METS CHAT ROOM: Game #54; Maine and makeshift lineup.



The Mets will take their patchwork lineup behind John Maine against the Washington Nationals tonight.

Maine, after a rocky start, hasn’t pitched too badly lately. He gave up three hits in six scoreless innings last Sunday to Florida before leaving with a stomach virus.

It wasn’t a fluke. He has given up three or fewer runs in five of his last six starts, and one run over his last 12 innings.

Maine has a 6-2 record and 4.04 ERA in 10 career starts against the Nationals

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Emil Brown, RF
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, LF
David Wright, 3B
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Omir Santos, c
Wilson Valdez, SS
John Maine, RP

105 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #54; Maine and makeshift lineup.

  1. Manuel continues his juggling act. I thought Martinez was going to play every day.

  2. 3. Its ok, JD we have Emil Brown now. You will be happy to know there was a lot of Dunn trade talk on the FAN last night.

  3. Hi Ray, John – I’m back, but don’t see much improvement with this team.

  4. Hi Annie, btw I also heard on the FAN that Carp has 10 HR for Seattles AAA club. Minaya strikes again.

  5. somebody always trying to give a game away – last week it was Pelfrey imploding now it’s maine – three runs for this offense is darn near impossibble

  6. Hi Ed (8) guess I picked a good week to be away from here – apparently it’s just the same old, same old.

  7. all you have to do is look at the schedule to know how things are – a sweep in Pitt. it took 10 innings last night to finally win 3-1 and now were losing 3-0

  8. No less than 7 yankees have more HRs than our leader Beltran. Jeter is tied with 7. Behind Beltran, broken down Shef is 2nd with 5. I know there is a ballpark diffential but this is ridiculous.

  9. Ed (12) Omar often is a guest on Francesa’s afternoon show – and Mike can and does ask some tough questions, but Omar doesn’t react – just responds with platitudes.

  10. It will be interesting to see what the Phillies do in contrast. With Myers out for awhile, will they stand put? Last year was illustrative. They lose Burrell, they upgrade with Ibanez. They seem to go about their business in a methodical and less dramatic manner. And now have a ring to show for it.

  11. Ray (14) I have never been convinced that this team took the game as seriously as they should – when they got Santana, I thought perhaps his work ethic would get the rest of the team going, but that’s not the case.

  12. As for the Braves, I have to admit to taking some pleasure to how they dumped Glavine. He probably deserved better, but it was a guilty pleasure.

  13. Omar is a worse GM then I thought he was – the biggest thing he did was getting Wilpon to spend money other then that – he has not been a good roster builder – he gets the obvois moves right but fails to fill a solid roster through 25 and he’s very gun shy when it comes to making in season moves

  14. I think you could field a pretty good team from the blog (excluding me).

  15. lets see either you get a starter who lets themselves get beat up or the offesne cant score more then one run

  16. 28 I agree. He’s signed some marquee names but is not building the team. And the minors look barren compared to other clubs. ANd lastly, these kids come up here utterly lacking in the fundamentals.

  17. JD and Annie, it would be fitting for Glavine to sign with the Phils and then beat both the Braves and the Mets in key games down the stretch.

  18. John (38) you think the Phillies will go for all those family arrangements and the post playing job with the club that Glavine requests?

  19. I said it before if Omar thinks he can wait 3-4 weeks to make a deal – which all reports indicate he believes – this race will be over

  20. this team is struggling to compete with the Pirates and Nats let alone the Phillies

  21. I thought phillips but his teams were successful in 1999, 2000 – Omar only has 2006

  22. ed (48): This really isn’t a good time to be playing the Phillies. But, who knows? Maybe the Phillies will provide a spark.-JD

  23. Minaya is already on record saying hes not looking to make a trade. Find solutions from within. Same story the last 3 years. What else can he say? he has nothing to trade.

  24. Glavine will strike out Julio Franco in a key spot. Omar will have just signed Franco to a 2 year deal after failing to talk Julian Javier out of retirement.

  25. Ray (52) I still wonder about the finances of this team…maybe Omar’s hands are tied.

  26. Sure – and nobody on the Mets is even making a move to get Nick Johnson – the kid can play and Uncle Larry taught him the fundamentals..

  27. 54. Can you blame Madoff for the last 2 years? Why do you think Phillips was worse?

  28. (51) thats funny JD a spark – a spark would work if you had a team – this is basically a AAAA team against the reigning division champions

  29. Phillips was awful after 2000 – his mind was in other places but his first few years were good

  30. with a depleted offesne for our #2 and #3 to have the worst starts of their careers is absolutely awful

  31. Ray (56) When someone is in public life, I expect they will behave. Phillips didn’t.

  32. bottom line Phillips teams went to the playoffs twice – Omar once Omar Phillips wins

  33. JD – I could see the mets losing six straight with this team against the Phillies and Yanks

  34. Annie is very tough on the social issues – the sternest she’s been is with Phillips and the steroids

  35. 63 Annie- Glad to hear it. I think Phillips was very good his first few years. After losing out on ARod he started making stupid desperation moves.

  36. On the Radio they are say FMart is going back down when Church comes back.

  37. i know this game is over but its like a train wreck – i shouldnt look but i cant stop myself

  38. Ray (67)

    I’m listening to Howie and Wayne, too.

    You mentioned ARod – another example of bad behavior.

