METS CHAT ROOM: Game #52; Pelfrey to salvage series.



After last night’s rainout, Mike Pelfrey goes this afternoon in an attempt to salvage the Pittsburgh series. On the bright side, Pelfrey won’t have to face Nate McLouth, who was traded to Atlanta last night.

The flip side of that deal is it is a reminder of the lack of chips the Mets have on the minor league levels to make a trade at the July 31 deadline. Most of their highly rated prospects are on the lower levels and aren’t major league ready.

PELFREY: Tries to salvage series.

PELFREY: Tries to salvage series.

The team does not want to give up F-Mart. Jon Niese could be packaged, but his numbers might give a team pause. The Mets don’t have any imminent help in the minor leagues which also means they have little to deal.

It will be a patchwork line-up again this afternoon. Maybe Carlos Beltran will be ready.

The bullpen benefited from the rainout, but even so, J.J. Putz for now is the seventh inning guy with Bobby Parnell assuming the eighth-inning set-up role. The Mets couldn’t go any longer with the struggling Putz in the eighth inning.

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  1. Whenever I hear “lack of chips,” I am always reminded of the Santana trade. I’m sure there would be alot of teams interested in the Mets lower tier talent and wouldn’t be looking just at major league ready parts. So we’ll have to see how it plays out. They need to get Wright going…that would cure alot of ills.

  2. And as we see Castillo’s average coming down we can look toward LA and Orlando Hudson’s .329 BA with 3 homers and 32 RBI. Thanks Omar.

  3. I wake up, turn on the TV, Mets are down 0-2 and bases are loaded with one out. Should I go back to sleep?

  4. Well, i’m done talking to myself…and i’m done with this game. Awful job by Pelfrey needless to say and very disappointing considering how he has pitched the last few weeks. Someone ought to tell him that this game is not on national t.v.!

  5. Good afternoon, Ray…welcome to the Steve and Dan show. Even Delcos isn’t here!!!

  6. This has been one helluva disappointing outing by Pelfrey today.

  7. Pelfrey has chances to get out of every jam he has been in and has looked like a stressed out rookie

  8. they have all day to regroup and pelfrey comes out ans sh**s the bed, being swept by the Pirates is embarrassing, they should have been reeling after losing their best player

  9. This is a pathetic outing against a bad team. You can never be optimistic about this team because they implode like a bunch of losers all of a sudden.

    Good teams don’t play like this against bad teams like the Pirates. Kinda tells you something about our Mets

  10. Omar’s being patient thats what happened… they held on as long as they could and no its unraveling

  11. No excuse for Pelfrey today. But like I remember one of the announcers saying before the first game, that when the Pirates score they score.

  12. If this was the Phils or Yankees or Bosox down 5 runs you still can be confident they’ll make it close if not come back and take the lead, esp against a team as bad as Pittsburgh.

    This team, however, would never do that even if all hands were on deck and that’s what pisses me off more than anything

  13. Steve (21): When the pitcher on the mound walks runs in and throws meatballs any team would score like this (except for the Mets…someone like DRod would come up and strike out).

  14. Here’s a question when was the last time – even with a full squad when we pounded a team for a sweep

  15. rmkmets (19): For the past few years the Mets have always played down to the competition. That explains, in part, the collapses. … This isn’t the first the Mets had their heads handed to them in Pittsburgh.-JD

  16. Ed (26): Been a really long time. This team will start making it look like a laugher and then pack it in and let the other team back in it.

  17. (21) that 5-1 home stand was this teams swan song – the chewing gum is coming off the holes and there are leaks everywhere- omar should have acted decisively like Atlanta instead he played the waiting game and now their reeling

  18. JD (27): True. And it again boggles the mind why Manuel was even allowed back to manage this team. He’s basically an extension of the uninspiring previous coaching staff lead by Randolph.

