Mets Chat Room: Game #47: Beltran returns edition.



Carlos Beltran’s cortisone-treated knee returns to the line-up tonight against the Florida Marlins.

After being swept in a three-game series at Los Angeles, the Mets rebounded to win five of their next six games. Tonight they hope to continue their roll behind Mike Pelfrey.

Pelfrey is coming off a strong performance at Boston, but the Marlins represent a considerable obstacle. Pelfrey is 1-5 with a 6.12 ERA lifetime against Florida.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Angel Pagan, RF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, LF
David Wright, 3B
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Ramon Martinez, SS
Mike Pelfrey, P

NOTES: Alex Cora is at Triple-A Buffalo to begin a minor-league rehab assignment. … Word is Ramon Castro is on the block with Brian Schneider due to be activated from the DL soon.

186 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Game #47: Beltran returns edition.

  1. I hope people are giving Angel Pagan some love for his getting on base prowess since he’s been activated.

  2. Hi John – Wonder what will happen tonight at Citi Field? Recent games have had several unusual situations…

  3. Hey Chiti, Where have you been? Its not the same place without The traded for himself one. Yeah Pagan has been doing a nice job.

  4. The lineup looks a lot more respectable with Beltran back. Cora is very good news, indeed. The troops are slowly making thier way back.

  5. Chiti’s fine…. Little biking accident. Was on DL with Reyes and Church and Delgaso and my best friendb OP! Going to Mets game at PNC next week and in Camden Yards June 18.

  6. I don’t think anybody can complain about Castillo anymore. He’s playing like a hungry and healthy kid now.

  7. So does anyone want Castro? or Schneider?
    Send one of them to the Bronx….

  8. Harry (15): It seems Castro is on the way out, Santos has options. Santos, however, is players better than Castro, and better than Schneider ever has.-JD

  9. Harry (15)- when Posada comes off the DL tomorrow, they will have three catchers.

  10. (11) Chiti, last series Delcos reminded us of his Dunn love. This is as good time to remind all the doubters that you and I were the only ones who had Castillo love until very recently.

  11. Doubt we will get anything worthwhile for Castro. Hes fat and gets hurt everyear. got 2 mil left on his contract yet.

  12. Jeez, must be the slowest night of the year. Pelf looking like a legit number 2 man tonight.

  13. Yes Schneider is an offensive disaster, but he won’t go because nobody will take his very bloated contract.

    Annie the Yanks will have 3 catchers but can Posada actually catch or is he going to split DH time with Matsui?

  14. Harry (25) Posada thinks he is going to catch, but Girardi wants him to DH – stay tuned for fireworks between those two.

  15. I f the mets have decided Castro is the odd man out are they really himing and hahing about 2.5 MM can someone tell the Wilpons they own a team in NY when they cut Marlon Anderson you would have thought I was asking my dad for 20 bucks in the 70s

  16. Annie (23): Absolutely. He’s had two straight strong games. Actually, take away the three balks and he pitched all right in that game vs. SF.-JD

  17. Annie: I think Girardi is going to lose that team. I think he made a big mistake the other night not letting hughes complete the game. Hughes was begging to stay in the game and seemed to have the team with him. girardi manages like a robot.

  18. edfever (29) it’s too bad the Wilpons would rather keep a contract than get rid of a problem.

  19. I don’t mind the Mets not cutting Castro loose. Omir Santos has been a godsend but if you look at his career there’s every reason to think he’s in a hot zone that could turn very ugly. Remember he’s a 28 year old who’s got a .325 slugging pct. over 138 AAA games & .360 slugging in over 200 AA games.

  20. Cliff- but even if Santos turns into the Gotay of catchers we have Javier Valentin, Rene Rivera and robibnson Cancel in the minors

  21. Harry (32) I think you’re right. Girardi has two problems.
    1. He took the place of the Beloved Joe Torre and
    2. He doesn’t seem to be able to cope with his players – all of whom have different abilities and personalities.

  22. If the Mets lose this game it’s because wright can’t make contact with the bases loaded and one out, jeez.

  23. I cant believe how many times DW ( as good as he is) of not being able to get a simple fly ball

  24. John (38) I think David has misplaced his hammer – we should send him a new one.

  25. DW has 32 strike outs at Citi in 91 ABs vs. only 19 in 84 road ABs. Wonder if the difficulty in clearing the Citi fences has anything to do with that. Conversely, he’s got 2 of his 3 HRs at home.

