METS CHAT ROOM: Game #58; going for series win vs. Phils.



They just fixed the cable about an hour ago, but it is still spotty. Naturally, they came over an hour after their window.

I listened on the radio, but had no way to chime in. A little spice between Mike Pelfrey and Chase Utley. Yes, this is turning into a real rivalry.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Alex Cora, SS
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, LF
David Wright, 3B
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Fernando Martinez, RF
Omir Santos, C
Tim Redding, RP

NOTES: Daniel Murphy did not start in the Philly series. Says a lot. … John Maine said his shoulder is still hurting and could have some tests if there are problems in his next start Saturday vs. Yankees. Even so, Jerry Manuel said he’s not concerned. We’ve heard this before. … Carlos Delgado said he his feeling strong and believes he will return in time.

118 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #58; going for series win vs. Phils.

  1. “Carlos Delgado said he his feeling strong and believes he will return in time.”

    In time for what?

  2. evening all – went to the game last night – what a fustrating second half

  3. this is an example of why they are fustrating … little things finding ways- last night everything went the phillies way while nothing after the sixth went our way

  4. how often does two gold glove players both make misplays in one inning and then that same team not get to a guy of Chan Ho Park’s caliber

  5. Hi Everybody – John (5) so you listened to the game last night? What do you think of Howie and Wayne?

  6. Ed (4) So you were at Citi Field last night – what do you think of it?

  7. John (15) I do too, in fact I prefer them to everyone except Ron Darling.
    About Sheffield, he’s made his big splash and now needs to decide whether to retire or go for another year. I hope he retires.

  8. (16) Annie i have a 15 pack in the nose bleed seats – it was my 6-7 game I love the place

  9. (13) Sheffield’s tank is empty – i think he should be used like the Phillies use matt Stairs – once a night all or nothing

  10. this line-up has no depth… by the way Dellucci signed a minor league deal with the blue jays

  11. Church doesnt belong but Murphy isnt hitting enough to get at bats – in fact I’d like to see him in AAA

  12. ed (19)


    they got two inferior pitchers for the price of one and we need starting pitching, just like the last 3 years.

    we wanted to platoon murph with tatis and murphy aint hitting and tatis aint playing.

  13. oh boy – there’s the door openener – I never believed in karma until this group and now I do

  14. they tried so hard to sell Murphy/tatis platoon to fans instead of spedning on one… now there hoping Sheffield makes you forget that they’ve had to dispell them to 1b

  15. john

    I agree about murph. he is not playing and that means the manager doesnt want him after anointing him a starter at the beginning of spring.

  16. who is reddings agent?

    he deserves about 18 mil. he is playing better than a 13 million dollar pitcher i know of

  17. if Murphy is in a doghouse – its becuase the org. made jerry sell fans on Murphy as his starter in left and then the kid couldnt even catch a routine fly ball putting mud on jerry a lifer’s face

  18. dave (30): Murphy is supposed to play some against the Yankees. But, if he’s not going to get regular time he should go to the minors.-JD

  19. I think we miss read the Church situation, JD if i could may i send a link to what I think of the church manuel relationship

  20. I’m tired of watching the Mets lose games in the 6 and 7th inning – LETS GO METS

  21. …and yet Tatis is still getting starts over Murphy.

    Jerry is turning into Willie 2.0.

  22. (46) neither should be hitting they are both rally killing … Mets need to make a move

  23. The worst part of no Murphy is watching Tatis hit. And the thing is, Tatis may have suffered earlier the same way as Murphy has now. Tatis had a great spring, only to be last man off the bench when Sheffield arrived. He lost his groove and never seems to have gotten it back. Would love to see his RISP stats but must be dreadful this year.

    If Tatis not stellar, why not give Murph 3 weeks of daily playing time? You cannot fairly evaluate Muphy the way he gets used.

