METS CHAT ROOM: Game #41: On to Fenway.



Good evening. The Mets are in Boston tonight with Johan Santana trying to snap their four-game losing streak.

The Mets began this 10-game road trip winning three straight at San Francisco before their bats feel asleep. In addition to their dormant bats, we’ve seen several flaws in the Mets’ game the past four games. They haven’t hit with runners in scoring position, their defense has been spotty and we don’t know we’re getting from John Maine and Mike Pelfrey.

The injuries to Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado have exposed the Mets’ lack of depth in the farm system. Tonight they’ll put on a make shift line-up on the field against the Red Sox with four players starting who weren’t in the Opening Day line-up.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Daniel Murphy, 1B
Ryan Church, RF
Carlos Beltran, DH
Gary Sheffield, LF
David Wright, 3B
Jeremy Reed, CF
Omir Santos, C
Ramon Martinez, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Johan Santana, P

108 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #41: On to Fenway.

  1. Hi John – Interesting – tonight I get to see Santana and the Mets on NESN from Fenway…

  2. I like Church in the 2 hole. He had great success there last year. I would have had Castillo leading off, Murphy is definitely thinking out of the box on this one.

    Lets go Mets!!

  3. Now Beltrans knees are hurting too. Whats next? I got it Jerry comes up with an ulcer.

  4. John (9) Dennis Eckersley is in the booth with Don Orsillo tonight watching Santana. One great pitcher watching another – and of course Dennis isn’t shy.

  5. John (14) In the NESN pre-game show, the Mets were practicing that move…

  6. John – as usual Dennis is being charming and funny in his new role in the booth. Did you vote for him for the HOF?

  7. John (18) Nice line – Butch to Sundance wasn’t it – or the other way around.

  8. (200 at this rate the Mets will have there triple A team playing with the big club at the end of the month.

  9. Second and third, one out. We’ll see how much Santana has tonight. He’s been lights out most of the year when he’s been in trouble.-JD

  10. (22) I’m sorry, Omar is a nice guy but his days are numbered with the rest of his people.

  11. Completely agree with tomg; I’ve been willing to give Omar some slack but this team has mishandled injuries and roster depth for several years now….that’s a pattern that cannot be ignored.

  12. awful…ramon martinez playing SS is an absolute joke..omar minaya and jerry manuel- more frustarting by the day

    what happened to church

  13. maybe church is being traded as we speak…for a middle infielder who belongs in the major leagues

  14. It appears this season is going to be a long season. We, Met fans, should look at the bright side. At least the Mets won’t collapse this year like they have the past two years.

  15. Church has a hamstring injury. Like I said earlier. The rate the met players are getting hurt we should see the Mets triple A team up and playing for the mets at the end of the month.

  16. Why isn’t Jerry screaming at him right now? Why isn’t someone chewing him out? Ridiculous.

  17. BH (35): It’s one of those times when the manager realizes the player is trying to make something happen. He’ll talk to him later.-JD

  18. JD, I understand, but the consistent stupidity that this team has displayed lately really needs to be addressed a bit more harshly since “talking” about it has resulted in no change in behavior. I realize Jerry just isn’t that type of manager but a little Ozzie Guillen right now might not be a bad thing.

  19. John (36) Two weeks ago this team had a streak of seven wins. What happened between then and now that caused all these injuries and subsequent losses?

  20. BH (42): Sometimes reading the riot act is the way to go. I agree with you. Especially with the Mets, who have a tendency to slip into a coast mentality every once in a while.-JD

  21. Hope everyone is well tonight.
    I see the offense woke up.
    Whats up with Youkilis.

  22. What is even more disturbing is the Mets and the way they treat there players with injuries. When Reyes was sitting out of the giant/dodger series they said it was his calf and now they are saying it’s tendinitis behind his knee. The Mets sound like clueless idiots.

  23. Anyone know if other teams are consistently this clueless with injured players? I honestly don’t follow other teams closely to know if this is simply the way they all operate or not.

  24. 46 tomg
    That is a bit extreme on Reyes.
    Reyes did see both the Giants and Dodgers team doctors while in CA.
    How much more could they do.

  25. (48) scott, I’m just saying that the report was a calf injury. Than reyes saw a doctor in New York and said it was tendinitis behind his knee. That’s two different injuries.

  26. (50) tom that is true but the Mets sought out other opinions and they also misdiagnosed the injury. Its not as if they did not try to be proactive with Reyes.

  27. (52) That’s my point “misdiagnosed”, doesn’t that sound familiar with the Minya camp.

  28. (51) Ray
    I always thought the jacket was used as media whipping boy.
    You gotta admit it still was one dumb ass trade.

  29. If Martinez can’t field his position well then why is he up here, he certainly can’t hit either.

  30. Could someone tell Omar Ruben Tejada is close by in Binghamton and could not do any worse.

  31. #$% that was another terrible throw by Martinez. We have to get someone else up here…this is like watching a high school SS.

  32. I’m betting that F-Mart gets called up if Church has to go to the DL, and he’s our starting RF for some time.

  33. It shows how bad the Mets farm system is. Great job by Omar and his crew. The Mets farm system is made up of old washed up players.