  26. Wow, Rodriguez in the game. I guess that tells you how much fate Manuel has in Putz.

  27. Putting the closer in at home in the 9th in a tie game is the most standard of standard moves.

    Sadecki: I couldn’t bother Sheffield. If I’m wrong about him he’ll be back to twice a week by mid June.

  28. Tom – you sound like the house pessimist! I’ll the yin to your yang :) We’re gonna win it this inning!

  29. Yesterday you got on me for the post I said about wright and what did he do tonight in a big spot.

  30. I still cant believe DW couldnt even make contact with bases loaded one out

  31. 63. Chiti. Tell Me Sheff has not saved the Mets. I will call you a liar.
    64. Tomg. You have a black cloud following you. I wish you would come here to Arizona and bring us some rain.

  32. this game is on DW – regardless of how much anyone likes him – they had one opportunity and it came with him at bat

  33. The odds of the Mets winning this game aren’t good. All the signs are there that they will lose this game. That’s the vibe i get here. I hope I’m wrong.

  34. (73) sorry ray, not trying to rain on your party. I’m just stating the feeling I’m getting with this team tonight.

  35. Hey guys…late arrival on my part. Looks like Wright is back to being DRod again. I saw this coming gradually with the way he was playing those last 2 games against the Nats.

    It seems someone must have told him he’s on pace to hit 11 HR’s and so he started reverting back to trying to hit one out with each swing. If they lose this game it looks like you can point to that AB.

    Oh and just like I predicted, that DOPE Manuel started Tatis over Murphy. This guy is seriously the dopiest manager I’ve ever seen and I don’t think they’ll ever win with him at the helm.

  36. (84) I don’t think that was that big of deal. It’s not like Murphy is that good that people need to go crazy to start him against a lefty. I think people need to calm down with this Murphy love fest.

  37. rmkmets (84) I’m not calling Manuel a DOPE, but his way of managing – changing the lineup every day – doesn’t seem to be working well.

  38. Hanley & Jose are very different players. Depends on what my club needed more. I think each is a better fit the for the current club they’re on than they would be if they swapped clubs.

  39. I have to admit, that was a very good inning by Putz. I wonder if the Mets can prove me wrong and score a run this inning and win this game even though it’s the bottom of the order coming up.

  40. tomg (84): It’s pretty hard to get a rhythm going when you’re being yanked in and out of the lineup. If Murphy is the future at 1B and you were committed to the guy to begin with then leave him there and let him go. Manuel is a total liar and hypocrit because he preaches the idea of “creating roles” and letting ppl know where they stand but then does anything but. I really dislike his style and I think he’s a crap manager.

  41. Ok, not the bottom of the order, top of the order. The mets should win the game here, probably with a home run.

  42. JD (93): Really what reason was there to play Tatis in this situation? The guy hasn’t hit a thing in over a few wks now once he started getting regular ABs. Murphy on the other hand had a nice game and seemed hot. If anything he earned the right to go back out there today, Tatis certainly did not.

  43. (97) ok, I understand where you are coming from. I can’t go crazy with your point but i see it that he is going with the percentage of a righty against a lefty.

  44. John (98) I think Willie was scared to death he would do something wrong and lose his job and his reputation. Wouldn’t he have been better off managing somewhere else besides New York?

  45. rmkmets (100): No real reason. Just playing the righty-lefty percentages. And, you’re right, Tatis has done nothing lately.-JD

  46. tomg (101): I think I could have predicted Tatis’s O-fer tonite. His presence behind DRod absolutely is a boon to the opposing pitcher.

  47. tomg (101): I know it may be seem like second guessing but I can’t think of the last time Tatis actually drove someone in. I said sometime back that with extended playing time he’s slowing getting exposed. In limited spot time and PH appearances he looks better than he really is.

  48. Like I said the other day, Florida has the Mets number. This game the Mets are playing tonight is brutal. It’s like the time bomb will explode, it’s only a matter of time and it’s coming for the Mets.

  49. Wow…that was pathetic. This team has all the makings of the same one that gagged against the Marlins the last two yrs. Seriously what is it about that crappy team that scares these guys? Wright reverts totally back to being DRod, Beltran pulls an O-fer…all that’s missing is the token egregious fielding error.

  50. This is baseball guys – we won’t know much of anything more about Murphy by the end of the weekend. It’s a game of ups and downs. DW looked overmatched for weeks and was unstoppable for weeks afterwards and he again looks lost. It’s going to take a long time to know what we have in Murphy. Player evaluation is an imperfect science – the great organizations usually do it much better than the lousy ones – I get the feeling we’re no better than middle of the pack.