  19. (27) 2006 they were suppose to clinch in Pitt and went 1-3 had to waqit til the next series

  20. What the hell is wrong with Murphy? Part of his garbage hitting is due to his own bad play but there also has to be a component of Manuel at work…what a DUMB move it was to NOT play him after that big game he had last week. The kid was scorching the ball in that game and then Dopey totally killed the momentum

  21. One thing about FMart that he’s shown early on so far is that this guy can flat out hit. That’s at least one bright spot. It took him a little bit to get his feet wet but he’s coming on now. Hopefully Dopey doesn’t ruin him

  22. ed (32): I remember that series. It was my first year on the Mets’ beat. … Even the last two years the Pirates have played them tough. … Wait and see, Washington won’t be a picnic, either.-JD

  23. jerry was campaigning for a trade on the WFAN ….basically said if i had stars Murphy and FMart could come up as complimentary players but they cant carry the load in this line-up

  24. Go out to the deli to get and sandwich and it’s now 9-5? This will be one of those 13-12 games, a real pier six brawl as Bob Murphy used to say.

  25. rmkmets (33): I don’t care who it it, but if a guy has a not day you have to put him in the line-up the next day. … That happened to Church earlier this year.-JD

  26. It’s funny we said in oct. going with Murphy/Tatis in left was not a NY left field ….then the PR squad took over and made Murphy into don mattingly… now Murphy is a complimentary player

  27. I know I was late to the party, but what happened to Pelfrey today is why I’m concerned about him. There’s a little bit of Oliver Perez in him.-JD

  28. JD (38): Agreed. Dopey however is so clueless about these things. He’s as dumb as the Mets medical staff.

  29. JD (41): In fairness Pelf had been good his last few outings. Just not been getting run support. Every pitcher can have a bad day but it’s really pathetic that he had to do it against a team this bad. Like Perez, I will admit there seems to be some degree of mental weakness though. But if you look at it…back in SF when he had that bad start, he, for the most part, kept it together thru his yips with the balks. He never totally unraveled.

  30. Pelfrey first inning was bad luck – several seeing eye ground balls and Cora’s lack of range… but then it fell apart

  31. Ed (43): With how bad this lineup is, there is no choice. Would you rather have Emil Brown out there? At least with Church getting back he adds another potential bat (providing he can get it going and Dopey doesn’t interfere).

  32. (39) Ed: Murphy was always going to be a complimentary player. I likened him to Ty Wigginton with a better eye.

  33. this team would have a standing rule – that unless they were hitting over .350 with 50 at bats – your not allowed to swing at the first pitch

  34. According to Adam Rubin’s blog, Dopey said this before the game with regards to FMart’s chances of staying up in the big leagues when Church is back…”The playing time would be there for Martinez. “I seem to find a way for guys who perform to get into the game.”

    What kind of a lie is that?!

  35. (48) i never jumped on that bandwagon – he was ruben gotay- hot streak to greatness- it’s not practical to believe he’d be a .300 hitter with as little expereince as he has, scouts dont miss that much, he may become a nice hitter but not this season- mets cheaped out on left hoping they had enough offense and he wouldnt be that bad in left – he was and injuries bit them

  36. The Sammy Sosa option is gone since he decided
    to retire after waiting for the phone to ring for two years. Kind of surprising that Minaya never brought him to the Mets. Wasn’t that Minaya big credential a few years ago: “I signed Sosa”. Wonder how hard it is to watch a baseball game, see a guy hit 500 foot home runs and think “hey, maybe I should sign him”.

  37. rmkmets (51): Just where would the time come? Who sits, Sheffield or Church? … You can’t have Martinez on the bench up there. He needs to play.-JD

  38. About sheffield im saying that Omar should be acting faster then he is- I heard an interview last night of a beat reporter who said omar is being patient feels he cn wait- atlata acted fast becuase they felt they needed to stay in it – omar should feel that way

  39. JD (52): If the Mets indeed miscalculated on Murphy, would it surprise you? This team gets nothing right…just look at the medical staff. They probably couldn’t even diagnose a cold in someone that’s coughing and stuffed up.

