Rain out edition: What about Glavine?

Tonight’s game with the Pirates has been rained out, and despite this being their last trip to Pittsburgh, there will not be a doubleheader tomorrow afternoon.

That means a rushed trip to Pittsburgh in August or September when the Mets will need the day off. It’s just as well they aren’t playing as they need a breather. This is a bruised and battered team and the bullpen needs a rest.

Around the Horn ….

-Tom Glavine was released by the Braves which begs the obvious: Would you take him back to add some depth to the rotation which still has some issues. Glavine underwent elbow and shoulder surgery in the offseason, but said he’s ready and will pitch again this season.

-Assistant GM John Ricco said Jose Reyes experienced pain again in his calf during an extended spring training game today and will return to New York for additional tests. Translation: He won’t be back any time soon. I can’t see him back for the Philadelphia series.

-Manager Jerry Manuel said Gary Sheffield will not play during tomorrow. He’s still nursing his leg. He didn’t run well at all the other night.

-Manuel also said JJ Putz will move to the seventh inning. Hardly earthshattering news.

-Ryan Church played in an extended spring training game and says he’s feeling better. He might be ready to be activated for the Phillies series.

-Oliver Perez threw off flat ground today but there’s no timetable for his return.

12 thoughts on “Rain out edition: What about Glavine?

  1. No to Glavine.

    Will Pootz find the adrenaline he says he needs in the 7th? More likely the team will start blowing games one inning earlier.

    This sounds real bad for Reyes. Not that I’m a doctor and I don’t play one on the internet.

  2. Delcos, I still cant understand your infatuation with Glavine. As right as you were about Dunn you were wrong last year when you said they should bring him back. He wanted to be a brave. He got his wish and they kicked him to the curb. He is done.

  3. JD, I remember you wanted Burrell more than Dunn. How is that working out for the Rays?

  4. No to Glavine. No to any more has beens and never was’ and never will be’s.

    The make up game is Jul 2 not August or September.

    And how come the Braves could get a big fill in their big fat centerfield hole with McClouth and we have to talk about getting a has been like Glavine. The Braves have gone from an absolutely not ready for prime time centerfielder to a solid young professional who can hit with some power.

  5. Chiti, The obvious answer is that the mets farm sytem is barren as usual. If you were a major league GM, you may ask yourself, When is the last time the Mets traded a minor leaguer who helped the team he was traded to? kazmir was in 2003. A long time ago. look at the slop they unloaded on the twins for Santana. On the bright side, now maybe the mets can capture the last game of the series with one of the pirates best players gone.

  6. Hell no to Tom Glavine.
    Hell no to Vicente Padilla — unless he meets three conditions:
    1) He comes dirt cheap
    2) He replaces Tim Redding on the roster
    3) He starts at Yankee Stadium again against the Yankees and plunks Mark Teixeira all over again, just for $#*!s and giggles.

  7. And another thing…
    If J.J. Klutz threw around his fastball the way he does excuses for his poor performance, he’d be unhittbale.
    He’s quoted today citing “stress” for the reason he’s been a bust as the eighth inning guy.
    Hmmm…Wasn’t it just last week Klutz cited the bone chips in his elbow for his struggles?
    And wasn’t it two or three weeks ago Klutz said he was having trouble pitching in the eighth because of a lack of “adrenalin” he’d get closing games?
    So let’s see if we can make sense of Klutz’s statements…
    Klutz craves the adrenalin of closing games, yet when he’s put in a situation with less pressure — the eighth inning — he gets stressed out?
    And today Klutz says to remedy his mechanical problems, he’ll gladly accept finishing the sixth or seventh innings so he can get back to pitching in an inning which either stresses him out or he can’t get amped up enough to pitch?
    I don’t know about you all, but that’s not exactly the bulldog mentality I want my once-dominant closer-turned-prime setup guy to have.
    I want a real redass in that role.
    When we got him, I wanted — and expected –Putz to be pissed off that he was being relegated to a lesser role and dammit, take out his frustration by fanning opposing hitters with some of his advertised heat and nasty splitters.
    Instead, Klutz has had few appearances like the one I described above and mostly has been shaky at best and completely unreliable at worst.
    I hope Bobby Parnell shows the stones to take his newly and clearly defined eighth inning role and run with it.

  8. 5. Sadecki. I understand and agree with your comment. The Braves not only made a good move they made it early. 4 months they now have this guy. And he has a 4 year deal and they probably gave up junk which is what they usually do. They didn’t get a 2 month rental. And we’re bringing up Emil Brown!!!!!

  9. I said it before, I will say it again.
    We need to take a page from the Marlins with a few changes. We need to rebuild the team with younger players from the FARM! not from overseas. Even if we have growing pains and we all complain, they need to season into a REAL team!

    But unlike the marlins, once the team clicks keep them in place. 😉

    That’s all i have to say about that…

  10. Regarding Glavine, I wouldn’t take him back. But I do wonder how much of a help he was to Ollie Perez. He certainly hasn’t been the same since Glavine left.

  11. 9. Wow! The Marlins are an all american team…. Bet ya not… What’s wrong with you….

  12. If the Braves are done with Glavine I would be too.

    Whatever pitcher we have in AAA will be at least as good.