  51. John (105) Yes, of course. But he wouldn’t have gotten so much publicity/press if he had gone to a smaller market – or would he?

  52. A 2nd inning for JJ – interesting. Think he had 20 pitches in the 10th – uh-oh that was ugly!

  53. (111) I disagree, this is Mets baseball at it’s finest. If you haven’t followed this team the past few years than I can understand.
    I can’t wait the day the Wilpons wake up and get rid of Minya and his crew and his bull crap.

  54. 113. Jerry only trusts 4 guys in the pen. We are marching down the same path of the last two years.

    rmk I agree with you about Manuel.. But Randolph was too extreme on the opposite end.

  55. Off topic but can someone tell me why the mets feel they have to trade Castro to free up room for Schneider? What has this guy EVER done to warrant an automatic spot on the roster? He can’t hit worth anything and there is nothign he does behind the plate that can make up for what he costs with his lack of hitting.

  56. Matchup-Mania – and to think that not long ago this had the makings of a rare sub 2.5 hour game!

  57. rmk – it’s economics. They’re not going to cut someone making $4.9m this year.

  58. Harry (118): Agree with you on Randolph…but at least he would commit to ppl and stick with them. He stuck with Wright and Reyes thru their growing pains in ’05. I bet if Dopey was managing that team they would have been both riding the pine by the end of the year after any kind of small slide.

  59. (120) it could have something to do with Schneider’s contract, other that it’s another Minya thing, our great GM, not.

  60. cliffp (123): So trade him then and not Castro. They are weakening that position by activating him and breaking up the platoon of Castro/Santos (which is not exactly an allstar duo either).

  61. Feliciano is MUCH more effective as a LOOGY with intermittent usage than as a regular setup guy.

  62. The mets are out of pitchers who can get people out. It’s either win now or there is tomorrow.

  63. If they could find a taker rmk I’m sure they’d love to deal snido. There’s not much of a market for catchers that ops 700 and make nearly $5m. Castro is much more attractive to other clubs – that’s why they’ll probably deal him. Not saying I like it but it’s the reality of the marketplace.

  64. Unless Sheff hits an HR they wont score this inning. If he gets on DRod is gonna K or ground out and Tatis is an automatic out.

  65. 124. good point rmk. jerry would probably have moved wright off of thiurd for making errors.
    127, shneider ain’t getting traded unless mets eat his salary. nobody’s taking that garbage with 5 mil owed him.

  66. why do they allow these guys to wear armour? oh yeah, so the can crowd the plate and not be afraid.

  67. My bad…I guess I gave him too much credit thinking he would actually make contact with the ball with someone on base.

  68. Ok lets see if someone on this team can actually have a fundamentally sound AB and hit an F’in sac fly.

  69. There we go. Santos wins the game and now isnt it ironic that he might be demoted because of a stupid organization that puts winning games 2nd to other things.

  70. Great great win. This is the the kind of game the Mets always lose against the Marlins. Great baseball game. Now there are rumors the White Sox are talking about Castro as well as the Mariners.

  71. Thank you Santos, you are the man. Santos is the mets number one catcher hands down. Minya, you need to figure out the mess with Castro and schneider.

  72. Howie has put this odd game ‘in the books’ Sheffield and Santos again!

    Day game tomorrow.

    See you then

  73. Goodnight all!!!! Ray I hope you get rain sometime this year, if not than that’s what you get for living in Arizona.

  74. Why don’t you wait to see what they actually do first rmk. There’ll be plenty of time to hold them accountable if they don’t find a way to keep Omir around – let’s at least wait to see if they actually demote him.

    Omir is in a magic zone right now – 90% chance that by the end of the season you guys are liking him as much as you liked Ramon Martinez last week.

  75. (159) Ray, I don’t eat crow you wise ass but the win feels good and if you don’t get any rain nobody told you to live in arizona. I guess you couldn’t make it in mew york you turd. I’ve had enough of your stupid attacks, just another tough guy behind a keyboard.

  76. Tom it’s not realistic to sit there moaning about how the Mets suck and your “vibe” practically guarantees the Mets will lose and not expect to be called on it.

  77. (161) really, I said the Mets “suck”. Maybe you posters should learn how to read. I never, ever said the Mets suck. All I said was the percentage of the Mets winning this game wasn’t good. Don’t get on me because wright (your guy) didn’t come through when needed.

