METS CHAT ROOM: Game #53; facing the Nationals.

CHAT ROOM vs. Nats.

CHAT ROOM vs. Nats.

The sluggish Mets are in DC, armed with Tim Redding, in an attempt to stop their slide at three games.

The field is a mess in DC, but the game is supposed to start on time.

Redding’s first start since coming off the DL was a good one in LA, but he hasn’t shown much since.

The Mets are a hurting group, relying way too much on their role players. And, it doesn’t help that David Wright is in a slump.

June is a critical month for the Mets in that half their core is missing and the schedule will get tougher. If they can hold it together they should be in decent position come July.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Fernando Tatis, RF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Fernando Martinez, LF
Brian Schneider, C
Tim Redding, P

NOTEBOOK: No timetable for Jose Reyes’ return. … Gary Sheffield rests tonight and will rest Sunday. … Jerry Manuel said it was likely (didn’t say definite) that Fernando Martinez will stay when Ryan Church is activated from the disabled list.

87 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #53; facing the Nationals.

  1. Well at least there is very little unknown about the team going forward. We know that Reyes, Delgado, Putz, and Ollie are gone for the unforseeable future. Wright needs to turn it around and Beltran needs to stop eating bad seriously, the Mets are really going to have to count on the both of them. Santana needs to regain his begginning of the year form and Maine/Pelfrey/Livan need to be on the top of their games. Let’s see how they respond. LET’S GO METS!

  2. John

    Next time you see him, can you ask Omar if he would think of trading Ollie and Redding for D Lowe?


  3. here’s the thing, if the Mets wait to everybody returns they’ll be out of the race but they have so many holes a trade would only be a bandaid – i dont see a way out of this

  4. problem is Philly wont wait for them – this is over twithout a trade and there isn’t enough to trade for – two bats who will fit in when everybody retruns and a mid level starter

  5. (2/3)

    Please explain to me how we pick up two players for the price of one where we passed on our starting pitching target for this year and got two players instead who we thought were not as good?

    I just don’t get this.

  6. You can’t this team was built as much by Omar as it was Madolf and if everything went right it would have been a playoff team despite not making the right moves .. but everything went wrong

  7. calling Murphy/Tatis as your left field was silly and picking Ollie over Lowe was ridiculous – even with castillo passing on hudson who begged to be on this team in any capacity was awful – it all adds up to money not decisions

  8. my point is all indications were that we wanted Lowe. We got Ollie instead as well as Redding. The cost of both is Lowe. and then we have livan. so the cost is a wash. this is not about Wilpon getting fleeced by his boyhood friend.

  9. Ollie, redding and Hernandez cost as much as Lowe – if they got lowe they’d still have to fill those spots – decisions were made based on money not preference

  10. If K- Rod didn’t come on the cheap – Fuentes would have been our closer

  11. so if we had gotten Lowe our rotation would be


    We sign all these role players we can do without for about a million. we ate some portion of castro. so if the difference of lowe=ollie+redding +/- one million
    i call it even because that seems to be how the org sees it.

    I remember we didnt want to chase the $$ for lowe. but then we add 3 pitchers for 2 slots. we could have gotten the guy we wanted at a price he would not have been insulted at and our rotation would be pretty good. and it would be pretty good for a few years out. we could afford to wait on parnell to make the rotation or niese or holt, gee or whomever.

  12. sorry – had to walk away for a bit – of course when I come back it’s 2 and 3 no outs and no one scores

  13. Cora does nothing for me leading off – Castillo, Fmart, Beltran should be the line-up

  14. It’s shocking really the first guy to get to two second turns into a score and then a rally – when we cant even get a fly ball for a run

  15. Adding to the pitching discussion, Randy Wolf is 3-1 3.21 for LA. Hes making 5 mil.

  16. john(17)

    you are right. but if i am gm for the day. and my choice is redding + ollie or lowe plus a year i take the later.

    you always go with quality. I was saying all offseason that we know what ollie is he aint getting better. I was shocked he got this bad. but you know what Lowe is and if you think he can give you what he has for 3 and you have to overpay for year 4, I think you do it. I did not expect them to go out and get yet another pitcher. i figured if they were done after ollie and a marginal #5, I can accept that they feel that is as far as they go.

    as ben franklin says penny wise pound foolish. look at us now. we struggle to put a rotation out, we have a rash of injuries and the only phase of the game we can rely on now is the relief core. that may go too, yet again, if the pitching continues to suck. this is 2007 all over again.

