METS CHAT ROOM: Game #61; taking the Yanks.



Going in, I never thought the Mets would win this series. The only game I had them taking was today with Johan Santana. Amazing, had Luis Castillo caught a simple pop-up, they would be going for the sweep.

That’s not how it works, but they did bounce back yesterday and must keep that up.

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  1. Let’s Go Mets.
    The pre-game Bruney/Frankie confrontation they just showed on PIX was certainly interesting..
    Question: Do you think there’s any chance the Mets move Sheffield to an AL team if his defensive mobility is in question for the rest of the season? Would there be any interest?

  2. %$#$ Brian Bruney!!!
    I was happy to see K-Rod get up Bruney’s grill today during BP and then have the entire Mets team go out in force to defend their teammate.
    Maybe, just maybe, as excruciating a loss as Friday night was, it can turn out to be a blessing in disguise, as it may show the Mets ability to have each other’s backs and fight the opposition on the field with inspired play.

  3. abbey: why would the Mets move one of their only power threats and one of the only guys producing offensively — ANYWHERE?

  4. Gil (3): you have a point, but if he can’t play in the outfield and if they could get someone younger in return to play SS or a lefthander for the bullpen, I wonder if it’d be a possibility.

  5. abbey (1): It was interesting to watch that. You have to wonder what Bruney was thinking. … And, no, I don’t see the Mets dealing Sheffield. They’ll make do with his lack of mobility if he’s hitting. And, if he’s not hitting and not mobile, nobody would want him.-JD

  6. sorry, abbey. NO WAY I deal Sheffield. Not when he brings quality at-bats, a power stroke, experience and needed attitude to this team. Believe me, Mets brass will not move him.
    And remember, Sheffield will get a chance to be off his legs for at least another three more games as the DH in Baltimore. He can still play the outfield. The Mets could also use Sheffield at first and have Tatis play left.

  7. I think Sheffield’s facial hair choices has helped his playing, fielding especially. Beltran hit better last year with facial hair, but i don’t know if Luis Castillo’s facial hair helps his fielding. All in all, the yankees i think are the only team with facial hair rules, i think the same as UPS.

  8. Totally STUPID throw home by Martinez.
    HIT THE &^%%$#$ cutoff man and keep both runners from moving up!!

  9. I don’t want them to deal Sheff, it just crossed my mind reading about the upcoming MRI and pain behind the knee.

  10. 11 Yup. Martinez hits the cutoff and then on Damon’s single, there might’ve been a play at the plate.
    From a pitching standpoint, I don’t know why Johan was being so careful with Matsui with a runner at third and one out and the eight and nine hitters behind Matsui.

  11. 12 OK, but then even if the Mets would consider dealing Sheff, why would any team be moved to acquire him, knowing he has health issues?
    Oh! Whoops! The Mets did exactly the same thing with J.J. Putz.

  12. That half-inning is a microcosm of this sorry franchise — an existence of not capitalizing on opportunities.

  13. Wow – I just turn the game on to watch Johan give up weak single after weak single to seemingly every two strike count and then the great A.J. Burnett gets out of a bases loaded jam

  14. I take back the Ollie/Burnett comparison. Cora was hurt by the homeplate ump and F-Mart needs to get back to Triple A. I think we’ll have plenty more opportunities this afternoon in this ballpark.

  15. Interesting to watch the unspoken exchanges between Santana and Jeter – the smartest players on the field.

  16. Santana has nothing on his FB today.

    Matinez has to hit the cutoff man there, that’s a $100 fine IMO.

  17. lol oops I’m submitting comments 10 mins behind since I’m watching it off DVR…sorry!

  18. Florida is going to end up right back in this race – Atlanta, Philly, Mets all losing by multiple runs today

  19. Forget about the game – Im worried about Johan second really bad outing in a row

  20. Yeah, no good – but boston is leading Philly right now; hopefully we stay 3 behind.

  21. 27 Not too worried, knowing Johan historically has always been a better second half pitcher. That said, here are many other concerns about the Mets’ prospects for post-season play this year:
    1. Jose Reyes returning at all this year is a big IF, not a when. And IF he comes back, how will his running game be affected?
    2. How many homers will Citi Field’s ill-conceived dimensions continue to rob from David Wright, Carlos Beltran and others?
    3. Will the Daniel Murphy-Fernando Tatis platoon at first continue to be as unproductive offensively as it has been so far?
    4. Can Sean Green continue to be effective as he has been lately, or is what we’re seeing now a mirage?
    5. Can Bobby Parnell quickly become a reliable 8th inning guy (because face it, J.J. Putz ain’t coming back this year)?
    6. Will Brian Schneider continue to do nothing while attempting to hit?
    7. How can the Mets hang in there with their starting rotation held together with Scotch tape? Fernando Nieve looked good yesterday and while Redding has done much better in his last two outings, the prospect of having both those guys the rest of the year is not a good one.
    8. Will Carlos Delgado really be back this year and if so, how will it affect his hitting?
    9. Will Ryan Chruch ever put together an offensive stretch that resembles last season’s first half?
    10. Will Oliver Perez return this season — and if he does, will he ever be able to pitch effectively?
    Prognosis: The Mets will soon sink under .500 and finish the season in third place, behind the Phillies and Braves and barely ahead of the Marlins. The Mets will end up eating Luis Castillo’s contract, they’ll try unsuccessfully to void Oliver Perez’s, Johan Santana will demand a trade, as will Carlos Beltran, which will result in a complete rebuilding phase, leading to several more years of sub-.500 baseball as we all have to wait for years for the Mets to again become a playoff caliber team.

