METS CHAT ROOM: Game #48; scrub edition.



Well, the Mets don’t have Ramon Castro to kick around anymore. From the moment Jerry Manuel pinch-hit Omir Santos for him you knew Castro’s Mets’ days were numbered.

Fittingly, the deal was pulled last night, announced moments after Santos’ game-winning single. Very cosmic.

The timing of the deal was such as to make room on the 25-man roster for Brian Schneider, who was activated from the disabled list for this afternoon’s game against the Marlins.

The line-up, where David Wright and Luis Castillo are both rested, is something that would look like the “B” squad in Lakeland.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, LF
Fernando Martinez, RF
Carlos Beltran, CF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Ramon Martinez, 2B
Brian Schneider, C
Wilson Valdez, SS
Tim Redding, P

Five of the starters, including Redding, weren’t on the Opening Day roster. Redding gets another start with Oliver Perez ailing on the DL. Perez left his minor league rehab assignment to return to Port St. Lucie, Fl., with discomfort in his knee following his last start for Triple-A Buffalo.

An MRI has diagnosed tendinitis of the patella tendon.

One other thing.

I scanned the comments this morning and disappointed to read some of the dialogue. This really is a heady blog with a lot of intelligent comments and theories. We digressed a little last night. I don’t care if you disagree with each other. Hey, passionate fans do that, but please, no cursing at each other.

We’re better than that guys. Disagree all you want, be spirited, but this isn’t the Wild, Wild West. You can disagree without the attacks.


45 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #48; scrub edition.

  1. John – Quick turn-around – seems like I just left the keyboard last night.

  2. Gee all that fighting over me after I left and I missed it all. To tomg. I was lots of guys on lohud, but BOB wasn’t one of them. You can go to yesterday’s post if you wish to continue. I will answer all your falsehoods there. Otherwise, I will respect Delcos’ request here.

  3. Maybe Redding is worried about Broadway. If he makes it he has the perfect name for NYC.

  4. Just for the record, there was no cursing at each other. All the cursing, name calling and threats came from one side.

  5. Harry (4) I think it’s a great name for a Met — if he can make it here…….

  6. So Broadway is where? Buffalo?

    Manuel must’ve had a dream that Redding would suck looking at this lineup today.

  7. Almost more than the bad outing… I cannot stand Redding’s facial hair!

  8. 11 12 Didn’t you guys hear? Redding and the Cardinals’ Ryan Franklin are having a contest to grow the most facial hair. The guy with the poorer record at the end of the year has to keep growing it.

  9. 13. Willie did it also a couple times a year. I remember back in the 50’s and 60’s when there were a lot of Sunday doubleheaders, a lot of managers would empty their bench in the second game. I guess the theory is that you have one game when you play very weak rather than a ot of games when you are a little weak.

  10. Gary also said that Manuel felt because the Mets have had little offensive success against Johnson that it might help to shake up the lineup.

  11. 16 It wouldn’t matter if the Mets could use the ’27 Yankees in the lineup. Redding doesn’t give this team, not any that he’s ever pitched for, a real shot at winning.
    Don’t believe me? Then why is he 34-52 lifetime?

    TIM REDDING IS A BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The dictionary should have Redding’s picture and stats accompnaying any entry for the word “bum.”
    Oh and now another bum, Sean Green, replaces bum No. 1. What are we running out there to the mound today, the Bowery Boys?

  14. 25 Then chalk up an automatic “L” once every fifth day. Where is it written that a team’s fifth starter has to be putrid?
    I’d rather watch Niese give it a shot. At least you could forgive his foibles because he’s learning on the job, but Redding?
    Anyone who can interpret baseball stats can see from his career record he is a LOUSY pitcher.
    Why every year must we accept the likes of guys like a washed-up Jose Lima, never-weres like the late Geremi Gonzalez, Dave Williams, Brian Lawrence, Alay Soler and now Redding?
    It wouls also make more sense economically to let a cheap rookie try and do the job, rather than waste $2M on a career loser like Redding.
    Redding couldn’t get my grandmother-in-law out if she were to step up to the plate, for goodness sake.

  15. 29/30. Look at this way Annie. You stayed long enough to see Martinez’ first hits.

  16. They weren’t going to do anything against Johnson. They never do. The key today was to be Redding, but he didn’t give them a chance to win.-JD

  17. Manuel will never admit it, but with the odds so long against Johnson, this was the perfect time to rest Wright and Castillo and go with a make shift line-up.-JD

  18. You want great seats go to PNC park Tuesday. With the Pens playing that night in game 3 of the cup finals, there should be some awesome deals outside the park.

  19. You said good, I said great. There are good seats avaialable week nights.
    Are you the hockey fan?

  20. I think the three of us are making more noise than all the folks at chiti field.

  21. 39 Angel Hernandez over at third had a date with a companion in the vicinity of Port Authority. That’s why he ruled F-Mart swung at that pitch.

  22. Howie has put this strange game ‘in the books’ I guess he wants a record of
    Fernando Martinez’ first major league hit.

    Day game tomorrow,

    see you then.

  23. Second day in a row I missed the blog, but I did hear parts of the game (such as it was) on the radio. I don’t often agree with much of the player trashing, but the early assessment of Redding (if that was you, Gil, congratulations!) was right on. He’s pathetic.

    Annie, it seems as if you describe every game that goes in the books lately as “strange” — is this a trend?