A slow day ….

Greetings all. A very hectic day for me. First a doctor’s appointment this morning and have been following up on job leads so far today. Sorry for a late post. I wanted to get one up earlier but the time got away from me.

Last night was a frustrating game in the Mets threw away a Johan Santana start. Three runs wasn’t one of his better games, but the Mets would take it anytime. So would he. When a pitcher gives up three runs he should win the majority of the time.

The problem with the Mets is their offense has been silenced since the third inning Monday night. The losses of Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran are being realized (Beltran might return tonight) as the role players can’t carry the whole load.

With the core hurting and David Wright not hitting, the offense is hard pressed to score and sustain any kind of pressure.

They try it again tonight with Mike Pelfrey, who has pitched well in his last few starts. Still, Pelfrey is a concern because he has the propensity to unravel and give up the big inning.

The Pirates are a team, that if the Mets are as good as they claim to be, they should put away. Now, the best they can do is a split. Then, it is off to Washington, another team they should handle on paper but have struggled against.

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  1. I have never seen a team so racked by injuries. Now the scrubs are all getting hurt too. To make matters worse, AAA Buffalo is getting hit too. Jose Valentins bro who was clobbering the ball got hurt last night. He joins Dillon Gee and several others on the DL. The Phils beat Peavy last night and the mets lost ground to every team in the division last night.

  2. Well its still early in the season. Maybe people will wake up, heal .. and most immportantly. Play Ball.

    I said this a few years ago and i’ll say it again.
    This team is missing that cohesion. they are not a team, yet.
    Not sure why.. but thats the issue in a nutshell.

  3. I’d bet the 1972-73 Mets had a similar amount of injuries. Which is not good unless we can get every team in the NL East to win less than 82 games. That doesn’t not include Tug McGraw who pitched poorly for 11 out of 12 months from 1973-74. Gets traded to Philadelphia and a simple operation to remove a cyst fixes him. Some things never change with this franchise.

    Big Unit goes tonight for 300, ironically against the franchise where he started. Has anyone beaten a former team for 300? Can’t think of any. Seaver beat the Yankees on “Let’s retire Phil Rizzuto’s number to get him into Cooperstown” day. Eventually they put Bill White on the Veteran’s Committee to get him in. Nice touch but I’m still mad they get rid of him. Twice. Gaylord Perry also juiced it up and wore 9 different uniforms against the Yankees. Can’t even remember who Glavine beat when he did it for us, which shows how little impact he had on this franchise. Probably unfair since there have been worse imports.

    Looked it up. It was the Cubbies.

  4. 3-Dan, The difference between the ’72 and the ’73 teams was that the 73 team stayed close enough to be able to make a September run. That will be the key this year. They better not get swept in pittsburgh like they did in San Diego last year. They cant afford to take a series off.

  5. Ray (4): Right you are. This team does take the occasional series off. They can do no better than split with the Pirates which is unacceptable. If the Mets are as good as they claim to be, they have to beat teams like the Pirates and Nationals.-JD

  6. no game. weather sucks in western pa.
    5. disagree. with this 3rd class lineup, this team should be happy to tread water.

  7. The Mets have been rained out and the game has no been rescheduled. No DH tomorrow.

    Glavine is released and Jesus Flores of the Nationals is out for at least 3 months.

  8. 4. If I remember right the team that was humiliated in SD was a healthy team playing horribly, this is a minor league team for the most part that has held its own more or less, and they deserve credit for it.

  9. 8. True to a point, Chiti. But whoever the players are They cant stop hitting after the 3rd inning. Even Though the Mets are beat up they are playing one of the worst teams in baseball. As you said they were keeping thier head above water for awhile, but they are starting to sink.

  10. I am beginning to wonder if we are going to see Reyes before the All Star break.

  11. Reyes? Which one…. I saw that even Argenis is hurt…..
    So I also saw that Putzeeeee has been demoted to 7th inning. If he couldn’t get his adrenalin up in the 8th, what will happen in the 7th? This guy has stuff but he has shown himself to a loser.

  12. 11. Chiti, The same came to my mind about putz. Then again, he is trying to play through an injury. Shouldnt he be given credit for that?

  13. (4) Ray: If you call being 11 1/2 games out at the beginning of September in 1973 as being “close enough,” well more power to you! (6) Chiti: Completely agree. Now at least with Beltran finally back in the lineup , we’ll have some resemblance of a major league lineup.

  14. 14. Steve my recollection is they were 51/2 games out at the beginning of September even though they were in last place. Either way they were obviously close enough because they won the division !