  22. Occasionally on the MLBTV feed they cut in early and out late on the booth for SNY/PIX. I am wondering if television viewers heard Gary Cohen say “so, when does he go on the DL?” about Santana as they went out to commercial break just now.

  23. Ed(35) I’m a big worrier and I’m not worried about Santana – he’ll be just fine.

  24. How much longer will the 1962 Mets be channeled into this year’s team?

  25. Gil: Citi’s dimensions are far less “ill conceived” than Yankee Stadium’s. I also found Keith Hernandez’s theory that Beltran and Wright are becoming better hitters b/c of Citi’s dimensions interesting this afternoon.

  26. OT – two weeks ago I saw my friend Brian Williams go for hamburgers in DC with Obama. Today he’s seated in the ‘Throne Chairs’ up front with Mayor Bloomberg and Spike Lee. Way to Go, Bri.

  27. OK. That’s enough for me.
    I’ve been tortured enough by this team for one weekend.
    Catch y’all later.

  28. abbey (44): Excellent point. You have to adjust to the park and they are doing it. They could let the park beat them. … I’d much rather have Citi Field’s dimensions than Yankee Stadium. This place is a joke.-JD

  29. If you had told me the score would be 8-0 after 4 with Santana vs Burnett, I’d have bet dollars to donuts it would be good news for us Mets fans. Wrong again.

  30. How exactly do you build a park where the fences are shorter than what you planned. Everything about the Yankees park screams montrosity. The Babe and Mick must be downing a few cold ones moaning they never got to hit here. The ticket prices, the keeping fans away from batting practice. Joel Sherman says the Yankee executives have bragged about how their players could just drive in without having to walk past fans anxious to get an autograph or shout “good luck-go get them!”.

  31. John, do you think Citi’s dimensions will hurt their ability to acquire power hitters in the future?

  32. I’m a Dunkin man myself. Love the cream filled ones. Too shows at the beach

  33. abbey (52): That’s an interesting question. My first impression is to say no because money talks and if it good enough they’ll come. Don’t forget, we have to see how the ball reacts in the hot summer months. It could even out the last three months.-JD

  34. Bernie Madoff would have more impact on the Mets being able to sign big time hitters than the parks dimensions. Shea was a pitcher’s park yet the Mets were able to sign Piazza, Beltran, Bonilla, Murray, etc when they wanted. Bobbi Fleckman was right: Money talks, beeswax walks.

  35. Have the Mets and Yankees actually sold out any games this year. But then as an Islanders season ticket I laugh when they announce there were 12,000 people at an Avalanche game when they invited people to move into the expensive seats during a first period TV timeout (the evening of that big snow storm)

  36. Dan (57) They may have ‘sold’ all the tickets to a game, but there are always lots of empty seats in both parks. And, there are a lot of people walking around the place as though they were at the Mall.

  37. anyone worried about Johan – location off, velocity down worst two starts of his career

  38. ed (60): Not yet. He will get an extra day of rest before his next start. If he’s still off then (next Saturday vs. Tampa Bay), then you should have concern.-JD

  39. Im wondering if looking at the baseball and yelling im the man was his way of expressing concern about something

  40. Ed: I’m not worried about Johan. I’m just disappointed! I almost always work on his starts and couldn’t wait to watch him pitch today. I saw the start against the Phillies and while he wasn’t dominating, he still won the game. This is just embarrassing – and for some reason I can’t stop watching altogether..

  41. This game has the same perverse “I an’t turn it off completely, I have to check back” like the 1985 26-7 loss against the Phillies. Tom Gorman’s second and final start of the season. Calvin Schlardi’s 10 runs in 1.1 innings (no wonder Boston got traded Bob Ojeda for him in the offseason!) Doug Sisk had two shutout innings!

  42. ed (66): Santana hasn’t been on since SF. A lot of questions will be asked this week. His next start will be very important. The Mets have enough pitching questions as it is.-JD

  43. Howie has put this unusual game ‘in the books’ – it’s in the “Believe It or Not” section.

    Next game, Tuesday night in Baltimore.

    See you then.

  44. Our long Sunday nightmare is over. Tuesday night at the Birds of Baltimore. Mets will run out of the baselines a la J C Martin in 1969. Jerry Manuel will present a ball with shoe polish on it a la Gil Hodges. Dan Murphy in the outfield will dive and catch balls like Ron Swoboda. Dr Ron Taylor will come out of the bullpen and still be better than J J Pootz who can’t get going without the adrenaline of saying games for the 95 loss Mariners. The Mets will continue to hang close to the Phillies and tease us all year into thinking maybe we can luck into a playoff spot.

  45. I paid no attention to this game. I turned it on briefly, saw it was the 2nd inning and Santana had already given up 2 runs, and immediately turned it off again. My sense was the Mets would once again do exactly the opposite of what was expected of them, which in this case meant Santana melting down instead of being the best pitcher in baseball — and that’s exactly what happened. But I didn’t realize the day would turn into an embarrassing blowout.

    Dan (68) It’s still not as bad as that game, which I remember well. The following day I went into work with a paper bag over my head marked Embarrassed Mets Fan. (Yes, I cut eye holes.)

  46. JD: “Luis Castillo caught a simple pop-up, they would be going for the sweep.”

    what does Keith always say? Fundis? Fundamentals. these are drills these guys should be doing in their sleep. do people make mistakes.. yes. when you dont hatch with BOTH hands! But yes all professionals are who are not perfect make mistakes. I am sure he had to buy steaks for the team for that mishap.

  47. Today June 15, 1962, was a very bad day. This is the day when the late great Harry Chiti was traded for himself or as is so coldly stated on his transaction sheet…. Harry Chiti RETURNED….. never to play again on a big league field.