METS CHAT ROOM: Game #63; Murphy on spot.



Manager Jerry Manuel said today that as long as the team is winning he can live with the lack of production from Daniel Murphy and Fernando Martinez. The Mets are reasonably close to the Phillies, but they have only won three of their last seven games.

That’s hardly winning.

With each passing day, it is becoming more apparent the Mets are hanging in, but in need of an offensive infusion. Adam Dunn, anyone? He’ll be costly, but he will provide a 40-homer, 120-RBI bat the Mets desperately need.

Manuel also said Jose Reyes is at least a week away from beginning his rehab. Since the Mets are never right with these things, add some extra time.

Tim Redding (0-2, 6.18 ERA) is coming off a good start, giving up three runs over seven innings, June 11, against Philly.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Fernando Martinez, LF
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Church, RF
Gary Sheffield, DH
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Brian Schneider, C
Luis Castillo, 2B

160 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #63; Murphy on spot.

  1. With Redding pitching, the Mets better score a bunch of runs in the first…

  2. i ask again, and dont know if anyone asked directly, why is fernando hitting 2nd?

    oh that’s right. he is hitting 220 so you want a hitter that hot at the top of the lineup because you want him to get the extra turn.

  3. On a totally different tack…why is finding Artie Lange’s appearance on HBO’s “Joe Buck Live” on the Internet harder to find than fresh Iranian riot footage?

  4. explain to me why castillo is hitting 9 and the rookie of the 200 avg is hitting 2nd?

  5. 6

    because real life theater of riots, death and destruction is cheaper and more fun than any other programming

  6. Dave (8) You’re right – those re-run street scenes are all over the place again today.

  7. John (9) why is Martinez still here? It can’t be that sparkling 196 average…

  8. so we signed a bunch of draft picks. when do they come up to help us with fielding, hitting, pitching?

  9. Folks, remember Martinez is just 20 years old, with what, a month of AAA ball under his belt?
    How can any of us realistically expect he’d be brought up and start tearing up the league?

  10. 9

    i dont get it. we are trying to make the post season.

    as our ace said early this season, every game counts.

    we play a cold rookie in the second spot because he has more speed than sheff?

    castillo can hold his own on the bases and he works the count giving us a better chance in the middle of the game.

    please put up a poll so we can count the ways the coach is an idiot.

  11. 16

    I dont. he is up, which is fine. I do not expect him to be batting 2nd. i expect him to bat 8 or 9

  12. i see redding likes to keep it belt high centered on the plate today.

    who is the long relief man and when does he start warming?

  13. because the last 2 games he pitched pretty well?

    i agree. lowe for ollie + redding seems fair to me.

  14. john

    i see our pitcher will raise his era today.

    i guess we are shooting for 4 innings and maybe 6 runs?

  15. 25 Annie, by your logic then, there were hundreds more available this winter. Couldn’t he have chosen someone else? :)

  16. i take it by the lineup our manager pencils in that we are counting on the orioles handing us the series?

  17. The real Tim Redding showed up tonight. Drat.
    How many teams would you have to contract to insure every team has a decent starting rotation? Maybe 14 or so. A lot more than 2 or 4, that’s for sure.

  18. dan

    i would argue that the current way they teach is setting these pitchers to fail.

    the pitchers of 20 years ago say they never had to throw 100 yards. they threw as far as it took to go from the mound to the plate. they pitched without pitch counts. they were insulted if taken out before the 8th.

    now we have a win if we pitch 5, which is about half a game for a starter. to me that is a reliever.

  19. I missed the first episode of Joe Buck Live and from what I hear, I can’t wait to miss the next.

    Starting year 2 of Jerry, the second best manager named Manuel. Is this doesn’t work out, signed me up for Bobby V-2

  20. i have to beat the dead horse.

    would it not make sense to have 2 players who make the pitcher work at the top of the order and not have a rookie batting second who is an easy out?

    perhaps i am a fool and the coach is a genius.