  40. JD (55): Well we all know Manuel has no qualms about disrespecting or flat out benching Church. My point was more that with the way Manuel has handled Church and Murphy this year, benching them when they are seemingly hot, shows that he’s a liar.

    But that said, I think Sheffield will need to get some more “platoon” like play rather than this every day stuff. His body just won’t hold up.

  41. Dan (54): I, for one, am glad they never went after Sosa. He hit the wall hard, and fast, after his “no habla English,” performance before Congress.-JD

  42. Ed (61): It wasn’t just Dopey, it was the whole organization. I think Minaya is still high on him, but now Dopey is the one that’s hedging, as he’s shown he’s very prone to doing. You simply can’t trust anything he says b/c he backtracks faster than anyone.

  43. I’ve always wanted to be a Hall of Fame voter but nowadays I’m not so sure. Sosa is exhibit A in theDid he or didn’t he? debate (wasn’t that a hair colouring commercial when was I was a kid, revlon or something??). Hard to know who did it unless Jose Canseco writes 498 more books (you know he’s held back names to write sequels) and if so should they be barred or have their stats siscounted??

    On the other hand NBC signed Rodney Harrison, who WAS caught for HGH, and nobody bats an eye. The pass the NFL gets from writers, politicians and fans is disgusting.

  44. I’d think I’d lead off with Beltran. Strange move according to conventional thought but both Tommie Agee and Bobby Bonds were successful 40 years ago. I know, that’s so long ago the Beatles were still together.

  45. Dan (67): What does HGH have anything to do with Rodney Harrison getting a TV job?

  46. Ed (62): He did fine in the leadoff spot before he got hurt.

    Dan (68): Beltran is a run producer. You can’t bat him leadoff.

  47. So I look at the other TV and the Yankees rallied from 1-5 to 5-5? A $1.3 billion phone booth is what that place is. Putting the facade back on was nice but our montrosity looks better than theirs. Can’t say the same about the 25 man rosters.

  48. #69 What would be the reaction if McGwire or Bonds was hired as a broadcaster?? Massive denunciations.

  49. Matt Holiday is a Coors Field hitter: the place where Jay Payton hit .335 and .302

  50. #74 I go with aberration but as snakebit as this team is, he probably got injured in the shower.

  51. (74) I’m more worried about Putz. Every starter is allowed a bad outing…it’s just that this one came at a really really bad time. I like Holliday…Mets would have to give up Church, Niese…but the A’s would want Parnell i’d guess…I wouldn’t deal him.

  52. JD (74): Total aberration but an unfortunate one at that. I think Putz is just horrendous right now and should be demoted to last option rather than 7th inning, unless Dopey wants to try and lose games in the 7th.

  53. Dan (72): Uh…well yes but those are two different situations. Harrison admitted to taking that stuff after testing positive. Sosa and Mcgwire have denied it, even though circumstantial/subjective evidence and observation may seem to indicate otherwise.

    I think your example is also a bad one because those are two guys that would NEVER be considered for a media position like Harrison regardless of roids/hgh.

  54. You should win the game when you score six runs, but not if you’re getting torched for 11. Mike Pelfrey was bad in a start the Mets needed and JJ Putz continued to struggle out of the bullpen. There’s very little positive to say about Putz these days. It’s on to Washington to face the Nationals, a team they should beat. Then again, that’s what the Mets thought against Pittsburgh.-JD

  55. Mets are finding ways to lose – wheels are coming off – they played too long with too many bandaids

  56. You all should be happy; You weren’t there!!!!!
    Met problems under Minaya will never change. He builds a team that is good IF there aren’t any injuries. There aren’t any close to major league caliber subs to help even on a short term basis.
    Pelfrey had nothing but Jerry the bad wouldn’t take him out until 8 RUNS scored. UNACCEPTABLE managing. Pittsburgh could have kept Olendorf in for 5 innings but they cared more about winning and pulled him before he let the Mets catch up, and look who are big bat off the bench was inthe 5th. Emil Brown. Wow. Struck fear in all little teams in the area maybe.

