No on dealing Parnell

The Washington Nationals’ Nick Johnson’s name keeps popping up as a possible plug to fill the first base hole, with the price being Bobby Parnell.

Don’t do it.

Parnell has too much of an upside and you can already see cracks forming in the bullpen bridge. Plus, Johnson has a long injury history, and from mostly freak plays, that he isn’t worth the risk. It’s a matter of time before he goes on the DL.

First base is a glaring hole, but not as much as the gap in their rotation.

3 thoughts on “No on dealing Parnell

  1. Maybe the Mets should be sellers instead of buyers? Of course that will never happen. But in this world where Me Kiper Jr is a star with draftniks, perhaps you could generate interest with moves. But that “bring your kids to see our kids” campaign 30 years ago didn’t work. Oh by the way, yesterday was the 32nd anniversary of trading away The Franchise to become a teammate of the loathsome Pete Rose. Thanks for nothing, Dick Young and M Donald Grant. That trade and also the same day of trading away Dave Kingman did not exactly restock our system. So maybe being sellers is a terrible idea.

    I would probably just stand pat, play Murphy at first 90% of the time and hope the Giants, Cards, Brewers are even creakier than me. Maybe in the off season go after Cliff Lee.

  2. I am a die hard mets fan. The reality of being a met fan is the mets had there chance to win a world series three years ago and blew it. The farm system isn’t any good so the Mets don’t have anybody to trade for and I
    would not trade Parnell for anybody. I agree with dan, unless Omar can make a trade for lesser prospects i would not make any trades. I would however package Murphy and church and get either a outfielder or first basemen but I don’t think there worth much to other clubs.

  3. Agreed. Parnell has a future.

    We trade him now and we will be kicking ourselves.