  21. John (28) It’s amazing isn’t it – they go on the DL and are never seen or heard from again – except for Jose Reyes, I guess.

  22. 29

    but you dont understand.

    we had to sign the journeyman early because he was injured and you cant pass a bargain like him up.

  23. I think they keep batting Kmart 2nd because they want him to get better pitches to hit with the protection behind him. They are hoping he will get it going soon and be a contributer and build his confidence.

  24. that is nice.

    perhaps they can do the same for murphy because like he needs help too.

  25. There are probably a whole lot of reasons why. Managers have diminished expectations, kids do play catch enough with baseball and never build up their arms, too much else to do. The amount of innings pitchers go has been declining since Cap Anson and Pud Galvin (can we get a pitcher named Pud again?). I suppose the fickle nature of finding healthy pitchers does increase the number of teams in the post season/world series. If the Yankees could be guaranteed the starters they sign would be healthy and productive, it would be like the 1950s again. But it sure is ugly to watch. Reminds me of what a friend who saw Jim Bunning’s perfect game at Shea in 1964 used to always say “Most boring game I ever went to” But it’s considered a classic moment in Phillies history. Not that they have too many until recently.

  26. I think you’d have to go back to 20 teams for everyone to have a chance at a decent rotation. Don’t forget, back then, there were still lousy staffs.-JD

  27. 46. I remember reading about a guy named Iron Joe Mcginnity who pitched both ends of doubleheader and if I remember correctly one of the games went 18 innings!! Pitched for the NY Giants around the turn of the last century.

  28. Just said that the Orioles finally have a Japanese player. Any other teams out there that still haven’t? If not, does that make Uehara the Japanese Pumpsie Green? For those who don’t rememeber, the Red Sox were the last team to have a Black player and it was Pumpsie Green, later a Met (of course). That’s your real curse right there.

  29. 54. I dont know about that Dan. There have been a heckuva lot more good black players in MLB than Japanese. The next one the Mets get will be the first.

  30. 36 Dan, Joe Buck may be a very good play-by-play guy (though many would disagree with that), but a TV talk show host? Not so much.
    The segments I saw on the Internet were a disaster with a capital “D.”
    Granted, the normally clownishly funny Artie Lange showed his mean streak and — without provocation — skewered Buck. Buck should’ve known better, though, than to try and out-insult a comedian and he was toast from the moment he tried to retort.
    Lange hijacked Buck’s show, which many commentators are calling a spectacular failure because of what they say was a boring interview with Brett Favre.
    Click below if you want to see the post-show, online segment where Lange makes Buck his whipping boy:

  31. 54 58 Along those lines o ballplayers and ethnicities, has every MLB team had a Jewish player?

  32. john

    i dont know, i have seen your posts and others try and explain why fernando is batting 2nd.

    i am not convinced.

    i just do not see how it is justified.

    unless of course you want to develop him.

    in which case. church should play every day. we should not have signed sheff. murphy should play every day, etc.

  33. 60. Anybody remember Ron Bloomberg. What was his nickname? the Hebrew Hammer I think.

  34. For any of you out there who are super-nostalgic, just found a really interesting youtube video of some guys attending the Mets 1982 home opener.
    Bear with the video quality (and the early footage of the guys paying a toll to cross the Whitestone Bridge) and you’ll be treated to the following…
    *Footage of Mookie Wilson slashing a double down the third base line.
    *Hearing a snippet of a “Pete Rose sucks!” chant
    *The site of an actual Jordache jeans advertisement
    *Shots of the original Diamond Vision scoreboard, complete with the cheesy sign above the screen…

  35. 64. I saw that. Bob Murphy on the radio driving in. Guys putting thier buddies on thier shoulders to sneak in from the outside. Classic.

  36. 63 Ron Bloomberg was MLB’s first-ever DH when he made his debut with the Yankees.
    Some current Jewish players:
    *Kevin Youkilis
    *Ryan Braun
    *Jason Marquis
    *Brad Ausmus
    The Mets first Jewish player was Elliott Maddox, who converted to Judaism.