  17. Hope everyone is well.
    The only thing i have to say is thank god for the wildcard. If this were the old 2 division days I would say time to wave the white flag.

  18. David Dellucci is a free agent right now Damion Easley as well – why havent guys like this been brought in

  19. did he try for 3rd on his own or is this the coach?

    second play at the bag this game.

  20. coach sent him – which is this team worse at situational hitting or base running

  21. 28

    easley is a better option than the guys we have as backup IF now.

    i agree. dont know delluci

  22. dellucci is a 35 y/o outfielder hitting .275 for cleveland with no protection – hit .300 with Philly in 06

  23. 25. JD, Thats a very good question. Making bonehead plays on the basepaths doesnt help.

  24. i generally like shines’s agressive approach. but you can get too aggressive

  25. Easley would fit right in another guy who always spends time on the DL.
    Delluci is an OF how would he help.

  26. 31. Dave, I disagree. Cora is better than a 40 year old player prone to injury. Delucci is interesting though. Especially with Shef limping.

  27. Sheffiedl has already started to break down- Fmart isn’t ready – no telling how Church returns – Dellucci may or may not be an upgrade but at league min. worth a look

  28. 37

    I like cora also. but he has a bum finger yes?

    i like easley over the other 2 guys, plus he plays first and in a pinch the of.

  29. Easley twisted his ankle anyone any age could have done that – otherwise he was healthy his two years and he had more pop then any other backup middle infielder we’ve carried since stache

  30. 38

    yes. fmart is not ready and if sheff is breaking down, we need to decide if the other of – who altho play good d – are enough.

    all game these guys are questioning lack of power.

    if beltran and david are hitting and reyes comes back soonish perhaps we have enough. but if jose is out for a spell and david is not hitting like we need him to, we have a problem. sheff was giving us balance. if he is broken we are broken.

  31. i dont happen to think a team needs power.

    but your d better be great as well as ur pitching. we dont have those so we need power.

  32. 41. Ed, Do you really want to see Easley play SS if Cora goes down again??

  33. (43) dave have you noticed their powers numbers and the amount of runs scored – this team definately has a power

  34. (45) no what i was saying is most say we have to ride out this storm for a month before sellers get desperate to make moves otherwise we’ll over pay – I say we wont be in the race in a month with this roster – either we make a lopesided deal or hold tight arent the only options – there are guys like Easley and Dellucci who maybe able to hold the fort or even catch lightning in the bottle

  35. Good evening all, this certainly seems like a wonderful way to use 3 position players for 1 pitchers spot. Why would you not hit Santos for Schneider, he has to come in the game anyway. I know Brown walked, but you would rather have Brown up than Santos, really?

  36. Ed
    Just so i am clear on this.
    Are you saying you would rather have Easley at SS than Cora.

    If so based on what.

  37. no im saying I would rather have cora and easley over cora and valdez – i would give up valdez superior glove for easley’s bat

  38. ed(46)

    when we had jose/david/beltran/delgado yes we had power

    now we have beltran and david is hitting 300 but does not seem to be providing punch in the lineup. if sheff is broken after a month i agree with john(44) that there is a problem.

