METS CHAT ROOM: Game #62; O’s no pushover.



The Mets come limping into Camden Yards tonight losers of four of their last six games, including a 15-0 rout to the Yankees Sunday afternoon in Johan Santana’s worst outing of the season.

If the Mets think they’ll march into Baltimore and get well just by showing up they have another thing coming, because the Orioles can hit, and Mike Pelfrey has been very hittable lately, giving up 13 runs on 15 hits in his last two starts.

PELFREY: Trying to get on track.

PELFREY: Trying to get on track.

Manager Jerry Manuel has been accused of waffling on Daniel Murphy and Fernando Martinez; sitting them after saying they would play. However, both are in the line-up tonight even though they are struggling.

Here’s the line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Fernando Martinez, LF
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, DH
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Brian Schneider, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
Mike Pelfrey, RP

Updates: Jose Reyes doesn’t appear any closer to being ready than when he was first placed on the disabled list. … Gary Sheffield’s knee is still bothering him. Including tonight, he has three games where he can rest as the DH. … Johan Santana said there’s nothing wrong with him physically. Santana will get an extra day of rest before his next start, Saturday against Tampa Bay. If he comes out of that start with his velocity down, then maybe it might be time to be concerned.

80 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #62; O’s no pushover.

  1. I’m not worried about Pelfrey. He stunk 2 starts ago, but last time out he did well against a good hitting lineup. The runs charged to him were the result of poor fielding once Green came in the game.

    But my bigger concern…why is the man who (right now) is arguably the worst hitter in the lineup (a guy prone to K’s) batting 2nd??? Martinez IS NOT a #2 hitter and I dont understand what this dopey moron is doing. He seriously needs his head examined. Each time I think this guy sets a new standard for stupidity he manages to exceed it.

  2. rmkmets (2): He’s there because of his speed, which is useless if he doesn’t get on base. I’d bat him ninth (that bunches his speed with Cora and Castillo, who I’d bat second).-JD

  3. Gil (4): That’s happens when you have a bad team and overcharge for tickets. Wait, you’ll see it in New York, too. New parks are a novelty that wear off quickly.-JD

  4. 2 I agree. Castillo should be hitting first, followed by Cora, with F-Mart in the eight hole, with Schneider hitting ninth.

  5. JD (3): I agree. Batting FMart 2nd is an absolutely horrendous decision. And I totally agree about Castillo.

    The injuries are real, but they mask the real problem which is that there is a pure moron managing this team. If they were fully healthy they’d still be losing because of his stupidity.

    Fmart (or rather KMart) is about to K here now.

  6. 5 Right you are. I was at the Orioles’ second-ever home game back in ’93. Beautiful park, but egomaniacal owner and bad team.

  7. 7 OK, rmk, let’s project to the end o the regular season, when the Mets once again won’t qualify for post-season play. Who are your top five choices to take the reigns as manager?

  8. Gil (8): I covered that team for eight years during the Ripken Era (saw him break the record). They packed the place every night. From 99 on they’ve stayed away. Too bad. It’s a great park.-JD

  9. John (1) I don’t have a concern about Pelfrey, but I do about Reyes. It’s been a while since he played, but I can’t recall what his ailment is. He seems to be just hanging around here…..

  10. Gil (9): If they can Manuel, and I don’t see that happening unless the team goes into a severe nose dive, then Manny Acta would be a choice. I don’t see them going back to Valentine. … With the injuries, Manuel is liable to get a pass on this season.-JD

  11. John (10) My brother lives about 15 miles from Camden Yards – loved Ripken – was also there that night Cal broke the record and circled the field. Hasn’t been back since.

  12. John (13) He actually seems better, but what was the ailment that put him on the DL in the first place?

  13. Gil (9), JD (12): They MUST can Manuel. If this team doesn’t make the playoffs both he and Minaya have to go. Minaya because he made a bad gamble that the same group of guys offensively would stay 100% healthy all year (like they did the year before and still couldn’t win anything) and was caught with his pants down when the percentages won out.

    If Minaya goes Manuel HAS to go.

