METS CHAT ROOM: Game #50; patchwork team getting it done.



We’ve heard for three years now how this team has little grit and an edge to it. I’d have to say, that’s not true right now. The Mets have won 18 of their last 26 games, and they’ve done it largely with a patchwork unit.

Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado are out; Carlos Beltran contributed little, and David Wright perhaps even less during the last homestand. Yet, won five of six, and counting the Boston series, have won seven of their last nine.

Should the Mets somehow get into the playoffs, this recent stretch could be looked on as a turning point.

The Mets start their roadtrip at Pittsburgh tonight, then go to Washington. These are teams they should beat. If the Mets are as good as they like to believe they are, they need to continue this run. It’s not about sweeping series, but winning them. If they keep winning two of three and three of four, they’ll be fine.

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  1. Hi John – New Blog looks good – easier to read, I think. Looking forward to Livan’s game tonight – he was so good the last time.

  2. Memo to David Wright: 1) learn what a slider looks like 2) stop swinging at it.

  3. John (4) I think this may be their best start this season – is it?

  4. typicval Mets – large lead starter gives most of it back – then they go down 1-2-3 – does every game have to be a nail bitter – could we have a lauger just one night a week

  5. edfever (12) It wouldn’t be the Mets if it wasn’t heart wrenching…

  6. I’m actually surprised by Livan he has had two strikes on many of these guys but couldnt put them away – I expect him to get a young team like this

  7. Tonight has been about how they’ve played lately. Production from Jeremy Reed and Livan. The extra pieces are playing well. … Of course, I don’t know how long it will last for Hernandez.-JD

  8. nope the most important part of this game was going down quietly in the fifth and sixth – but it will go notice win or lose

  9. Just for fun here’s a trade idea – Putz, Church and Niese for Carlos Lee

  10. thats an easy out if Parnell keep his hand up – Putz has value to the Astros with Valverde out and looking bad – hopfully they sell the idea that putz is ineffective becuase he’s not closing

  11. JD- three scoreless innings after getting rocked Mets fell asleep at the wheel

  12. John (30) – I guess I haven’t seen Putz at his best. However, Parnell seems to be doing OK.

  13. What a mistake going with Murphy was – sure he can field 1B – but i was so tired of hearing how great a hitter he would be this year without even playing AAA- .246

  14. I wouldn’t have minded them calling it an early night – had Livan not given up three in the fourth 5-0 should be as close to a laugher as we get

  15. If an infielder had to go down would you keep Martinez the better bat with less range or the all glove Valdez, with Cora, Reyes, Castillo all healthy I mean

  16. Mets will either win this 3-2 or lose it with one of their big arms on the mound – Anybody else notice that when this team struggles offensively ( regardless of win or lose) it takes several games before they break out again …. last week the last game in SF through LA and this week the last three games

  17. would you walk the first batter to put the double play in order or go after him

  18. I agree John, that was Willie-esque stubbornness right there. And, I might add, with similar results.

  19. wow – they really know how to fall apart dont they – its almost an artform for them

  20. the Mets had one base hit since the five runs scored – im not giving the offense a complete pass on this game – they could have demoralized this team by the fifth – they let up

  21. What the heck happened? I was out — heard the beginning of the game, when the Mets scored; heard it again on the way back, when the Mets were ahead 5-3. I turn on the TV and they’re behind 8-5 in the 9th???

  22. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ – unfortunately the Mets did not score after the third inning and the Pirates did.

    Santana tomorrow.

    See You Then.

  23. Jeff (59): That should teach you to leave. You never know how they’ll unravel. Tonight, Putz threw the game in the Three Rivers.-JD

  24. It’s a new month. Let’s hope this isn’t an indication of things to come in June.

  25. It doesn’t matter who is the 8th inning guy. Mota, Heilmann, Putz..they all stink. No matter who the Mets get, he turns into Doug Sisk. JD mentions the Mets have won 18 of the last 26. But haven’t the Fillies won 20 of 26 in the same time? Still four months left and there’s plenty of baseball. We know the Mets will go into the last weekend with a chance to make the post season or fail miserably yet again.