That name rings a bell

I knew I heard her name before. Obama’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, was instrumental in ending the 1994-95 baseball strike when she issued an injunction preventing Major League Baseball implementing a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and using replacement players.

Replacement players. That was another brilliant idea by Bud Selig.

I remember that time as I spent nine weeks in the Marriott in Tampa covering spring training that year waiting for the strike to end. I was at the hotel so long I got my own parking space.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and looking forward to speaking with you tonight on Mets Chat Room.

8 thoughts on “That name rings a bell

  1. now moving santos to AAA will allow them to keep him and bring him up WHEN schneider/castro gets hurt

  2. F-Mart up…Reyes and Church DL…Mets acquire Wilson Valdez 31 yr old journeyman SS from the Indians for cash.

  3. My understanding is F Mart is 13th in OPS. If true, give him a solid shot for two weeks to see what he can do. About time they realized Reyes wasn’t healthy and DL’d him. Sometimes the medical care on this team is so poor you’d think they believe in bleeding with leeches as treatment.

    Can’t make it for tonight’s game because of the four letter word that starts with “W”. So let’s go Mets and Marlins. Perhaps six hours from now we can say “first place New York Mets”.

  4. (5) Dan, agree. The way the Mets handle injured players is a joke. it is about time they placed Reyes and church on the dl instead of taking roster spots when they need healthy bodies. The Mets should change there name to the NEW YORK M-A-S-H.

  5. Santos will most likely go down because as JD said he has options. One thing that did not show up in the box scores over the road trip is how poor a defensive catcher Castro really is. Castro may not make many errors but too many times he was just not in the correct defensive position on plays to the plate.

    …and now the Fernando Martinez era begins, Omars legacy is riding big time on how good a player Martinez becomes.

  6. no beltran for three days (at least)..they need him back ASAP

    hopefully FMART comes thru..this team needs him