41 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #49; Maine goes for series win.

  1. Hi John – sorry, I’m late, too – Sam and I had a choir music meeting to go to.
    FYI – yesterday I posted from my son Michael’s house using his laptop and watching the game on his big screen TV (he gets SNY).

  2. Pagan pulled up lame? I swear players on this team could get injured opening a can of beer.

  3. To Jeff M – I promise no more ‘strange’ games if the Mets promise that too.

  4. Angel injury is big. He was playing great, getting on base, setting the table and filling in all over the outfield.

  5. On the bright side, Maine and Pelf have been giving consistently good starts.

  6. Maine left the game during his between-innings warm-ups. Who’s next? I don’t know if this is just bad luck or a conditioning issue.-JD

  7. (11) Which means the injury was legit…which also means he probably hurt it in the WBC….that joke of a tournament needs to go away.

  8. 13.BH, I have been saying that for awhile. Almost every met who went is hurting. Oboy if Maine is out this rotation is going be real thin. Is the Pedro watch ready to begin?

  9. John (12) Re: sports injuries – a friend playing golf broke his leg last week when his cleats got stuck and he swung anyway – two screws in the tibia.

    However, it seems as though the Mets are dealing with injuries all over the place – are the players not in good health, just unlucky or it’s par for the game?

  10. 15. Pedro. Haven’t heard his name mentioned anywhere for awhile. Wonder if he’s even working out. Another week in the bigs for Nelson Figeroa?

  11. Omir Santos has shown an awful lot in a short period of time. … Beautiful bunt by Valdez. They can break this thing open now.-JD

  12. 22. If he keeps hitting he will stay, especially with Pagan going down.

  13. 27: Just remember that Putz replaced Heilman. Nothing lost, nothing gained. A deal of nothing.
    28. Well, for the first month or so you would have thought he was Roberto Clemente in right field.

  14. This is a game they have to win. They can’t afford to be wasting strong pitching performances by a starter. Can’t blow a three-run lead in the eighth.-JD

  15. We just can’t break the rules of stats and bring in the closer in the 8th with the game on the line. Can we?

  16. Hi all. Got here even later than everybody else. Looking for out #3. Hoping Annie doesn’t need to call the game strange.

  17. I read that there was a stomach bug going through both clubhouses yesterday.

  18. Yay! Mets win!
    So did Pagan get hurt? Did he pull something while scratching himself?

  19. Howie (and I) are putting this lovely game ‘in the books’.

    Nice afternoon at Citi Park, game played in good time, most of the players were known to us, and oh yes, the Mets won.

    Tomorrow, an evening with Livan,

    See you then.

  20. (36) JD: I think it’s harsh to put Putz in the same category as Sean Green who has been awful. I have a feeling that Putz is not over his injury from last year. Thank goodness for Bobby Parnell’s emergence. It just goes to show you that sometimes you can’t rely on minor league statistics to project how a player is going to do in the major leagues.