METS CHAT ROOM: Game #57; Hamels for Phils, you know the story line.



Coming to you from my local library as the cable – and with it, Internet access – are out. They’ve been out for most of the afternoon. Unfortunately, I can’t make it to Citi Field tonight. So, I wanted to set up the Chat Room and hope I’ll be online shortly.

Cole Hamels goes tonight for the Phillies, and you know he’ll hear it from the crowd for his “chokers” comments about the Mets. I heard the original interview and much has been made out of nothing. That’s what the tabs are for.

Truth is, whatever label you want to put on it, the Mets kicked away the division the last two years. And, until the Mets prove they can win the Phillies will believe they can take the Mets. Very simple actually.

Last night was a tremendous game and we can only hope for something close tonight. Mike Pelfrey keeps showing breakout signs, but there’s always been a step back. Beating the Phillies will help everybody’s psyche.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Alex Cora, SS
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, LF
David Wright, 3B
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Ryan Church, RF
Omir Santos, C
Mike Pelfrey, RP

erry Manuel will use the same lineup tonight as last night, with Luis Castillo leading off, then Alex Cora, Carlos Beltran, Gary Sheffield, David Wright, Fernando Tatis, Ryan Church, Omir Santos and Mike Pelfrey.

66 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #57; Hamels for Phils, you know the story line.

  1. Mets score 3 in the 4th. 4-1 Mets. As soon as Howie says Mets are first in league hitting with risp Beltran hits into a bases loaded DP.

  2. Hi Everyone – I’m officially on summer vacation from the choir now – heard the score on the way home.

  3. DWrights 3 for 3 makes him 14 for his last 20. 2 steals put him 2 behind league leader.

  4. Mets beating Hamels, Yankees down 6-2 to bosox. It doesnt get better than this !!

  5. Ray (6) Very happy to see the Mets ahead of Hamels, Do you know what happened in the Yankees game? CMW was supposed to start, but I see ( on NESN, the Boston Channel) Phil Hughes pitching behind Boston 6-2.
    As usual I’ve got the beloved Howie and Wayne on the radio for the MEts.

  6. Annie, I dont know if wang knocked out or if yanks changed mind. Just switched it on a few min ago. just watching tv with howie on the streaming.

  7. Wang came out in the third I believe…can’t find the strike zone and when he does it gets hit.

  8. Good for Pelfrey, I find Utley very annoying and obnoxious. Glad to see someone on the Mets is equally sick of his act.

  9. Ray (11), BH (10) I loved Santana’s attitude last night – reminds me of some of the ‘old guys’ Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan and especially Tom Seaver.

  10. This is probably a bad time to mention it — sure hope it doesn’t happen again right now — but to follow up on last night’s discussion about HRs, after the home run barrage yesterday Citi Field’s average homers per game went up from 1.46 to 1.67.

  11. Isn’t there a better option in the pen than Green? I don’t care if he had retired 14 straight; he’s still awful.

    Oh, man. Everything is starting to go wrong. I swear it’s not my fault for showing up!

  12. 2 on, nobody out. But Sheff still in there. Let’s hope there isn’t a logjam behind him.

  13. Jeff, sorry I missed your HR data last night. I was surprised that Citi wasnt at the bottom. I wonder if there is more than a coincidence that Yankee Stadium is a launching pad. These days you can’t assume that things are on the up and up.

  14. Tex (20) From everything I’ve heard, the Yankees are pretty embarrassed by what’s happening there — or at least, they should be.

  15. Sheff is a smart baserunner so I can see keeping him there. I’d guess that Reed is a good runner but I wouldn’t want FMart out there. Time for Big O to come through and capture some of his pre-Castro departure magic.

  16. The Mets are now tied and Yankees only trail by one. This could alter my plans to enjoy the FAN tonight.

  17. Ray (26) not to worry, they’re on 24/7 tonight after the game, you’ll get Steve Somers and then Tony Paige both excellent old time radio sports guys.

  18. But it’s must better to hear Steve Somers chuckling over a Mets win than lamenting a Mets loss.

  19. David, David, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, nobody can!

    I guess nobody can.

  20. Mets HAVE to win it here. Otherwise, what will they do — stretch F-Rod out more than one inning? I doubt it.

  21. I was going to say it would take a miracle for the Mets to win this. Now they’ve had two: Rodriguez pitching a second inning, and that play by Tatis.

