METS CHAT ROOM: Game #43; going for the Fenway sweep.



I have to be honest with you. Never would I have expected the Mets to be on the verge of sweeping the Red Sox. Honestly, I thought it would be the other way.

Tim Redding vs. Tim Wakefield. Redding will try to make his second straight strong start since rejoining the team.

The Mets are already guaranteed coming home no worse than 5-5. I would like to think they have weathered the storm.

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  1. Last night was a huge win. It seems like half the team is hurt, and the Mets are finding ways to win. Just as everything went wrong in LA, everything has gone right in this series. Putz is not impressing me. I trust Parnell and Stokes more to close a game if frankie is out. Only great D in the 9th Saved the game after Santos heroics.

  2. Hi John –
    I didn’t know what to think about this series so I just let it evolve – and I’ve seen two games from Fenway that I won’t soon forget.

    I think the place itself – Fenway Park – has an aura of ‘real baseball’. Sure it’s old and cramped, but there is a certain amount of history and charm in preserving a site like this.

    By watching NESN, I’m also getting new perspective on the Red Sox and how Francona manages and how the Boston fans cheer their team.

    It was a pleasant surprise have a fan – TexMex – drop by the blog last night and say such nice things. Much appreciated.

    It’s also been great to see some of the lesser known Mets give that extra something and help the team when the big guys are ailing.

  3. What we’re seeing is more of the same thing we’ve seen for years, which can be looked at two ways: (1) the Mets maddening inconsistency; (2) the Mets seeming ability to turn it on and turn it off. How else to explain their looking absolutely hopeless, incompetent and amateurish for a few games, and then being able to consistently perform brilliantly in the clutch for a few games? I often wonder if what we’re seeing is really exclusive to the Mets, or if it goes on with all MLB teams (but I don’t notice because I don’t pay that much attention to them).

    What I HAVE noticed is that the incessant calls for Omar and Jerry’s firings, and descriptions of them both as incompetent and stupid, seem to stop as soon as the Mets win a few games!

  4. Ray (1): Some victories carry more weight than others. Last night was one of them. The team was reeling, hurt and on the verge of defeat, yet pull it out of nowhere. … Amazingly, they could go home 6-4 on this trip. Who would have thought it?-JD

  5. Wow, that rain looks like what we had here in central CT from 6 – 9AM this morning!

  6. Jeff, People usually dont complain when they are happy. Is that such a surprise?

  7. hello all…jeff m..2 wins hasnt made me think more of jerry manuel’s moves or omar minayas incompetence in dealing with the 25 man roster…yes martinez had a good night last night, but my oh my i think they should have a better option

  8. Speaking of GMs, Vaccaro takes a nice whack at our former GM Phillips in todays post.

  9. Ortiz has lost his power since Manny was traded. Nobody wants to mention the obvious, but these days you cant help but wonder.

  10. The Mets are really impressive right now. Sure the series in LA didn’t work out, but we could easily be on a six game losing streak right now.

  11. JD- the tv crew was questioning the bunt decision but i liked giving beltran two men in scoring position…redding settled a little that inning…good to see the O put a crooked # on the board…keep it coming

  12. jk- with all the injuries the team keeps fighting….good, actually great, to see

  13. (23,19) I don’t understand JD’s comment either. What does one have to do with the other?

  14. Sorry guys for not being clear. I agreed that Ortiz hasn’t been the same without Manny. … Bouncing back was an entirely different thought. There is no connection. Sorry.-JD

  15. ortiz having manny behind him meant he was getting better pitches to hit because there was no way a pitcher wanted to face manny with more men on base…jeff kent won an mvp with barry bonds behind him…having someone behind a good hitter can make that hitter great..
    ortiz hasnt been the same without mannys protection

  16. Ortiz may also be quite a bit older than he says, combined with possible steroid use, and missing Manny. Not a good combo.

  17. (27) Aha! You meant “like” as in “I like” not as in “the same as”.

  18. j_k (27) I agree with you, it’s those we least suspect who get in trouble.

  19. reed with an awful AB…leaving runs out there. good line drive earlier, all they needed was a fly ball there. poor hitting

  20. (32) Fortunately, it wasn’t your opinion that counted!

    It’s starting to look like Redding is done, but do we really want Green in there?

    And who ever thought Sheffield would pay dividends DEfensively?

  21. Redding was all over the place with that fastball at times all day, a bit odd.

  22. >>but do we really want Green in there?<<

    I think we all know the answer to that now.

  23. Jeff M (33) There is no one on the Mets who is enjoying all this more than Sheffield :)

  24. Let’s face it. If anybody’s career screams “Steroids!!” it’s David Ortiz. Yeah, yeah, I know there is no proof, just some vague statements from Ortiz about how he may have taken stuff in DR that’s not legal in USA. But how does someone go from being an ordinary player in Minnesota into a hitting machine in Boston?

  25. I guess its time to disagree with Delcos day. He comes in with a plus 7 Era and serves up a meatball to the first guy he faces. Better to have Heilman back than this bum.

  26. Also, JD, my allegation is that Manny may have been slipping some roids to Ortiz, He has youkilis hitting behind him now hitting close to .400.

  27. yeah, he was big and nothing with the twins and big and awesome with the sox. Until Manny left.

  28. (46) Ray, just wondering: do you have any faucets in your house that blend warm water, or do they all run only hot or cold?

  29. Oh well. Nobody expected the Mets to take 2 of 3, much less sweep. Good first two games, though.

  30. John (49) Me too – 12 runs is a long way from 5. Weather Channel is beeping about some severe storms too.

  31. (3) Jeff M, My stance still calls for Omar and his cronies to be gone at the end of the year. I haven’t changed my stance because the Mets won two games in Boston. I still predict the Mets will not make the playoffs. I didn’t realize I had to state my opinion about Omar and his people every day.

  32. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. All’s well, etc. The sun is coming out here, Boston isn’t swept and the Mets are 5-5 on their travels.

    Mets at Citi Field tomorrow night to welcome the Nationals.

    See you then.

  33. WE got some weak teams to feast on for the next two weeks. With this team though, who knows if they will do it. Did survive the road trip better than I thought. Take care and thanks to all our military personnel out there..stay safe.

  34. mets need to perform vs the nats tomorrow/this week

    we are banged up but still need these games vs the nats

  35. Sorry I havent been around lately. Been busy.

    I see they went 500, what i said they would. but very surprised at how they did it.

    off to see the ships today.