wilpon on the blame list. He was the one that came up with those ridiculous dimesnions at Citi Field that’s hurting the Mets power numbers at home.

  46. 103. Now that the game is over and another where they they have snatched victory and gave us defeat, you can bitch. btw you all might not be hearing from me for awhile as I have a family emergency I must attend to. I know its hard, but keep you chins up and I will talk to you again soon.


  47. 106 Gil, last one for the road. Thats why I come up with Wiggy. Wilpon will never go over the luxury tax line. You gotta think cheap right now. Dunn ? fuhgett about it. Same with Carlos Lee. Omar is not the GM of the yankees. He is Gm of the Mets of Fred Wilpon. Omar is a puppet on a string.

  48. You will all laugh, but it looks like Nick Evans may have finally turned the corner at AA. Avergae up from .200 to .276 in last 10 days or so and he has 3 HR’s. If he keeps hitting for another two weeks or so, I would take his bat over Tatis. Liked the Evans/Murph platoon last year a whole lot more than this year’s rotation.