  78. 160. tomg Stop your attacks on my team and I will stop reminding you that you are the most negative poster on this board and thats saying something. btw your personal attacks on me show that you are the keyboard tough guy. I remember Chiti challenged you last year and you didnt show up you coward.

  79. (163) again, that’s not true but whatever. Ray, you sound like a little girl now, enough.

  80. (163)I love it, your team. I didn’t know you own the Mets. I’ve been a met fan since 1968 so don’t give me “my team”, grow up, please.

  81. This is why I don’t blog regularly because people get offensive for stupid crap.

  82. I’m so sorry ray for hurting your feelings about your team, please, you have to be kidding me. You sound like a little kid, common.

  83. In case anybody here is new, Chiti challenged tomg to meet him a certain place near Shea and Tomg just forgot to show up. what a cowardly blowhard. btw isnt calling a fellow poster a turd pushing the limits of decency on this blog? When you have to resort to that method it only means you have lost all credibility. As much as you post against our team I would guess you are just a troll for a rival of our Mets.

  84. I’m outta hear, it’s getting to be romper room material here.

    Great win, I’m happy to be wrong.

  85. (168) Oh, I see, your talking about “bob” who happen to be Chiti. Who is the troll when somebody comes on a blog, not only once with a false name but multiple names and i am the troll, get a life you idiot. If it was Chiti who challenged me i would love to meet him face to face ass wipe. Chiti, if this is true i am going to the Met game june 11, meet me face to face and stop changing your name. if I remeber ray, you idiot, he was changing his name not me, so who is the troll. Maybe you should learn the meaning of a troll and stop trying hard to get people against me on this blog.

  86. Let’s see, chiti was ” someting DC and Bob and I was all the time tomg, who is the troll.
    I am challenging you chiti and ray. I am going to citi field june 11, you heard it hear. Please meet me, i dare you. I don’t change my name, it’s been one name all along.

  87. Thanks ray, I didn’t realize “bob” was chiti but i should have know and who is the coward, you guys are losers bro.

  88. I know you are upset bob, you prediction was wrong. I can make an argument without calling my opponent nasty names. If you stop posting here I doubt anybody would miss your negativism. Goodnight tomg.

  89. The funny thing ray was “bob” Chiti said he would be at a certain part of the field which we all know that old man wasn’t anywhere near where he said he was. This is so immature
    but I’m sick of you and chiti and your nonsense.

  90. Apologies to Chiti, maybe it was bob. In any case tomg forgot to show up last year.

  91. Well Ray, I do have my bad points and my good points like everyone else. If you don’t like it than you should move on to something else because i will be here till the end because i like JD. It’s about JD not you and “DC” “bob”
    and whatever other name your buddy uses.

  92. (177) asshole) again, do you really think that loser was there, please. I got a bridge to sell you. I am going June 11, show up, I am pleading you “dc”, “bob” idiot or whatever your name is.

  93. (177) asshole, why are you apoligizing to that loser when he was the one to change his name several times to hide as you accused me of doing that. i think you both are losers.

  94. Ray ( totally clueless), wasn’t it Chiti who called himself “welcome to DC” who ripped the mets consistently, it was. That shows me your not very bright.

  95. Ray, I can see why you live in arizona because you haven’t a clue about your friend Chiti, New york would eat you alive.

  96. I think I made myself clear here. The only thing that matters is that JD knows who I am. I now remember when “bob”, chiti came on lodhud and attack me is because JD was being let go by the company so he felt no one was monitoring the site and attack me. That’s a total coward if I ever seen one. , changing his name several times.

  97. I must say, you gentlemen appear to have had a splendid time — just splendid. I was nearly sorry I missed the blog tonight, but it’s apparent that I didn’t miss much except name-calling.

    Anyway (speaking of name-calling) in the real world, Santos drove in both Mets runs and Castro was traded for Lance Broadway. Lance Broadway! This cannot be a baseball name. Actually, this shouldn’t be ANYBODY’S name — what parent would saddle a kid with that moniker? I can’t wait to see the Broadway debut.

    And goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

  98. tomg; Did you ffel brave and tough last night attacking me after I was long gone. You know it takes the world’s biggest chicken to do that tomg . Did you pound your chest and act like Tarzan afterwards. Waiting for you tomg. Or should we just call you ape man for now on since based on your entoire history of posts you have shown to have the intellect of an ape, maybe, it might be a tad lower.