Ripe for a June swoon?

PUTZ: What's wrong?

PUTZ: What's wrong?

One game does not make a month, but last night was not a good way to start June. Maybe the Ryan Church game in LA was worse, but it’s hard to image any more disheartening defeats than last night.

I’ve called the Mets a flawed team, and such was the case against the Pirates. The offense called it a game after the third inning and JJ Putz imploded in the eighth. Jerry Manuel didn’t help matters when he let the struggling Putz stay in after two or three hitters. It was obvious he wasn’t going to find the switch.

I wrote prior to the game that it was encouraging for the role players to step up and Reed and Valdez did that. However, role players are role players for a reason and the Mets need the return of their core big time.

We might not see Carlos Delgado this year and Jose Reyes is on the horizon. David Wright continues to slump, Carlos Beltran missed another game and there’s Putz.

The guy isn’t right. He needs to be looked at again and if something is wrong then go on the DL. He’s not doing anybody any good the way he is now.

Until Putz gets it together, Bobby Parnell should assume the eighth inning role as the bridge to Francisco Rodriguez.

15 thoughts on “Ripe for a June swoon?

  1. It is a good a time as any to see if Parnell can handle the job as the 8th inning man to see if they could entertain trading Putz by the deadline. I said yesterday that I thought Putz is injured and it’s effecting him. And the way this team handles injuries I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pitch another two weeks before he gets an MRI.

  2. And once again Beltran is out of today’s game with the stomach flu. It’s getting fairly riddiculous. I’ve had the stomach flu and/or food poisoning and it didn’t take me three days to get over it. OMG..Suck it up and get out’s riddiculous

  3. Give Beltran a break. You don’t know how sick he is.

    Putz is only throwing 91-92 for his fastball. He was throwing 95-96 last year, with that devastating splitter. Where has it gone?

  4. Your right JD, it was only a matter of time before all the injuries caught up with them. Career AAA players will be exposed as what they are over time. Who would have thought Parnell would be so important to this team in spring training.

  5. (3) It’s probably because he is really injured TMS. As far as Beltran goes, sorry…can’t give him a break. This is going to be the third game missed because of his stomach flu. Could you take off three days from work if you had the stomach flu?

  6. Delcos: The offense should be given a pass. It was basically a minor league lineup with a few big leaguers two of whom are slumping. 5 runs should be enough. To me the deeper long range problems is that the bullpen was down to 4 trusted guys and after the continued instant reaction mouth of Manuel is now down to three.. A total melt down of the pen seems inevitable, especially since Parnell is in unknown territory and you have to suspect he’ll wear out as Joe Smith did in’07.

  7. (6) Chiti: I think maybe because Parnell has a power arm, he might get thru the season in better shape. He also might get thru because hopefully he is the real deal.

  8. So Steve the Original, what’s your point? You saying Beltran is faking? Does your work involve standing trying to hit a 90 plus mph fastball buzzing by you from 60 feet away? And I was off for a week with a flu once. So I guess I’m a afaker because I had a fever that wouldn’t break? Its kind of easy to criticiize when we don’t have any real facts isn’t it?

  9. I’m feeling a bit ‘under the weather’ myself, but not enough to miss “Santana Night” – :)

  10. (8) My point is that he should be playing. Especially with all the other injuries the team has.

  11. Beltran has run into walls and busted his ass for this team for years. He deserves the benefit of the doubt. I know he’s honest so I don’t have any doubt, but for those who do, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  12. I agree. Parnell has been given more responsibility as the season has gone on. There is something going on with JJ. Parnell is the only #8 we have now. Let’s see what he has.

    As for Beltran, cut him some slack. He has proven to play with injuries in the past without complaining. If he is sick then there it is.

    There is nothing in the minors to bring up. It is what it is.

    What can we get for FMart? He is batting south of 200. What a scrub.

  13. (13) If you want to compare concussions to stomach aches then we really have nothing more to talk about.