Your concern level ….

Just taking your temperature on your concern level with the Mets as they head into the roughest part of their schedule. Upcoming over the next few weeks are the Phillies twice, Yankees twice, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Tampa Bay and Los Angeles.

And, they’ll be playing with questions in their rotation, notably Mike Pelfrey and John Maine being erratic; a strained bullpen; and numerous offensive issues. Is Gary Sheffield out of gas? Will Daniel Murphy hit like he did in the beginning of the season? And, will David Wright and Carlos Beltran start hitting with some power?

With the exception of Johan Santana starting tomorrow night, the pitching match-ups in the Philadelphia series favor the Phillies. Against superior pitching, the Mets aren’t hitting enough to compensate for their pitching deficiencies.

When you look at the Mets overall, they are closer to being the team that was swept at Los Angeles than the team that won two of three at Fenway Park.

The Mets need to hang close until late July to see where they are at the trade deadline. Given their upcoming schedule, a losing streak is definitely possible. More possible than a lengthy winning roll. This isn’t a team built to where they can climb out of a 10-game hole.

If you cheer for the Mets, your concern level should be high.

12 thoughts on “Your concern level ….

  1. For all the gloom and doom talk about Delgado, Reyes, Pootz, Church, the starters after Santana and Manuel’s curious decision making, the Mets have the fourth best record in the NL. We know this team plays up (or down) to the level of its competition so there will be a lot of pleasant surprises coming up. I fully expect our team to host the Houston (Houston??) Colt 45s on the last weekend at Madoff Millions Ballpark with a cchance to make the playoffs needing to win only one game. And lose all three to be eliminated.

  2. This is the one time I wish Ollie was around. He is great against Phils and yanks. Santana winning the first game against philly is a must. A sweep would be devastating.

  3. I think we will get pounded by the bats.

    Our ace has become human lately and we are neither a grind them out, fundamental, speed and defense team nor a big bat power team. Our pitching has been adequate against our competition, which has just gotten better. If Johan/Pelf/Livan hold up we might be ok. I doubt it though and we will be looking at a team answering a lot of questions soon with not many answers.

    It sucks when Johan was doing a tour de force we could not hit and played defense like 5 year olds.

    So to answer your question, maybe at the end of the month we have a new coach to save the GM’s job?

  4. So many questions with no real answers.

    It all comes down to this.
    If Reyes is back at the end of July and healthy the Mets have a shot.

    If Reyes is not healthy the Mets are toast.

  5. I’ve been preoccupied with a bunch of things and so mostly lurking in the shadows lately, but keeping tabs on the Mets. Honestly, I will be shocked if they make the playoffs this year. Even with all THEIR problems, the Phils are playing .600 ball. With all the Mets’ injuries, I see this as one of those off years when they fade, maybe make a late run when they get key people back, but are already far enough off the pace that it’s too little, too late. As for this next stretch of games, it all depends on which team shows up; they always manage to show some life when you least expect it, and play dead when you think they should be up for it.

  6. Dan, Harry, Ray, Dave, Scott, Jeff –

    Not sure I can match your fine opinions, but I will add a couple of words.

    It seems to me as though the Mets are moving backwards since that Fall evening in St. Louis. We had such hopes then.

    Except for Santana and Livan, the pitchers are inconsistent, many of the new young players are poorly schooled in all the little things they should know before they come to the Big Leagues and the current manager often contradicts himself and confuses us.

    Add to that the fact that the owners seem to pay more attention to the new building than to the team, and you understand how Omar must feel in his position in the middle.

    And yet, those of us who have followed this team since the early days, still give them our allegiance, care about them and cheer for them.

    As Tug said “You’ve Gotta Believe” and we still do.

  7. I feel we are back in the 70’s and 90’s.
    A good team riddled with bad luck.
    and questionable general management.

    You gotta believe// so lets go mets go.

    We need the team to be a team/ I will keep drilling this in..
    I think also language is a barrier as is culture. Because lets face it is. to have Los Mets? in the US? and have our players teach us? listen.. you learn the language of teh country u live/work in, end of story – that goes for everyone!

    or maybe :
    The boys from Out of country probably dont want to be one with the boys from the US.

    either way to me .. i see a culure clash.. before all this on boarding from outside .. you never saw this ..honestly.. there was always communication. always. whether positive or negative. These guys dont ciommunicate. That’s an issue!

    ok off the soap box for now..
    Lets Go Mets!
    I do believe in Miracles.

  8. Dopey is at it again: He said that Church was gonna get time to play everyday and he advocated keeping FMart up to get him ABs. He also kind of hinted that Sheff would get more platoon time given his age.

    So then today (per Adam Rubin’s blog) he said Sheff will play all series in LF and Church and FMart will split time in RF with the former getting the majority of the time if he does well.

    This idiot clearly has no idea what the hell he is doing and his inconsistent decision making Im sure doesn’t help his players

  9. 10. Agree completely. Thre best part is Church will get the majority of the time if he plays well… in what one freaking game. Manuel is a horrible manager. Manuel is only interested in playing mind games with these guys. I’m sure he’s lost the clubhouse.