Why do you hate the Yankees?

With the Subway Series beginning tonight it is an appropriate time to ask this question: Why do you hate the Yankees?

Is it because of their 26 World Series rings and the subsequent sense of entitlement? Is it their obnoxious fans? There’s got to be a reason why you show rage and scorn at the pinstripes.

What is it?

10 thoughts on “Why do you hate the Yankees?

  1. Can I say “all of the above”?

    It’s the obnoxious fans and the sense of entitlement. The snobbery.

    But really, I don’t hate them so much. What I hate is the constant ball washing by members of the National Media. And how the local media plays these games up as being so important. The fact is, these games are no more important than games against any non-division opponent for either team.

  2. Mainly because I work with one of those “obnoxious fans” who rubs my nose in the Yankees success every day!

  3. 3. He ain’t rubbing your nose in anything today is he. 0-8 versus the Red Sox!!

    The series has grown old and cold. It was ok the when it started because there was nothing to look forward to with a horrible team. THANK YOU MLICKI for that shut out. They should’ve retired your number right there! Just like the Mayor’s Trophy Game seemed so important in the early 60’s. Today, who really cares.

  4. The only time I hate the Yankees is when I turn on WFAN from 1PM to 630PM. There is your prototype Yankee fan.

    In my case it’s a lot of jealousy. Why can’t this team have a run like the Yankees did in the early 1960s, mid 70s or late 1990s? In both 1969 and 1986 I felt the Mets had taken the first step into a great run. They were young and had a stocked farm system. But bad decisions , drugs, deaths and luck went bad. I thought in the second halff of 1995 with generation K, youngsters like Carl Everett, Edgardo Alfonso and Alex “Five Tool” Ochoa we would rebound to glory. The team did win two wild card cards. But they had it far better in the Bronx with a former Mets manager who was often clueless (as well as given poor material) in the 1970s. I thought we were on our way in 2006 with a strong core and a willingness to spend money on Martinez, Glavine and Beltran. So far it has been more disappointment.

    Why have the Yankees won so much in the last 40 years with a bombastic, often mean spirited and convicted liar owner? Why couldn’t have Steinbrenner bought the Cleveland Spiders as he originally tried to?

  5. I can’t hate the Yankees – they were my Dad’s team and he took me to my first game when I was a toddler and continued until I was an adult pregnant with his first grandson. He loved baseball and the Yankees and that’s why I love baseball and respect the Yankees to this day.

  6. 5. Interesting Annie… My Dad was a NY Giant fan and we went to the Polo Grounds. But when the Giants left we still wanted to see baseball and we went to a lot of Sunday doubleheaders at the Stadium. For you youngsters, a doubleheader then meant twoi games for one price and about a half hour between games! Then in ’62 it was back to the Polo Grounds especially when Willie Mays was in town. I became a Met fan right away but he stuck with his Giants until Willie was traded here.
    And Yankee announcer Mel Allen lived by one of my cousins (He lived in Greenwich CT I believe but had an apartment in the city that he used during the season) so it was hard to “hate” the Yankees, because Allen was a class guy.

  7. I never really hated the Yankees as much as I grew up hating King George.

    All teams have obnoxious fans. The Mets had their share in the late 80’s.

    One thing does puzzle me. When Yankee fans buy replica jersey’s why do they have to have the players names on them. The real ones have no names.

    Do they have trouble remembering what numbers Jeter and A-Rod wear.

  8. I do not hate the Yankees. They are a non event for me.

    I know they are the pre-eminent team in baseball because of their long and lusterous history.

    I like my Mets. I do not enjoy how they have put the team together recently. In the past few years they got Johan and Frankie. They have drafted some players who have promise, but they are a little bit away. We traded for other stop gaps – notably Delgado, but we have major holes.

    We made a big mistake on Ollie and have a nice young pitcher in Big Pelf. We shall see in a year how FMart turns out.

    I wish we would play better D and that our pitchers would go more than 5.

    I had a boss for the past several years who is a Yankee fan and knows quite a lot about my team. Unfortunately they fired him earlier this year.

    I do not have great confidence that we will be playing in the post season.

    This is a shame, because this offseason the stars aligned to fix all our problems in one shot. Unfortunately ownership and the GM were too incompetant to give the team what it needs.

  9. #7 looking at the mlb website for shopping the “replica” jerseys with player names are $70 less than the “authentic” which does not have players names.

    Kind of strange that the Yankees who were the first team to have numbers on the back in the late 1920s never put the names on (which was started by Bill Veeck in the late 1950s). But old habits die hard in baseball.

  10. I dont hate the Yankees.

    They arent in our league.

    They arent in our division.

    There is no rivalry.

    Sure their fans are annoying… so are Mets fans.

    Their success has zero bearing on what I think about my team and their “success”
    Yankees are just another AL team to me.