  37. 65 Sneaking in? Better to sneak out of Shea to avoid watching that horrible edition of the Mets.

  38. Gil, you want to talk old school. I was recently going through my 1975 yearbook. The most expensive seat in the park? $4.00 !!

  39. Ray (77) I agree – he’s been on his very best behaviour, too. I saw him in his waning days as a Yankee – he was often a problem then. Now, it’s almost as though he’s found a home at last.

  40. 79 Yeah, Sheffield has found a home…until close to the end of the season when he’ll be sure to carp to the press about how he deserves a new, longterm contract…

  41. Ray, what’s the oldest Mets yearbook you have in your home? Mine is from ’77.

  42. OT – I’ve just checked – the rain you are having at Camden Yards is headed for and nearing Bethpage Black.

  43. Gil (80): My oldest is 69. Oldest Yankee yearbook is 65. They don’t make yearbooks anymore. Too bad. … Too bad about that inning. They could have done something.-JD

  44. Strangely enough, a great place to get old Mets yearbooks back in the day was across the street from Yankee Stadium at a store called Manny’s Baseball Land.
    What I’d love to know is, who are the geniuses (NOT!) who destroyed all the tape of “Kiner’s Korner” programs?!

  45. 80.82. My oldest is 1972 cost was 75 cents. I bought one last year at Shea. It cost 10 Dollars and was so full of adds it was almost as thick as a phonebook.

  46. My Yearbook is the 25th Anniversary one in 1986 – it cost $5. It’s full of information and has a chronology of the early teams from 1962 – 1986. I also have the 1986 World Series Program/book – $5.

  47. 85: Wow! Seventy-five cents? Oh, man.
    My oldest baseball card is from 1971 — a Tigers’ reserve infielder named Ken Szotkiewicz. Weird thing is, it’s the ONLY 1971 card I have and I have no idea how I got it. I have tons of 1972 cards.
    86: Does Manny’s still exist? Does it exist on cyberspace?

  48. Gil, are you sure somebody erased the Kiners korners? maybe they are just hidden in a warehouse somewhere.

  49. John (56) — Every time I hear or see Mike Francesa, he’s saying that Jerry has been doing a decent job, considering all the Mets injuries, of keeping them treading water and not letting them fall apart. I know nobody here would agree with that…

  50. annie

    absolutely he has stuff and is developing his secondary pitches.

    everyone wanted to cut pelf a few years ago and he is now our number 2

  51. Dave (96) I don’t mind Francesa as much as I used to. He seems to have mellowed since Mad Dog left; that combination may have been successful, but I think it was poison.

  52. Gil, A current Jewish player you forgot is Ian Kinsler. I wouldnt mind having him on the Metsies. Also found out that Ausmus mother is jewish which by jewish tradition makes him a jew.

  53. 94 Ray: I read somewhere that, unfortunately, the old “Kiner’s Korner” shows were destroyed. I really wish they were in a warehouse somewhere. Can you imagine all the cool stuff SNY could’ve aired? Maybe Ralph interviewing Keith for the first time when he was a Cardinal, back in the day?

  54. Jeff (94): I’m not crazy about everything Jerry does, but overall he’s done a good job this year considering all the injuries. Like I said, they are lucky to be within three of the Phillies.-JD

  55. oh that’s right.

    a starter isnt expected to go more than 4 and a reliever cannot ever face more than 3 batters.

  56. If the old Kiner’s Korners were the property of Channel 9, they’re probably gone. They used to erase all their old videotapes and reuse them. I remember reading that Clay Cole’s entire series — with appearances by the Beatles, the Stones, and every other big pop group of the 60s — was erased.

  57. 100 I didn’t know Ian Kinsler is Jewish. I also forgot about Gabe Kapler.

  58. Dave (96) Why watch? It’s the old Godfather line about keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer. Mike is always right and a bit arrogant, but he gets guests and makes phone calls few other ‘hosts’ can. Of course he’s been in the business over 30 years. Today Jim Nance spent over an hour with him on YES and WFAN = Mike often ‘forgets’ the commercials when he has a guest in person.