  22. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he was robbed!

    BY the way. i was in PA last night and watched the game. The Philly announcers were no where as near as fair as SNY trio.
    never gave the mets any good play calls etc.
    unlike our guys who are very fair at calling the game. another reason why i hate the Philthies.

  23. I was sick (really), and now I’m sicker. I think I’d better go to bed now. Can’t stay up and watch any more.

  24. i guess hammels was right choke artists!
    I think manuel should have left pelfrey in. :-(

  25. Woulda.Coulda.Shoulda. WE had a real chance to win this game and didn’t. Bobby Parnell is now Aaron Heilmann/J.J. Pootz, Guillermo Mota and Armando Benitez. Look good briefly as set up man but will let you down very soon.

  26. give me a break.

    parnell was a AA pitcher a year ago. They have been pushing him harder lately because Green is wild and can’t be trusted, Feliciano is only good as a situational guy and everyone else not named Rodriguez in the pen is a waste.

    Parnell has one pitch, a fastball that travels from 93 to 97. Everything else is a work in progress.

    The game was lost by the defense and a nice catch by Philly. Beltran dropped a ball and Wright misplayed a ball in the same inning that tied it up.

    Once again the defense let us down. Exhibit 1A for those who do not believe defence wins or loses games.

    Oh yeah, and why did the coach not pinch run for the old crippled guy when Wright was up?

  27. Sadecki; excellent job keeping the conversation going.
    dave: good comments about the loss. This one ain’t on Parnell.
    Steve C: If you really think Tatis is an equal replacment to Delgado then I’d like to sell you some land or a bridge to Brooklyn.
    Gurney: Parnell isn’t a Heilman or a Putz etc. He’s a kid who never releived before reaching the bigs, being put in situatiions way above his level of experience. People say you can’t play Rodriguez every day because he’s raw; well Parnell is even more raw.

  28. Harry (53) Let me second your comments to Sadecki about keeping the conversation going and to Dave,too. I simply fell asleep. No more choir until the fall.

    So, I’m sure that Howie put this game ‘in the books’ and that I can look it up.

    Tonight, the tie breaker….

  29. (53) i didnt say equal , because i know you look at the bat. I was saying tatis appears to play 1st base ! which the bat delgado doesnt really do..

    As for the game, yes poor defense is a game killer without a doubt.

  30. The only way I can look at last night’s game is that they proved Cole Hamels quote that the Mets were choke artists. The Mets choked last night and gave the game away. They had a chance to take the series at the very least, cut the lead to a game, and failed miserably. Beltran and Wright get the blame on this night because they are the ones to be counted on to be pretty much flawless while the team is going thru the rash of injuries they have.

  31. 55. C. Tatis is a mediocre at best first baseman. He made a play and in typical Met fanaticism, infatuation sets in. Met fans always seem to want the lesser player in the lineup. Delgado is certainly not a great first baseman but he is superior at grabbing balls out of the dirt which is quite necessary with a DavidWright at 3rd.

  32. With the Mets, timing is everything. You have a gold glove center fielder and third baseman, yet they both make defensive mistakes at the worst possible time. The team had what, 16 hits in that game? But they couldn’t buy one when the game was on the line. Wright is 2nd in the NL in batting average at .354 (only one point behind the leader) which is great — but he’s 21st in the league in RBI. What’s wrong with this picture?

  33. Steve (59) It doesn’t really explain it, it just compounds the mystery. Maybe Beltran and Wright are counted on to be “pretty much flawless” but that’s not realistic — nobody is flawless. The question is why the mistakes happen at the worst possible moment, which is why I said timing is everything. The question is why Wright continues to be a hitting machine, except when runners are on base with the game on the line. Hamels can say the Mets are “choke artists” but how and why does that happen?

  34. Dopey is basically trying to lose this game. Why the hell does he robotically treat these pitchers?!? Redding is gonna totally blow this

  35. Harry (57): Wright is the reason that I really want this team to pickup Nick Johnson. His defense at that 1B will totally make Wright look good and he would have a stabilizing infuence on the infield

  36. That inning didn’t have to happen. I think Dopey was too busy trying to finish his joint in the dugout that he didn’t get someone up and ready the second Feliz got on.