METS CHAT ROOM: Game #42; Pelfrey rebounding edition.

PELFREY: Needs to keep his cool vs. Red Sox.

PELFREY: Needs to keep his cool vs. Red Sox.

The Mets will attempt to stay on track tonight at Boston with Mike Pelfrey. When we last left Pelfrey, he was balking three times at San Francisco, which put the runners in position to score.

The balks were the ball game.

Since then, Pelfrey has been to a sports psychologist, but we’ll see if he’s corrected the yips. Of course, the best way to avoid balks is to not let anybody get on base. He’s not going to pitch a perfect game, but perhaps he’ll cut out the walks which have beaten him this year.

Pelfrey’s record is better than how he’s pitched. He’s had the benefit of support other in the rotation have missed out on.

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  1. Hi John – Another chance to see the Mets at Fenway where their ace Josh Beckett will face Pelfrey . Temperature is much cooler than yesterday. Learned that Eck is only sitting in for a sick colleague in the booth.

  2. Lidge blew his 3rd save of the year and is sporting an ERA over 9. Arod with the 9th inning heroics. John Mayberry Jr. just called up hit a 3 run jack for the Phillies.

  3. looks like a small crowd tonight. JD, Im very happy that you’ve created this site. I read the post every night before I check out the game on MLB Gameday. I like to different personalities and find this to be a great melding of baseball thinkers and Mets fans. I bet that there are dozens, if not hundreds of other people like me in the audience viewing Sadecki, Chiti, jmbalt, and esp Annie and “all the rest”. You’ve about 10 regulars who make it all worth while. I dont know what happened to your professional situation, but Im very glad that you started this. I think you’ve created a resource for Mets fan around the globe.

  4. TexMets (7): You’re so kind to write what you did. I’m glad you checked in. That goes for everybody else out there. If you look in, please say hello. Your comments and questions are always welcomed. … I was about to give this up, but I kept it up because of the loyalty so many showed me. I don’t get to the park as much as I used, but try to give something back in other ways. Thanks again.-JD

  5. TexMets (7) what a nice post – thank you for your kind words, hope you can stay around for a while.

  6. John (8) Do you mean on the mound tonight or on the Mets? Eck is having a great time making comments about him. Of course Eck himself had his moments.

  7. Ray (2) I saw some of that game – but except for Jeter, I don’t have much interest in the team anymore.
    I’m watching Mets/Boston on NESN and find Fenway quite charming.

  8. I think it is safe to say that for every 10 posts you have 100 readers, JD. My only (and I mean ONLY) complaint about the board is that is somehow is picking up a picture of me from somewhere and does not seem to do that for anyone else.

  9. No one should be subjected to my ugly mug when that are tuning in here for our Amazin’s

  10. It is a good game. My gut instinct sez that Murph awakens and Pagan is the hero. Let’s see. I’m always optimistic about the Mets and always skeptical.

  11. Yikes, or should I say Yips – I really, truly hope Pelfrey gets over this.

  12. I’m not sure I believe Church when he said his hamstring has been injured since spring training. Seems like he’s trying to explain his slow start a little bit.

  13. John (21) Ortiz has not been a happy camper in this series…so you may be right about him breaking out.

    Pelfrey has completed 5 innings now – we’ll see if he’s done, soon.

    I’ve been surprised at how close these games have been….

  14. I have never seen Pelf throw so many breaking balls – especially curves – it’s really unbelievable, and they look pretty darn good.

  15. John (24) He’s over 90 pitches now, but maybe they will just leave him out there…

  16. Had to leave awhile. The way Pelf started, I am surprised to see 2-1 score. Its not going to be easy to get a run off Papelbon.

  17. 17 Tex Dont worry the picture is so small I cant even see what you look like.:D

  18. Anybody out there? Santos hit a HR but umps missed it. Now they are going to replay. Howie and Wayne sure its a homer.

  19. Howie has put this unusual game ‘in the books’.

    In fact the Green Monster played a role.

    But it was the pitchers – from both teams – who made this game memorable.

    Afternoon game tomorrow. See you then.

  20. Many predicted the Mets would get swept in beantown. This rag tag group is showing some gonads.

  21. Hi all! I was watching on TV. Unfrickingbelievable! Best game I’ve seen the Mets play all year.


    wow, for all the criticism i have given manuel for his love of santos, he delivered…well done

    this team has a fighting quality to it…gotta love it

    lets go mets…go get em today mr. redding

    i have been missing (maybe its been good luck for the boys the last 2 nights), its been a big weekend and busy weekend around here..hopefully around today, if not back soon…go mets!