Where’s the biggest hole?

I see where the tabs are calling for Omar Minaya to make a trade. So, what else is new? They are always calling for Minaya to make a trade.

But, which hole do you fill?

Do you go after a first baseman to replace Carlos Delgado and the impotent tandem of Fernando Tatis/Daniel Murphy? Delgado says he’ll be back this year, but there are no guarantees.

How about a shortstop to replace Jose Reyes, who apparently isn’t any closer to returning now than he was when he was placed on the disabled list? Alex Cora won’t hurt the Mets defensively and so far hasn’t been a offensive liability. Cora has been a fulltime player, but he won’t give them the spark of Reyes.

There’s always pitching. John Maine and Oliver Perez are on the disabled list. Mike Pelfrey has been erratic. They’ve gotten a lot from Livan Hernandez, but how long will that continue? They can’t count on big numbers from Tim Redding.

The Mets could contend with what they have at first and shortstop, but not if their pitching collapses. If they make a trade, and I believe they have to, it has to be adding pitching. I just don’t know if they have the chips to make a trade.

5 thoughts on “Where’s the biggest hole?

  1. John – at this point, there are too many holes. It makes no sense to give up pieces from the farm to fill one, when it is not going to help.
    Right now, 1st, SS, starting pitching and the pen need to be fixed. You could even throw 2nd in there. Filling the pitching still leaves huge holes that could still exist.
    I’d rather play it out, and see what happens. Then, in the offseason, be smart about filling first and the rotation.
    No sense giving up pieces now like in years past.

  2. Ed (1): Agreed. I think they have a better chance of getting better in the free-agent market. I’d give up Jon Niese now if I could get Adam Dunn or a quality starting pitcher. Would be reluctant to deal Fernando Martinez and I don’t want to give up Bobby Parnell.-JD

  3. John – I agree on Fernando. I like Dunn, but worry about his defense. WOuld teams pitch around him here? OBP is nice, but if the guys behind him can’t drive him in…

    My concern with Parnell is that he is part of the bridge that is cumbling
    WHIP 1.97; BAA .342 vs lefties
    That is not encouraging. He needs to find an out pitch to use against lefties.
    The pen right now is much like last yr in that there is a closer (though Frankie is better than Billy) and a bunch of specialists.
    That is worrisome.

  4. They also have holes in left and right in addition to the places Ed mentions. This team shouldn’t be a buyer except for taking on payroll and no return like the Yanks did when the took Abreu off the Phils’ hands.

  5. I dont want to give up FMart or Parnell at this point. Parnell has a lot of potential.

    His fastball is very good, his secondary pitches are coming and he needs to work on control.

    Give him a few years and he will be in the rotation if not an awesome set up guy.

    FMart is the guy the team has been waiting on for a few years now. He is knocking on the door and you want to give him away?

    I would give up Niese in a trade..

    The problem as has been posed a week or so ago, the team has too many holes. One player is not enough.