    I would totally bring BobbyV back. He was unfairly made a scapegoat for a bad GM. Just listen to Phillips on TV nowadays and you realize how idiotic he is and no doubt was back then. BobbyV brings a passion and fire to the organization. Sure he’s controversial, but he took a team that really was NOT that great and he made them great. He deflects controversy away from his guys and puts it on himself. He’s exactly what NYC needs and what the Mets need. Since he left this team has definitely lacked a personality.

    If the hire Acta they, AGAIN, are going back to the same well that has done NOTHING for them. The Randolph tree.

  14. By the way, the Mets are saying, as is Santana, that the ace’s recent problems are location related and not the knee as former pitching coach Rick Peterson suggested. The Mets aren’t thrilled with such a disclosure from somebody with supposedly limited access to the team.-JD

  15. Anybody surprised to hear about Sosa and the steroids?? He may be in trouble – like Clemens – for lying to Congress in Spanish – remember he forgot how to speak English during that appearance.

  16. rmkmets (17): If Minaya goes, and I don’t see that happening either, then Manuel will go because the new GM would want to name his own manager. … I’d be reluctant to go with Valentine, although he’ll have plenty of supporters in the media. Been there, done that.-JD

  17. Annie (19): You can’t be serious. Everybody suspected Sosa from the beginning. Another cheater who won’t get my Hall of Fame vote. The list includes Sosa, McGwire, Bonds, Clemens and Sheffield.-JD

  18. rmk mets (17) I agree with you about Bobby Valentine who was undercut by Phillips the jerk, not the genius he thinks he is.

    Bobby’s a generally good guy. I remember how he turned Shea Stadium in to a staging area right after 9/11 and collected and distributed items that were brought there.

    I believe he is also still close to his wife’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Branca who live nearby.

  19. JD (20): Minaya has to go. The ownership needs to open their eyes and realize the mistakes he’s made.

    Bobby V has “been there” but I don’t think his job was “done” here. He was unfairly let go by an insecure ownership who was being advised by a vengeful idiot in Phillips. It’s time they actually take control of this team and get things right. BobbyV was a great ambassador for this team and deseves to be brought back.

  20. Still waiting, rmk…
    I’ll be rude and go ahead and put down my choices (in no particular order)…

    *Bobby V
    *Frank Robinson
    *Manny Acta
    *Rex Hudler
    *Wally Backman

  21. John (21) I must have mis-spoke – of course everyone suspected him. Where is he now???

  22. 21 Just as I have a feeling about Albert Pujols. No evidence. Just a feeling…

  23. Annie (26): Don’t know. Probably living in shame in a mansion in the Dominican Republic. Maybe not in shame because guys like that don’t care.-JD

  24. 29 Exactly…some shame. Not a bad place to be under house arrest, huh? A multimillion dollar mansion earned from deception while many of your countrymen are suffering in poverty. Sounds like many a dictator in many a developing country. Maybe one day he’ll rightfully go into politics.

  25. Gil (24) Bobby V is the only valid choice on your list.

    Frank Robinson has said he is through with Managing.

    Manny Acta is about to be fired.

    Rex Hudler – the Wonder Dog???

    Wally Backman has some legal problems in his past.

  26. Anyone else here convinced that Daniel Murphy is NOT the next uture batting champion everyone hyped him as last September?

  27. John (25) I believe that Minaya took that job in Montreal with a promise from the Wilpons that sooner or later he would be the GM of the Mets. Not sure if this is the whole story.

  28. 31 I don’t give a $#*^ about Wally Backman’s legal woes. Tony LaRussa has two DWI convictions. Wally’s a fiery motivator who can handle NY.

    Rex Hudler: yes, it’s an out-of-the-box choice. But after years of listening to him as a TV analyst and seeing his passion and drive, he’d be a very engaged, in-your-face manager who wouldn’t put up with any crap.

    Manny Acta: Fired? So what. Part of any manager’s job is getting fired. Look what he has to work with. Connie Mack couldn’t make the Nats winners.

    Frank Robinson? You’d be surprised how a few million, combined with a challenge, can change someone’s mind about saying he or she is done.

