OFF DAY: Licking their wounds edition.

It’s almost noon on the East Coast. Most of the Mets are probably snoozing right about now after their red eye flight from LA. I know most of you are thinking they’ve been snoozing the last three days against the Dodgers.

I take four positive things from the last three days, but two of them are tempered:

1) Daniel Murphy seems comfortable at first base after the horror show that was left field. His bat, however, needs to come around again. I believe Murphy will get through this, so right now he’s gone down on my worry meter.

2) Tim Redding came back with a strong effort Monday night. It’s a good sign. Better, of course, than if he were bombed. But, he has to keep doing it.

3) I was encouraged by Livan Hernandez’s strong outing last night in the terms of innings. Still, he’s a question because you can’t rely on him every fifth day to give you what he gave them last night.

4) David Wright continues to hit as is Carlos Beltran. They are the only players performing to their capabilities offensively.

All that being said, there are more than enough areas of concern for the Mets, beginning with the leg injury to Jose Reyes. He reinjured his calf last night after missing five games and his availability for the Boston series is questionable. Ramon Martinez and Fernando Tatis aren’t the answers, which gives you an indication of how much they miss Alex Cora. The injuries to Reyes and Carlos Delgado are emblematic of the franchise’s lack of depth in the minor league system.

What else is going wrong?

* I have no idea what to get from start to start from John Maine and Mike Pelfrey is becoming a source of concern also. These are your Nos. 2 and 3 starters and they take the ball every fifth day more as question marks than exclamation points.

* Luis Castillo has returned to earth following a fast start. His range is limited and he’s in an offensive funk. Also struggling offensively is Tatis, especially with runners in scoring position.

* JJ Putz has not been as good as advertised.

* Ryan Church used to be a doubles machine but he’s not driving the ball anymore. He’s of little value as a singles hitter.

* Collectively, the offense has packed it in the last four games and they face three good arms in Fenway. This is not the weekend that screams breakout.

* The defense has been spotty, something you can’t afford with spotty starting pitching and a comatose offense.

23 thoughts on “OFF DAY: Licking their wounds edition.

  1. I’m not worried about Murphy’s bat. It’s hard to concentrate on hitting when your mind is blown because of the tribulations in the outfield. He will get back on track now that he seems more comfortable. his first major league game at first base and he looked more athletic than Delgado with that stop on the line.

    Senor Yip (Pelfrey) has to come back with a solid game after the mental gaffes this past start.

    Maine is the question mark for me. I would think he should be further along at this point than he is. Is he mentally babying the arm or is it still a bother. It looks like he’s opening it up at times, then stops.

  2. Get thru the weekend and rest up with the slumping Marlins, Gnats and Buccos. But this is starting to look like a lllooonnnggg season.

  3. Murphy showing he can handle first was huge, even though only for one game. That allows Omar to forget Nick Johnson and concentrate on finding a replacement for Reyes. They are not going to rush him back this time. The Minor league system is a joke and that is on bernarzard.

  4. The injury problem cant be overstated. We have now lost our Starting catcher, first baseman and shortstop. Also our top utility man. One of our starters missed the first 2 months. Ollie still hasnt shown up for work yet. On top of that Putz is pitching hurt. Thats a lot to overcome. It feels like 1973 again. Hopefully the Mets can stay close until they can get thier troops back including Wagner.

  5. imagine a 7,8,9 of Putz, Wagner and K-Rod… or 8 and 9 of Wagner and K-Rod with Putz in a deal at the deadline.

  6. It’s VERY tough to feel positive about the Mets chances this year knowing the following:
    *Ramon Martinez is the starting shortstop for the forseeable future
    *JJ Putz will use excuse after excuse — from a having pain in the neck and not feeling enough adrenaline in the 8th inning, to an elbow bone spur and getting used to new surroundings — for why he hasn’t been nearly as good as advertised
    *Jeremy Reed brings nothing to the table offensively
    *Ryan Church isn’t half the player he was in the first half of last season, when, arguably, he was the team’s first half MVP
    *No Carlos Delgado until at least late July
    *The revolving door in left field has been swinging since Cliff Floyd left after the ’06 season and will see more guys come and go until next season when Fernando Martinez arrives
    *John Maine is the new Oliver Perez
    *Oliver Perez is the new Victor Zambrano
    *Sean Green is the new Doug Sisk
    *Tim Redding, a career 34-51 pitcher, is now a part of the starting rotation
    *Brian Schneider, whose value in working with the pitching staff is grossly underrated, is MIA
    *The bench in wafer thin
    *Jerry Manuel makes many highly questionable in-game decisions
    *Not much talent is readily available in trades to suit the Mets’ starting pitching, first base or left field needs — sorry, but the fact that the Mets may be in discussions about acquiring Mark DeRosa is hardly anything to get excited about.
    Notice in these bullets, I haven’t even mentioned the Mets horrendous defense, their inexcusably bad fundamentals and the fact that there are several other NL clubs with far fewer issues than the Mets.