  34. Ruben Tejada is the best choice in the system he is only 19. He did play pretty well in the WBC.

  35. Could you really expect to lose both Reyes and Cora in the same week.

  36. The Omar/Bernazzard team has been in place five years now. According to Rubins book, the Mets were supposed to be attracting tons of latin players off the signing of pedro. Where are they?

  37. (64)Ray, there is one thing I learned listening to Omar and that is Omar is a good politician.

  38. While the Mets are ahead, I’d just like to remind everyone of my comment on Wednesday:

    Jeff M. May 21, 2009 12:02 am

    Since the Mets never do what’s expected of them, I’m assuming they’ll do well in Boston.

  39. 65, cant play another game with this loser at SS. put Reyes on DL and use Putz to get a replacement is our only hope.

  40. 66. tom, yes he is very slippery. Wilpons may wake up if no playoffs this year. Let us all hope.

  41. (70) Ray, the only thing that worry’s me is that Jeff Wilpon will be the one to decide on who to bring in as a gm. Jeff Wilpon to me is like the next James Dolan.

  42. Interesting to see Parnell being used instead of Putz in the eighth. That, and letting Santana throw 118 pitches, tells me there’s a sense of urgency from Jerry.-JD

  43. Adam Dunn would have looked real good in LF.
    No one really knows how much the Madoff disaster prevented Omar from spending last winter.

  44. Nice to be back – been my busy time of year, and – I have season tickets, so I can’t comment on home games.

  45. (75) Mike Francessa on WFAN said that the Mets have money and the Madoff disaster hasn’t hurt them to spend money. The problem with the wilpons is they never go all the way. They always state they have a budget when if they wanted to they could spend more than they actually do.

  46. good its time to let putz go to a club that will let him pitch the ninth so we can get a MLB shortstop and let reyes heal up.

  47. Scott (75) I agree with you about the Madoff disaster. It was pervasive.

  48. If we are going to deal big chips like Putz and Church, it might make sense to get a long-term solution for the team, like a #2 SP or a power bat. Reyes could be back relatively soon.

  49. 77 tom
    your statement would hold more water except you quoted Mike Francessa. Only Steve Phillips has less credibility with Met fans.

  50. (83) Francesa has actually sounded almost reasonable lately — seems to have turned over a new leaf since The Dog left. When the two of them were together, I had a general rule of thumb: whatever they predicted was going to happen to the Mets with absolute certainty, the exact opposite was going to happen.

  51. I think if we deal Parnell, I will lose my mind. He is the real deal as a reliever, and could be a starter in the future – he’s a met throwing 100 mph. Seriously, a flamethrower, and the mets absolutely need his heat.

  52. (83) Francessa has a relationship with Fred wilpon so i believe him when he states that the mets are not affected by what happen with the madoff situation.

  53. For instance, Francesa said yesterday that you should forget about this weekend, because no visiting teams ever do well in Fenway. But coming up, with the Mets playing Pittsburgh, etc., they should just leave Murphy at 1st, Sheffield in left, Church in right, and let them play — then see what happens. By the end of a few weeks they’ll know exactly where the problems are and what they need. I thought that was very reasonable.

  54. Jeff (88): There’s no help on the horizon from the minor league system and they won’t trade any time soon. They really don’t have any other choice but to let them play and hope for the best.-JD

  55. What is ironic here is how I have been down on reyes. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it is gone.

  56. 88. in case you havent heard, Church left the game with a hamistring injury tonight.

  57. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’.

    Nice to have a win at charming old Fenway and the game called by Eckersley and Orsillo.

    However, Santana is the big star tonight.

    See you tomorrow.

  58. Santana really earned his money tonight. Struggled, but found a way to win. He overcame three errors. That’s tough to do.-JD

  59. Maybe Fernando Martinez will be here soon.

    Have a great night.

  60. I have to say, KRod did a good job…in years past this is one the closer blows (need a win, ace on the mound pitches well)…in fact I was dreading that considering how well the Sox have hit KRod in the past.

  61. Ray (94): When Jerry pulls a guy from a game with an injury, he says he doesn’t play them the next game. So, I doubt we’ll see Church Saturday night.-JD

  62. (94) Does it seem like there’s an extraordinary number of hamstring injuries compared to the “old days”? Has anybody looked at their spikes? Or is there some other explanation?

  63. Good win for the metsies..come on big pelf. No more yips tomorrow, heal up fellas

  64. Murphy ……… 1B
    Pagan ……….. RF
    Beltran ………. DH
    Sheffield …….. LF
    Wright ……….. 3B
    Reed …………..CF
    Santos ………. C
    Martinez …….. SS
    Castillo ………. 2B
    Pelfrey ……….. RHP
    via on the mets beat. david lennon
    jerry’s crush on santos is becoming too much

  65. Are we gonna have a new thread today? Its getting late. Yeah Jim the bottom of that lineup reminds me to the late 70s. Lets hope Shefs HR last night was a sign of things to come. Who would have thought that he would be so important to this team?