METS CHAT ROOM: Game #44: Happy Memorial Day.



Greetings all. I hope you enjoyed the holiday with your family and friends. Three-day weekends are always a treasure. Made even better when your team is doing well.

Beyond my wildest dreams, the Mets won two of three against Boston at Fenway. I expected a sweep in the other direction. But, they surprised everybody, but hopefully not themselves.

Their recent road trip was a test. They won five, lost five, so let’s take this with a grain of salt. With how they started, they should have won six. They also could have lost six had it not been for Omir Santos.

This next stretch is also a test with games against Washington, Florida and Pittsburgh. These are all series the Mets should win, but series they’ve struggled with in the past – especially when coming off a rough stretch.

55 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #44: Happy Memorial Day.

  1. Just heard the national anthem on the radio broadcast – very appropriate on this holiday.

    Hope the Mets can really get going on this home stand – if they can take two at Fenway, they should be able to do well at home, too.

  2. I know it must be something special for Memorial Day, but the Mets wearing RED hats? That is just wrong! (The umpires are also wearing red hats.)

  3. I thought Beltran was going to be out dead to rights, but Gary and Ron have been carrying on about the fact that Wright, who was on deck, was responsible for removing the bat from the base path, and because he didn’t, Beltran changed course down the line and didn’t score. I think they’re making too much of it; it really didn’t look to me like Beltran had a chance.

  4. John – Do you think the Mets are seriously interested in Nick Johnson?

  5. Jeff M (2) Those hats are some special promotion thought of by MLB, they will be worn on all the summer holidays. Why – who knows?

    The umpires look particularly silly in them.

  6. Annie (5) I found the story:
    >>MLB To Issue Red Hats For All Teams Over Memorial Day
    19th May, 2009 – 12:48 am
    New York Times – When the Yankees take the field on May 25th in Texas, they will likely wear red hats for the first time in their history.

    Major League Baseball has issued red caps for all teams, incorporating a flag design within the team logo, to be worn on Memorial Day, July 4 weekend and Sept. 11.

    The Yankees have not officially agreed to wear the cap, which was blue last season, but they seem likely to go along with it.<<

    Sorry, but I don’t get it. Why red? Maybe if they were red, white & blue I could see it, but what about all the teams that normally wear red hats? You can barely tell there’s a difference. This sounds like another one of what’s-his-name’s stupid ideas. You know, that guy who is supposedly the commissioner.

  7. Jeff M. (6)

    I saw bits and pieces of the Red Sox and the Yankees games this afternoon and it was very confusing. I can only imagine what the Mets look like in these RED hats with their blue/orange team colors.

    Yes, I know about Mr. Selig – I just can never quite believe he understands what he is supposed to do as commissioner.

  8. Red helmets are very strange. How is that a patriotic display? I could see red/white/blue and maple Leaf for Toronto or maybe service emblems. How did Bud ever sell any cars with that kind of obscure thinking?

  9. Dan (8) Frankly, I would have thought a simple flag emblem on the cap would be appropriate, but then again, I don’t have Selig’s flair for fashion.

  10. Jeff M (11) Not sure why they take so long. Sure hope this one is for real – Sheffield is kind of a surprise – I never thought he would be this productive.

  11. I looked at excellent closeups of Jerry Manuel’s cap during the endless wait for the video review, and there is absolutely no sign of the “flag design within the team logo” that the Times article described.

  12. It’s a home run! Once again proving Omar and Jerry are geniuses. Nobody seems to be here to dispute that tonight.

  13. Jeff M (14) Let’s not get carried away – I’ll give you Omar as a genius, but dispute that Jerry is one :)

  14. At least the umps don’t wear thoose turtlenecks they wore in the 1970s. Joe Torre says as a rookie he bought a cadillac from Bud Selig.

  15. Wasn’t there a writer urging that Parnell be used as a closer? At least with the fillies losing 5-3 in the 8th and the Braves already lost, this could be a pretty good day.

  16. This game is turning into something strange – I suppose that’s baseball – you just never know for sure until the last out.

    Dan (20) Joe must have been making good money as a rookie all those years ago!

  17. Jeff M (24) OK I’ll give you that – although the throw by Wright and the Tatis catch were factors, too.

  18. Rookies in 1961 like Torre made $7,000 a year. A new cadillac (I think he bought a year old model) ranged from $4800 to $9400 if my search on the web is right. Imagined giving half your yearly salary to Bud. Of course Torre could have been a bonus baby..not sure. Some guys back then could get $85,000 (Tim McCarver) to $150,000 (Bob Bailey).

  19. Gotta say Sheffield is doing the job. Must be motivated, or else has some special cream.

  20. Dan (27) Very interesting about Torre – however we all know that late in life he got lots of money and did know how to manage it. I know about Timmy, but who is this Bob Bailey with all that cash?

  21. Vittorino tries to steal second and is out, down by 2 runs in the 9th? If Reyes did that, people would be calling WFAN for a week. Talk about stupid!!! But he’s StevePhillips idea of a winning player. Al Harazin must wonder why he’s stuck as a high school principal and Phillips is on TV.

  22. Pirate/Expo OF/3rd baseman. Slow, struck out, some power. If you ever see the Bucky Dent game on TV, Bill White makes a joke about him and his weight. Last AB of his career, struck out.

  23. Putz still having trouble finding the plate.

    Al Harazin is a high school principal??

  24. 33) somebody called wfan a few years ago and said he was, in the Bronx. Said he was a good guy. but jeez, every move he made backfired. Real ugly period, the early 1990s.

  25. (22) Annie, you’re right — this game seemed to be sailing along, but it’s really changed into a slow nail biter, thanks to all these walks.

  26. The reason Harazin is a high school principal and Phillips is on TV is that Harazin LOOKED like a high school principal — and Phillips looks like a guy on TV.

  27. Jeff (37): So, I guess I can conclude that to get on TV you have to not look like a HS principal. It obviously has nothing to do with what you bring to the table.-JD

  28. got thru the top of the 8th giving up only one run but it was a struggle. The Mets seldom makes it easy on its fans.

  29. Jeff (37) Phillips has found his niche – he’s just another ESPN empty suit.

  30. Well..Phillips is the only Mets GM to make two straight post seasons, although that was more Bobby V (who was on TV too and was better at it too). I wonder if any team ever thinks “we need a GM, let’s interview Phillips”.

  31. JD (38) Yeah, pretty much. It’s the rare TV personality who isn’t an “empty suit” as Annie says.

  32. My exception to (43) would be that the Mets and SNY have done a pretty good job.

  33. Is there a problem with the lighting at the Field? Nobody can find the plate tonight.

  34. Howie has put this Memorial Day game ‘in the books’ – never to be re-visited by me.

    I had enough angst the first time around.

    See you tomorrow.

  35. 9 walks, but they still hung on to win. Funny how a win against the feared Bosox seemed easy by comparison! See y’all tomorrow.

  36. Hey John, if possible may I send you an email? I have a few ideas that I’d like to share with you. No nutjob stuff – promise.

  37. good win for the metsies…gary sheffield has been huge for this team.

    go get em tomorrow boys.. gotta keep finding a way