  57. So now we see that Reyes is gone for quite a while. And with a lineup consisting of a combination of a has been a never was and raw kid in the corners, a carer backup with below average range at SS, two first basemen who aren’t and have shown little bat wise since moving to first, two catcehrs one who could never hit and one who probably had his fifteen minutes of fame, a pen which is down to three guys who can be relied on, a rotation that is inconsistent from 2-4 and a disaster at 5, this team will not win half its games the rest of the way. All this talk about how it is unacceptabel for a good team to be swept in Pittsburgh…. This is not a good team.
    But a big plus…. stub hub prices at chiti field will come down drastically in August!!!!!

  58. Harry (83) Here’s my take on Jose – I believe Jose Reyes health has been mishandled since the beginning. Remember when the Mets tried to change his style of running years ago and sent him to PSL to practice? Since Jose seems to be an amiable person and wants to please it is not surprising that he withholds health information from the Mets, who want him to be ready all the time.

    Nowadays, when he has been with the team for years, in addition to being older he should be smarter and speak with his Managers honestly about his various ailments. Too bad nobody has taken the time to educate Jose instead of just spoil him.

  59. (83)Chiti you are correct. The team has alot of holes which were known even at the beginning of the year, but with the injuries this is not a good team. And with Wright struggling it’s much worse. Each starting pitcher from now on essentially has to be perfect, give them 7 strong innings each outing. Which is probably impossible to ask.

    (84) Annie: Reyes has played full seasons for the last 4 years…has played almost every game. I think it’s hard to blame the Mets for Jose’s ailments from 5 or 6 years ago. You can’t assume that Jose wasn’t honest with the team in this case. He took himself out of the lineup in Frisco. The Mets screwed up as usual by playing him in LA and aggrevating the injury.

  60. 84/85. Have to agree with the Original on Jose, Annie. Pulling himself out of a game is the sign of maturity you want to see. The problem here isn’t Jose, its the continued failure of the Met medical staff to diagnose and treat injuries properly. They say this is a new injury but they have no credibility so why should we beleive this line?

  61. (86) Harry just remember Jedi master Omar Min Aya has the force and all those under him are just fine.. (waves his fingers past your eye) these are not injured players you see here .. lets play ball..

  62. remember a couple of days ago when I asked if we will see Reyes before the all star break? I saw this one coming.

  63. We just can’t believe this team when it comes to injuries. Have they ever been right? I mean I can’t believe how inept the staff is and how devious the front office is when it comes to disclosing the nature of injuries. It’s a perfect storm of patheticness.

  64. I certainly wouldnt want them as my doctor.
    Funny thing huh. you would think sports doctors would be the premiere in their field.
    unless the only doctor they are listening to is Dr. Minaya. here take a ball bat and glove , shake it off.. thats a good player..

  65. I think this may be an issue where we are all right. Everyone knows athletes who will always play, no matter what and others who will demur for the slightest problem. The rest fall somewhere in between. This leaves it to the coaches, Manager, the GM and all others involved to make the decision about the player’s health. Somehow – and I think this peaked with last years Church issues – the Mets have been revealed to be less than honest about their players health and physical conditions.

  66. WFAN is reporting that Putz is going to undergo surgery and be out 8 to 10 weeks. It’s been nice knowing you JJ. Maybe he’ll be back for the playoffs, who knows the way surgeries heal. I guess the question is..Who is going to make it back first? Putz or Wagner?

  67. Why do the Mets downplay every injury at first? It’s so stupid. Every sensible person learns after awhile when someone asks how long something will take you triple your actual estimate and then when it ends up taking twice as long as you thought its still less than they expected and they’re pleased. The Mets do the opposite. Every injury is minor, and not serious at first and then we find out later its much worse than we were told. That’s the opposite of how to do it, Mets brass!