  39. thats why we need a bat – sheffield looks 40 after two weeks of reg. use – law of diminished returns

  40. (52) dave jose isnt back for six weeks and delgado isnt back for 10 weeks – david doesnt do well without protection – if you think the offense is ok when there all healthy ( which I didnt) what is tyour plan until they return and what happens if they are ineffective when they return – cant put your eggs all in one basket –

  41. did you see Sheffield’s at bat – it should answer your question he is hurt and over used

  42. im looking fior anyway to add bats at min. cost and min. loss – easley and dellucci would do both and if they flopped who cares

  43. Meanwhile, our beloved metsies cant do a thing against the Nats no name bullpen. At least Redding did his job today.

  44. Exactly what is the story with Church.
    Is he supposed to be back soon.

  45. i’d say that Murphy isnt ready either but I think that has to come in a trade

  46. 63
    Hey you could be right and it could work.

    For the most part I am an optimist when it comes to the Mets.

    But the ship may be taking on way to much water to prevent it from sinking.

  47. were in the 8th tied 1-1 with teh Nats and got swept by the pirates – we’ll be 15 out by the deadline if Omar sits on his hands

  48. I agree about Delucci. Fmart needs more seasoning. I liked Easleys bat when he was here but I didnt like his glove. A middle infielder with a bad glove will make a pitching staff very unhappy. backup Middle infielder has to be able to play second and short.

  49. Easley was about as good as Cora before the ankle brace and now the brace is gone – still not sure if either would last but at league min. worth a try

  50. ed(54)

    i have no idea.

    i think omar went from having a good defensive team to an avg defensive team. jose and david are good ( if you can live with the throwing ) and castillo seems to be what he should be.

    our OF are terrible with the exception of Beltran. Church is good, but his bat sucks. the others are good Defensively but their bat is weak.

    I liked the speed and agressiveness on the bases early, but as a team we do not work the count and do not control the plate. our d is weak as well as starting pitching. we do not have power since our team is on the shelf.

    i have no solutions for what ails the team. that is what the offseason if for.

    the trading deadline is good if you need one player to get over the top. not when you have major structural issues.

    if we are broken i say right off our inaugural season on our one billion dollar taxpayer funded stadium and let fmart play the year. if you think niese is close by july bring him up to.

    basically walk away from the year and build for the future.

    in the offseason we had delgado at first and tatis/murphy in lf with church in right. murphy is not hitting, they have benched tatis and church is not the player he was the first month and a half of last year. delgado is out for who knows how long and jose has a problem with his leg. oh yeah and putz’s elbow is in shambles.

    did i mention pitching? ollie flamed out, and we have livan at #5 who so far is doing his part and redding who is not a #4.

    so with all these problems i dont think you can fix this with a move. we have no chips in the minors and i would prefer to let them grow anyway.

    this offseason was the time to tool up when we had the $$ to fix the team. instead we got depth in cora, fixed the pen and did nothing to improve the rotation or the lineup.

    omar wasted a huge opportunity.

  51. weve scored one run on a bad call from the umps against a 14 win team – there is no way this offense can make it until everybody gets healthy

  52. here’s the real question on Sunday when Church returns would you rather have FMart with all his potential that he probably can’t live up to at this point or Emil Brown who plays a decent corner outfield and has always hit around .260-.270 in the majors

  53. The Mets best hope right now is that Tatis starts to hit and when Church comes back he hits like its April 2008.
    I am not sure anything better could come by the trade route.

  54. Frankie has been the only player perfect so far on the Mets – dare I say more

  55. jerrry was on the WFAN yesterday said Murphy and FMArt were nice complimentary players at this point but he needed veterans to get through injury spell – but the next day he said Fmart could stay around

  56. Ed
    and everyone else.
    Have a good night.

    It ok to step away from window ledge for the night.

  57. who’s emil brown?

    we have role player of who hit around 260 or so and can play d. we have 2 of them in fact. we dont need another.

    i would keep fmart and let him play if there is room. else send him down so he can play. he needs to play.

  58. well redding pitched well against his former team and we won. we need to take this series.

  59. emil brown was traded to the mets last week on a minor league deal they called him up when Martinez went down – mid thirties journeyman career .270 hitter corner outfielder – he’s pinch hit twice