  7. Has anyone seen what the Indians are asking for DeRosa?

    I haven’t seen any word.

  8. 6. yeh, not looking so rosy. Phils have thier issues too. Hamels just coming off injury, Lidge back to earth and Moyer showing his age. Cleveland would be a good match. Wood is doing terrible and we have putz to dangle. Derosa would be a big help. had a big year for the cubbies last year and can play all over the field.

  9. 8 That’s the sad thing, Ray, that only a couple of months into the seson and already any of us are saying we need to think of trading Putz. I’m just very thankful now that Omar signed K-Rod. Imagine if he hadn’t and Putz were the closer.
    I really hope Putz can right himself. But last night, his fastball had little if any movement — the one he served to Russell Martin that he stroked a single on had none. It was a fat fastball right down Broadway.

  10. FYI: According to the Chicago Tribune’s website, Sox beat reporter Mark Gonzales is reporting that Jake Peavy has officially turned down the deal that would send him from the Padres to the White Sox.

  11. I guess Peavy doesnt want to leave San Diego. Cant say I blame him. As far as putz goes.. Did he really have a future in NYC with a name like that?

  12. Does anybody realistically expect Wagner to be back with the Mets? I thought when they signed K-Rod it meant the end of Wagner.

  13. (6) Wow Gil, tell us how you really feel!!! Actually, you make excellent points. You can’t forecast injuries…even whoever replaced A-Rod didn’t do the job and the Yankees struggled…it’s no secret that there is a good reason why the Yankees are so hot now. In my mind before the season, this team was offensively challenged as it was. Losing Delgado hurts badly. If Reyes is worse than the Mets are leading on (not a reach knowing how poorly this front office handles injuries,) this team is really in trouble. I think Omar needs to make a deal for a professional bat…Sheffield is not the answer. This team won’t be able to succeed with the offense as it now stands.

  14. (8) Ray, yeah the Phills have their problems but they also have a track record of playing well thru their problems. This team falls apart as soon as any sign of trouble happens to them. I have alot more faith in them then I do the Mets.

  15. 14, Steve, How much faith would you have in them if they lost thier first baseman, catcher and shortstop?

  16. (15)Ray: The Phills have withstood the loss the past few years of Utley and Howard for an extended time and they pulled thru it. And please, do not include the loss of Schneider as a bad thing. And the Phills also didn’t have close to the talent pitching wise the Mets had either.

  17. 16 Steve, Did you consider that Schneiders loss may have had something to do with every met starter not named Johan struggling this year? You dont just judge a catcher by his BA. Jerry Grote wasnt the greatest hitter, but he was very important to those teams he played on.

  18. (17) Ray: Not at all. Schneider’s defense and pitch calling (that is if he really did it himself and it’s not called by the bench,) was way less than advertised. Don’t insult Jerry Grote who was probably the best or second best defensive catcher of his time. And did I miss something? The Mets pitching has hardly been the problem the past month since Ollie got out of the rotation.

  19. (17)(18) actually pelfrey, maine and Hernandez pitched better after Schneider went on the DL. I agree with Steve, Schneider is not that great of a defensive catcher and we all know he can’t hit. He is just another Omar project that has failed miserably. I didn’t think the Mets were going to make the playoffs anyway but now for sure they won’t make it. This means there will be major changes (Omar and the rest of his cronies) will be gone. The problem i have is Jeff Wilpon will be making the decisions. That is like James Dolan who owns the Knicks and rangers making the decisions, ouch.

  20. 6, 7, 8
    reed, santos, martinez… wow, give away 3 outs right out the gate..great

  21. Hey, what better way to neutralize the Boston crowd than to have someone named Daniel Murphy come up first? They’ll all drink to his health and relax.