  59. annie


    i dont know if i have ever seen the show.

    most ppl here cant seem to stand him but watch anyway

  60. Have the Mets won a single game this season in which Tim Redding has started?

  61. Man that is a crime about the kiners korners. But I was at the Kiner celebration at shea a couple of years ago and they had plenty of clips. Maybe this is just a rumor.

  62. OK, there goes the Cranberries’ “Zombie” again. Is the sound person trying to go for that “in your heeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaad, in your heeeeeeeee-eeeeeee-eeeee-eeeeaaaad” thing?

  63. My mistake — Clay Cole was on Channel 11, not Channel 9. But I think the same principle applies… stations used to erase their tapes as a matter of course, unless somebody made a specific effort to save them. In most cases, tapes and films that have been preserved are ones that were the property of an individual. Even most of Johnny Carson’s original Tonight Shows — the first seasons from New York — were lost. (I think that classic Ed Ames tomahawk clip is a rare exception.)

  64. There is a trade rumor out of boston saying sox trade Bucholz, Ellsbury and a couple of other hot minor leaguers one a pitcher one a SS for Reyes. IMO Cora is doing fine and the mets are not really missing Reyes. Would any of you do this deal over the winter?

  65. Gary Apple just appeared a moment ago on SNY saying someone else has been busted for steroids. Is he talking Sammy Sosa rehash, or is it someone new? New test? Old test? Checking other sports websites now, but not finding anything…

  66. Ray: I humbly disagree. Mets are SORELY missing Jose Reyes. His speed, defense, potiental for extra base hits. Cora’s fine — as a bench player.

  67. (122) Why would the Sox be willing to trade Buchholz AND Ellsbury AND a couple of other hot minor leaguers for Reyes? That seems insane. I would do it in a second!

  68. 125. just a rumor of course, but the sox have such a deep system they could do it. Reyes would be the leadoff hitter that could make them unbeatable.

  69. 126 Jef: I love Jose Reyes and wouldn’t trade him. But playing devil’s advocate here, if you make such a deal, where the heck do you put Ellsbury, with a gold glover like Beltran entrenched in center for at least two more years?

  70. Ray (122): I would have to seriously consider it. There’s a feeling Reyes might have hit his peak. If not, the deal could bite them in the butt. It would be a tough call.-JD

  71. (124) Gil, Ellsbury had 50 stolen bases in 2008 — tops in the AL, plus 98 RBI. And Buchholz is a young stud who is back in AAA, but already pitched a no-hitter for the Sox.

  72. (131) Except for the days you sit him for Church, Murphy, Reed, Tatis, or Sheffield.

  73. I saw a comment by Dick Cavett a couple years ago when his late night ABC talk show was on 40 years ago, they said they would make a video tape (or film) copy if he paid them $60 a show. He said yes so the shows are preserved and some compilations have been released. I assume similar deals were offered to other people.

    Also saw something on a Montreal Canadiens fan blosites talking about why some games weren’t released on their DVD set last year. Apparently many of them don’t exist. The famous shot of Bobby Orr flying theru the air after scoring a goal was not save by the CBC. The American network that televised it (CBS?) saved it and gets royalties when somebody plays it.

    Amazing how rich TV and sports are yet many times they are very stupid. As a kid I assumed these games were being saved to release once rideo tape recorders were made/became popular. But much wasn’t

  74. Ellsbury takes over the leadoff spot. and the role as the SB threat. gives them a plan if Beltran asks for a crazy contract. Buckholz has number 1 stuff plus you get another high ceiling pitcher and a possible replacement at ss for reyes. Reyes has fallen a lot from his expectations the last few years. He is an injury risk and not a very smart ballplayer. This is a no brainer to me.

  75. 133 Ellsbury with 98 RBI? Maybe in his career — definitely not in one season.