  24. (48) you want Murphy hitting .240 with absolutely no power in the line-up for three weeks no matter what ..ugh

  25. I get the feeliong the best were going to be able to say is we played them tough

  26. I like Keith – but he compliments the opposition too much – i want a homer – dont call it a great game when we just gave back a two run lead for the third night in a row

  27. Two nights in a row where Mets left starter in for 7th inning and ended with lead relinquished.

  28. JD- it’s not the pitching most nights its the offense – its a mistake to go into this 30 game stretch without making a move – Atlanta’s trade was the equivalent of Niese, Tejada and Kunz – so there are deals out there

  29. Redding should have been yanked once Feliz got on base. That inning didn’t have to happen.

  30. The killer is this horrendous base running. Wright getting thrown out at 2nd there potentially cost them a big inning.

  31. you get past the five hitter this line up has nothing and the bench doesnt scare anyone

  32. it happens every time – they take a lead to the 6-7th innings allow them to tie it and then go down 1-2-3… it took johan walking on water otherwise its the same script all three nights

  33. i thought Wright was blasting it out to be honest then I saw that 0-2 swing and realized who I was dealing with and sunk back into negitvity… optumisim only last so long with this group before they squash your hopes

  34. oh but i still say lets go mets until howie puts it in the books – so i guess im always all over the place LOL

  35. (67) Jd I just realized I’m the epitome of the Mets consistently inconsistent- why bring in Taki he cant get lefties out

  36. another strange move by jerry – this guy doesnt get lefties out – why would you put him in against the best lefties in the game

  37. LoL – (79) it funny rem. when Willie was too laid back and conservative, jerry was the ante willie now they are the same

  38. Which is more fustrating that the Mets couldn’t respond for three innings or that every Mets fan so that coming a jerry still did it…

  39. Is this a replay of last night’s game thta I’ve been watching for three hours?

  40. Well, I said I’d be back in the 10th or 11th inning… just turned the game on and sure enough, it’s the 10th. But what’s with the 6-3 score? Guess it was tied 3-3 until the top of the inning. Did I just see Green pitching? Was he responsible for the 3 runs?

  41. If they can bring the tying run up, maybe some lightening in a bottle. Doubt it gets there. Even with Omir hit

  42. (95) If you could rely on the hitters to get the job done, you wouldn’t have to rely on the bullpen as much.

  43. With all our injuries and how well the phillies had been playing I only hoped for one win but i cant stand losing this way .. we just gave them two and lived up to the choke artist reputation they so fittingly gave us

  44. Let’s petition Bud to change the games to 7 innings. He’s broken every baseball tradition, why keep innings?

  45. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ – funny, I think we’ve all read this one before…
    Tomorrow the Yankees.
    See You Then.

  46. Phillies lose a Mets killer in Burrell and get another one in Ibanez? Seems they have had one ever since Roy Sievers in the early 1960s.

  47. Say what you will about the batters, pitchers etc. There was no sense to putting in Takahashi. As bad a move as it gets. They did not deserve to win this.

    Jerry has to trust his guys, or not. He has telegraphed his distrust of Murphy, Parnell and Church. For the first two, no the way to develop ballplayers. In the case of Parnell, he pulled him for garbage.

  48. This pitching staff needs a gut check. The last 9 games we have scored 3 or more runs and lost 4 times.

    When this team scores 5,6,4,and 3 runs, our pitching staff has got to shut the opposition down. They have allowed 3 or more runs in 7 of last 9 games. Pathetic.

  49. JD: I was feeling bad enough already… now you’re making it worse!

    Of course when I feel my lowest with this team, they find a way to play like winners. So Im hoping for the best with them this weekend… luckily I’ll probably miss all the games since Im busy.

  50. As I said before this series – I’ll be happy with one win – we dont match up well right now – that doesnt mean i wont be fustrated if we give them up like this

  51. Omar was always known as a gun slinger amongnst GMs – now he’s very conservative – he waited way too long on the bullpen the last two years and now he’s waiting way too long to get a bat

  52. From bad to worse:

    Before the game (per Adam Rubin): “John Maine said it “hurts a little bit” in the back of his shoulder, and because of the off-day, he might as well be pushed back to Saturday’s start against the Yankees. He speculated he’s just worn down since he’s been working since the early winter to come back from surgery to remove a bony growth from the shoulder socket.

    Per David Lennon: “Maine may need tests on his right shoulder depending on his performance Saturday”

    Per Metsblog: “However, Jerry Manuel later told reporters the issue with Maine’s shoulder is nothing serious.”