  39. I once forgot and put a pencil from the office in my pocket on my way home – ever since i keep my mouth shut – glass house thing

  40. Hey, nobody should have watched a minute when the line up was posted with Emil Brown batting seoond. I guess Jerry the fraud and liar wants to evaluate how FMART sits on the bench. Manuel is the worst ever, and we’ve had a lot of bums managing here. Worse than Wille, worse than Torborg, worse than Westrum worse than even the hapless Joe Frazier. and worse than Buddy.

  41. (72) John maine pitches like John Maine I’d take my chances in a 2-1 game against this team who has the worst record in history – have Maine Sh*t the bed like Pelfrey last week is unexcusable

  42. Harry (72) I came to the blog from the Belmont – needed a change of pace after I had the 3 top finishers in the wrong order 😉

  43. 72. Chiti, That move comes from upstairs. Fmart going down tomorrow in case you missed my previous post. Omar is the one to blame.

  44. Maybe Beltran does owe Pittsburgh an apology. DC enjoying a laugher. literally.

  45. Jerry said on thursday – he wanted veterans with all the injuries that young guys like Murphy and Fmart were complimentary pieces this early in their career and not ready to carry a team – at least with vets. they had been in the wars before- basically saying Brown over Fmart

  46. 76. No kidding. Makes sense to me. Emil brown is going to turn the team around. NOT I guess I don’t mind that much because he looked not quite ready, but play him the last night, play Cora, Vazquez for real. This is crap these ain’t big leaguers. And it shows one would think Maddux is pitching the way they are making out so fast.

  47. I said this last night – I’ll take Dellucci over Brown and Easley over Valdez

  48. 79, Do you actually beleive any word from that daily new lie manager Jerry???? You mean he said that the same Murphy who was his everyday left fielder, who was going to plaly against lefties while the veteran Church wasn’t, is now a platoon first baseman, you mean he wants Emil Brown because of all his post season experience whoich is ZERO whihc I guess oises him to be on a Met team that doesn’t make the playoffs again. You beleive that liar??

  49. At least this game is moving right along – I also noticed more empty seats there than at Yankee Stadium – are they everywhere these days?

  50. Harry – i think he does want Brown over FMArt because of his exp. and he knows he’ll hit .260 and has no idea waht FMArt will hit – i think if he had a better option then Murphy at 1B and i dont count tatis who is .059 BA with RISP – we wouldnt see Murphy again

  51. Im not sure if Murphy hype in the off-season was the Mets PR machine or Jerry really believed in the kid and now feels burnt but the interview I heard on thursday I got the sense that Murphy would be in AAA if Jerry had his way

  52. I get it now – the Mets have a purpose – as the NAts were running off the field laughing after their fifth Dp I finally understood it – were the team thats suppose to be good but isnt and make the bad teams feel good about themselves

  53. I know misery loves company but 5 DPs in one game is more than I can take. See you.

  54. 88. Anyone who is excited because Emil Borwon is gonna give him 260 should be fired immediately especially since this piece of crap didn’t hit 260 last year and didn’t hit 260 in 07. Minaya and Manuel both need to go. They have conspired to destroy the roster and destroy the chemistry. Manuel has destroyed any and every player he could and Minaya is filling the roster wioth career losers, which he is prving to be for the second time as a GM.
    88. Screw Jerry. If most fans had their way Jerry would be the one in AAA. He is truly a loser. Maybe Clint hurdle in 10.

  55. 91. Delcos the problem with this org is that NOBODY gets a window. excpet for Minaya’s boy Sheffield. Eveyone else has a new role and anew problem every freakin day. Remember the nite Murph had 5 RBI. Where was he the next nite. On the bench. Says it all.

  56. ANNIE: This is a gigantic crowd for the Nats. The place is usually as empty as a little league park.

  57. JD – a kid that not one scout ever notice coming straight out of AA should never be epected to be a starter – any reasonable person could have seen he was going to end up hitting somewhere around .240 at best …. rem. the Ruben Gotay hype … the window wasn’t too short for his success the window was too short on the eval that he could be a starter

  58. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. It is truly not worth keeping except as a bad example.

    Tomorrow’s game is in the afternoon – see you then.

  59. Harry – they shouldn’t be getting windows in the first place their being rushed and way over their heads – Murphy, Martinez, Evans should have never skipped AAA there is a purpose for AAA especially for hitters – they need to face the figgy’s of the world who make them look silly in April and there killing by Sept.

  60. 101. Disagree 100% Ed. You obviously have an expectation for kids that is unreasonable and which is exactly the same as the Mets’ FO. If you really beleive that a guy coming up for the first time shows he’s good enough or not in about 30 at bats then you just are wrong wrong wrong. It takes time. Time you and Omar and Jerry don’t want to give but which is necessary. Bad decisons that screw up kids give you a rposter of 4A players which is exactly what you got. Enjoy it.
    Rob Dibble who was a pretty good pitcher said a releiver needs about two years to prove himself and a starter needs about 50 starts. But you and Omar and Jerry make decisions in one inning. If it were up to you and Omar and Jerry a few years ago Wright would have been sent down because he wasn’t doing anything his first few games.

  61. There’s an interesting disucssion on BPro about the Mets’ trade possiblities.

  62. Obviously it’s all hindsight, but Jason Vargas in 2 and 0 with a 1.93 ERA for Seattle.