  76. (138) Gil, you’re right — I got carried away. He had 98 Runs, not RBI. His RBI total that year was 47.

  77. Mets figure to lose tonight and should have lost last night. They aren’t playing well, but are still three games out. Hard to figure. … Except to conclude the NL East isn’t that good.-JD

  78. 137. In 1989 the mets traded Aggie, and a bunch of other promising pitchers, one whose name I cant remember right now had very good success in helping the twins to a 1991 championship. The Mets thought Viola was the missing piece and felt they had plenty of pitching depth to deal

  79. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. Tonight the Orioles simply played better than the Mets – it’s happening too often this season….

    See you tomorrow.

  80. Not a good night for the boys. Feliciano didn’t have it tonight and that was the game. Redding settled down, but pitched as could be expected. Just not enough offense.-JD

  81. Happy one year anniversary present Jerry Manuel. We will see if you make it to two.

  82. It was Kevin Tapani who went 16-9 with a 2.99 era for the twins that year and had a nice career. Had some nice performances in the playoffs and series that year as I recall.

  83. Norm Sherry is listed as Jewish by Baseball Almanac and caught with the Mets in 1963. Greg Goosen is listed as having a Jewish father.

  84. 66. Gil the America hater: I know you think you are smarter and better than everyone else, but oince again you aren’t. Joe Ginsberg a Jewish catcher played for the Mets in 1962. Also, Redding says he may be a bad pitcher but you are without doubt the worst fan in the world.

  85. Raul Ibanez has been put on the 15 day DL.

    Old guys gets hurt no matter what team they play for.

  86. SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP)—Pedro Martinez(notes) could be back on a major league mound soon.

    The right-hander said on Wednesday that he has had talks with the Chicago Cubs and Tampa Bay Rays and hopes to sign a contract in the near future.

    “There’s a good chance I’ll be signing soon, but there still isn’t anything firm,” Martinez told The Associated Press.

    Martinez, 37, has been training in his native Dominican Republic in hopes of returning to the majors. His four-year deal with the New York Mets ended after last season, making Martinez a free agent.

    “Chicago and Tampa Bay are the two teams that have shown the most interest and we are negotiating with them, although I’ve told my agent not to call me until it’s a done deal,” he said.

    Martinez wants to sign with the team that has the best chance of winning a pennant.

    “I need the emotion of competition,” he said.

    Martinez has a 214-99 record with an ERA of 2.91 in 17 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Montreal Expos, Boston Red Sox and the Mets
    I hope Omar reads this and reconsiders signing Pedro. Look at that record – and he KNOWS HOW TO PITCH!!!

  87. …the Wilpons made their bed in the offseason going soft at a unique time in baseball history where impact players remained available at bargain basement prices and they did nothing. It was evident Delgado was iffy, and they had little power at the corners, before Wright’s power shortage. Dunn made sense then, as I posted at the time, cause he could fill in for Delgado if he slipped further, and provided power at a corner spot. Tell me when a team has won a pennant with virtually no power at the corners. Now to get Dunn they will have to pay his salary and give up their top minor league talent. Penny wise and pound foolish. Thanks again Mr. Madoff.

  88. (154) Annie: I really think the Pedro train has come and gone. The Pedro you speak of hasn’t been the same since he hurt his hip (?) in 2006. Besides the #4 and #5 starters have been pretty much doing their jobs so far.

  89. (155) Flatbush: See NY Mets, 2000…Jay Payton, Benny Agbayani, and Timo Perez…

  90. 157. Excellent point. What do the Mets have to give DC anyway. They need an entire outfield, an entire bullpen and most of an infield. For all those who want to give them Niese, they have a whole staff of young, inexperienced starters and just drafted the supposed phenom pitcher. We have no infielders to give, and no relief pitchers. You wanna dump Parnell/FMart for Dunn. not me.

  91. What the Nationals really need is cash to pay their new phenom.
    If they traded Dunn today they would save approx 15 million. 5mi this year + 10 mil next year.