Putz to go under the knife ….

Mets fans won’t have J.J. Putz to kick around for awhile. He was placed on the disabled list and will undergo surgery next week to remove bone spurs in his elbow.

Hard for me to imagine why this wasn’t diagnosed earlier.

11 thoughts on “Putz to go under the knife ….

  1. First no Nixon to kick around, now no Putz. At least we still have minaya.

  2. Kind of explains why we weren’t seeing the mid 90s fastball with the nasty splitter.

  3. Maybe they didn’t want to pay for the MRI or the arthrogram or whatever it is.

  4. Just call me by my new screen name: DOCTOR Steve The Original. LOL. I called this two weeks ago.

  5. (1)Ray: Hopefully only thru the end of the season. I know though the Wilpons won’t have the guts to clean house.

  6. The big question now is would the Mets be better off as sellers than buyers at the trade deadline.
    If they overpay in a bad trade they could cripple this team for the future.
    ( Scott Kazmir anyone )

    Remember the year Varitek went down for the Red Sox and they missed the playoffs.

    It just might not be possible to fix everything that is wrong at the point in time.

  7. (6) Scott: Only problem is who is going to want the garbage on this team? Who are they going to sell? I don’t think there is anyone worth while that the Mets could trade that is desirable.

  8. The Mets have a lot of players who would make nice bench players for teams in a pennant race. Since the have already shown the will pick up money to make trades. ( Castro / Show ) Why not look into adding some depth to the farm system.
    Schnieder, Church, Cora and Reed could all help contenders by adding bench depth.
    The Mets might not get any stars but you can always use more pitching.
    Maybe they could get lucky and find a Bobby Parnell type of pitcher.

  9. they did.

    they gave him cortizone a few weeks ago and said that would fix it.

    it didnt.