Either play F-Mart or send him down

By all accounts, F-Mart will develop into a good player in time. There’s no guarantee of this, but that’s what the scouts and the Mets say. He has the tools, they say, to be a star in this game. General manager Omar Minaya said it, but he also said, Martinez needs to play and not languish on the bench.

So why is he?

I’m not concerned anymore that a negative experience in the majors will scar him. If it does, he didn’t have the right make up to begin with. He learned from not running out the pop-up. If he becomes a star, he might consider it a watershed moment.

But, he needs to play. So play him here or in the minor leagues. The Mets have enough outfield depth to where they can live without Martinez for the time being.

7 thoughts on “Either play F-Mart or send him down

  1. Do they really have outfield depth? Sheffield has a bad leg thats effecting his game. He should be on the DL, but this is the Mets. Church is injury prone. Reed has no pop. Murphy is also not getting enough at bats but the Big league team is short and the priority is winning ball games.

  2. 1/Delcos: I agree there isn’t outfield depth but also agree that Matinez needs to play. The everyday change in in what’s up with Jerry the jerk is going to hurt both Martinez and Murphy in the long run. Play em both, here or Buffalo.

  3. After the Phils the Mets play their next 6 games in AL parks. Jerry can DH Sheff and let Martinez play every day.

    So what is the rush to make this decision today.

    The way the Mets go would you bet against Sheff being put on the DL in the next week.

  4. 5 dave
    great stuff

    Kieth after a couple of drinks would be great to watch a Met game with.
    Of course everything would have to be off the record.