    So who do you believe”

    Per Metsblog: “The Mets have put Mets RHP John Maine on the 15–day disabled list due to fatigue and weakness in his right shoulder. Omar Minaya told reporters following the game that Maine had an MRI, which showed no structural damage.”

    They all lie. Whatever they tell you, reality is worse. Why say before the game that Maine is fine if he goes on DL when game ends? Does no one have a clue in Flushing. Did Jay Horowitz jump the shark?

  53. Glad I went to the movies tonight. Omar and Jerry would make great politicians. Unfortunately they are lousy baseball men. How can the players believe anything they hear from these guys?

  54. Despite the “love affair” the Chiti Field fandom has for Sheffield there is no doubt that his arrival and usage byOmar the Ego and Jerry the jerk have destroyed this offense. Go back to week one. church and Murphy in the corners. Both good starts knowing their roles. Then along came the spiders and Jerry the Jerk forces him into the lineup in a pattern that leaves both corner outfielders confused and not knowing how to keep playing time. result: Murphy forgets how to hit and Church forgets how to get an rBI, and Sheffield after his two weeks of youth returns immediately to the play who the Tigers said, “go away you are done” But Jerry the Jerk probably under orders to make Omar the Ego look smart continues to play the has been and bat him clean up.
    Pitching: Jerry the Jerk has also destroyed the pen. He has refused to pitch Stokes while constantly pitching horrid pitchers Green and Takahashi ans letting them lose game after game. He has over used a kid Parnell who has never relieved and he uses his closer, the best guy around, in situations like a slaughter on sunday but refuses to uses him ia tie game against his # 1 rival with their best bats up because this moron said he pitched two innings last night. The fact that those two innings comprised only 22 pitches doesn’t matter to Jerry the Jerk. He said 2 innings, that’s all that matters. And isn’t it better to lose to the Phils early ine xtra innings with your ace sleeping and your worst guy on the mound then to to do in the 13 or 14th inning.
    Offense: You have your worst starter on the mound facing a great offense. You get a lead off double. Everyone, except Jerry the Jerk knows full well you need lots of runs. So what does Jerry the Jerk do in the very first inning. He bunts and plays for one run rather than go for an inning. The result he got his run. He be a very happy Jewrry. The fact that the Mets lost doesn’t matter. Jerry got his little run.
    Get him out of town ASAP.

  55. Better watch out Harry, Jerry might have to go “gangsta” on you. Look let’s face it, he’s a great interview but an awful manager. Can’t handle the pen, and since he doesn’t bother to look at numbers must have the worst “gut” in baseball. Both bunts with Cora yesterday and Tatis the night before were horrendous decisions. Bringing K-Rod into the blowout earlier this week was stupid. Plus countless other poor bullpen decisions since the beginning of the year. He has got to go first and Omar must follow him thru the door at the end of the season.

  56. 114. Very good analysis, Chiti. My only disagreement is on Murphy. He is better off at first base. Jerry also got a break when he left Shef in to run late in the game the other night because nobody got a hit. Shef would have been a dead duck at the plate on a hit that didnt roll to the wall. Reed was available and hes supposed to be a defensive replacement anyway. The unfortunate part is both Omar and Jerry can blame injuries to stay another year.

  57. (116) Ray: I’d like to give the Wilpons more credit than that, but you’re probably right…both will be back next year and they have injuries to use as an excuse. They are more interested in making a splash by hiring minorities in both positions than they are in hiring the right person for the job.

  58. 116. He is better at first but he’s only there by accident, not by any managerial planning or roster planning by the deadly duo, and still, how’d he go from my everyday hitter who can batter lefties and a # 2 guy because of his eye to a sporadic player who is wailing away at almost every pitch now. A regular knock on Randolph was batting kids 8th. But I’d rather have that than a kid being shuffled from 2 to 6 to 5 to 3 to 7 to you suck sit on the vbench until we find a good Jay Horwitz PR excuse to send him to Buffalo.
    115. steve I agree 10000% about the bunts especially Cora in the first. That was Jerry sending a white flag to the Phillies that my guys suck so much I can’t even trust my 3-4-5 guys to do any damamge without my (Jerry’s) divine intervention.