  29. 34 Furthermore, on managers with legal troubles, let’s not forget Bobby Cox, whose wife didn’t press charges after he hit her in a domestic squabble…

  30. Uhh…why isn’t Wright on second base after the outfielder’s throwing error?

  31. OK, rmk: Here’s your opportunity to crack us all up — what was it that Jerry Manuel was just telling Mike Pelrey in the dugout?

  32. Either Brian Roberts has great taste in music to have the Cranberries’ “Zombie” as his at-bat theme, or the sound folks at Camden made a very odd choice in playing the song when Dan Warthen just went out to talk to Pelfrey just then…

  33. Gil (40) Frankly I prefer the Cranberries’ “Dreams” over “Zombie”

  34. Hi everyone. I needed to take a few days off after Fridays debacle. Yesterday was fun, wasnt it? My fav Cranberries song is Linger btw.

  35. 41 “Dreams” was a nice debut single. But “Zombie” is so passionate, so socially conscious and persuasive, without even taking a side in The Troubles.

  36. 42 Ah, “Linger”!
    Great call, Ray. Love the dreamy-sounding strings in that song. Great tune.

  37. As for zombie, i would dedicate it to the whole Mets team. Especially with the bases loaded

  38. Well, if the Mets ever do end up acquiring Aubrey Huff, he could teach Jeremy Reed how to throw home from first base…

  39. So what’d Huff do just then — apply one of Castillo’s lessons on how to catch pop-ups?

  40. How you liking Green now, Gil btw the jets just signed thier 3rd round pick Shone Green.

  41. Can anyone here figure out Sean Green?
    April and May he either walked everyone or got shellacked and this month, the guy’s unhittable.
    What gives?

  42. Gil: Sorry I had to stepped out to a local bar to watch some of the game.

    My choices for manager would be:

    1 BobbyV
    2. Backman
    3. Gary Carter (has to be considered)
    4. Clint Hurdle
    5. Frank Robinson

    But the primary target would be BobbyV.

  43. Now that Murphy is looking like hes going to the minors, maybe the mets should bring back Wiggy. He can play all over and has power. Rusting on the bench of the Orioles.

  44. If the manager is trying to win, why is he batting FMart #2? Should a rookie not work his way up the order and not be placed there from day one?

    Oh. That’s right. This is the same guy who ordained Murphy the starting LF and Church the starting RF and..

  45. I worry about our ace. Something has to be wrong.

    I read somewhere he had a blister and maybe a knee or some other finger?

    I don’t believe anything from this regime other than perhaps hello.

  46. John

    May I suggest a calendar on your site counting down the days the GM has left on his tenure?

    Won’t make you popular at Shea, but what the hell.

  47. I would take back Bobby V. This team needs some fire. They have needed it for some time now.

    Perhaps he can light some under these guys.

  48. Ray,

    Should they not have gotten a versatile bench player in the offseason and not wait till half the season to think about it?

    I like the idea of Wiggy.

    But I think they should have done that in the offseason.

  49. Gary Carter, by the way, wouldn’t be a good managerial choice. He’s campaigned for it big time and alienated a lot of people.-JD

  50. I don’t think he has been a terrible GM.

    But with all the money at his disposal, over the past 4 years or whatever this team should be better.

    For me the offseason was it.

    Yes. He got Putz and Francisco, but after that – nothing.

    Like I said. Offseason grade was a B, just because he got those two. Else a C.

    The Yankees went out and got what they felt they needed. Yes they bid against themselves, but we wanted Lowe and got Ollie and Redding.

    Johan, Lowe, Pelf.

    Nice rotation with Putz/Rodriguez to close it out.

    Instead we have Johan, Pelf, Maine. Ollie is gone from the majors because well he is Ollie. Livan has been a surprise so far, but I expect him to be a 5.5 or 6 era pitcher when all is said and done, and Redding has been about what you expect for a #5.

  51. Why does Jerry screw around, let Krod come in after the first guy gets on – it’s still a save with one on (why do managers care about that stat anyway???).

    I am so nervous…

  52. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ – we’re back to normal, holding our breath in the 9th inning.

    See you tomorrow.