METS CHAT ROOM: Game #56; Santana vs. Phils.



Great pitching match-up tonight – should they play – between lefties Johan Santana (7-2, 2.00) and J.A. Happ (4-0, 2.48 ERA). Santana gave up three runs in six innings in his last start, a loss at Pittsburgh. Santana beat the Phillies, May 6, in a sterling 10-strikeout performance in seven innings.

Not surprisingly, Daniel Murphy is not in the starting line-up against Happ, replaced by Fernando Tatis.

Tonight starts the Mets’ most difficult stretch of the season with two series each against Philadelphia and the Yankees, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Tonight’s line-up:
Luis Castillo, 2B
Alex Cora, SS
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, LF
David Wright, 3B
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Ryan Church, RF
Omir Santos, C
Johan Santana, LP

62 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #56; Santana vs. Phils.

  1. Don’t know if I agree with batting Tatis ahead of Church. Guess we’ll see if it becomes an issue during the game. Regardless, neither offers Wright much protection

  2. Murphy shouldn’t play. He only had 2 hits Sunday and showed signs of coming out of his slump. Therefore he should be rotting on the bench so he stays in a slump. Love you Jerry Manuel the worst manager in the franchise history.

  3. Yes, worse than Willie, worse than Westrum, worse than Buddy and even worse than Frazier and Torborg. I see him as a guy who is more interested in playing mind games and making sure the only leader is himself,. I don’t see himn as making any baseball moves that have any sense of strategy involved.

  4. Manuel makes 0 sense with any of his moves. I can’t fault him too much here…he’s playing the percentages. His past decisions were worse.

    I don’t understand why he went out of his way to say he was gonna play FMart regularly up here (and in doing so convinced the front office not to send him down), and then he announces that it’s gonna be Sheff and Church/Fmart with Church getting the bulk if he hits.

    What a crackhead.

  5. I truly wonder how Dopey is perceived in the clubhouse. You have to wonder how many of them really must mistrust him given his track record for doubling back on his words and his inability to stick with anyone.

  6. rmkmets (10): You have to wonder if the tank is empty. … What do you know, Wright goes deep. Will miracles ever cease?-JD

  7. Well that HR by Wright was certainly appropriate given all the talk in the media lately…

  8. JD (13): Don’t doubt that he said but it totally has gotten blown out of proportion. For all we know he could have said it teasingly towards Chipper, kind of ribbing him for missing an HR. The media (as they are famous for doing) assumed the negative end of that and made it sound like he hates the park.

  9. TexMets (15): Chipper was talking about Citi Field being a tough place to hit homers, and said, Wright told him, “nice ball park,” in a sarcastic tone.-JD

  10. TexMets (15): Chipper went on the radio and for whatever random reason started talking Mets and Citi field. He basically said it’s the biggest park he’s ever hit in and expressed his own frustrations with it in the series they played a few wks ago. Then he said at some pt during the game Wright ran by him after missing an HR of his own and said “Nice park.”

  11. Thanks guys. Seems pretty innocuous but the Chipster should keep to himself. Is DW getting crucified in the press? For pete’s sake, it IS a tough park.

  12. Agree with Tex (18) — Wright isn’t using the size of the park as an excuse; he’s stating a fact. Let’s face it: if these guys played in the new Yankee Stadium, how many HRs do you think they’d have in that launching pad? A lot more, that’s for sure.

  13. TexMets (21) Thanks for that link — that guy really had the field’s number long before it opened.

  14. (26) It came from our saying how hard it is to hit homers at Citi Field. These guys will do anything to prove us wrong!

  15. Hi Everyone – yes, I’m here, but I’m also following Yankees-0/Boston-5 and YoYo Ma Live from Lincoln Center. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

    For those who posted their ‘concerns’, I thought they were very relevant and well written.

  16. Annie (30) How many homers has Yo Yo Ma hit? I hear Lincoln Center is a tough place to play.

  17. Jeff M. (33) He hits it out of the park every time – Lincoln Center is his home field, but has been known to play in DC at inaugurations.

  18. That was horrendous job by Manuel not arguing that play. Santana bailed him out. Oh and another horrendous job by gimpy there.

  19. 5 to 4 now, wish I could see this inning but Howie is doing a great job explaining it …

  20. (38) Looks like the only jerks Sheff made pay were the ones who bought tickets to the game.

  21. Annie (35) I didn’t know Ma was playing with the Silk Road Ensemble. Very nice.

  22. Jeff M. (41) I didn’t either until I was looking in the Times Art Section today for the crossword…

  23. Wow – Johan plays his position well – gets double play – gotta love him and his ability to understand the whole game.

  24. TexMets (21) Despite tonight’s HR heroics, I continued searching and found this:
    giving current HR totals for the season at each MLB park.

    Citi Field is at 1.46 HR per game. That is considerably lower than every AL park except Kansas City (1.40), but in the NL, S.F. (1.00), Pittsburgh (1.19), Atlanta (1.28) are actually lower, with Dodger Stadium (1.46) the same.

    Yankee Stadium? It’s at 3.62 per game — far and away, highest in the majors.

  25. Checking in late, been listening on the radio. Its an exciting game. I would think Santana is mad at himself. Here comes Frankie for the save.

  26. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. It was close all the way and the Mets won with Santana.

    See you tomorrow night.

  27. It looks like teh slumping trio(beltranwright,church) have all broken out slightly. lets hope they broke the curse…